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For the period of Sunday, April 30th, through Saturday, May 
6th, the Police Department responded to 1,066 calls for service, 
of which 121 required formal investigations. The following 
is a summary report of the major incidents handled by the 
Department during this period.

Sunday, April 30:

Shortly before 11:34 a.m., an officer responded to 7-Eleven, 
102 East Huntington Drive, regarding a robbery report. The 
officer discovered the suspect, who visits the store regularly, 
concealed merchandise, and exited the store, failing to 
make payment. On this occasion, an employee blocked the 
suspects exit path causing the suspect to push the clerk out 
of his way. The suspect then fled with the stolen property. 
Officers identified, located, and arrested the 58-year-old male 
transient of Arcadia and transported him to the Arcadia City 
Jail for booking.

 Around 11:31 p.m., an officer responded to an office 
complex in the 300 block of North Santa Anita Avenue 
regarding a commercial burglary report. An investigation 
revealed an unknown suspect kicked in the door to two 
offices in the complex and fled undetected with a laptop. The 
investigation is ongoing. 

Monday, May 1:

At approximately 8:06 a.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 500 block of Los Altos Avenue regarding a vehicle 
burglary report. The officer determined an unknown suspect 
entered the unlocked vehicle and stole tennis equipment, the 
victim’s vehicle registration, and an article of clothing. No 
suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 

 Just after 9:39 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in 
the 2400 block of South Sixth Avenue regarding a burglary 
report. An investigation revealed unknown suspect(s) 
shattered a rear bedroom window, ransacked the residence, 
and fled with a guitar, suitcase, and a cellphone. No suspects 
were seen and no witnesses were located. 

Tuesday, May 2:

Around 12:04 p.m., an officer responded to the Santa Anita 
Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding the activation 
of an Arcadia Police Department GPS tracker attached to a 
bicycle. Officers located a 37-year-old male from Los Angeles 
in possession of the stolen bicycle. He was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking.

 Just before 5:09 p.m., an officer responded to the front 
counter of the Arcadia Police Department regarding a 
threat report. The victim stated she received threatening text 
messages from her boyfriend’s wife. The suspect is a 29-year-
old female from Bradbury. The investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, May 3:

 Shortly after 3:17 a.m., an officer responded to the 500 
block of West Huntington Drive regarding suspicious 
suspects loitering in the area. A witness stated three suspects 
were seen opening a mailbox before walking to their vehicle 
with mail in their hands. 

 Suspect 1 is described as a heavy set Hispanic female in 
her 20’s. The other two suspects are described as having thick 
Spanish accents. The investigation is ongoing. 
At about 6:29 a.m., officers responded to AU 79 Tea 
House, 815 West Naomi Avenue, regarding a burglary alarm 
activation. An investigation revealed Arcadia Fire responded 
to a fire at the business and tripped the alarm. The fire spread 
to a secondary business, The Barn, before it was extinguished. 
The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Arcadia Fire 

Thursday, May 4:

 At approximately 8:31 a.m., an officer responded to a 
residence in the 2300 block of Ivyland Avenue regarding 
a fraud report. The officer discovered an unknown suspect 
charged 20 fraudulent transactions, each for $50.00, to on April 5th to the victim’s Sam’s Club credit 
card. The victim does not know how the suspect obtained 
her personal information as she maintained possession of the 
credit card. The investigation is ongoing.

 Around 12:44 p.m., an officer responded to the intersection 
of California Avenue and Longden Avenue regarding the 
activation of an Arcadia Police Department GPS tracking 
device. An investigation revealed a 37-year-old male from 
Los Angeles and a 32-year-old female from Arcadia were 
in possession of the stolen package, tracking device, and 
property. Both suspects were arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking.

 At about 8:28 p.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 400 block of Stanford Drive regarding a suspicious 
circumstances report. The reporting party stated his address 
on the curb had been scraped off and the suspect(s) left 
behind a metal scraper. The reporting party did not witness 
the incident; however, during the time the crime occurred, he 
saw a white or tan, late model 4-door vehicle parked in front 
of his residence occupied by a male driver, possibly Hispanic, 
and a passenger with long hair. The investigation is ongoing. 

Friday, May 5: 

 Just before 9:26 a.m., an officer responded to LA Fitness, 
1325 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a commercial 
burglary report. The officer discovered an unknown suspect 
broke into two secured lockers in the men’s locker room and 
fled with both victims’ phones and cash. No suspects were 
seen and no witnesses were located. 

 Shortly after 3:13 p.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 600 block of Gloria Road regarding a burglary report. 
An investigation revealed unknown suspects smashed 
a bedroom window, ransacked the bedroom, and fled 
undetected. The loss is unknown at the time of this report and 
the investigation is ongoing.

 At about 9:33 p.m., an officer was informed of a 
nearby stolen vehicle that the Los Angeles County Sheriff 
Department was in search of. The officer located the 
vehicle and initiated a traffic stop in the area of Santa 
Anita Avenue and Lower Azusa Road. A 29-year-old 
male from Azusa was arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking. He also had an outstanding 
felony no-bail warrant. 

