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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 18, 2017 


Marshmellow is a playful dog with a lot of personality. 
He is a Jack Russell terrier mix, about 5 years old, and 
a big boy at over 22 pounds. He has the typical Jack 
Russell wiry coat of white with tan highlights.

 Marshmellow has a happy 
temperament and seems to enjoy 
the company of people. He is very 
manageable when walking on leash with 
a medium energy level and a healthy 
curiosity about the world.

 Marshmellow really comes alive if you 
ask him to play ball! This guy is a world-
class toy-fetcher and never seems to tire 
of chasing a ball or toy, bringing it back 
to be thrown again. He is a smart dog 
who knows the “drop it” command when 
he retrieves a toy. Marshmellow is quite 
agile and can jump in the air to catch a 
ball with a high degree of accuracy. He 
has gone into our small wading pool if 
there is a toy that attracts his interest.

 Although Marshmellow likes to be with people, he 
prefers playtime to cuddling, so he would do best in 
an active family where he gets a lot of exercise and 
stimulation. He would most likely excel at obedience 
training and enjoy the challenge of learning. He 
can be selective with his dog friends, so he might do 
best as the only dog in the family. If 
Marshmellow sounds like the kind of 
best buddy you are looking for, come 
meet him in person. He is sure to make a 
good impression on you. Marshmellow’s 
adoption fee is $130 and includes neuter 
surgery, vaccinations, microchip and 
a free wellness exam at a participating 
veterinarian. Feel free to call us at (626) 
286-1159 for more information on 
Princess. ID#11706. He currently resides 
at the San Gabriel Valley Humane 
Society located at 851 E. Grand Avenue 
in San Gabriel which is located off San 
Gabriel Blvd, north of Mission and south 
of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet 
and Greet’ with Marshmellow, please stop by any time 
from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc


Rarely do I go through a single day without hearing 
at least one person say, “I really want to get involved 
with helping shelter animals.” Or, “I would love to 
volunteer with an organization that will allow me the 
opportunity to save the lives of animals that may be 
otherwise euthanized.” Of course, these are my words 
for the basic common message I hear repeatedly in 
conversations with folks I meet while out walking my 
canine clients in town.

 Fortunately, there are countless ways one may be of 
service to make a difference for the better on behalf of the 
animals these days. Probably more now than ever before. 
People are beginning to recognize that something must be 
done to reverse the trend we have inadvertently forged in 
our society. A trend which seems to sets forth a means to 
putting thousands of innocent animals to death each day, 
with no end in sight.

 Everywhere I look today, I see people caring more 
about the lives of precious animals, and a few have even 
developed some pretty creative ways to help bring our 
societal norms to a higher moral level for their sakes. 
Indeed, opportunities to get involved and get on board 
with projects focused on the humane treatment of 
animals can - much like animals - come in a variety of 
forms, fashions, shapes and sizes.

 Ways to bring about positive change for shelter 
pets can range from something as simple as donating 
carefully pre-owned pet beds & accessories, to 
fostering adoptable pets in your own home, to running 
marathons to raise awareness and bring in money for 
the cause. There are adoption booths to be tended 
to, daily kennel cleanings and feedings to be carried 
out, pro-bono opportunities for vets, groomers and 
photographers…the list goes on and on!

 These are all wonderful, very practical ways one 
might take part in helping shelter pets get a second 
chance at life, but I think one of the most creative ways 
and perhaps most popular among those who may not 
be able to perform daily manual duties, but can afford 
to give, is to hold a fund-raiser golf tournament to 
benefit our local shelter!

 The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA will be hosting 
their annual “Doglegs, Birdies & Eagles” golf tournament 
on Monday, April 10, 2017. And this 
year -for the first time - they are proud 
to announce that the tournament will be 
held at the historic Annandale Golf Club 
in Pasadena.

 With creative slogans such as, 
“Chip-in for the animals”, and “Get 
in the swing ‘fore’ the animals”, the 
Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA 
has really put their best creative foot 
forward in planning and promoting 
this important fund-raising event. 
There will be a variety of activities 
surrounding the tournament, so even if 
you are not a golfer you will still want 
to participate.

