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This one might be tough to explain, but in my quest 
to keep you, my loyal reader, educated we will 
discuss organic and natural wines. Last Thursday 
Night I visited the Urban Plates Restaurant on 
South Lake Avenue in Pasadena. 

Much like Chipotle or your work cafeteria, you 
wait in line, but the comparisons end there. My task 
was to try the food, but also see what kind of wines 
matched up with their “protein-focused” menu. I 
sampled their free-range chicken, California line-
caught albacore, and a turkey meatloaf that my 
grandmother would have been proud of. Other 
entrees on my list for my next visit are sautéed 
brussel sprouts and organic potatoes. Organic 
potatoes? I can’t tell the difference between 
organic, natural, or farm-to-table, but we live in a 
new generation of “foodies” and reading the labels 
in the grocery store seems to be the norm, not the 

While menu boasts many healthy choices like 
beet salad with goat cheese, you can live it up 
with an order of pork ribs and macaroni and 
cheese. Both of these go great with their selection 
of local beers. All entrees are in the $10 to $17 
range and come with char grilled focaccia bread. 
The wine list, though small, offers a wine-by-theglass 
program that I really appreciate. I counted 

11 wines by the glass and have been told once 
management gets requests for additional wines 
they will expand. All and all they have great food 
and a nice wine list! 
So what exactly is “organic wine”? Urban Plates 
carries a few that are and a few that are not. I love 
the fact that you can get a great glass of wine with 
your lunch or dinner for $8 and up. Here is my 
best explanation: the term “organic” has the same 
meaning as when applied to other products of our 
everyday consumption such as organic poultry 
or produce, and conveys the concept of natural 
growing practices. Organic winemakers use 
only natural fertilizers and never use pesticides. 
It is simply a pure and natural method of wine 
growing and wine making! Simple, right? I find 
there is no taste difference. It might cost you a few 
more pennies, but give it a shot!! All winemakers 
are farmers and their intent is to keep all of their 
wines/farms goods as close to natural as possible.

Side note: Each morning I stop at my local 
grocery store for a bottle of Kombucha - Urban 
Plates has it on tap!

Urban Plates 269 S. Lake Avenue, Pasadena; 
Lunch and Dinner 

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