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Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 3, 2018 

Chu Statement on Shooting 
at Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Photographer Henk Freizer 
donates 200 photos to Library

Input Needed for 
Transporation Survey


 Rep. Judy Chu released the 
following statement in response 
to Saturday’s shooting at Tree of 
Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, 
where a shooter took eleven 

 “I am heartbroken for 
the victims, families, and 
congregation of Tree of Life 
Synagogue in Pittsburgh. 
The terrorist attack there was 
an attack on every Jewish 
community. It will not succeed.

 “This was an act of hatred by a 
man acting alone. We will fight 
back with unity, a community 
standing together. The very 
value that man hates is the 
very value we hold most dear: 
That all of us are created equal. 
And we will not stop working 
to improve the world and seek 

 “The hatred that inspired that 
man is a poison. The antidote 
is right here. Here in Southern 
California, we know our 
diversity is our strength. And 
so we will fight any attempt 
to use fear to divide us. It’s 
time to stop using words like 
enemies in order stir up violent 
xenophobia. Messages of 
enemies make people look for 
enemies. And we know from 
our own history that that there 
are too many tragic examples of 
where that leads. Sadly, now so 
does another generation.

 “Not one more generation 
should grow up knowing fear of 
prejudice. There is no place for 
hate here. That is why it is time 
to end the campaign of fear and 
hate and to pass gun laws that 
prevent those inspired by hate 
from acting on it.

 “I will always stand against 
attempts to divide us or make 
us afraid. We are stronger 

 The Arroyo Verdugo 
Communities Joint Powers 
Authority is seeking 
feedback on potential 
transportation projects to 
fund in South Pasadena 
and surrounding cities. 
The projects will be funded 
by Measure M, the voter-
approved sales tax increase. 
Your feedback will be used 
as the Authority develops 
the Measure M Five-Year 
Multiyear Subregional 
Programs (MSP) for 
transportation projects 
in the Arroyo Verdugo 
communities. Please take a 
moment to give your input: 

By Steve Fjeldsted, 
Library Director

 Henk Freizer, longtime 
local freelance photographer 
for the South Pasadena 
Review, the now defunct 
South Pasadena Journal, 
the San Marino Tribune, 
and many other local 
newspapers, has recently 
donated to the Library 
about 200 photographs of 
South Pasadena events and 
individuals through the 
years. The photos will be 
added to the Library’s Local 
History Archives.

 Henk was born in Holland 
in 1944 and grew up in Eagle 
Rock learning photography 
from his father, Joe Freizer. 
After serving in the Army 
overseas as a photographer, 
Henk returned to Eagle 
Rock in 1968 and joined 
his father, Joe, as a freelance 
photographer and a partner 
in “Freizer Photography.” 
Sean Freizer, Henk’s son, is 
a Dial-A-Ride driver for the 
City of South Pasadena.

 Henk Friezer grew his 
freelance photography 
business based in Eagle 
Rock by establishing his own 
clientele, which included 
the Los Angeles Public 
Library, Miller Brewing, 
United Way, and Coca Cola. 
His photographs have won 
awards from the California 
Press Photographers 
Association, the Great 
Los Angeles Press Club, 
the Forest Lawn Photo 
Contest, and the Magic 
Mountain Photo Contest. 
Although semi-retired, 
Freizer continues to attend 
many local events and snaps 
photographs in his spare 
time. The Joe and Henk 
Freizer Negatives Collection, 
more than 100,000 images, 
was recently donated to the 
Occidental College, Special 
Collections & College 
Archives, by Henk Freizer.

 Henk Freizer’s Photo 
of Miriam C. Spaulding, 
the “Rose Lady” of South 
Pasadena, (pictured above) 
who grew exquisite roses at 
her home for over 37 years. 
She personally delivered 
bouquets of her roses for 
the public service counter 
of the Post Office in South 
Pasadena for more than 13 
years. Huell Howser, the host 
of KCET’s “California Gold” 
covered Miriam’s charming 
story on the 5th season of his 
show and Episode 523 can 
be viewed at

 Miriam had been an 
accomplished violinist with 
the Pasadena Symphony 
Orchestra, as well as a 
successful businessperson 
after she was widowed in 
1954 . Miriam passed away 
peacefully at age 102 in 2010.

Photos Include one of 
Miriam Spaulding, the 
Beloved “Rose Lady” of 
South Pasadena

Chu Statement on Proposal 
to End Birthright Citizenship

Rep. Judy Chu issued the 
following statement on 
President Trump’s plan to use 
an executive order to end the 
14th Amendment’s promise of 
birthright citizenship:

 “With one statement, Donald 
Trump displayed the bigotry 
and the ignorance that have 
made his presidency so 

 “I implore the President to 
read the case U.S. v. Wong Ark. 
In this case, despite the Chinese 
Exclusion Act being in place, 
the Supreme Court upheld 
birthright citizenship for an 
individual who was born to 
immigrants. ‘All persons’ means 
‘All persons’. The Constitution’s 
meaning could not be more 
clear. And the Supreme Court 
has agreed, ruling multiple 
times to uphold birthright 
citizenship. But Trump’s action 
isn’t about what’s good or 
moral or legal or even effective. 
It’s just President Trump’s 
latest attempt to fuel anger 
in order to win votes. I can 
imagine no lower aspiration in 
government. What he wants is 
a debate on who does and does 
not belong here, because he 
knows xenophobia helps him 
win elections. But xenophobia 
also creates tension and 
increases the risk of violence.

