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Jeff’s Book Pics By Jeff Brown

Churchill: The Power of Words 
by Winston Churchill & Martin 
Gilbert (Editor)

Winston Churchill knew the power 
of words. In public speeches and 
published books, in newspaper and 
magazine articles, he expressed his 
feelings and vision for the future. 
His wartime writings and speeches 
have fascinated generation after 
generation with their powerful style 
and thoughtful reflection.This book 
contains one hundred extracts from 
his books, articles and speeches. 
They range from his memories of 
his schooldays, to his contributions 
to the debates on social policy and 
both world wars and his efforts after 
1945 to see the world a better place.
The book gives, from first to last, 
an insight into his life and thought, 
how it evolved, and how he made 
his mark on the British and world 

The End of Alzheimer’s: The 
First Program to Prevent and 
Reverse Cognitive Decline by 
Dale Bredesen 

 Everyone knows someone who has 
survived cancer, but until now no 
one knows anyone who has survived 
Alzheimer’s Disease. This paradigm 
shifting book offers real hope to 
anyone looking to prevent and 
even reverse Alzheimer’s Disease 
and cognitive decline. Revealing 
that AD is not one condition, as it 
is currently treated, but three, The 
book outlines 36 metabolic factors 
(micronutrients, hormone levels, 
sleep) that can trigger “downsizing” 
in the brain. The protocol shows 
us how to rebalance these factors 
using lifestyle modifications like 
taking B12, eliminating gluten, 
or improving oral hygiene. The 
results are impressive. Of the first 
ten patients on the protocol, nine 
displayed significant improvement 
with 3-6 months; since then the 
protocol has yielded similar results 
with hundreds more. This brings 
new hope to a broad audience of 
patients, caregivers, physicians, 
and treatment centers with a 
fascinating look inside the science 
and a complete step-by-step plan 
that fundamentally changes how 
we treat and even think about AD.



Why You Should Include Estate 
Planning in the Preparation

 You may have been running around the last few 
weeks, getting your new college student off to school. 
It’s exhilarating, and your heart likely is bursting at 
the seams. You’re probably prouder than you can say, 
but you’re a little afraid, too. How can you make sure 
your child is going to be safe at school, so far away from 
home? A new Bed Bath and Beyond matching sheet set 
for the dorm is great, but it doesn’t provide any peace of 
mind. So what else can you do?

 Actually, there is something, probably not yet on your 
to-do list, that can absolutely make a realdifference. 
Bring your child to a local estate planning attorney.

 You’re undoubtedly aware of the fact that, having 
graduated from high school, your kid’s an adult now—
meaning that your child’s going to spread his or her 
wings. But what is essential to remember: At 18, college 
students often still want Mom and Dad by their side 
if they get sick, but legally, decisions for medical care 
are theirs alone. If they were say, unconscious from 
a serious car accident, a parent couldn’t authorize 
medical care without first going to court. And that costs 
time and money, and in the end it would still be up to a 
judge whether you could make decisions on your child’s 
behalf or not. 

 We don’t want to worry you, but the unfortunate 
reality is that, every year, some quarter of a million 
people between 18 and 25 wind up in the nation’s 
hospitals, according to Forbes, and their parents are 
often locked out of critical decisions.

 Therefore, experts recommend that everyone over 
the age of 18 have a basic estate plan which includes a 
will or trust, a power of attorney, and medical directives 
that would allow someone they trust to take act on their 
behalf, if they aren’t able to.

 Here are some things to take care of as you send your 
kid away to college:

 A FERPA Release: The Family Educational Rights 
and Privacy Act is designed to protect college student’s 
privacy, but it can leave parents locked out in an 
emergency. A properly worded release allows school 
officials to talk with you and release your child’s records 
to you.

 A HIPAA Authorization: The Health Insurance 
Portability and Accountability Act was designed 
protect a patient’s privacy. Consider having your child 
signing an authorization so that—just in case—any 
necessary doctors can talk to you about your child’s 
condition, care, and treatment.

 A Durable Financial Power of Attorney: This is a 
legal document that allows you to take care of your 
child’s checking or savings accounts, pay bills, etc., if 
the child’s unable to—whether due to illness or even 
just location (for example, if the school is on the other 
side of the country). 

 A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare: Like 
the financial version, this allows you to handle medical 
decisions for your child, if your child is unable to do so.

 A Will: At first glance, this may seem a little silly for 
the average broke college kid. But there could be a lot of 
hidden complexities: The average American has some 
90 online accounts, for instance. Does your child have 
thoughts about who should manage and close down 
those social media accounts? Monitor emails? Who 
should get the Xbox or a bank account? It’s also a great 
time in your young adult’s life to instill responsibility 
by encouraging them to think about this early in life.

