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Mountain View News Saturday, January 6, 2018 

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 


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Congratulations to the Sierra Madre Rose Float As-This year's award is the 12th Award by the Association

sociation and the hundreds of Volunteers who garneredin the last 13 years. It was one of only six Self-Built floats 

another award at the 2018 Tournament of Roses the parade. 

 Special congratulations to Joanne Garcia who sub

mitted the award winning design. And, just in case you were wondering, the magnifi

cent float was driven by longtime SMRFA volunteer Kay

The Sierra Madre Entry, 'Chivalry' won the FantasySappington. Hidden from public view in a rather 'secret'

Award for being the Most outstanding display of fantasycompartment' Kay drove the float from the Barn in Si-

and imagination. In keeping with the 2018 TOR themeerra Madre, along the parade route, back up to the view-

of Making A Difference, the float depicted a woundeding area, stopping by Kersting Court before returning to

Sierra the Dragon being helped by a young Knight whothe barn a few days later. "Never let it be said again that 

is wrapping up Sierra's hurt paw! women can't drive", said one admirer. 


Sierra Madre, CA – January 3, 2018 - The City offorms and select an honoree at their regularly
Sierra Madre Community Services Departmentscheduled meeting, open to the public, in City
and the Senior Community Commission areHall Council Chambers on Thursday, April 5th at
seeking your collaboration to find the next Older3:00 p.m.
‘Sierra Madre’ American of the Year. The honor The honoree will also be recognized at a City
is a long-standing tradition in Sierra Madre andreception held in their honor on Friday, May 11th,
bestowed upon exceptional individuals, age 602018. Further details will follow. 
or older, who have demonstrated an outstandingPrevious Honorees: Dick Johnson, Joan Crow, 
commitment to community service. The Jerry & Nan Carlton, Pat Alcorn, Fran Garbaccio,
individual selected by you or any organizationKen Anhalt, Eph Konigsberg, Russ Anderson,
must live in Sierra Madre. George Throop, Loyal Camacho, John Grijalva,

All submissions are due prior to, or no later thanJoylouise Harte-Smith, James Heasley, MidgeThursday, March 22, 2018. Recommendations are Morash, James Tyler, Isabella Paegal, Bonnienow being accepted for this recognition and willGarner, Rose Fafach, Ed Wellman, Celeste 
only be eligible for new candidates who have notMcCleary, Dorothy Tillquist, Doris Webster,
been honored in prior years. Forms may be pickedElsie Dammeyer, George Mauer, Karl Teigler,
up and returned to the Hart Park House SeniorLaurie Cooper, Lucille Flanders, Ann Tyler, andCenter located at 222 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.; Jay Whitcraft (2017). For more information, 
or please mail and/or walk in to Sierra Madreplease contact the Hart Park House SeniorCity Hall, C/o Older American Nomination,Center (626) 355-7394; or the CommunityCommunity Services Department, 232 W. SierraServices Department at (626) 355-5278. www.
Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 91024.

The Commission will review nomination community_services_department/ 


Three (3) Members of the City Council (Full Term of four (4) Years) 

The nomination period begins on Monday, December 18, 2017 at 8:00 am and willclose on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 5:30 pm. 

The polls will be open between the hours of 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. 

For more information on the election process or to schedule an appointmentduring the nomination period, please call Laura Aguilar, Elections Official,
Assistant City Clerk, at (626) 355-7135, ext. 202 


The annual gourmet Wine and Cuisine Tasting Tickets to the Main Event are $60 and provide 
Benefit, a major fund-raising event, is celebrating admission at 7:00 p.m. Both are on sale now at 
its 48th Anniversary to support the Sierra Madre the Sierra Madre Public Library, The Bottle Shop, 
Public Library. It is sponsored by the Friends Savor the Flavor, and Arnold’s Frontier Hardware 
of the Sierra Madre Library, an all-volunteer & Gifts, as well as online at www. 
organization dedicated to supporting our Throughout the evening you will enjoy live 
community Library. All funds received from this music and Magic Castle magicians as you stroll 
event support the Library. about the Villa sampling the wonderful variety 

The event will be held on Friday evening, of wine and food. A Silent Auction will again 
February 16, from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at Alverno’s be offering lovely artwork, services, tickets to 
historic Villa del Sol d’Oro, located at 200 North special events, restaurant vouchers and many 
Michillinda Avenue, Sierra Madre. This will be other tempting items. 
an elegant affair featuring more than two dozen The committee would like to thank local artist, 
vintners providing superb wines, as well as local Joe Milazzo, for designing and donating this 
restaurants offering creative food and desserts. year’s art work, an original black and white 

