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Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 1, 2018 

Events at the Huntington

Library Winter Holiday Concert

Chu Statement on Trumps 
Assault on Migrants and 
Militarization of the Border

Reading a Photograph: 
Stories from the 19th-
Century West

December 5, at 7:30 p.m. 

 Martha A. Sandweiss, 
professor of history at 
Princeton University and 
The Huntington’s 2018–
19 Los Angeles Times 
Distinguished Fellow, looks 
at how a single photograph 
from treaty negotiations at 
Ft. Laramie in 1868 reveals 
tangled stories about race, 
violence, and family life that 
would otherwise be hidden 
from view. This program 
is a Distinguished Fellow 

The Lady and George 

December 12, at 7:30 p.m.

 Mary Sarah Bilder, Founders 
Professor at Boston College 
Law School, discusses 
the responses of George 
Washington and Benjamin 
Rush to Eliza Harriot 
O’Connor’s remarkable 
university lectures in 1787 
and their implications for 
female political status under 
the Constitution. O’Connor 
was the first American 
female lecturer and principal 
of a female academy. This 
program is a Nevins Lecture.

 The Huntington hosts 
approximately twenty public 
lectures each year on themes 
related to its collections. 
Unless otherwise noted, 
lectures begin at 7:30 p.m. 
in Rothenberg Hall. The 
Huntington is located 1151 
Oxford Road, San Marino. 
For more information visit: or 
call 626-405-2100.

The Los Angeles Children’s 
Orchestra returns on 
Sunday, December 2nd at 
5:00 pm to perform another 
winter holiday concert. They 
will perform in the Library 
Community Room at 1115 
El Centro Street. Doors open 
at 4:50 pm. This free concert 
is sponsored by the Friends 
of the South Pasadena Public 

 The award-winning, 
nationally acclaimed 
Los Angeles Children’s 
Orchestra is best known for 
the young age of its players 
(4-14), and the unusually 
high level of their playing. 
The conductor, Susan 
Pascale, is also founder and 
director of the Pascale Music 
Institute in South Pasadena.

 The Los Angeles Children’s 
Orchestra, now in its 17th 
year has been featured 
numerous times on local and 
national television. Their 
most recent appearance was 
on two rounds of NBC’s 
America’s Got Talent, 
Season 10, where they 
earned a standing ovation 
by the judges, and named 
a ‘Fan Favorite’ for their 
ground breaking act of 
incorporating choreography 
while performing ‘Eleanor 
Rigby’ by the Beatles.

 For more information about 
the Los Angeles Children’s 
Orchestra, call 626-403-
4611, or go to Pascalemusic.

 Upon request made no 
later than four (4) business 
days before the event, 
the City will provide a 
reasonable accommodation 
for a qualified person with 
a disability to have equal 
access to the event. Please 
contact ADA Coordinator 
and Human Resources 
Manager, Mariam Lee Ko, at 
(626) 403-7312 or fill out the 
City’s request form available 
at www.southpasadenaca.
gov and email the form to 
Human Resources at HR@

Featuring the Los 
Angeles Children’s 

Over the last weekend, 
following an order by President 
Trump to allow the military to 
use lethal force against migrants 
at our southern border, an 
incident occurred near the 
San Ysidro crossing where 
border patrol agents fired tear 
gas at unarmed women and 
children seeking to enter the 
country and request asylum 
as the law permits. President 
Trump temporarily ordered 
the crossing to be closed and 
has threatened to close the 
entire border. Rep. Judy Chu 
(CA-27) released the following 

 “This weekend, women and 
children flooding the border 
to ask for help instead received 
tear gas. This is needless, cruel, 
and a violation of our values. 
And it is the direct result of 
Donald Trump’s campaign to 
create fear of immigrants in 
order to win elections. We must 
be clear: if Trump’s politics 
cause lethal force to be used 
against unarmed refugees with 
a legal right to be here, there 
will be consequences for him.

 “America has always been a 
beacon to people across the 
globe looking for freedom 
and opportunity. Refugees in 
particular have always sought 
out America, often at great 
risk, when their religion, 
gender, sexuality, or other 
expression made their homes 
too dangerous. And each 
new wave of immigrants and 
refugees has made us stronger, 
growing our economy thanks 
to people who start more 
businesses, contribute to 
innovative new technologies 
and conduct ground-breaking 
research. Despite Trump’s fear-
mongering rhetoric, studies 
show that refugees also commit 
fewer crimes than those born 

 “Under current law, a refugee 
can request asylum no matter 
where they enter the country. 
And once here, they have a 
legal right to a hearing. Instead, 
purely inspired by his own 
bigotry, Donald Trump is trying 
to circumvent our laws in order 
to treat the most vulnerable as 
dangerous criminals. General 
John Kelly has repeatedly 
condescended to Congress that 
if we don’t approve of the way 
this administration enforces the 
law, then we should change the 
law. Here, the law is clear and 
this administration chooses to 
ignore it.

