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Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 25, 2017 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 25, 2017 
Jeff’s Book PicsBy Jeff Brown FAMILY MATTERS By Marc Garlett 

slightest glint of sunlight. PerhapsBeautiful and Impossible 

because they are everywhere, it’s Things: Selected Essays of 

easy to overlook the humble leaf,Oscar Wilde by Oscar Wilde 

but a close look at them providesThis selection of Oscar Wilde’s 

and Gyles Brandreth 

one of the most enjoyable ways towritings provides a fresh perspective 

connect with the natural world.A 
on his character and thinking.

lush, incredibly informative tributeCompiled from his lecture tours, 

to the leaf, Nature’s Fabric offers an 
newspaper articles, essays and 

introduction to the science of leaves, 
epigrams, these pieces show that

weaving biology and chemistry withbeneath the trademark wit, Wilde was 

the history of the deep connectiona deeply humane and visionary writer,

we feel with all things growing andas challenging today as he was in the

green. Leaves come in a staggeringvariety of textures and shapes:
they can be smooth or rough, theiredges smooth, lobed, or with tinyteeth. They have adapted to theirenvironments in remarkable, often 
stunningly beautiful ways—fromthe leaves of carnivorous plants,
which have tiny “trigger hairs”
that signal the trap to close, tothe impressive defense strategies 
some leaves have evolved to 
reduce their consumption. (Recentstudies suggest, for example, thatsome plants can detect chewingvibrations and mobilize potent 
chemical defenses.) In many 
cases, we’ve learned from the 
extraordinary adaptations of leaves,
such as the invention of new self-
cleaning surfaces inspired by theslippery coating found on leaves. 

All Things By Jeff Brown 
late 1800s. This edition includes essayson interior design, prison reform,
Shakespeare, the dramatic dialogueDecay of Lying and the seminal Soulof Man. 
An Address in Amsterdam: A 
Novel by Mary Dingee Fillmore 
Rachel Klein hopes she can ignorethe Nazis when they roll into 
Amsterdam in May 1940. She’sfalling in love, and her city hasbeen the safest place in the worldfor Jewish people since the SpanishInquisition. But when Rachel’s 
Gentile boyfriend is forced to 
disappear rather than face arrest, sherealizes that everything is changing,
and so must she,so although she isoften tired and scared, she delivers 
papers for the underground underthe Nazis’ noses. But after eighteen months of everincreasing danger, she pushes her parents to go intohiding with her. The dank basement where theytake refuge seems like the last place where Rachelwould meet a new man,but she does.The book 
shows that, even in the most hopeless situation, anordinary young woman can make the choice to actwith courage,and even love. 
Nature’s Fabric: Leaves in Science and 
Culture by David Lee 
Nature’s leaves are all around us—in backyards,
cascading from window boxes, even emergingfrom small cracks in city sidewalks given the 
But we owe much more to leaves, and Lee also calls 
our attention back to the fact that that our verylives—and the lives of all on the planet—depend onthem. Not only is foliage is the ultimate source offood for every living thing on land, its capacity tocycle carbon dioxide and oxygen can be consideredamong evolution’s most important achievements—
and one that is critical in mitigating global climatechange.Taking readers through major topics likethese while not losing sight of the small wonders ofnature we see every day.Nature’s Fabric is eminentlyreadable and full of intriguing research, sure toenhance your appreciation for these extraordinarygreen machines. 
A study shows that self-harm and suicide attemptsare climbing among teenage girls nationwide.
Experts say it could be because of smartphonesand increased time spent online.A 15-year studyof emergency room visits reveals new signs ofemotional suffering among the nation’s youngwomen and girls — particularly those in theirmiddle-school years.Emergency room visits forgirls 10 to 14 who inflicted self-pain were relativelystable before 2008 but escalated in the years since,
according to new data. It is unclear why the rateof self-injury among younger teens has climbed,
though some experts say it could be because ofthe girls’ access to smartphones and Internetbullying.Self-harming behaviors like ingestingpoisons, cutting and overdosing on drugs arestrong indicators of suicide — the second-leadingcause of death among people between 10 and 24in 2015.Suicide rates for both teenage boys andgirls are on the rise. Most girls and women wereadmitted to emergency rooms after ingestingpills or poisons, although some were treated for 
injuring themselves with sharp objects, accordingto the new data. From 2009 to 2015, the number 
of girls 10 to 24 admitted to emergency roomsfor nonfatal self-inflicted injuries grew by 8.4percent annually.The data is in line with rates ofteen suicide, particularly for girls, whose suiciderate hit a 40-year high in 2015, according to theCDC. Over the past decade, suicide rates doubledamong teen girls and jumped by more than 30percent among teen boys.The highest rate ofemergency room visits for self-inflicted injurieswas among older teen girls, who had about 633visits per 100,000 in 2015. Some researches saythe rise in self-harm and suicide among teenagerscould be because those born after 1995 are more 
prone to mental-health issues than millennials.
The most likely reason for this, they say, is the riseof the smartphone.Researchers said the findingsunderscore the need to beef up prevention effortsincluding finding ways to help at-risk kids feel lessisolated and more connected to their peers, andteaching coping and problem-solving skills. 
By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA 


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One of the most important aspects of your estate planis – or at least should be – protecting and passing onyour legacy. And this coming holiday season is a greatopportunity to reminisce about your family’s stories,
values, and history because you’ll probably have yourloved ones nearby.

While having those conversations is important, did youknow you can also use a personal property memorandumin your estate plan to pass along special memories andstories about specific items that are meaningful to you andconnect your family with the past? 

What Is a Personal Property Memorandum?

