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Happy Tails

Are Your Pets Prepared for aPotential Disaster? by Chris Leclerc 

Being prepared to successfully endure, surviveand thrive through a major earthquake, tornado,
hurricane or any other type of “doomsdaydisaster” is by no means a new concept toSouthern Californians. However, if you areanything like me, you will agree that it can’thurt to re-visit the issue now and then, and 
allow yourself to subscribe to any fresh ideas orsuggestions on disaster preparedness, when andif one should occur. 

I read an article in “Dog Fancy” magazine 
entitled “Ready for Anything”, by Kitson Jazynka, 
about a true experience had by the Anastasias, a 
Maryland family who found themselves dealing 
with three very frightened dogs, two of which 
went missing during Hurricane Irene in 2011. 
During the onset of the ordeal, the Anastasias 
began to think that they might never see their 
precious pups again.

It happened while they were running across the 
yard, trying desperately to escape their home after 
a huge oak tree had been pushed over by the high 
winds and landed on their roof. They ran to find 
refuge at a neighbor‘s house, and were making 
their way across the field when two of their three 
dogs broke away and ran randomly into the dark 
& stormy night.

I could so relate to how the Anastasias must 
have felt when their dogs got away and ran in fear, 
and I could imagine that happening at my house 
if I should find myself in a similar situation. The 
article forced me to face the fact that, although 
I love my dog, and I consider myself to be a 
responsible pet owner, I am no where near as 
‘pet-ready’ for a major disaster as I should be. It 
also brought to mind the fact that I would never 
forgive myself if my dog went missing or perished 
during a major disaster, knowing that I had not 
done everything in my power to avoid loss of life 
or limb on her behalf. 

Fortunately, the Anastasias did mange to find 
their two frightened dogs and gathered them 
into safety before they were injured, but the end 
result could have been grim, considering their 
lack of preparedness. The positive result that 
came from that experience was the fact that the 
family realized how important pet preparedness is 
for potential disasters and they shared what they 
learned. First and foremost, they realized how 
important it is not to wait until the night of the 
disaster, to prepare! To really be ready, one must 
take the time to plan ahead.

Preparing your cats and dogs for a potential 
doomsday event includes several factors and 
should begin with writing out a 
plan. Ideally, the plan will include 
a list of various scenarios with 
corresponding actions to be 
taken. For example, how can you 
best be prepared to care for your 
pets in the case of a mandatory 
evacuation due to a fire or flood? 
Or, as in the case of the Anastasias, 
what if you are forced to flee from 
your home during a raging storm?

Conversely, what steps of 
preparation should you take to 
protect your pets if you are forced 

to stay inside your house without power during 
a blizzard? We may not have blizzards in Sierra 
Madre, but this could happen while you are on 
vacation in the mountains, or visiting another 
part of the country. Preparation plans will vary 
depending on the specific needs of your pet, but 
here are a few basic tips that pertain to nearly any 
home with domestic pets:

Microchip your dog. Collars and tags can easily 
fall off, and the appearance of your pet may vary 
depending on the elements and whether your dog 
is injured. A registered chip implanted under your 
dog’s skin will ensure it’s unmistakable identity. 
Ask your veterinarian about microchip implants 
and registering.

Crate train your dog, and if the scenario 
pertains, train him to be accustomed to walking 
in and out of a storm cellar or underground crawl 
space. If a dog is fearful of a crate or small spaces, 
he may not be willing to take shelter when it is best 
for his safety.

Keep extra copies of your pet’s vaccination 
records and photos on hand to help identify and 
prove ownership of your pet, should the necessity 

Establish a buddy system with one of your 
neighbors as a backup to keep your dog out of 
harm’s way, in case you are unable to get home 
during a disaster.

Keep a box of extra pet foods and any other pet 
supplies you may need in case the stores are closed 
for an extended period of time after a disaster. The 
pet supply box should be stored along with your 
own “human survival kit” for easy retrieval in case 
of an evacuation. 

