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Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side

by Deanne Davis 

“Here’s to the past....Here’s to the future!” 
Art History Through The Ages 

I had absolutely the best time ever a week ago Friday, at SierraMadre Elementary School Spotlight Performance and AwardsAssembly. My next door neighbor, Fay, is in 5th grade there soI really did have a legitimate reason to attend, in addition to thefact that what Sierra Madre school puts on in these SpotlightAssemblies totally knocks my socks off!

This year and next the theme is Art History Through TheAges where each grade level will explore a specific part of theworld timeline through music, theatre and dance. The VisualArts lessons are also aligned with the theme and the longpictograph art works that the art classes created on butcher paperalong each wall of the Gayle Bluemel Auditorium were simplystunning. These things were easily 10’ long and just gorgeous.
The 5th Grade, all 150 of them, more or less, presented EarlyMan/Mesopotamia/Ancient Egypt and, friends and neighbors,
these kids are so great at putting on a show and, since they’vebeen doing performance art since Kindergarten there, they canstep right up and belt out a number just as good as you’d see 

They kicked off the show with “Prehistoric Man” from “OnThe Town” featuring tap dancers and cavemen in faux fur jackets.
Moved right on to “Ally Oop” oop oop oop oop-oop... “He’s amean motuh-scootah and a bad go-gettah...” Falling out of myseat laughing... a hit straight out of the 60’s from the HollywoodArgyles. Next was an ode to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, “TheLand Between Two Rivers.” And Then!! “Walk Like An Egyptian”
featuring mummies all over the place, dancing Egyptians right infront of us, doing some very smart moves, Pharoah (pictured)
wearing a fantastic headdress. Followed by, quite fittingly, “In MyTomb,” performed by dancing mummies. We learned that theMesopotamians invented cuniform writing and the Egyptiansfollowed with pictograph hieroglyphics, showing early dancemoves. No, Steve Martin didn’t invent that style, the ancientEgyptians decorated all their buildings with it. The show endedwith “When You Believe” from Disney’s “Prince of Egypt.” Thisone had me blotting my eyes, watching those earnest young facessinging, 

“There can be miracles 
When you believeThough hope is frailIt’s hard to kill 


Who knows what miracles 
You can achieve 
When you believeSomehow you willYou will when you believe.” 

Gayle Bluemel, Performing Arts Specialist, Principal Emeritusand Accompanist just can’t quit doing what she loves, which isworking with these amazing kids and equally amazing faculty.
She reminds me of Willie Nelson, who, when asked when he 
was going to retire, countered, “From what?” Gayle loves whatshe does, as do Emily Clark, Director and Performing ArtsSpecialist, who also happens to be Gayle’s daughter. LynnanneHanson-Miller, Dance Specialist, Fifth Grade Teachers KimSibbrel, Lisa Prado, Natasha Comer, Tina Johnson and KathrynWolford, Special Ed Teacher. All these teachers, were dressed insnazzy black t-shirts with their names in Egyptian hieroglyphicson the back in gold. Costumes courtesy of the parent costumecommittee were remarkable in that they created so much on somany working with little. Ingenuity counts, friends, and thesegals definitely have it.

And then, the Spotlight Awards, presented by PrincipalLindsay Lewis and the Student Council, for things like: AwesomeAttitude, Great Listener, Never Giving Up, Participation,
Responsible Classroom Citizen, Reliable, Helpful. Dozens of 
awards were given and a huge round of applause at the end. LikeI said, best time ever! We should be immensely proud, here inSierra Madre, of our award-winning elementary school. I know Iam! Next time: Ancient Greece. 

Keep your eyes peeled, there are scarecrows popping upall over the place. I’ve seen a merry mermaid and a delightfuldinosaur so far! 

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Shirley Edna Eileen Hall, 84, of Sierra Madre, passedmaking greetings cards using dried flowers. She 
away on Sunday, September 24th in Sierra Madre,loved to spend time camping at Pismo Beach with theCA. 

family every summer for the lastShirley was born in Welland

37 years.
Ontario, Canada to Janet and 

Shirley is preceded inHector Peskett on May 18, 1933.

death by her husband of 34 years,
When she was twenty-five, she

James L. Hall. 
moved to beautiful Sierra Madre 

She is survived by her 
and married her husband, James 

Daughter and Son-In-Law, 

L. Hall, who also was a Canadian 
Heather and Breck Johnson; 
and had moved to Sierra Madre 

Brothers, Edward and Ken 
earlier with his family. They 

Peskett; Sister, Janice Clark; 
were married at Sierra Madre 

Grandchildren, Tanner and 
Congregational Church where

Carter Johnson, and many 
she attended until her passing.

Shirley was a homemaker,

Viewing will be held onbut also worked part time at

Saturday, September 30th fromYoungland and Don Jackson’s

2:30pm-4:00pm with Funeral 
in Sierra Madre. Later in life, 

Services immediately following 
she was an active volunteer at 

at 4:00pm at Sierra Madre 
Pasadena Playhouse, Sierra 

Congregational Church. Burial 
Madre Woman’s Club, and Sierra 

will take place on Monday,
Madre Congregational Church.October 2nd at 11:00am at Rose 
Shirley liked to paint using oils and also enjoyed Hills Memorial Park. 



The Friends of the Sierra Madre Library announce 
that the October Book Sale will be held Friday, 
October 6 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, 
October 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Featured in the Basement will be the Edward 
Gorey book collection, and some wonderful books 
on Ceramics and Pottery as well as our amazing 
“Coffee Table” books on Art, Cooking, History and 
Contemporary Culture. Look for a BUY ONE, GET 
ONE FREE SALE (of equal or lesser value) on our 
cookbook, gardening, decorating, and craft shelves. 
(Sorry—not on Table Books.) 

The Parking Lot will have a wide variety of 

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 September 17 , to September 24 , 201 7 During thistime period, the Sierra Madre Police Departmentresponded to approximately 288 day and night timecalls for service. 

Monday, September 18 A Sierra Madre PDFinancial Crime Report was completed in thestation lobby at about 5:13 p.m. A resident noticed 

teacher materials and resources, including black-
line masters, integrated units and reference sets. 
In addition, we have a huge selection of children’s 
books priced from $.25 - $1.00 in the parking lot. As 
always, we will have our popular Bargain Books for 
only $1.00 each and small paperbacks $.25 each or 

The sale takes place behind the library in the 
Parking Lot and Basement at 440 West Sierra Madre 
Blvd. All proceeds benefit the services, acquisitions 
and programs of the Sierra Madre Library. 

We look forward to talking about books with you 
at the Best Used Book Sale!

while she was reviewing her account, a check shehad not written, made out to someone she did not 
know was cashed. Case to Detectives for additional 
investigation Friday, September 22 At about 9:54

a.m. a good samaritan came into the police station toturn in a wallet that was found in the 200 block of W. 
Sierra Madre Blvd. 
CALL PATRICIA 626-818-2698