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Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 4, 2018 

Changes Coming to San 
Marino Lacy Park Restroom

Household Hazardous 
Waste Free Drop-Off

South Pasadena Library to 
Screen ‘The Disaster Artist’


 Work began at Lacy Park 
in San Marino just after July 
4 with the demolition of the 
1990s-era restroom. A new 
restroom has been designed 
and will include two family-
style stalls accessible from 
the outside of the

building with a doorway to 
accommodate side-by-side 

 The new restroom will be in 
the same location as the old 
one and will feature sinks 
that face the playground 
so parents can keep track 
of handwashing skills. 
Construction is expected to 
commence in the fall.

 For now, six portable 
restrooms have been 
placed nearby, including 
two accessible units and 
handwashing stations. Safety 
fencing has been erected 
around the site to protect 
park patrons from the work. 

 A very special Film/
Author Night screening of 
“The Disaster Artist,” the 
acclaimed 2017 comedy/
drama will be presented in 
the Library Community 
Room on Friday, August 10 
at 7 pm. The free event will 
also showcase Greg Sestero, 
the writer of the acclaimed 
book that was adapted into a 
Golden Globe-winning film. 
The movie, presented by 
the South Pasadena Public 
Library and the Friends of 
the South Pasadena Public 
Library, has been Rated R 
by the MPAA for language 
throughout and some brief 
sexuality/nudity. Special 
thanks to Videotheque, the 
Friends of the Rialto Theatre, 
and 210eastsound.

 Greg’s 2013 memoir 
“The Disaster Artist: My 
Life Inside The Room, the 
Greatest Bad Movie Ever 
Made” was published by 
Simon & Schuster and 
adapted into a Golden 
Globe-winning film by 
Warner Bros. It showcases 
an all-star cast including 
James Franco, Seth Rogen, 
Dave Franco, Sharon Stone, 
Bryan Cranston, and Alison 
Brie. The hilarious and 
heartfelt film was nominated 
for an Academy Award for 
Best Adapted Screenplay at 
the 2018 Oscars.

 The real life story centers 
on Greg Sestero, an aspiring 
film actor, who meets the 
weird and mysterious 
Tommy Wiseau in an 
acting class. Together they 
travel to Hollywood to 
make their dreams come 
true by making Tommy’s 
personally-funded film “The 
Room” which surprisingly 
has become one of the most 
popular underground cult 
phenomenon films ever. 
Fifteen years after the initial 
limited release of “The 
Room,” it’s still playing to 
late night moviegoers in 
theaters internationally. 

 Greg Sestero is an actor, 
producer, model and New 
York Times Bestselling 
author. He was born in 
Walnut Creek, California, 
raised between the San 
Francisco Bay Area and 
Europe, and resides in South 
Pasadena. He is fluent in 
both French and English.

 At the age of 17, Greg began 
his career in entertainment 
by modeling in Milan for 
such designers as Valentino 
and Armani. Upon returning 
to California, Greg went 
on to pursue acting and 
appeared in several films and 
television shows before co-
starring in the international 
cult phenomenon “The 
Room. Greg’s many passions 
include film, sports, 
nutrition, animals, and 

 At the conclusion of “The 
Disaster Artist” film, Greg 
Sestero will conduct a Q & 
A with the audience and 
Carl Kozlowski, Arts Editor/
Feature Writer/Film Critic 
for The Pasadena Weekly. 
Autographed copies of “The 
Disaster Artist” book and 
DVD will be available for 

 The Community Room is 
located at 1115 El Centro 
Street. Refreshments will 
be served and no tickets or 
reservations are necessary. 
Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. 
and seats are limited.

 Free parking is available in 
the South Pasadena Unified 
School District lot at 1020 El 
Centro Street (entrance from 
Fairview Avenue between El 
Centro and Mission) and 
after noon at the Mission 
Meridian Parking Garage 
located at 805 Meridian 
Avenue adjacent to the 
Metro Gold Line Station, 
only one block from the 

 Upon request made no 
later than four (4) business 
days before the event, 
the City will provide a 
reasonable accommodation 
for a qualified person with 
a disability to have equal 
access to the event. Please 
contact ADA Coordinator 
and Human Resources 
Manager, Mariam Lee Ko, at 
(626) 403-7312 or fill out the 
City’s request form available 
and email the form to 
Human Resources at HR@

Author and Actor Greg 
Sestero will also discuss 
the book and movie

 The County of Los Angeles 
provides free Drop-Off 
events for residents to safely 
dispose of their household 
hazardous waste, electronic 
waste and universal waste. 

 South Pasadena’s next 
local event will be Saturday, 
August 18th from 9 am. - .2 
p.m. at the South Pasadena 
Unified School District 
Parking Lot (Diamond Ave. 
and Mission St.). 

 For more information 
on what is accepted and 
where you can take it, 
visit or call 

 There are a variety of 
hazardous and non-
hazardous items you can 
dispose of here in South 
Pasadena. For details, check 
out the City’s Reduce, Reuse 
and Recycle Directory.

