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VOLUME 11 NO. 26

Local Area 
News Briefs

Fourth of July Closures 
Reminders for Pasadena

 South Pasadena Suspect 
Arrested on Murder of Son

Authorities arrested a 
man last week for suspicion 
of murder relating to the 
disappearance of his 5-year-
old son in South Pasadena. 
Aramazd Andressian Sr was 
arrested June 23 in Las Vegas. 

 According to police 
Andressian was arrested after 
he changed his appearance, 
dying his hair and shaving 
his beard, believing he could 
be a flight risk. After several 
exhausting searches, the body 
of his son, Aramazd “Piqui” 
Andressian Jr, has not been 

 The L.A. County District 
Attorney has charged 
Andressian Sr with a no-body 
murder charge.

 Andressian Jr was last 
seen April 21 as the two left 
Disneyland. Andressian Sr 
was found unconscious next 
to his car, doused in gasoline, 
in Arroyo Park the next. 
His bail was set at $10 


 Pasadena residents, businesses 
and visitors are reminded 
that City Hall, and most City 
business offices are closed on 
Tuesday, Independence Day, 
in observance of our Great 
Nation’s Birthday. Normal 
schedules and office hours 
resume July 5.

 Pasadena Fire and Police 
Departments will continue 
to be staffed for all patrol, 
jail, fire, paramedic and other 
emergency services, including 
special enforcement patrols 
against all fireworks throughout 
the City. For life-threatening 
emergencies, always call 9-1-1, 
and “If You See Something, Say 
Something,” especially illegal 
fireworks, call: (626) 744-4241.

 But you fireworks to be part of 
your Fourth of July celebration? 
Attend “Americafest” at 
the Rose Bowl Stadium, 
featuring the best professional 
fireworks show in Southern 
California! Ticket, event 
program lineup, parking and 
tailgating info is online at www.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with power 
emergencies should call the 
City’s Water and Power (PWP) 
Department at (626) 744-4673. 
For water-related emergencies, 
call (626) 744-4138. PWP’s 
Customer Service Call Center 
is closed July 4, but customers 
can access their accounts and 
make payments by phone at 
(626) 744-4005 or online at 

 Pasadena’s Citizen Service 
Center, www.cityofpasadena.
net/citizen-service-center, will 
be open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., July 
4, and will return to normal 
hours, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., July 
5. All City-provided services 
for trash, recycling and yard 
waste pickups will be on regular 
schedules the week of July 4, 
but no bulky item pickups will 
occur on Fourth of July.

 The Municipal Services 
Payment Center at City Hall 
and all Pasadena Public Library 
sites will be closed July 4. 
Pasadena Transit and Dial-A-
Ride service will not operate 
on Independence Day, but will 
resume regular service July 5.

 All parking meters not posted 
as “No Parking” will be free 
on July 4; time limits will not 
be enforced. Violations for 
overnight parking, red curb 
parking, No Parking zones 
and blocking fire hydrants 
will be enforced. Motorists 
are especially cautioned about 
parking restrictions in the 
Arroyo Seco area near the 
Rose Bowl Stadium. Regular 
enforcement resumes July 5.

 The only public swimming 
pool open on July 4 will be 
at Blair High School, 1201 S. 
Marengo Ave., from noon to 3 
p.m. The “Splash Pad” water 
play facility at La Pintoresca 
Park, 45 E. Washington Blvd., 
will operate 11 a.m. to 6 
p.m. All City Recreation and 
Community Centers are closed 
on July 4, but all parks will 
be open for picnics, fun and 
festivities. No site reservations 
are accepted on holidays.

 The City wishes all a 
wonderful Fourth of July and 
urges everyone to remember 
the freedoms we enjoy and 
the sacrifices made by those—
past, present and future—
who created and currently 
protect our country. Celebrate 
responsibly; always designate 
a driver; use common sense 
when outdoors in the sun and 
remember all fireworks are 
illegal in Pasadena. Please 
also remember that your 
animal companions are easily 
frightened by firework noises 
and they need a quiet, secured 
space, water and lots of TLC.

Phos-Chek Sprayed to Brush near Rose Bowl

By Dean Lee

 Pasadena fire officials Thursday 
morning started their annual 
Phos-Chek spraying, a fire 
retardant, around the Rose 
Bowl Stadium in preparation 
for Americafest Tuesday night. 

 “Phos-Chek is going to be 
sprayed in the Linda Vista area 
as well as Arroyo brush areas 
that we identified as a high 
hazard,” said Pasadena Fire 
Chief Bertral Washington. “This 
is a preventative measure before 
the 4th of July, as we celebrate 
with a verity of professional 
fireworks that will take place.”

 The main ingredients of the fire 
retardant are phosphates and 
fertilizers to help prevent plants 
from burning and re-vegetate 
burned wild-land areas officials 

 Washington said they planned 
to use eight tons of Phos-Chek 
in a four to five mile radius 
around the Rose Bowl. He also 
said they spray 20 to 50 feet 
at the edge of vegetated areas 
depending on the growth. He 
said this year’s rain has added to 
the danger. 

 “We had a great deal of rain and 
a great deal of growth,” he said. 
“The rain has not continued so 
that growth tends to dry up and 
then it becomes a high hazard 
for fuel [fire].”

Washington also reminded 
residents that all fireworks are 
both illegal and dangerous.

 “Although some products 
[fireworks] are labeled safe and 
sane, we want to let you know 
that there are no fireworks out 
there that are safe,” he said. 
“Injury from fireworks is highest 
among our children from five to 
14 years old.”