 PHS’s e-flyer promises an unforgettable day with 
unparalleled golfing, a spectacular setting, fun on-
course contests, exceptional cuisine (I can attest to that, 
based on my own personal experience with dining at 
the Annandale club), exciting live and silent auctions, 
and an awards dinner with an opportunity drawing. It 
sounds to me like there’ll be a little something there for 

 By participating in this golf tournament event, you 
will help provide food, shelter, medical care and so 
much more to the 12,000-plus animals that come to the 
PHS shelter every year. More than that, your support 
will help give those animals a second chance at finding 
safe, loving, forever homes.

 There are only a few spots left, so you will want to 
sign up right away. Check-in begins at 9:00 am with a 
shotgun start at 11:00 am. Donation to participate in 
the tournament is $500 per single golfer, or $2,000 per 
foursome. This includes golf car and caddie, swag bag, 
mulligan package, lunch and dinner.

 If you are not interested in participating in the 
tournament and activities on the course, but still wish 
to take part in the event, you are welcome to join them 
for dinner. Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and silent auction 
begin at 4:00 pm with the dinner, live auction and 
opportunity drawing immediately following at 5:30 
pm. Donation for the full dinner package is $175 per 

 To register and/or make reservations, contact the 
Pasadena Humane Society special events manager, 
Mia Dunn via e-mail at 
or call her at (626) 792-7151, ext. 167. Tickets will not 
be available for purchase on the day of the event, so 
be sure to make your reservations before the deadline, 
Friday March 10, 2017. 

 Here’s to yet another creative way to save the day for 
countless innocent, helpless animals that desperately 
need our help. It’s up to us - all of us - to come to their 
rescue. It takes a community, a state, a nation to bring 
about change for the better. Why not start in your own 
back yard? And by the way, don’t forget to love and let 
live - it’s infectious! 

Didn’t find your Prince Charming on Valentine’s 
Day? It’s not too late—meet sweet MONROE! He’s a 
gray tabby w/ white, about age 6. He is a very loving 
boy who just wants to be loved back. Monroe deserves 
to have a loving, caring indoor home, and will be 
a wonderful 
companion. He 
would be great 
either as an only 
kitty, or with 
another FIV+ pal, 
or with another 
very mild-
mannered kitty. 
No meds needed-
-he’s easy! Don’t 
miss his adorable VIDEO on our website! 

 Adoption fee is $100 , which includes spay, 
microchip, exam & vaccines. A great savings! Our 
cats are negative FELV/FIV unless otherwise 

 See more pictures, adoption info & application on 
our website, Sorry, we are 
not accepting cats at this time.

 GOOD NEWS: Lolly and been adopted!




Yoga is about 
coming to under-
stand and take 
care of ourselves. 
More than just 
physical exercise, 
yoga is an exercise in self-awareness, healing, and 
connecting with Divinity. Being in this spirit and 
taking actions that nurture our well-being have far-
reaching effects on our lives and on those around us. 

 As we honor LOVE this month, here are a few self-
care practices to bring out warmth and compassion. 

 1. Pick one or two activities that would benefit 
your body. Perhaps an extra walk around town or a 
hike in nature might be just the thing. Try a yoga class 
that you’ve never been to or revisit a class you used to 
love but stopped going to because your schedule got 
busy. How about a self-massage just on your feet? 

 2. Stimulate the mind and intellect. Find a subject 
you’d like to learn more about and read up on it. 
Maybe it’s cooking, composting, painting, science, or 
photography. You choose! Pursue it through a class 
and learn from someone who knows, or self-initiate 
and dive into the details of a subject you know about 

 3. Connect with a person, place, or activity that 
makes you feel connected to the Divine. For many, 
meditation is the place for this. Some may feel most 
connected to their church. A visit with a friend who 
you respect may bring this feeling. Service work, such 
as volunteering in the community, is great for making 
this connection, particularly when feeling out of sorts. 

