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VOLUME 10 NO. 41


At the Sierra Madre City 
Council meeting to be held 
on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 
the community is invited 
share with the council what 
it is they want from the next 
city manager. Elaine Aguilar, 
the current City Manager for 
more than 9 years, is retiring 
in December. Finding her 
replacement is a top priority 
for the council as the city is 
also losing its Public Works 
Director and Director of 
Public Safety (Police Chief) 
to retirement at the end of the 
year. The position of Assistant 
City Manager is also vacant.

Residents are asked to 
share their thoughts and 
concerns regarding the 
kind of qualifications, work 
experience, characteristics, 
personality and desired 

The firm of Peckham and 
McKenney has been hired as 
recruiters for someone to fill 
the position. On Tuesday, 
Bobbi Peckham will attend 
the council meeting to help 
facilitate the discussion.

What does the City Manager 
actually do?

According to the Sierra Madre 
Municipal Code the powers 
and duties of the City Manager 
are as follows:

The city manager shall be the 
administrative head of the 
government of the city under 
the direction and control of the 
city council except as otherwise 
provided in this section. He/
she shall be responsible for the 
efficient administration of all 
the affairs of the city which 
are under his/her control. In 
addition to his/her general 
powers as administrative 
head, and not as a limitation 
thereon, it shall be his/her 
duty and he/she shall have the 
powers set forth in the following 

A. Law Enforcement. It shall be 
the duty of the city manager to 
enforce all laws and ordinances 
of the city and to see that all 
franchises, contracts, permits 
and privileges granted by 
the city council are faithfully 

B. Authority Over Employees. 
It shall be the duty of the city 
manager, and he/she shall 
have the authority to control, 
order and give directions to 
all heads of departments and 
to subordinate officers and 
employees of the city under his/
her jurisdiction through their 
department heads.

C. Power of Appointment and 
Removal. It shall be the duty 
of the city manager to, and he/
she shall appoint, discipline, 
remove, promote and demote 
any and all officers and 
employees of the city except the 
city clerk, city treasurer or city 
attorney, subject to all applicable 
personnel ordinances, rules and 

D.Administrative Reorgani-

zation of Offices. It shall be the 
duty and responsibility of the 
city manager to conduct studies 
and effect administrative 
reorganization of offices, 
positions or units under his/her 
direction as may be indicated in 
the interest of efficient, effective 
and economical conduct of the 
city’s business.

E. Ordinances. It shall be the 
duty of the city manager and 
he/she shall recommend to the 
city council for adoption such 
measures and ordinances as he/
she deems necessary.

F. Attendance at Council 
Meetings. It shall be the duty 
of the city manager to attend 
all meetings of the city council 
unless at his/her request he/
she is excused therefrom by the 
mayor individually or the city 
council, except when his/her 
removal is under consideration.

G. Financial Reports. It shall be 
the duty of the city manager to 
keep the city council at all times 
fully advised as to the financial 
condition and needs of the city.

H. Budget. It shall be the duty 
of the city manager to prepare 
and submit the proposed annual 
budget and the proposed annual 
salary plan to the city council 
for its approval.

I. Expenditure Control and 
Purchasing. It shall be the duty 
of the city manager to see that no 
expenditures shall be submitted 
or recommended to the city 
council except on approval 
of the city manager or his/
her authorized representative. 
The city manager or his/her 
authorized representative, 
shall be responsible for the 
purchase of all supplies for all 
the departments or divisions of 
the city.

J. Investigations and 
Complaints. It shall be the 
duty of the city manager to 
make investigations into the 
affairs of the city and any 
department or division thereof, 
and any contract or the proper 
performance of any obligations 
of the city. Further, it shall be 
the duty of the city manager 
to investigate all complaints in 
relation to matters concerning 
the administration of the city 
government and in regard to the 
services maintained by public 
utilities in the city.

K. Public Buildings. It shall be 
the duty of the city manager 
and he/she shall exercise 
general supervision over all 
public buildings, public parks 
and all other public property 
which are under the control and 
jurisdiction of the city council.

L. Additional Duties. It shall 
be the duty of the city manager 
to perform other duties and 
exercise such other powers as 
may be delegated to him/her 
from time to time by ordinance 
or resolution or other official 
action of the city council.

•Internal relations.

A. Council-Manager Relations. 
The city council and its 
members shall deal with the 
administrative services of 
the city only through the city 
manager, except for the purpose 
of inquiry, and neither the city 
council nor any member thereof 
shall give orders or instruction 
to any subordinates of the city 
manager. The city manager 
shall take his/her orders and 
instructions from the city 
council only when sitting in a 
duly convened meeting of the 
city council and no individual 
councilman shall give orders or 
instructions to the city manager.

B. Departmental Cooperation. 
It shall be the duty of all 
subordinate officers to assist the 
city manager in administering 
the affairs of the city efficiently, 
economically and harmoniously.

C. Attendance at Commission 
Meetings. The city manager may 
attend any and all meetings of 
the planning commission, parks 
and recreation commission, 
and any other commission, 
board or committee created 
by the city council, upon his/
her own volition or upon 
direction of the city council. At 
such meetings which the city 
manager attends, he/she shall 
be heard by such commissions, 
boards or committees as to all 
matters upon which he/she 
wishes to address the members 
thereof, and he/she shall inform 
the members as to the status of 
any matter being considered 
by the city council, and he/she 
shall cooperate to the fullest 
extent with the members of 
all commissions, boards or 
committees appointed by the 
city council.

The council will meet on 
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 
6:30 pm. Sierra Madre City 

Hall. MVNews

City of Sierra Madre


From: The City of Sierra Madre


Applicant: City of Sierra Madre

Project Location: Properties in the City of Sierra Madre, County of Los Angeles, State of California

 On September 27, 2016 the City Council of the City of Sierra Madre introduced for second reading Ordinance 1379 
Chapter 17.08 (“Definitions”), Section 17.08.020 (“Words, terms, phrases defined”); Chapter 17.20 (”R-1 One Family 
Residential Zone”), Section 17.20.100 (“Newly created lots – Rear lot line width”), Section 17.20.110 (“Newly created 
lots – Minimum average width”), Section 17.20.115 (“Flag lots and exclusive access easements - Prohibited”), and 
Section 17.20.125 (“Allowable gross floor area”). The revisions to Chapter 17.20 include the establishment of a 
maximum allowable floor area specific to new lots and lots reconfigured through lot line adjustments. The amendments 
introduce new minor lot line adjustment provisions, new requirements for minimum frontage for lots located at the end 
of a cul-de-sac and for lots accessed by a shared private driveway, new diagrams illustrating the requirements for lots 
accessed by a shared driveway and prohibited/permitted lot configurations for lot splits, and elimination of flood control 
easement areas in the computation of lot area for purposes of calculating maximum allowable floor area.

This summary is published pursuant to Government Code Section 36933(c)(1) and a full and complete certified copy 
of the text of Ordinance 1379 is available at the Sierra Madre City Manager’s Office located at City of Sierra Madre 
City Hall, 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA. Ordinance 1379 becomes effective on October 27, 2016. For 
further information on this subject, please contact the Planning and Community Preservation Department at (626) 

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