Regardless of the circumstances, it is very 
important that you secure your pet on a leash or 
in a crate, in the case that you must flee during 
a major storm, hillside fire or earthquake. If your 
pet is not secured, he is much more likely to escape 
and run into the street where he could be hit by a 
car, or roam randomly into the neighborhood or 
into the forest where you may not be able to find 

Animals often become very nervous during 
a storm or earthquake and they also pick up on 
our negative energy if we ourselves are nervous 
or afraid. If you plan ahead, and practice the basic 
steps of preparedness before a disaster hits, you 
will be much more apt to remain calm throughout 
the ordeal, and in that way help your pets to do the 
same. Take the time now, to be disaster-prepared 
and let your pets depend on you to keep them safe 
in the case of an emergency. 

Invite yoga andAyurveda (sisterscience to yoga)
into your life 
for a vibrant 
last month of 

spring! If this time of year is feeling heavy andlacking energy, it’s important to stay light, dryand warm. Allergies can be at all-time highs andinflammations can flare. To create vibrancy andboost the immune system, here are a few tips topractice:

1. Go for a walk first thing in the morning. It’simportant to get moving to increase circulationand improve mood. If the morning is not available,
consider a walk after dinner. 
2. Exert more effort in your yoga practice. Staysafe and do what’s right for your individual body,
but don’t be afraid to go for those sun salutations.
Inversions (such as shoulder stand or supported 
inversion with a block) are wonderfully healingand boost the immune system.

3. Eat fresh vegetables that are in season. Addthem into your freshly cooked meals. Light soups,
leafy greens, and foods that are well-spiced areexcellent choices. 
4. Get a full night’s rest and try not to sleep duringthe day. Do have a relaxation practice, meditation,
or rest period to help restore the body and mind.
It’s important to remember when stagnation setsin that there’s always a starting place. It is possibleto shed layers of accumulation and create newways of moving, thinking, and being.
Cheers to this rich, ancient practice of yoga! Bringthis practical wisdom in your life and watch itchange. 
Keely Totten, E-RYT 500, Teacher at YOGAMADRE 

Meet tiny tabby sisters, PANCAKE& WAFFLE, age 2 months. Suchcute little tabby sisters! One has a 
bit more pronounced stripes, andthe other has more of a fluffier face. 
Both sweet as pie! They are beingshown and fostered at Petsadena 
Animal Hospital, 959 S. RaymondAve., Pasadena, where you can callto arrange a visit, at 626-441-1137.

Adoption fee is $75 this monthonly for a female cat or 2 bonded

org. Call 626-676-9505 for a Meetkittens, which includes spay, 

& Greet. Can’t adopt? Visit ourmicrochip, exam & vaccines. 

website for our easy Sponsor A 
A great savings! Our cats are 
negative FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated.Kitty campaign.

See more pictures, videos, adoption info & Good news: Naomi has an adoption pending, asapplication on our website, www.lifelineforpets. does Katniss. 


Hope is a Chihuahua mix girl,

If you have room in your heartabout 2 . years old, weighing 12

and home for a new best friend, 
pounds. Hope is a sweet, friendly

Hope is hoping to meet yougirl who was surrendered to the

soon. Her adoption fee is $130shelter by her family who did not

which includes spay surgery,
have the time to care for her. She 

a microchip, first vaccinationsno doubt misses being in a home,

and a free wellness check-upbut she is adjusting to shelter life

at a participating veterinarian.
more each day.

Feel free to call us at (626) 286Hope 
can be a little shy at first,

1159 for more information on 
but once she feels comfortable, she 

Hope. ID#14875. She currentlyis quite affectionate. Hope enjoys

resides at the San Gabriel Valleybeing with people, loves getting 

Humane Society located at 851pets and treats, and thrives on 

E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel 
lap time. She also enjoys playing
which is located off San Gabriel 
with other dogs. Hope is easy

Blvd, north of Mission and south 
to harness and enjoys going for

of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange awalks with the other dogs at the shelter. She is‘Meet and Greet’ with Hope, please stop by anya social girl who would do well in many familytime from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday throughsituations where she can get love and attention. 


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