California state law allows you to include a “personal 
property memorandum” in your estate plan. This 
supplemental document, specifically referenced in yourwill or living trust, lets you describe which personalproperty items you wish to leave to heirs, without havingto call your lawyer and arrange for a meeting. You canhandwrite or type this document, but it must be signedand dated to be valid. In conjunction with a will or livingtrust, a personal property memorandum can provide aroadmap for your executor regarding the distribution ofspecified items to your beneficiaries.

One important feature of a personal property 
memorandum is that you can change or update it 
whenever you like without the assistance of an attorneyor notary. This freedom can be beneficial to you, becausealthough you can also change your will as often as you like(and you absolutely should update it periodically to makesure it still reflects your wishes!), updating your will orliving trust does require a visit to the estate planner’s office.

Another great reason to have a personal propertymemorandum in addition to your will and living trustis that your personal possessions likely change morefrequently than other assets. For example, you probablyadd items to your closet more often than you add vehiclesto your driveway. 

What Can Be Included in a Personal PropertyMemorandum? 

Not every asset can be distributed using a personalproperty memorandum! However, here are a fewexamples of assets that we commonly see people list intheir personal property memorandum: 

· Furniture 
· Jewelry 
· Clothes 
· Books 
· Photographs and portraits 
· Important certificates (birth, marriage, death, 
· Collections (coins, stamps, dolls, figurines, etc.) 
· Other family heirlooms 

Taking Your Personal Property Memorandum to theNext Level 

We include a personal property memorandum as partof each client’s trust plan, but more importantly, I alwayssuggest being a little creative with the process. Insteadof just using the legal documents to pass on valuableheirlooms, I encourage each client to take a picture ofevery item of importance and write two paragraphs on theback of each picture.

The first paragraph is the story of why that item ismeaningful. How, why, and when was it acquired? Whatis the item’s history? Why is the item so important to you?
The second paragraph is the story of why you chose thatparticular person to receive the item. Why is continuingthat item’s story on through them so important to you?

The picture makes it clear which items you’re talkingabout so there’s no confusion. The two paragraphstransform the gift from the realm estate planningdocuments and legalese into that of heart and soul, makingthe gift that much more meaningful to the recipient, andcontinuing the story of the item for future generations justas you ensure the story of your connection to the item lives 

Giving It Away Now Versus Waiting Until Later

One option you always have is to give personal items toyour loved ones while you’re still alive. You can share withthem the accompanying stories as you’re making the gift.
Indeed, this in-person exchange is often the surest way toknow your wishes will be followed. If you do choose togive away possessions during your lifetime, you must beaware of any potential gift tax consequences that couldarise for items of a larger value. But, generally any giftor series of gifts, within the calendar year, valued at lessthan $14,000 (up to $15,000 starting in 2018) can be givenwithout concern. 

Remember, verbal wishes alone are insufficient to giftpersonal property after you’ve passed away. So whetheryou decide to hand down your prized possessions nowor later, know that one of the best gifts you can give yourloved ones is the story behind a personal possession thatconnects it with you and your family forever. A goodestate plan not only protects your family financially, it alsoprotects and passes on the stories and heirlooms of yourlife’s legacy. 

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a missionto help parents protect what they love most. His office is 
located at 55 Auburn Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. 
Schedule an appointment to sit down and talk aboutensuring a legacy of love and financial security for yourfamily by calling 626.587.3058 or visit www.GarlettLaw.
com for more information. 

His office is located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra 
Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an appointment to sit downand talk about ensuring a legacy of love and financialsecurity for your family by calling 626.587.3058 or for more information. 

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With the holiday season upon us, it is time to finalizethe list of gifts that we plan to purchase, includingyear-end gifts to a worthy cause or individuals whowould benefit by a generous show of support. Don’t 
underestimate how appreciative someone may be toreceive a gift of something that is old and outdated foryou, yet may be welcomed by the recipient as a newfavorite thing. As long as what you’re giving is in goodworking condition and looks presentable, you will besurprised at how useful your friend or neighbor mayfind it to receive your old computer desk that you needto discard because you’re replacing it while convertingyour office into an exercise room.

Look first to determine things that you alreadypossess that can be given away to bring joy or benefitto someone else. Next, think of some talent you haveor some service you could render to bring a smileto someone’s face. Put on your thinking cap and getcreative with your ideas, then settle on at least one thingthat you will actually do and at least one thing that youwill actually give to someone. Replacing an old iPad? 
Golf clubs? Certainly someone in your life would beelated at the prospect of an unexpected “new” item.
Ideas for other gifts to give, old and new, include:

- The next time you’re dining at one of your favoriterestaurants, purchase a gift certificate for an amountat least equal to your tab on that visit, then give it 
to someone in your life who has never been to theestablishment. You can let them know that you wantedone of your favorite people to be enjoy a meal at one ofyour favorite restaurants.

- If you’re among the folks who still uses elbow greaseto was their own cars, surprise your neighbor by takingyour water hose and washcloth to theirs the next timethey jokingly say, “Hey, you washing mine next?” 
-If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to 
render some type of service or to give used items tosomeone you know, perhaps a donation to a localcharitable cause will suffice. “It’s better to give thanit is to receive” is a well-known saying adopted fromActs 20:35 in the Bible. Consider blessing yourselfby being a blessing to someone less fortunate duringthis festive season. 
We can all brace ourselves for the onslaught ofpromotional campaigns and advertisements that havealready started to consume every available second ofairtime on broadcast media. Technology has made iteasy for shoppers to browse, shop and click to completepurchases through countless websites and relatedmedia. So why not purge your environment of thingsthat are no longer useful to you and bless someone else,
while making room for the latest and greatest additionsthat you may eventually pass along when you repeatthis process in the future.