 4. Last, but not least, BE YOURSELF. I can’t think 
of a better way to take care of ourselves. Each one of 
us has unique qualities and gifts which we share with 
the world. Consider your sense of humor, the way 
you give a good hug, your creativity, or your ability 
to articulate complex subjects. Be around people who 
you can be comfortable with as often as possible. Take 
a deep breath and allow your best qualities to come 

 Don’t forget to come to class and melt away the stress 
that keeps you from remembering the importance of 
taking care of yourself. Stress can cloud our sense of 
clarity and ease. Use your yoga practice to address 

 Most of all, discover what’s going to make you 
happy and healthy and move toward that. 

Namaste and Love, Keely


SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 2017 - 10AM – 1PM

 WHAT: BARK FOR LIFE – A Canine Event to Fight 

 WHERE: Arcadia Dog Park (Eisenhower Park) 
located on the corner of Colorado Boulevard and 
Second Avenue: 601 N. Second Avefnue, Arcadia, CA 

 WHO: All dog owners and (and lovers); the Hope 
Can Cure Cancer Club from Arcadia High School; 
the American Cancer Society Relay for Life; and the 
City of Arcadia’s Recreation and Community Services 

 WHEN: Saturday, March 4, 2017

Registration begins at 9:15am; Opening Ceremonies 
start at 10:00am

 Registration: $15.00 per dog, $10.00 for the second 

 The City of Arcadia along with the Hope Can Cure 
Cancer Club from Arcadia High School is hosting a 
Bark for Life Event. Bark for Life is a noncompetitive 
walk event for dogs and their owners to raise funds for 
the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer. Bark 
for Life is directly related to Arcadia’s Relay for Life and 
shares the theme, “Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.” 
So bring your best canine friends and join us for a fun-
filled day starting with a walk, and continuing with 
demonstrations, contests, and games. Please remember 
dogs must be on a leash and please be ready to clean up 
after your four legged friends.

 By supporting Bark for Life, you help the American 
Cancer Society save lives, and that helps us move closer 
to our ultimate goal of creating a world with less cancer 
and more birthdays. To register your dog, please visit: The cost is $15 for 
your first dog and $10 for your second dog.

 For information contact: City of Arcadia, 
Recreation and Community Services, 626.574.5113 or 
Carter L. Spruill at or call 

About the City of Arcadia

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, 
Arcadia is an 11.38 square mile community with a 
population of just over 56,000. Located approximately 20 
miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia is known 
for combining small-town charm with the conveniences 
and amenities of a mid-size city. Arcadia is a full-service 
charter city governed by a five-member City Council, 
elected at large. Recognized for exceptional education and 
recreation opportunities and beautiful neighborhoods, 
Arcadia is also defined as the “Community of Homes” and 
has twice been designated the “Best City in California in 
which to Raise Kids” by Business Week Magazine.


Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual


We get to choose where we will 
put our attention and how we 
will respond to the issues that come up in our lives or 
our social media feed. The internet and social media 
have brought about the means to create community, 
communication, and communion. We can use the 
internet to search for the truth, and we can share our 

 We are no longer forced to wait for someone else’s 

 We get our personal microphone.

 We all produce content.

 We get to proclaim to the world where our interests 

 We broadcast to the world, who we are and what we 

 Every moment we are deciding where we will put our 
attention and energy. As we interact with our feed, we 
broadcast our interests. Sometimes we yell at each other.

 Sometimes we gather to decry the faults of society. We 
can log into Facebook and share how awful everyone 
that doesn’t agree with us can be, and all of our friends 
can like the sentiment. We surrender our emotions 
to algorithms run by the computer puppeteers. We 
are rarely confronted with a viewpoint we whom we 

 If it happens, we can respond a myriad of ways. 
We unfriend or unfollow the offending party. We can 
send out our own condemning post. We could shame 
or berate. Or we can watch, and we can listen. We can 
learn something new. We can get an understanding of 
another point of view.

 We can start to ask questions. We can walk in 
someone else’s shoes.

 We could try to be part of the solution.

 I have a new business, for the last two years, I have 
been helping people look at the world anew. I help 
people fashion new questions and design new visions of 
themselves and their lives where we become part of the 

Read us online at:

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