 As personal family attorneys, we’ve been helping 
parents attain peace of mind for years. Feel free to reach 
out to us if you have questions about this topic or any 
other estate planning matters.

 Dedicated to empowering your family, building your 
wealth and securing your legacy, 

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission 
to help parents protect what they love most. His office is 
located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 
91024. Schedule an appointment to sit down and talk 
about ensuring a legacy of love and financial security 
for your family by calling 626.587.3058 or visit www. for more information.

All Things By Jeff Brown


We we should all look up more often.Tens of 
millions of Americans pulled their heads out of 
their work and their cell phones last week to witness 
a rare total solar eclipse,which created an eerie 
midday twilight as it rolled 3000 miles across the 
country,spooking the birds and cows and leaving 
vast growds of normally crabby humans cooing and 
exclaiming like children.Even for those of us who 
had to settle for a partial eclipse,it was thrilling- a 
reminder that we are passengers on a rock swinging 
through the solar system in a celestial dance 
chroeographed by forces beyond our ken and our 
control. Awe is an uplifting emotion.It is good to feel 
small, to sense how brief and fragile our lives are in 
astronomical terms,to see that beyond the mundane 
lies a great mystery .Like most people,I look up too 
infrequently.But seeing the sky always changes my 
mood for the better.Look up:The heavens are full 
of wonders even when the moon isn’t blocking the 
sun.Every dawn and sunset is an astonishment 
of gorgeous light and startling, shifting color. All 
day,clouds tinged with grey,pink,and orange pass 
over head like windblown thoughts,scudding across 
the canvas of depthless blue.At night,countless stars 
silently smolder in the black infinity,many or most 
of them(we now know)orbited by their own necklace 
of swirling planets and moons.Is anyone looking 
back when you look up? Why is the universe so 
incomprehensibly vast,with billions of galaxies,each 
containing billions of stars? Wondering about such 
things is somehow comforting, a welcome departure 
from the news, Twitter, and Instagram. This week,a 
great darkness fell upon America and it was easy 
to understand why an eclipse terrified the ancients 
who saw them as portents of doom. But then the sun 
returned, advising us: Light defeats darkness.This, 
too.shall pass. By William Falk, Editor-in-Chief 
“The Week”


The latest on Business News, Trends and Techniques

By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA


Establishing and maintaining a successful business begins 
and ends with an entrepreneur’s state of mind. “The Little 
Engine That Could” is one of the most famous children’s 
stories, extolling the benefits of what is possible when 
someone simply dares to believe they can accomplish 
something that may seem out of reach. 

 Everyone who has any inkling of entrepreneurial 
aspiration must seize the moment at some point and 
take action in order to create the product or business 
they envision. The mind is defined as the part of a 
person that can think, reason, feel and remember. It is 
commonly thought of as the activity of the brain, which is 
an appropriate springboard to emphasize that activity or 
action aligned with aspiration is what distinguishes doers 
from mere dreamers.

 Mind your business is used here as an expression to 
emphasize the importance of how entrepreneurs can 
use their own thought process to forge ahead toward 
achieving goals. The following mnemonic can be used as 
a guide to move forward and keep going in the direction 
of your business interests.

Make Up Your Mind

The first step is to get clarity about your vision, your 
dream to start a business. Do you want to earn extra 
income or build your idea into your primary livelihood? 
Do you want a small, easy-to-manage business or are 
you thinking of building a thriving enterprise? Either 
one will need to generate revenue and be profitable. It 
is important to determine the income goal as a certain 
amount per month, year or other timeframe. Finally, it 
is imperative to commit to a date by which you expect 
certain goals to be attained.

Invest Your Time & Resources

Everyone on the planet is granted with 24 hours in a day, 
and those who have relished in the success of building 
a profitable understand that time is a commodity more 
valuable than money. Both should be used wisely, but 
unlike money, time wasted can never be recaptured. 
Take time to layout the gameplan, the roadmap as you 
understand it, to reach your goal.

Never Give Up 

Follow the example of The Little Engine That Could and 
press forward, even when going uphill makes it a little 
more difficult.

Distinguish Yourself With Discipline

Executing your plan will build the bridge between your 
goal and your vision. Consistency fosters discipline, 
which results in a mastery of knowledge and skills that 
fuels the type of confidence that can help an entrepreneur 
to keep going when times get challenging.

 Move beyond thinking about starting a business, or if 
you’re already in business, move beyond simply thinking 
about what you can do to expand and move to the next 
phase you envision. Make up our mind to have the level 
of success you desire as a business owner and go for it.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” 
- Buddha

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