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Mountain View News Saturday, November 3, 2018 

WALKING SIERRA MADRE.. The Social Side By Deanne Davis


 The Sierra Madre City Council, in a unanimous decision, passed a resolution denouncing the 
county wide proposed parcel tax on the November ballot as Measure W.

 The measure as presented on the ballot says, 


Region’s Public Health and Safe, Clean Water W Program. capturing Shall an ordinance improving/
protecting rain/stormwater to increase safe drinking water water quality; supplies and prepare 
for future drought; protecting public health and marine life by reducing 210 YES 211 NO pollution, 
trash, toxins/plastics entering Los Angeles County waterways/bays/beaches; establishing a parcel 
tax of 2.5¢ per square foot of impermeable area, exempting low-income seniors, raising approximately 
$300,000,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits, oversight and 
local control be adopted?”

Sierra Madre resident and EENR Commissioner Marguerite Shuster spoke during public comment in 
support of the measure citing the fact that there are no “perfect political measures”. She also brought 
to the council’s attention the conclusion of numerous analyses is that we are drawing on our water 
resources at an “unsustainable rate” and that given the bigger picture water challenges in California, 
action is needed now rather than later. 

Councilman John Capoccia, the council’s ‘expert’ on water issues said that Measure W is “totally unnecessary 
for the San Gabriel Valley” as 95% of the storm water in the area is already being collected 
in the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo watersheds.

In the end, the council voted 4-0 not to support Measure W. The Resolution reads as follows:



WHEREAS, City of Sierra Madre recognizes the values of clean watersheds and has diligently 
worked towards clean water objectives in its local Rio Hondo River watershed; and

WHEREAS, the City of Sierra Madre has participated and will continue to work with neighboring 
communities as part of the Rio Hondo/San Gabriel River Water Quality Group to further clean 
watershed efforts; and 

WHEREAS, the City of Sierra Madre’s General Fund expenditures for stormwater related 
requirements is limited and will be severely inadequate for future expenditure estimates; and 

WHEREAS, the City of Sierra Madre is committed to identify and obtain nonGeneral 
revenues to further work towards water quality objectives when the funds can be identified as 
reasonably efficient in their use and appropriateness; and when local control of Sierra Madre’s tax 
revenues can be assured; and 

WHEREAS, the City of Sierra Madre shares concerns with other Los Angeles County cities about 
the appropriateness of the 2012 MS4 regulations. 



1. That the City of Sierra Madre is opposed to the Safe, Clean Water Program as approved by the Los 
Angeles County Board of Supervisors on July 17, 2018 and is opposed to the Los Angeles County 
Measure Won the November 6, 2018 ballot.

S. Henderson/MVNews

“The seasons are what a symphony 
ought to be: four perfect movements 
in harmony with each other.” Arthur 

 “It is the tuning of the if 
at the beginning of the symphony God 
turns up the volume just a tiny bit.” 
Benjamin Zander 

 “The beginning of Beethoven’s Fifth 
Symphony is known the world over, 
yet the opening motif is only four notes 
long. Music researchers have long 
wondered — is fate really knocking 
on the door at the start of this piece? 
Da-Da-Da-DUM — hardly any 
succession of notes is as famous around 
the world as the one at the beginning 
of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. 
If Beethoven had been alive today, he would have 
become rich through royalties alone: mobile phone 
ringtones, musical arrangements of all styles, prints 
of his music on bags, cups and umbrellas. Not to 
mention the proceeds from the right to perform his 
works.” *

 We all know those four notes that kick off 
Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, but how many of us 
have actually been privileged to hear the whole 
symphony, all four movements, played on a 
fabulous Steinway piano, 6’10” in length, designed 
in 1924 as a possible prototype for a concert grand 
line that never materialized. The piano is tinted 
mahogany and was just restored, a year-long 
process, by nationally-known piano craftsman, 
David Anderson, who named her The Purple 

 David Wheatley - my co-writer for three really 
splendid musicals: “Hands!” The Musical; Star of 
Wonder – A Christmas Musical; and Gallery, which 
was presented at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 
a couple of years ago - was the artist presenting a 
program of some of his original compositions, 
a piece by Chopin, another by Debussy, and, of 
course, the complete 5th Symphony. The entire 
audience, and I, were literally on the edges of our 
seats as this famous piece, over 35 minutes long, 
flowed flawlessly from David’s fingers. I wish 
you could have been there as it was one of those 
memorable lifetime moments that don’t come by 
nearly often enough.