 He said statistics show 
fireworks are among the riskiest 
of all consumer products. Even 
sparklers, which many people 
think are safe, are dangerous 
and can reach 1,200 degrees 
Fahrenheit; causing serious 
burns or fires. Nearly 10,000 
fireworks-related injuries are 
treated in U.S. emergency 
rooms every year and two of five 
people injured from fireworks 
are under 15 years old.

 Police Chief Phillip Sanchez 
also said there is a zero tolerance 
towards fireworks, “we are out 
looking for illegal fireworks and 
arresting or issuing citations.”

 “Very year there are tragedies 
we hear about, with respect to 
fireworks in our community, 
let’s not have that occur this 
year,” he said. 

 For more about Americafest 
at the Rose Bowl Stadium, visit: 

 Protesters, Police to be at 
Ted Nugent’s Show

 An online petition has 
called on Pasadena officials 
to stop Ted Nugent from 
performing Sunday night at 
the Rose, describing Nugent 
as homophobe, antisemite, 
and racist. 

 “Ted Nugent does not reflect 
Pasadena values, and should 
not be paid to spew his 
message of hate in our city,” 
the petition, signed by over 
1,600 people, claims. “Tell 
Nugent and the management 
of The Rose where you stand.”

 Police Chief Phillip Sanchez 
stated that any officers at that 
event will be there to keep it 

 City officials, including 
city council members, have 
said they are concerned 
and disagree with Nugent’s 
rhetoric but that everyone’s 
constitutional rights should 
be protected.

 Nugent has said he will avoid 
referencing to violence after 
GOP House Whip Steve 
Scalise was shot June 14. 

Wage in 

 City officials said workers, 
employers and businesses 
operating in Pasadena are 
reminded that increases to 
local minimum wages take 
effect today, employers with 
26 or more employees must 
pay a minimum of $12 per 
hour. For employers with 
25 or fewer employees, the 
minimum wage is $10.50 per 

 The city’s ordinance is a 
multi-phase, multi-year 
approach to elevating the 
minimum wage to $15 per 
hour by 2020.

 This is year two of the city’s 
minimum wage ordinance 
that began last year.

 For updated information 
vist cityofpasadena.net/
MinimumWage. The website 
also has the formal notices 
available in several languages 
that can be printed and 
displayed for employees to 

 For any complaints, workers 
can contact the city via the 
Citizen Service Center, by 
phone at (626) 744-7311 or 
service-center. Additional 
information will be available 
at the consumer kiosk stations 
at the Jackie Robinson 
Community Center, 1020 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave., and the Villa-
Parke Community Center, 
363 E. Villa St. The online 
compliant form is available at 
cityofpasadena.net/ Planning/ 
Minimum Wage Complaint 

 Anyone who wishes to file a 
complaint should provide as 
much specific documentation 
as possible, including 
paystubs that show hourly 
wages paid. Anonymous 
complaints can be received, 
but code enforcement and 
compliance could be limited.

 Pasadena’s local ordinance 
was approved prior to the 
state law and the state law 
did not specifically prohibit 
local jurisdictions from 
passing local minimum 
wage ordinances. As a result, 
companies and businesses 
with employees working in 
Pasadena must comply with 
the City’s ordinance whenever 
the local, municipal law 
exceeds the standards of the 
state law. Additional increases 
are scheduled to occur at the 
same time in 2018.

Fourth of July Reminder: 
Plan Your Sober Ride Home


 This Fourth of July, as 
friends and family travel 
to picnics and barbecues 
across the country, Pasadena 
Police Department, Sheriff 
Deputies and the 
California Highway 
Patrol, will be out 
stopping impaired 
drivers by targeting 
those who put lives in 
danger. As you prepare 
to drive home from 
the festivities, keep in 
mind that impairment 
by alcohol or drugs can 
be deadly Remember: 
Drive Sober or Get 
Pulled Over. 

 High Visibility 
Enforcement, using 
both DUI checkpoints 
and DUI Saturation 
Patrols, has proven 
to lower the number 
of persons killed and 
injured in alcohol or 
drug impaired crashes. 
Research shows that 
crashes involving an 
impaired driver can 
be reduced by up to 
20 percent when well-
publicized, proactive 
DUI operations are 
conducted routinely. 

 Officers will be looking 
for signs of alcohol and/
or drug impairment. 
When possible, specially 
trained of ficers will be 
available to evaluate 
those suspected of 
drug-impaired driving, 
which now accounts 
for a growing number 
of impaired driving 

 NHTSA data shows 
that young drivers 
(18 to 34 years old) are 
especially at risk of driving 
drunk. In fact, 49 percent of 
the drivers 18 to 34 years old 
who were killed over the July 
Fourth period in 2015 were 
driving drunk (BAC of .08 or 

 In recent years, California 
has seen an increase in drug-
impaired driving crashes. 
Your Pasadena Police 
Department supports the 
new effort from the Office 
of Traffic Safety that aims to 
educate all drivers that “DUI 
Doesn’t Just Mean Booze.” 
If you take prescription 
drugs, particularly those 
with a driving or operating 
machinery warning on 
the label, you might be 
impaired enough to get a 
DUI. Marijuana use can also 
be impairing, especially in 
combination with alcohol or 
other drugs, and can result 
in a DUI.

Plan your sober ride home 
before the party b egins this 
July 4th weekend celebration. 
Drivers are encouraged to 
download the Designated 
Driver VIP, or “DDVIP,” 
free mobile app for Android 
or iPhone. The DDVIP app 
helps find nearby bars and 
restaurants that feature free 
incentives for the designated 
sober driver, from free non-
alcoholic drinks to free 
appetizers and more. 

 The cost of a ride home 
is cheap. Drivers caught 
driving impaired can expect 
the impact of a DUI arrest 
to include jail time, fines, 
fees, DUI classes, license 
suspensions and other 
expenses that can exceed 



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