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VOLUME 10 NO. 50

From the City of Sierra Madre



Utility fraud calls are very 
common. While there have been 
no recent reports of any scams 
in Sierra Madre, neighboring 
communities are reporting an 
increase in fraudulent calls.

What Do Scammers Do?

 Scammers impersonate City 
staff and utility workers. They may 
use fear and intimidation to force 
you to make a payment using a 
credit card or a prepaid money 
card immediately threatening 
that otherwise your service will 
be disconnected. They may use 
“spoofing software” that displays 
the name and phone number 
of City of Sierra Madre on your 
Caller ID.

What Should You Do Next?

 Hang up! Do not give the callers 
any personal information and do 
not pay!

 Call City of Sierra Madre at 
(626) 355-7135 to check your 
account balance and to inform 
us about the scammer. Make 
payments 24/7 online at https://

 Do not call any other number that the caller gives 
you. Do not give any information to the caller, not even 
an account number which can be used to threaten you 
in future phone calls.

What You Need to Know:

 City of Sierra Madre NEVER makes outbound 
calls asking for payment or a customer’s credit card 
information. City of Sierra Madre NEVER visits 
residential customers to solicit program enrollment or 
ask for payments.

 If we do need to make a water quality check, we will 
inform you first or respond if you request this service. 
City of Sierra Madre employees never enter a home to 
check for water quality. Always ask utility employees for 
proper identification and look for City of Sierra Madre 

Spread the Word!

 Share this information with your friends, family, 
neighbors, and co-workers to protect them from 
scammers. Business owners - educate all your 
employees about phone calls that may threaten service 
interruptions. Many times managers or employees who 
do not have account information are worried that if 
they don’t act quickly and pay, services will be shut off. 

Wednesday, December 14th - 6:00pm - City Hall Council Chambers

It's that time of year again 
when burglaries and auto 
thefts are on the rise.

Since October 30th there have 
been 10 residential burglaries, 
one commercial burglary, 
six thefts from vehicles, one 
stolen car and one attempted 
stolen vehicle in the City of 
Sierra Madre. In most of the 
vehicle burglaries the car was 
not locked and items where in 
plain view. In the case of the 
stolen vehicle the keys were 
left inside the car and the 
doors were unlocked. 

 Successful crime prevention 
requires a joint commitment 
from the Sierra Madre Police 
Department along with the 
Sierra Madre community 
members. Please come out on 
Wednesday, December 14th 
and discuss how we can all 
work together to protect this 

 Please do not set yourself up 
to be a victim!

 Here are a few crime 
prevention tips the Sierra 
Madre Police Department 
will be discussing and asking 
all our residents to follow:

 Always lock your vehicle! 
Whether it is in your garage, 
driveway or on the street. 

 Do Not Leave Your Keys in 
Your Vehicle.

 Do not leave other items 
in your vehicle, especially in 
plain view. 

Make sure you set your alarm 
if you have a home alarm 
system and/or cameras. Set 
your alarm when you leave 
and check that your cameras 
are in working order.

Pick up your mail promptly 
after delivery. Don’t leave it in 
your mailbox overnight.

Do not leave packages on the 
front porch unattended after 
they have been delivered.

 If you see something 
suspicious – say something. 
Do not hesitate - call the Sierra 
Madre Police Department! 
911 if it is an emergency or 



The Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for the 2016 Citizen of the Year. To be eligible, a 
person must be a resident of Sierra Madre. The accomplishment(s) or project(s) for which they are being nominated 
must have been of benefit to the community of Sierra Madre and its citizens during 2016. They must have served 
without remuneration on the project for which they are being nominated, and members of the Chamber of Commerce 
Board of Directors are not eligible.

 If you would like to nominate someone, nomination forms are available at

 You can also pick up nomination forms at City Hall, the Library, and the Recreation Center. Completed forms 
should be mailed to Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce, 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., No. 405, Sierra Madre, Ca. 

 The winner will be selected by members of the Chamber Board of Directors, and will be honored at the annual 
Citizen of the Year/Board of Directors Dinner to be held in January 28, 2017.

Young Sierra Madre residents Amelie Pirozko and Lidia Tsinoglou wanted to earn some spending 
money, so they picked lemons from our tree, squeezed them, and sold lemonade in front of the 

 They earned $35...but instead of choosing to spend all of the money, they decided to donate half 
to a needy child that they support via their Sunday School class.

 What a wonderful example of The Spirit of Christmas. As it has been said, “..It is more blessed 
to Give than to Receive”.

 Congratulations Amelie and Lidia on being good citizens.


God commanded, “Let there be light,” and what a sweet light we shall see.

 As the season dies in darkness Christmas reminds us of that glorious child who entered the world. 
The Sierra Madre “Candlelight Walk” is wrapped with the wondrous warm that encircles this great 
Season of Celebration. 

 The Candlelight Walk is held each Christmas season to celebrate the journey Joseph and Mary 
made to Bethlehem where Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago. With “Mary and Joseph” leading 
the way, the procession will begin at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Sierra Madre, accompanied by 
participants holding candles and singing traditional Christmas carols. The procession will end at 
Kersting Court in the center of town where the Christmas story will be read from the Scriptures.

 The event begins at St. Rita traveling down Baldwin to Kersting Court. It is recommended to 
arrive at 6:45p.m., as the walk will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

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