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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 23, 2017 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 23, 2017 
Happy Tails

Yogic Wisdom for 
Everyday Life 
I’ve been asked many times over the past couple ofweeks, so I just want to say I am never really “ready”
for Christmas. Here we are at the eleventh hour and 
I’m still getting used to the temperatures dippingbelow 80! Besides, I’m not one hundred percent sureI know what being ready really means. One thing’sfor sure…the day will come regardless of whether Iam ready or not!

This year I decided I would take each day leadingup to the holidays as an opportunity to reflect on thepast year and consider ways to prepare myself forthe new year to come. To me that means asking Godto help me be more thoughtful of others and it alsomeans working on becoming an increasingly betterpet parent to my darling dog, Molly.

As part of my efforts to improve on my petparenting skills, I read up on the safest ways to enjoythe holidays with my four-footed friends. I use theplural form of the word, since I spend so much of mytime with other people’s pets as well as my own. Andso it is that I found some very helpful hints offeredby the ASPCA, as to how we and our pets can enjoythis most wonderful time of the year with no fear ofinsult or injury.

The first thing mentioned is the importance ofkeeping your pet’s eating and exercise habits as closeto their normal routine as possible. Further, oneshould be careful to steer pets clear of the followingunhealthy edibles, toxic plants and dangerousdecorations. 

Oh Christmas Tree: Securely anchor your tree soit doesn’t tip and fall, causing possible injury to yourpet. Don’t let your pet drink the tree water, it maycontain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset.
Stagnant tree water is also a breeding ground forbacteria, and your pet could end up with nausea ordiarrhea should they imbibe.

Avoid mistletoe & Holly: Holly, when ingested,
can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting anddiarrhea. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upsetand cardiovascular problems. And many varietiesof lilies can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested.
Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silkor plastic, or choose a pet-safe bouquet.

Tinsel-less Town: Kitties love this sparkly, light-
catching “toy” that’s easy to bat around and carryin their mouths. But a nibble can lead to a swallow, 
which can lead to an obstructed digestive tract,
severe vomiting, dehydration and possiblesurgery. It’s best to brighten your boughswith something other than tinsel.

That Holiday Glow: Don’t leave lightedcandles unattended. Pets may burn 
themselves or cause a fire if they knockcandles over. Be sure to use appropriatecandle holders, placed on a stable surface.
And if you leave the house, put the candleout! 

Wired Up: Keep wires, batteries and glassor plastic ornaments out of paws’ reach. Awire can deliver a potentially lethal electricshock and a punctured battery can cause 

burns to the mouth and esophagus, while shards ofbreakable ornaments can damage your pet’s mouthand digestive tract.

Skip the Sweets: Hopefully you already know notto feed your pets chocolate or anything sweetenedwith Xylitol, but do you know the lengths to whichan enterprising pet will go to chomp on somethingyummy? Make sure to keep your pets away from thetable and unattended plates of food and be sure tosecure the lids on garbage cans.

Leave the Leftovers: Fatty, spicy and no-no humanfoods, as well as bones, should not be fed to yourfurry friends. Pets can join the festivities in other funways that won’t lead to costly medical bills.

Careful with Cocktails: If your celebrationsincludes adult beverages, be sure to place yourunattended alcoholic drinks where pets cannot getto them. If ingested, your pet could become weak, illand may even go into a coma, possibly resulting indeath from respiratory failure.

Selecting Special Treats: Looking to stuff your pet’sstockings? Stick with chew toys that are basicallyindestructible, Kongs that can be stuffed withhealthy foods or chew treats are designed to be safelydigestible. Long, stringy things are a feline’s dream,
but the most risky toys for cats involve ribbon,
yarn and loose little parts that can get stuck in theintestines, often necessitating surgery. Surprise kittywith a new ball that’s too big to swallow, a stuffedcatnip toy or the interactive cat dancer.

Put the Meds Away: Make sure all of yourmedications are locked behind closed doors, and be 
sure to tell your guests to keep their meds zipped upand packed away too.

New Year’s Noise: As you count down to the newyear, please keep in mind that strings of thrownconfetti can get lodged in a cat’s intestines, if ingested,
perhaps necessitating surgery. Noisy poppers canterrify pets and cause possible damage to sensitiveears. And remember that many pets are also scaredof fireworks, so be sure to secure them in a safe, 
escape-proof areas as midnight approaches.

Now I know some of these tips may seem a littleover the top, but if you love your pets, I’m sure you’llagree that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Enjoy the holiday season with your family and furryfriends. Share the joy with man and beast alike. Andas always, love and let live! 

It’s ok; indulge now.

I think I’ve broken 

every rule and good

health guideline of

yoga and Ayurveda 
THIS week. Well, maybe not every single one, but 
most. I have faith that things will settle down in a weekor so. I’ll return to cooking simple, nourishing meals.
I’ll come back to a regular work schedule and routine.
I’ve survived, in part, because I haven’t missed mypersonal sadhana (practice) and meditation. It’s providedsteadiness in this time of merriment and high emotion.
It’s an inward experience that counters the outwardevents of the season. 

For now, I’m going to continue to cozy up and soak inthe dark nights and stay on this inward path. Rememberthe dark can be soothing and provide peace. It’s a time toread, reflect, and dream. There is a renewal that happensin quietude and, after the holidays have passed, inwithdrawal. 

Sages and master teachers remind us that we canachieve the greatest growth --and ultimately joy-- byexploring dark areas of our consciousness as well asthe light. In truth, we may learn more from the darkas we gain awareness about afflictions and impressionsblocking our complete connection and surrender. As astudent, we sit with all of this in meditation and quietude.

I look forward to this period of reflecting, dreaming,
and resting as well as celebrating the love and this time ofgiving with family and friends. For its encouragement ofhealthy digestion, yoga (centered on the breath) is idealat this time of year. We are taking in so much, physicallyand mentally. Don’t forget a little practice goes a longway and it can usher you back into that reflective state ofmind. 


Keely TottenYoga Teacher, Dark Explorer, Light Worker 


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Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 

It is the height of the holiday season.Ê It started fully present.Ê Listen to yourwith Thanksgiving, gathering with family and dinner companions and theirfriends, reflecting and cherishing the goodness of funny stories, even if you’veour lives.Ê It is a beautiful moment, yet many of heard those stories before.Ê Lori A. Harris 
us shelved that time of thankfulness and dashed Give the gift of your fullto the mall.Ê Perhaps we left the dinner table to attention.Ê Listen to hear and understand; rather 
catch a sale at a major retailer, or maybe on the than merely to respond.
last Friday of the month, we ran ourselves ragged Take time to appreciate the feast before you, firstat the mall, loading ourselves with toys and with your eyes, then take a deep breath to enjoytrinkets.Ê For the last few weeks, some of us have the aroma of the delectable meal you are aboutbeen buying gifts to show our love and affection to eat.Ê Try an exercise of eating just one forkfulfor those same people we shared a meal with and at a time.Ê When the food enters your mouth,
appreciated.commit to chew each morsel by resting your fork

Black Friday has passed, and CyberÊMondayÊisback on your plate.Ê Then chewing your food andgone, maybe now we can slow down and rememberdeliberately swallowing before bringing the fork tothat great feeling of love from our Thanksgivingyour mouth again.
table. I invite you to discover the inner glow andJust slow down this weekend and enjoy life.Êwarmth that love gives us.Ê Return to that feelingThere’s more where that came from. 
of thankfulness for conditions just as they are.ÊCelebrate your gratitude with the people in yourLori is a lawyer and coach.Ê You can learn morelife now.Ê As you sit at your holiday table, giveabout her on her website 
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