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 
about 6:39 p.m., Arcadia Police 
Officers were dispatched to the 
1600 block of Holly Avenue on 
a GPS package theft activation. 
Officers tracked the package to a 
parking lot in the city of Hacienda 
Heights. Upon arrival, a suspect 
vehicle was located which led 
officers on a vehicle pursuit. 
The pursuit was terminated for 
safety reasons; however another 
agency assumed the pursuit, 
which terminated in the 8600 
block of Garfield Avenue in the city of South 
Gate. Arcadia officers arrived at that location 
and with the assistance of multiple agencies, took 
the suspect into custody without 

 The driver was arrested and 
identified as Christopher Cook, 
27 years old, of La Mirada. 

 Anyone with information 
on this incident is encouraged 
to contact the Arcadia Police 
Department at (626) 574-
5156, case #17-2480. If you 
prefer to provide information 
anonymously, you may call 
“Crime Stoppers” by dialing 
(800) 222-TIPS (8477), use your 
smartphone by downloading the “P3 Tips” Mobile 
APP on Google play or the Apple App Store or by 
using the website

S:\TasteOfArcadia\2016ToA\Photos\Taste of Arcadia 2016\Carrie\7830.jpg

 The Arcadia Chamber of Commerce in 
collaboration with venue host Los Angeles 
County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens 
will be hosting its 14th annual Taste of 
Arcadia on September 25, 2017. Arcadia’s big 
annual exhibition, which has aptly become 
known as ‘The Taste,’ is a chance for the local 
community to sample from 45 different food 
and drink vendors as well as peruse the Business 
Showcase which consist of 40 business vendors 
offering a wealth of freebies, sales and special 
opportunities. Tickets are currently on sale: 1 
for $50 or 2 for $80. Please contact the Arcadia 
Chamber of Commerce at (626) 447-2159 for 
more information or visit their website www.


Arcadia Senior Services in partnership with 
Methodist Hospital is having a free health 
presentation on Tuesday, May 23 at 1:30pm. This 
lecture will take place at the Arcadia Community 
Center at 365 Campus Drive. Dr. Daniel H. Kim, 
Radiation Oncologist, will discuss recent advances 
in cancer immunotherapy which have been called 
“game changers” and a turning point in the fight 
against cancer. Dr. Kim will highlight some of the 
major breakthroughs, and limitations, as well as 
future directions for this new exciting medical 
advancement. If interested in attending please call 
the Arcadia Community Center at 626.574.5130. This 
program is for individuals age 50 and over. 

About the City of Arcadia

 Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, 
Arcadia is an 11.38 square mile community with a 
population of just over 56,000. Located approximately 
20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia 
is known for combining small-town charm with 
the conveniences and amenities of a mid-size city. 
Arcadia is a full-service charter city governed by a five-
member City Council, elected at large. Recognized for 
exceptional education and recreation opportunities and 
beautiful neighborhoods, Arcadia is also defined as the 
“Community of Homes” and has twice been designated 
the “Best City in California in which to Raise Kids” by 
Business Week Magazine.

From The City Manager’s Report:



By Joan Schmidt

HISTORY: In Dec., 1992, after deputies 
were shot at, Temple Station Cpt. 
Mirabella called a community meeting to 
introduce deputies, and residents voiced 
their concerns/problems. Supervisor 
Antonovich’s Field Deputy Sarah 
Flores attended. At a second meeting, 
a Sun Village Town Council Member 
explained their formation. Cpt. Mirabella 
asked Joan to nominate David Hall 
as Chairperson of the Town Council 
Formation Committee which met every 
week from Mar-June, 1993.After an 
“election workshop”, newspapers were 
contacted, solicited candidates, and held 
a candidate forum. The election was held, 
and the seven winners were featured in 
various newspapers. Antonovich swore 
in the first Council Members. Then he 
held a breakfast meeting to introduce the 
Town Council Members to the Arcadia, 
Monrovia and Duarte City Council 
Members. At a later meeting, Antonovich 
introduced the Community Development 
Commission which brought Habitat for 
Humanity to the community.

basically the liaison between residents, 
Temple Sheriff’s Station, and various 
county agencies. As facilitators, residents 
brief us with their problems/concerns. 
Previously, NO County TRANSIT service 
whatsoever existed . Now county funding 
provides all three unincorporated areas- 
Monrovia, Duarte, and Arcadia with 
“Monrovia Transit”. For 25 years a problem 
existed in South Arcadia. MADTC alerted 
LASD, Antonovich and Traffic and 
Lighting. Now a stop sign is at Daines/
Tyler Avenues. On Longden, Arcadia 
Baseball League’s parking blocked views. 
After MADTC contact, red curbs were 
extended. At Pamela Park, bathroom stalls 
had no doors so the Department of Parks 
and Recreation was contacted, and doors 
appeared in three days! People attend the 
Town Council Meetings and can bring 
ANY issue. MADTC will contact the 
agency who can assist them. 