 “Like all prejudice, this 
proposal is not rooted in logic 
or reality, but that does not 
make it any less dangerous.”

Election Day 
is Almost Here

 Don’t forget to vote on or before 
Nov. 6. There are plenty of ways 
to make your vote count:

-You can drop off your mail-in 
ballot at South Pasadena City 
Hall, 1414 Mission St., 2nd 
Floor, City Clerk’s office. You 
will place your ballot directly in 
a secured, locked County ballot 

-You can vote early on Nov. 
3 and Nov. 4 from 8 a.m. to 
4 p.m. at one of 10 locations 
throughout L.A. County. 
The closest location to South 
Pasadena is at the Jackie 
Robinson Community Center, 
1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. (Room 
400) in Pasadena. You can vote 
in person or drop off your vote-
by-mail ballot.

-If you haven’t received your 
sample ballot you can pick 
one up at the South Pasadena 
Library Reference Desk this 
weekend. Library hours are 
Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 

-If you need to reach the County 
Registrar’s office, visit Lavote.
net, call (800) 815-2666 email

-Finally, if you are planning 
to vote in person on Election 
Day, be sure to get out to your 
polling place on Nov. 6!

South Pasadena Suicide 
Prevention Program

 In honor of International 
Survivors of Suicide Loss 
Day in November, the 
South Pasadena Public 
Library is hosting Suicide 
Is Everyone’s Business: A 
Mother’s Grief Memoir 
and Suicide Prevention 
Awareness program on 
Tuesday, November 13th 
at 7:00 p.m. in the Library 
Community Room located 
at 1115 El Centro Street. 
Former South Pasadena 
resident Susan Auerbach 
discusses her book about 
the aftermath of the suicide 
of her son, 21-year-old 
Noah Langholz. She bears 
witness to the devastation 
of traumatic grief for those 
left behind while offering 
insight and inspiration to 
help survivors heal and help 
others to understand their 
experience. She is joined 
by Sandri Kramer, a suicide 
prevention specialist, who 
shares information and tips 
on warning signs for suicide 
and how to help those who 
may be at risk. Books will be 
available for sale and signing 
after the event.

 Susan Auerbach is the 
author of I’ll Write Your 
Name on Every Beach: A 
Mother’s Quest for Comfort, 
Courage and Clarity 
After Suicide Loss (Jessica 
Kingsley Publishing, 2017) 
and the blog “Walking the 
Mourner’s Path After a 
Child’s Suicide.” A member 
of the advisory boards of 
the Los Angeles Suicide 
Prevention Network and 
Survivors After Suicide of 
Didi Hirsch Mental Health 
Services, she does public 
speaking about suicide 
with Teen Line and other 
organizations. She is also 
Professor Emeritus of 
Education at California State 
University, Northridge.

 Sandri Kramer, previously 
Crisis Line Director of the 
Suicide Prevention Center 
(SPC) at Didi Hirsch Mental 
Health Services, has 23+ 
years of experience in suicide 
prevention and crisis center 
work. Currently, as Suicide 
Prevention Project Manager 
for the organization, she 
is developing SPC’s online 
crisis services, broadening 
its role in emergency 
management with the 
national Disaster Distress 
Helpline, and strengthening 
the center’s partnerships with 
law enforcement agencies. 
She serves as a member of 
the Board of Directors for 
the National Association 
of Crisis Organization 
Directors (NASCOD) and 
as a member of the Board of 
the Emergency Network Los 
Angeles (ENLA).

 For more information 
about other upcoming free 
Library programs, visit 
the Library at 1100 Oxley 
Street in South Pasadena 
or call Adult Services at 
(626) 403-7350. Library 
hours are Sunday 1:00 p.m. 
– 5:00 p.m.; Monday and 
Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 
p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday, 
Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 
p.m.; Saturday 10:00 a.m. 
– 5:00 p.m. Find us on 
Facebook: www.facebook.

San Marino 
Urgency Tree 

On October 26, the 
City Council approved 
Ordinance No. O-18-
1843-U; an urgency 
ordinance of the city of San 
Marino enacted pursuant 
to government code section 
65858 establishing a 
moratorium on the issuance 
of tree removal permits; 
prohibiting the removal of or 
damage to certain categories 
of trees; and declaring the 
urgency thereof.

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