 “These immigrants and 
refugees are not a threat to 
our country. In fact, in their 
perseverance to find a better 
life here against difficult odds 
and an unwelcoming President, 
they are exhibiting a faith in 
America and a support for our 
values shared by other past-
aspiring Americans. We need 
the labor, entrepreneurism, 
culture, and contribution of 
every immigrant – it is what has 
built this country. Mobilizing 
our military, allowing lethal 
force, and shutting down 
borders in response to those 
who just want a chance to live 
and work here is cowardly.

 “The American people just 
had the chance to weigh in 
on Trump’s agenda, and the 
result was clear. The days of his 
bigotry, violence, and factual 
distortions going unchecked 
are coming to an end.” 

Bricks LA: LEGO Convention

Bricks LA is an annual family-
friendly convention that will 
take place at the Pasadena 
Convention Center on January 
5, 2019 to January 6, 2019. 
Come share your love of LEGO 
and discover hundreds of fan 
created models in over 19,000 
square feet of display space. 
Shop the vendor area with new, 
used, and vintage LEGO sets, 
minifigures, jewelry, gifts, and 
unique brick accessories. Learn 
about the brick community and 
building techniques in panels 
and discussions. Be inspired to 
build your own creations in the 
play area.


Adults | $5.00

Children under 5 | Free

 As a registered attendee, you 
will have exclusive access to 
private events. Several themed 
categories will be available for 
you to show your very own 
LEGO creation. Get in on 
giveaways and participate in 
building competitions. Meet 
and hang out with friends and 
other fellow LEGO enthusiasts 
at the after hours festivities, and 
receive a swag bag. Must be 18 
years old.

 Early Bird VIB Registration | 

Hours of Operation

January 5, 2019 at 9:00 AM to 
5:00 PM

January 6, 2019 at 9:00 AM to 
4:00 PM

 Parking at the convention 
center is $15 per day for up 
to 16 hours or $21 per day 
for in and out privileges. The 
subterranean parking structure 
is shared with the Sheraton 

 The Metro Gold Line runs 
from Downtown Los Angeles 
or Azusa to Pasadena. There 
are two train station within 
walking distance.

South Pasadena Lego Mania

 Just in time for the holidays, the South Pasadena Public Library 
and Friends of the South Pasadena Public Library invite children 
of all ages and their families to take a break from shopping and 
join us for this Lego free play event Dec. 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 

 Offered free to the public, this program encourages children to 
use their imagination and apply science, math, and engineering 
to create and build with Lego blocks. Children 3 years and 
younger, will learn through play with the larger Lego Duplo 

This program is funded by the Friends of the South Pasadena 
Public Library.

 The South Pasadena Public Library Community Room is 
located 1115 El Centro Street.

South Pas Vacancies offer civic 
involvement opportunities


 South Pasadena is seeking 
qualified, diverse candidates 
to serve on City commissions 
ranging from animal welfare to 
public safety. To apply online 

 Commissions serve as advisory 
bodies to review City policy 
issues and provide policy 
recommendations to the City 

 Multiple vacancies on 10 City 
commissions have created 
opportunities for residents to 
become more actively involved 
in their local government. The 
commissions generally meet 
once a month in the evenings.

 The City is interested increasing 
the gender and ethnic 
diversity of its commission 
appointments, said incoming 
Mayor Marina Khubesrian. All 
South Pasadena residents who 
are registered to vote are eligible 
to serve on a commission.

 Applications are accepted 
online and in person. 

Current commission vacancies 

Animal Commission

Cultural Heritage Commission

Design Review Board

Finance Commission

Library Board of Trustees

Natural Resources & 
Environmental Commission

Parks & Recreation 

Planning Commission

Public Safety Commission

Senior Citizen Commission

Public Arts Commission

South Pasadena city hall is 
located 1414 Mission Street.

Crowell Library 
Gets New 

RFID System

Crowell Public Library 
in San Marino recently 
completed the equipment 
installation for a new 
RFID (Radio Frequency 
Identification) stock 
management system. Staff 
will spend the summer 
placing RFID tags in the 
books, starting with the 
children’s books. The tags 
are inert until they are put 
in range of a transponder 
pad. Then, they transmit 
their bibliographic 
information. Patrons will 
be able to check out their 
own books by placing them 
on a transponder pad. Staff 
will also be able to locate 
books on the shelves with 
a scanner. The library holds 
approximately 90,000 items, 
but staff is anticipating 
being able to go live with 
the new system at the end 
of September. The system, 
which costs nearly $60,000, 
is being paid for entirely 
through the generosity of 
the Library Foundation and 
the Friends of the Library.

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