* An annual March Against Gangs and 
Drugs with LASD and CHP.
* Youth Appreciation Day at Pamela 
* July 4th Mayflower Village Parade- 
Certificates for community members.
* Recognition of LASD/CHP Personnel 
at Town Council Meetings: Certificates 
from MADTC and local dignitaries.
* Station Square Concerts with 
Monrovia City Council 


* Reyna Diaz, Duarte School Board 
President; Terrence Williams, Monrovia 
School Board Vice President, 
* Selection Committee Members for 
the Duarte Habitat for Humanity Houses, 
Duarte Education Foundation, Duarte 
Kiwanis, Friends of Duarte and Live Oak 
* Temple Station Community Advisory 
Committee, Gang Advisory Committee, 
Community Mediation Committee.
* LASD City Council Academy, 
Department of Defense Anti-Hate Crime 
Conference, “Know gangs, No Gangs” 
Seminar on Asian Gangs.
* David Hall and Terrence Williams, 
Elders at their Churches.
* David Hall, NAACP President.
* Linda Sells, John Nicoloro, New 
Building for Live Oak Library 
* Attendance at annual Veterans Fair and 
Veteran Events.
* Work closely with Monrovia City 
Council and Chamber of Commerce to 
establish a good rapport and working 
relationship with the City.
* With grant from So CA Edison and 
LASD, Provided CERT Training at All 
Nations Church.


Meeting Locations-

. All Nations Church 1948 Peck Rd. 
Monrovia: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct 
. Annunciation Hall 1307 E. Longden 
Arcadia: Feb, May, Aug, Nov
. Pamela Park 2236 Goodall, 
Duarte:Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec


Annunciation Church Hall, 

1307 E Longden Ave. Arcadia

Recently, the City has received questions asking 
why we have implemented different repair 
techniques for various streets from throughout 
town. For example, some streets have been 
totally reconstructed, and other streets have been 
maintained using a treatment known as a cape 
seal. Still other streets will be slurry sealed. A 
natural question to ask is why!

 As part of the City’s overall Monrovia Renewal 
project – which is a $51.7 million infrastructure 
improvement initiative aimed at making priority 
repairs to our road, sidewalk, water system, and 
sewer system infrastructure – we developed the 
overall program by combining the results of a 
street master plan, water system master plan, 
and sewer system master plan. Regarding the 
street master plan specifically, it was established 
utilizing the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) 
of every street in town. The PCI rating is a 
numerical rating between 0 – 100 that is given to 
each street segment which outlines the relative 
health of the road in question based on a civil 
engineering review. The lower the PCI rating of 
the street, the worse condition that particular 
road is in.

 Our overall Monrovia Renewal project is aimed 
at repairing every single street in town with a 
PCI rating of under 70. However, the repair / 
maintenance technique that has been applied to 
each street varies based on the existing PCI rating 
of the street. Utilizing industry best practices, 
we developed different street maintenance 
techniques based on the relative PCI rating 
of each street in question. The overall repair 
methodology we used includes the following: 

PCI 100 – 71: No treatment

PCI 70 – 56: Slurry Seal

PCI 55 – 41: Cape Seal

PCI 40 – 26: Street overlay

PCI 25 – 0: Street reconstruction

 As we move forward with completing the work 
in the Southwest and Southeast sections of the 
Monrovia Renewal project (which together are 
bordered to the north by Colorado Boulevard, to 
the south by the I-210 Freeway, and extends east & 
west to the City boundaries), we have at this point 
completed all street reconstruction work and 
street overlay work, and are currently working 
to finalize streets which have been identified for 
cape seal and slurry seal treatments. Additional 
information regarding all of the work associated 
with the project can be found by visiting our 
Monrovia Renewal website online for updates 
and news! 


May 9, 2017—St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Monrovia will 
present the final Evensong performance of the 2016-2017 
season on Sunday, May 21, at 4 p.m. at the church, 122 South 
California Avenue at Foothill Boulevard in Monrovia. A wine 
and cheese reception in Guild Hall will follow the public 
performance, and a freewill offering will be taken.

 “Evensong … is a very tiny fragment of the worship offered 
to God by Christian people every hour in every part of the 
world,” notes a description by England’s Coventry Cathedral. 
“When you come to Evensong, it is as if you were dropping 
in on a conversation already in progress — a conversation 
between God and people which began long before you were 
born and will go on long after you are gone.”

 The program, directed by St. Luke’s Music Director Kent 
Bennett Jones, will include John Blow’s Let My Prayer Come 
Up, William Smith’s Preces and Responses in G, and Richard 
Farrant’s Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in G Minor. Declare 
His Honor, by Henry Purcell, will feature staff singers Caitlin 
Stave, Trisha Rivera, Colin Stave and Sean Gabel.

About St. Luke’s

 Formally admitted to the Episcopal Diocese of California 
on April 30, 1891, St. Luke’s has been a part of the Monrovia 
community for 125 years. The inclusive church welcomes all 
to its community. The superb acoustics of its landmark 1924 
Romanesque house of worship make it a popular site for a 
variety of music performances. Eucharist services are held on 
Sundays at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 12:10 p.m. 
The Reverend Neil Tadken is Rector. The church’s website is

See us online at:

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