 Less Hazardous Products - 
Whenever possible, use less 
hazardous products to clean 
and get rid of unwanted 
pests. For details, check 
out Less Toxic Alternatives 
to Common Hazardous 
Household Products.Used 
Motor Oil Logo

 Used Motor Oil Facts - By 
volume, used motor oil is 
one of the largest hazardous 
waste streams in California: 
Almost 115 million gallons 
are sold in the state each 
year. While about 70 percent 
is collected after use, it 
continues to be a serious 
environmental problem 
because it is insoluble and 
contains heavy metals and 
toxic chemicals. It makes its 
way into lakes, streams, and 
oceans via the storm water 
system and endangers fish, 
waterfowl, insects, and other 
aquatic life. In addition, one 
gallon of used motor oil can 
foul the taste of 1 million 
gallons of water. 

 Used Oil Drop-Off Sites - 
There are dozens of local 
drop off sites to take used 
motor oil. Click here to find 
the closest certified site. 

 How Often Should You 
Change Your Oil? Do you 
know when your motor oil 
needs to be changed? The 
old standard of 3,000 miles 
is woefully out of date and 
no longer applies to most 
cars. Many cars, even older 
models, can be driven up 
to 5,000, 7,500, 10,000, and 
even 15,000 miles before 
needing an oil change. 
Drivers may likely save time 
and money in service costs 
and do the environment a 
big favor — without hurting 
their car or compromising 
auto performance in the 

 For more information visit: 

Crowell Public Library 
gets new RFID system

Greg Sestero


 San Marino’s Crowell Public 
Library recently completed 
the equipment installation 
for a new RFID (Radio 
Frequency Identification) stock 
management system.

 Staff will spend the summer 
placing RFID tags in the books, 
starting with the children’s 

 The tags are inert until they are 
put in range of a transponder 
pad. Then, they transmit their 
bibliographic information. 
Patrons will be able to check 
out their own books by placing 
them on a transponder pad.

Staff will also be able to locate 
books on the shelves with a 
scanner. The library holds 
approximately 90,000 items, 
but staff is anticipating being 
able to go live with the new 
system at the end of September.

 The system, which costs nearly 
$60,000, is being paid for 
entirely through the generosity 
of the Library Foundation and 
the Friends of the Library.

Library Launches New Film 
Streaming Platform Kanopy

 South Pasadena Library 
customers can now stream 
up to five films per month 
from Kanopy’s collection 
of 30,000 titles. Included 
are independent, foreign 
language, classic, documentary 
and educational films. The 
educational films include more 
than 3,000 Great Courses titles. 
Supported platforms include 
web browsers, apps for iPad/
iPhone, Android, and Amazon’s 
fire Tablet, as well as Apple 
TV, Roku, and Chromecast. 
Parental controls can be set to 
restrict access to films outside 
of the family friendly Kanopy 
Kids collection. Visit the 
Library’s Kanopy site to create 
an account and start enjoying 
this amazing new resource 
today! For more information 
or help getting started, visit: or 
speak to a librarian by visiting 
the library or calling (626) 403-

South Pas 
Utility Users 
Tax Financial 

According to South 
Pasadena officials, If the 
Measure challenging the 
City’s UUT is approved 
by voters in November, 
the City may be forced to 
cut $3.4 million from the 
municipal budget, resulting 
in significant service 
impacts. The potential cuts 
include layoffs in the police, 
fire, library and community 
service departments, along 
with substantial reductions 
in planned street repairs 
and maintenance, under a 
financial plan approved by 
the City Council. 

 The UUT is a local tax, 
passed by local residents, 
used for local services. In 
2011, a ballot measure was 
approved by a majority 
of voters, reducing utility 
user’s taxes from 8% to 7.5%, 
beginning July 1, 2012, and 
extending the tax for 10 

 Losing UUT funds would 
immediately place many of 
South Pasadena’s services 
at risk. The Library, parks 
and city facilities, all 
recreation and community 
services programming will 
be in jepordy. There will be 
reductions in service and 
elimination of positions in 
all departments including 
in the Police and Fire 
departments. Also, street 
improvement program will 
be significantly impacted by 
the loss of revenue.

 For more information about 
UUT’s and what it means to 
South Pasadena residents 
and businesses, please 
contact the City Manager’s 
Office at (626) 403-7210.

 More information about the 
UUT visit: southpasadenaca.
gov search “UUT Factsheet.”

Conversational English Class


 Join fellow English 
language learners for an 
hour of conversation and 
instruction. South Pasadena 
Library’s Conversational 
English Class meets 
Wednesdays from 11:00 
a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Ray 
Bradbury Conference Room 
on the Library’s second 
floor. There is no charge 
for English As a Second 
Language (E.S.L.) adult 
learners to attend this class 
and no advance registration 
is required. Drop-ins are 

Sunday Matinee at the 
Walt Disney Concert Hall


 Spend Sunday August 19 
afternoon with friends and 
John Williams, and the Cal 
Phil! Relive some of your most 
cinematic experiences through 
the music of John Williams, 
composer of the most popular 
and recognizable soundtracks, 
who has been nominated for 
over 51 Academy

 Before the concert we will 
have lunch at San Antonio 
winery (see menu below).

Menu (Includes salad, bread, 
dessert, andnon-alcoholic 

1) Spaghetti with meat balls or 
sausage 2) Fish of the day 3) 
Ravioli of the day 4) Chicken 
of the day 5) Chef’s special of 
the day Cost: $90 per person

Leave: 10:30 am (Spot Time: 
10:15 am)

Return: 5:30 pm (approx)

Meet at the Recreation 
Department (1560 Pasqualito 

Seats may be available beyond 
the reservation deadline July 5, 
if the minimum participation is 
met. Please call the Recreation 
Department at (626) 403-2200 
for more information.

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