 David and I have been collaborating on various 
musical works for quite a while and have seen all 
our songs and musicals produced, recorded, and 
enjoyed by so many people. I write the book and 
lyrics, but without David’s talent as a composer, they 
are just words on a page with no life at all. David’s 
other original compositions at this concert: Out of 
the Blue, Piano Soundtrack and Adagio were each 
exceptionally beautiful. 

 Of course, David’s background – The Royal 
Conservatory of Music where he holds the ARCT 
in Piano and Pipe Organ Performance; a Bachelor 
of Music degree in Composition for the University 
of North Texas and a Master’s in Composition from 
USC guarantee exceptional work from him. He has 
recorded many of his works, as well as played on 
soundtracks for film and TV. You’ve heard him on 
Mork and Mindy, LaVerne and Shirley, Happy Days, 
and he was the organist with a 100 piece orchestra 
for the soundtrack of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. 
David performed the Bach B Minor Mass with the 
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra at The Kennedy 
Center in Washington DC and recorded the Five 
Pieces for Orchestra by Arnold Schoenberg. 

 David recently had his own successful one-man 
show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival where he 
showed another side of his talent – droll storytelling 
and comedy amidst music ranging from classical to 
jazz, country and R & B. 

 I wanted to share this experience with you, dear 
friends, because you need to be on the lookout 
for David’s next concert experience. This last 
performance was a house concert at the home of 
Gloria Goodale and Dan Wood. Their son, Danny, 
also performed an original piece, Improvisation. 
Currently David is planning a recording at Disney 

 When Beethoven was asked about the opening 
motif of the Fifth Symphony, the composer is said 
to have replied: “This is the sound of fate knocking 
at the door.”

 After seeing/hearing this masterful performance 
of the Fifth Symphony, I can only imagine that fate 
will definitely be knocking at David Wheatley’s 
door with more opportunities and successes.

*Original article by Gaby Reucher

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Veterans of Foreign Wars of Sierra Madre, Post 3208, will celebrate its annual 
Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Memorial Park, Sunday November 9, 2014 at 1:00 
PM, with special keynote U.S. Counter Intelligence law enforcement speaker from 
the East Coast, to be confirmed. We will celebrate Veterans Day by remembering 
the living brave men and women who have risked their lives for the United States 
of America from WWII thru our current conflicts.

 Major sponsor of the event with VFW Post 3208 is the Knights of Columbus 
‘SK Matthew P McDonaugh 4th (Patriotic) Degree Assembly 3784’, Pasadena, 

 Seating capacity is limited so come early. Those interested in attending, please 
RSVP with the names of attendees at the following email address: VFWPost3208@ for planning purposes. The ceremony will begin promptly at 1:00 PM followed by our keynote 
speaker and will last about one hour. 

 For additional information, please send us a message at



As residents prepare to change their clocks on Sunday, November 
4, for daylight saving time, the Los Angeles County 
Fire Department reminds everyone to change the batteries in 
every smoke and carbon monoxide detector in their homes.

When properly installed, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can mean the difference 
between life and death.

“A working smoke detector in your home greatly increases your chances of survival during a fire,” 
says Fire Captain Tony Imbrenda. “The device can alert sleeping family members and provide them 
with critical seconds to escape.” 

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal; symptoms include severe headache, dizziness, mental confusion, 
nausea, and fainting.

California law requires the installation of carbon monoxide detectors outside of each sleeping area in 
a home. For maximum protection against carbon monoxide gas, the Los Angeles County Fire Department 
also recommends installing a carbon monoxide detector inside each bedroom.

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