Tickets to the Premier Event are $80 and drawing, that is featured on all flyers, post cards 
allow early admission at 6:00 p.m. Those and posters.
attending the Premier Event will enjoy a variety Please join us at the Villa on February 16, 2018of special wines. Delectable hors d’oeuvres from for a delightful evening, enjoying fine wines, tastySierra Fusion, a restaurant in Sierra Madre, will food, and lively entertainment amidst the companycomplement the wines. A chance to win a very of friends. For additional information go to ourunique gift basket will be offered again this year. website 

by Deanne Davis 

Walking Sierra Madre……The Social SideDeanne Davis 
January 3, 2018 

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best dayin the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

“Let our New Year’s resolution be this: We will be 
there for one another as 
fellow members of humanity in the finest sense ofthe word.” Goran Persson 

Dave Forrester and one of his buddies drive up tothe snow every year and bring back huge quantitiesof that icy stuff and then build the Sierra MadreFrosty. This year I got there right after he was fullydecked out in his scarf and got him to smile forme before he started melting. The best part waswatching all the people getting pictures with him,
laughing and having the best time ever. 

Didn’t you love the parade? “Making A Difference” 

– what a great theme and then having GarySinise as Grand Marshall was perfect. Lookedup his foundation on FaceBook and here’s whatit said: “Dedicated to honoring and serving ourdefenders.” I was on my way home from Arizonawhere I’d spent a few days with my Texas familywho are contemplating a move there when theparade was actually happening. However, I hadplanned ahead and recorded it so I didn’t miss amoment. The B2 Spirit flyover was awesome withthe two F35 Lightning fighter jets. Those two F35swere in honor of Air Force pilot, Major BenjaminJack Meyer whose donated organs gave new lifeand hope to five people. They signified giving andreceiving life. You probably already knew that, butit touched me deeply and I thought I’d share, just in 
case you missed it.
Of course you already know that Sierra Madre’sfloat, “Chivalry,” won the Fantasy Award and, beingtotally biased, I thought it was the best float in theparade.

Here we are already into 2018. The first thing Inoticed coming back into town is that Petunia’son Baldwin, which was a really nifty shop withclothes, antiques and other eclectic stuff was gone!
Daughters Leah and Patti both got Christmasearrings from there. Hoping somebody fabulous isalready eyeing that space and the empty spot whereCharlotte’s Jewelry was and gearing up to bring usnew businesses. 

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve 
to keep happy, and your joy and youshall form an invincible host against difficulties.” 
Helen Keller 

Many people like to start their New Year’s withblack-eyed peas, a Southern tradition for good luckand prosperity, but my family likes to kick off theNew Year with Split Pea Soup. Easy to make, do itahead of time, and if you’ve planned ahead, you canmake enough to keep hungry teen-agers happy allday long. You can double and triple this recipe withgreat success, if your pot is big enough. 

Split Pea Soup 

1 package split peas (these are found in the marketaisle where rice, noodles, beans, etc. are located)
4 ham hocks (usually packaged 2 to a package inthe meat section) or a ham shank, or the ham boneleft over from Christmas. 
3 medium-size onions – actually there’s no suchthing as too much onion!
6-7 good size carrots (or a package of baby carrots)
1 good size bunch of celerySalt, Pepper 

Split pea soup is an opportunity to creativelyexpress yourself. There are few rules, just a few 

Get out your really large pot and put the hamhocks or the ham bone in the bottom. Throw the 
peas on top of that, followed by the onions, carrotsand celery which you’ve washed and cut into bigchunks. Cover all this with water, or a combinationof water and chicken broth. Say about 8-12 cups ofwater. Season with salt and pepper and whateverelse you like. If you’re partial to thyme, put some inthere. Or Mrs. Dash. 

Cover your pot and put in the oven at about 300degrees. Leave it in there for about four to six hours,
or till the peas have become very tender. Take it outand let the mixture cool to where you can handle itwithout burning yourself. Remove the ham hocksor ham bone and set them (it) aside.

Assemble your blender and blend your lukewarmsoup/veggie mixture into a smooth puree. Putthis into a large container with a cover, like yourcrock pot. When all your soup is pureed, removewhatever meat is on your ham hocks or ham bone,
tossing out all fat and other non-meaty parts andput the meat back into your soup. Refrigerate. Letit sit for a day or so to develop flavor, reheat it andstand back so the hungry relatives don’t run overyou as they rush to grab a bowl of the best split peasoup anywhere. You could make some cornbreador corn muffins to go with your soup and everyonewho has some will love you forever, getting yourNew Year off to a great start! 

Happy New Year, dear Walking Sierra Madrefriends. Hope to see you out and about in 2018.

Christmas is over.... sort of! My neighbors’wonderful light displays are still up and brighteningthe night so I figure I can tell you right below here,
that you can still listen to Christmas music or giveyourself a delightful Christmas story to let thatglow linger on a little longer.

My book page: Deanne Davis 
“Star of Wonder – A Christmas Story”
Is available there. This is a wonderful Christmas 
Love me!

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