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Local Area 
News briefs

Council to Hear Efforts 
to Enhance the Arroyo

Oscar De La Hoya 
Arrested for DUI In 

The city council is set Monday 
to hear a range of issues dealing 
with the Arroyo Seco, including 
the long-term future of the 
golf courses, “to craft a broad, 
unifying vision, which would 
include capital projects and 
programming opportunities, 
some immediate and some 
longer-term, as well as to 
identify funding opportunities 
consistent with community 
desires” according to the city 
staff report.

 Mayor Terry Tornek talked 
about the Arroyo as part of 
his State of the City Address 
last week outlining plans by 
the National Park Service to 
add the Arroyo to the Santa 
Monica Mountains National 
Recreation Area. He said 
there is a potential habitat 
restoration project by the Army 
Corps of Engineers that could, 
among other things, remove 
the concrete channel running 
through the Arroyo and 
replace it with are-naturalized 
streambed. The council will 
discuss the effect of the County 
Department of Public Works’ 
sediment removal project 
behind the Devil Gate Dam and 
the potential expansions of the 
Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and 
Kidspace museum.

 Tornek said removal of the 
concrete channel would take 

 Rose Bowl General Manager 
Darryl Dunn and City Manager 
Steve Mermell have assembled 
an advisory group of Pasadena 
leaders who will bring together 
passion for the Arroyo Seco, 
financial acumen and who 
are well-versed in the history 
and the values of Pasadena. 
Currently, this group consists 
of former Mayor Bill Bogaard, 
William Chu, John Dean, 
Don Fedde, Michael Greene, 
Don Hahn, Mic Hansen, Phil 
Hawkey, Patricia Keane, Peter 
Knell, Doug Kranwinkle, Steve 
Mann, Tim Martinez, Sue 
Mossman, Chris Rising and 
Dan Rothenberg the report 

 The advisory group will 
commence in February and, at 
this time, is expected to take six 
months. Community input will 
be part of the process. 

 The city council meets at 6:30 
p.m. in the Council Chambers, 
Pasadena City Hall, 100 North 
Garfield Avenue, Room S249. 

 Police arrested legendary 
boxer Oscar De La Hoya 
early Wednesday morning for 
driving under of the influence. 
De La Hoya was pulled over by 
the California Highway Patrol 
around 2 a.m. for speeding on 
Del Mar Boulevard. He was 
arrested after failing a sobriety 
test. Officers said they smelled 
alcohol on his breath. De La 
Hoya was cited and released.

 Large Tree Falls on Car 
with Driver Inside

City Holds 
Two Special 

in the 

Last Week

By Dean Lee 

 City officials held two Special 
Committee Meetings this week 
the first, Tuesday night, when 
the Legislative Policy Committee 
took up immigration and 
sanctuary cities and a second 
meeting ,Thursday night, with 
the Public Safety Committee 
looking at a recent rash of gang 
related shootings.

Council member Steve 
Madison, who sits on both 
Public Safety Committee and 
Legislative Policy Committee, 
said of Tuesday’s meeting that 
they reviewed the city’s current 
policy on immigration.

 “Which is not to dedicate city 
resources to enforcing federal 
law,” he said. “We agreed 
that we should urge the new 
administration to extend the 
[Deferred Action for Childhood 
Arrivals] DOCA program.

Madison said the program 
allows those children, even 
though they are undocumented, 
to stay in the U.S. as long as they 
have not committed any 
felonies, or crimes of 
violence, he said.

 He also said they looked 
at the pending BRIDGE 
Act bill which would also 
allow undocumented 
workers an opportunity 
to stay in the U.S. under 
certain circumstances. 

 He said their efforts 
would be done 
through letter writing 
to the Presidential 

 City staff has been 
reluctant to declare 
Pasadena a “Sanctuary City.” 
Madison said in fear of losing 
$34.6 million in federal funding 
to the city.

 “It’s kind of ironic because the 
very next day [Wednesday] the 
administration and the President 
signed some kind of document 
that punishes sanctuary cities… 
by cutting off their funding.”

 Madison, a federal lawyer, said 
he thinks there are a lot of legal 
impediments to cutting federal 

 He said that the issue of 
declaring Pasadena a “Sanctuary 
City” would be taken up by the 
full city council at a future date 
set by Mayor Terry Tornek.

 Thursday’s Public Safety 
Committee was also an 
informational report with Police 
Chief Phillip Sanchez giving 
an update on violence in the 
community including a number 
of gang related shooting that 
started in late December into 
early January. Since then he 
said his department has taken a 
number of actions.

 “Pasadena police officers 
have arrested a total of 9 gang 
members and recovered 10 
firearms,” he said of a raid after 
two people were killed Jan. 6. 
“Officers have made additional 
arrests and recovered additional 

 He said since Jan. 15 they made 
36 “field contacts,” 12 probation 
and parole compliance checks 
and issued 130 traffic citations. 
“The vast majority of these 
people have gang ties or affiliated 
with a gang,” he said.

 Committee Chair John 
Kennedy said he called for 
the special meeting to hear 
from residents and the public. 
Comments ranged from getting 
guns off the street to city youth 
programs to police conduct.

