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VOLUME 10 NO. 53




 The Sierra Madre Fire Department is proud to announce the 
launch of the PulsePoint Respond mobile app. PulsePoint 
Respond is a pre-arrival solution designed to support public 
safety agencies working to improve sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) 
survival rates through improved bystander performance and 
active citizenship. 

PulsePoint Respond works by alerting CPR-trained bystanders 
to nearby SCA events and the location of the nearest AED. The 
purpose of the app is to increase the survival rates of cardiac arrest 
victims by reducing collapse-to-CPR times by increasing citizen 
awareness of cardiac events beyond a traditional "witnessed" 
area. The app is only activated if the event is occurring in a 
public place and will not alert bystanders to incidents occurring 
at a private residence. The availability of the PulsePoint app in 
the City of Sierra Madre has been made possible thanks to the 
Verdugo Fire Communications Center. 

PulsePoint Respond is available in the iOS and Android app 
stores. Find out more information by visiting the Sierra Madre 
Fire Department's website or visit 


 The Sierra Madre Environmental Action Council mourned the 
loss of their beloved member, Laurie Cooper in August, 2016. 
( Laurie’s 
long involvement with SMEAC began just after the formation 
of the organization in 1971. She managed Southern California’s 
first community recycling center, located in Sierra Vista Park. 
She also spear-headed SMEAC’s stewardship of Bailey Canyon 
Wilderness Park, serving for years as a docent and educator 
of the natural benefits of the park for local elementary school 

 An effort began to memorialize Laurie with a bench in her 
beloved Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park, but after some research, 
the expense of a durable concrete bench became prohibitive. 
SMEAC President Alison Snow and recently retired Director of 
Public Works, Bruce Inman came up with the idea of a more 
natural bench, one that could possibly be simply “notched out” 
from a recently felled Deodar Cedar tree. The City’s contractor, 
West Coast Arborist, was approached with this idea. WCA was 
issued a work order to clear some of the recently felled trees and 
debris, and was asked about creating a bench of one of the larger 
trunks in lieu of removal. WCA was receptive and enthusiastic 
with the idea, and contributed their time and expertise to the 
creation of one or two benches for a Laurie Cooper memorial. 

 Work began 2 weeks ago and thecurrent plan is to create a large 
bench and a smaller bench for children to rest in the beautiful 
scenery of the park after a nice hike. 

Where can you see the Sierra Madre Rose 

 On January 1st, approximately 4:00 p.m., the float will 
leave the barn heading towards Kersting Court, arriving 
approximately 4:30 p.m. The Float will remain there 
about 20 minutes, then continue on to the designated 
line-up spot on Orange Grove, where the Sierra Madre 
Float will sleep overnight before the parade on January 
2nd. (Remember, the Tournament of Roses does not 
hold any events when New Year's Day falls on a Sunday.)

If it’s raining, we’ll wave as we sail by Kersting Court 
without stopping but don't despair, after the Parade, 
the float will be in the post parade viewing area, near 
Pasadena High School, the remainder of January 2nd 
and all day on January 3rd. We will be in the “Showcase 
Lot” area. And wait, there's more, on the evening of 
January 3rd we will move the float back to Sierra Madre 
when we’re allowed to leave. 

 If there is no rain, the float will be in Kersting Court 
overnight and available for viewing the evening of January 3rd . On Jan. 
4th SMRFA will be there from about 9:30 a.m. until approximately 4:30 
p.m. with excess flowers. 

 If there is rain or a prediction of rain, the float will go directly to the Float 
Barn at 587 E. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre. On January 4th, at 9:30 
a.m., you will be able to view the float. 


Photo Credit: Top left and right courtesy Ilona Linden, SMRFA. 
Lone Teacup and Volunteer, Dean Lee/Mountain Views News

The Sierra Madre Community Emergency Response Team received 
a number of end of year grants to help support the city in case of a 
major disaster. Last month CERT President Robert Gjerde received 
a $500 grant from Sierra Madre Rotary Club president Alan Unell at 
their weekly meeting at the Hart Park House. On December 14th, 
Mr. Gjerde received a $450 grant from the Arcadia Association of 
Realtors. The check was presented by Andy Bencosme, the Managing 
Broker of Sierra Madre’s Century 21 Village Realty, at the AAR’s 
Annual Holiday Breakfast in Arcadia. Then in a surprise move, 
Southern California Edison came through with a last minute grant 
for $2500 which had been denied earlier in the year. The SCE grant 
was for a thousand dollars less than originally requested, so thanks 
to the grants from the Rotary Club and the Arcadia Association of 
Realtors, CERT was able to meet its funding goals for 2016.

 The grants will be used to upgrade the generator in CERT’s 
Emergency Operations Trailer, for training and community 
education, and for additional medical supplies. This completes a six 
year process of outfitting the Emergency Operations Trailer that 
started with the donation of the trailer by Gary Hood in 2010. CERT’s 
Emergency Operations Trailer is a self-contained unit with solar 
panels, batteries, a generator, medical supplies, and communications 
equipment. When called upon by the city, it can function as a triage 
and communications center after a major disaster.

 Other grants have been received this year from the Sierra Madre 
Civic Club, Sierra Madre Woman’s Club, and the Sierra Madre 
Community Foundation. Thanks to these organizations, and 
generous donations from many citizens in Sierra Madre, our city has 
one of the best prepared CERT programs around. Since its creation 
in 2009, Sierra Madre CERT has trained over 150 CERT members.

 Sierra Madre CERT is a non-profit organization made up of a 
group of volunteers trained to assist the fire department during a 
major disaster. A twenty hour FEMA certified CERT training course 
is provided free of charge each year in September which teaches 
organizational skills, fire suppression, medical triage, and light search 
and rescue. This year’s training involved almost 100 participants in 
its final exercise. CERT also attends many community events to help 
educate the public about preparing for emergencies. Continuing 
education is conducted at monthly meetings at the Hart Park House, 
the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. The public is welcome 
to attend these training sessions.

 For more information on the annual CERT training and meetings 
please email, visit our website at www., or like us on Facebook by searching for 
“Sierra Madre CERT”.

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