 “In the Northwest, this use of 
police force, stop and arrest, 
racial profiling has undermined 
the trust in our police, and I 
think we need to address that if 
we want to reduce crime,” one 
resident said.

 The meeting started late 
with the three committee 
members at odds with each 
other, Councilmember Tyron 
Hampton was stuck in traffic 
in Long Beach and Vice Mayor 
Gene Masuda did not show 
up at all. Hampton suggested 
Masuda be dismissed from 
the Committee. Kennedy had 
previously complained that 
committee meetings in October 
had been canceled because of 
issues related to the members. 

 Pasadena Fire officials said 
the driver of a car was inside 
when a large oak tree crushed 
the vehicle around 10 a.m. 
Monday morning. The tree, 
in the 500 block of Tamarac 
Drive, was one of a number 
that fell in the wake of intense 
rainfall over the weekend. 
The diver managed to escape 
without injuries.. The tree also 
damaged power lines. 

Pictured— Thursday evening’s 
well attended Public Safety 
Committee. Photo by D. Lee/

Asked to 
Caused By 

City Celebrates Black 
History Month, Parade

Bullet holes found in 
Pasadena business

 Police are investigating the 
aftermath of gunfire after 
bullet holes were found in 
two windows of a North Lake 
business. According to police 
they responded to Auto Zone 
in the 500 block of North Lake 
Tuesday and found holes in 
the windows although the 
exact time of the shooting 
was unknown. They said there 
were no witnesses and no 
report of a shooting.

 A series of strong storm 
systems swept through Los 
Angeles County between 
Wednesday, January 18 
and Monday, January 23 
bringing record amounts of 
rain throughout the area. 

With about two months 
of the winter season 
remaining, it is important 
residents become familiar 
with a process the LA 
County’s Office of 
Emergency Management 
conducts to report property 
damages caused by the 
recent storms. Los Angeles 
County would like residents 
to take action by reporting 
how much damage was 
sustained at their homes by 
completing a survey. 

To complete a damage 
assessment survey as 
soon as possible go to and click 
on the link for Damage 
Assessment Survey. At this 
website residents can also 
find up-to-date weather 
outlooks, road closures and 
information on emergency 
preparedness actions. 
Residents can call 211 to get 
up to date information and 
referrals for assistance. 

Los Angeles County 
residents, renters, and 
business owners, including 
persons with disabilities 
and others with access 
and functional needs, may 
call 211 LA County for 
emergency preparedness 
information, and other 
referral services. The 
toll-free 2-1-1 number is 
available 24 hours a day and 
seven days a week. 211 LA 
County services can also be 
accessed by visiting 211la.

 Celebrate Black History in 
Pasadena by attending the 
parade and other special events, 
lectures and activities beginning 
Saturday, February 4, through 
Sunday, March 19. The City 
and volunteer Black History 
Parade and Festival Planning 
Committee will present a full 
schedule of events in celebration 
of the achievements by black 
Americans and in recognition 
of African-Americans in U.S. 
History. Pasadena is proud to 
host one of the largest Black 
History Month parades in the 
U.S.A., set for 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., 
February 18 with a ceremonial 
groundbreaking for the new 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center at 1 p.m. 

 Pasadena’s Black History 
Month Parade is one of the 
largest in the U.S. 

 Events are free unless otherwise 

 February 1-28 “Black History 
Month Displays”

•38th Annual Pasadena Martin
Luther King Community 
Coalition’s Art Contest 
Winners Featuring the artwork 
of students grades 4 through 
12.Central Library/Centennial
Room & Business Wing, 285 E. 
Walnut St.

•A historical view of African-
American families as seen 
through African-American 
literature and the Civil Rights 
Movement. Hastings Branch 
Library, 3325 E. Orange Grove 

 For a complete list go 

February 4 “Pasadena African-
American Genealogy Group”

Search out your heritage and 
recover the past with this 
dynamic genealogy group., 
2:30 – 4:30 p.m., Lamanda Park 
Branch Library, 140 S. Altadena 

 “The True Story Of An 
American Legend”

 Kick off Black History Month 
with this film screening of the 
dramatic and moving story of 
Jackie Robinson’s courageous 
fight to desegregate major 
league baseball, 3 p.m., La 
Pintoresca Branch Library, 
1355 N. Raymond Ave.



 Pg. 3


Pg. 4





Pg. 7

 Friendship and 
romance will fill 
the Scott Pavilion 
at the Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 
E. Holly St., for the 
annual Sweetheart 
Brunch and Dance 
on Valentine’s Day, 
Saturday, Feb. 11, 
from 11:30 a.m. to 2 

 Tables will be 
decorated beautifully 
and the room will be 
adorned with red and white 
ornamentations as everyone 
enjoys a scrumptious buffet 
and makes their way to the 
dance floor.

 The Great American Swing 
Band will perform music 
that is sure to bring back 
memories. Each participant 
will receive a special 
memento of the afternoon.

 Registration is only $10 
for members and $12 for 
non-members. Pre-paid 
reservations are required 
and must be received at the 
Welcome Desk no later than 
Friday, Feb. 10. For more 
information call 626-795-
4331. Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services 
to people ages 50 and over


and Dance




 Pg. 10









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