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Mountain View News Saturday, April 21, 2018 

Council to Vote on Colorado 
Bridge Vertical Barriers

Local Area 
News Briefs

 Almost a year after the 
city installed metal mesh 
fencing along the alcoves of 
the Colorado Street Bridge 
as a temporary deterrent to 
suicides, the city council is 
set Monday night to accept 
recommendations of the 
Colorado Street Bridge Task 
Force to install vertical barriers 
and end treatments to the 
iconic structure.

 According to a city staff report, 
the task force is recommending 
primary suicide deterrent 
measures for further study and 
design. Including, “the design 
and installation of vertical 
barriers on both sides of the 
bridge for its entire length, 
including the existing weak 
points along the benched 
alcoves. Vertical barriers shall 
have a minimum height of 7’-6” 
above highest toe-hold in order 
to deter attempts effectively. The 
design and installation of end 
treatments on both ends of the 
bridge to deter a person’s ability 
to easily access and walk along 
the outside ledge of the bridge.” 
According to the report.

 If approved, City staff will create 
a new Capital Improvement 
Program (CIP) project and 
seek funding appropriation for 
the Environmental and Design 
Phase of the project as part of 
the adoption of the Fiscal Year 
2019 CIP Budget, the report 

 Staff expects the Environmental 
and Design Phase of the project 
to begin in July.

 The council meets 6:30 p.m. 
in the Council Chamber, 
Pasadena City Hall 100 North 
Garfield Avenue, room S249.

Residents Displaces 
after House Fire

Three people were left 
without a place to live after 
a fire Thursday caused 
major damage to a home 
in the Hastings Ranch 
neighborhood of Pasadena. 

According to fire officials, 
the fire near Hastings Ranch 
Drive and Alegria Ave, first 
reported around 4:30 p.m. 
was quickly extinguished 
but not before causing 
significant damage.

NO one was injured. The 
cause of the fire is still under 

Union Street Protected Bike Lane Workshop


 Pasadena city officials 
announced this week 
that they will be hosting 
a community workshop 
May 9 to reintroduce the 
Union Street Protected Bike 
Lane project, share initial 
concept designs, and solicit 
community input.

 The meeting will be from 
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the 
Gamble Room, Pasadena 
Presbyterian Church, 585 E 
Colorado Blvd, in Pasadena. 
A brief presentation will 
begin at 6:45PM.

 A protected bike lane is an 
exclusive bikeway facility, 
physically separated from 
motor vehicle traffic with 
barriers such as raised islands, 
flexible posts, or on-street 
parking. The protected bike 
lane is separate and distinct 
from the sidewalk they said.

 In the City’s 2015 Bicycle 
Transportation Action Plan, 
the Union Street corridor was 
identified as an important 
east-west connection and 
a candidate for a two-way 
protected bike lane. The 
council voted in August last 
year to enter into a $999,714 
contract with DKS Associates 
for consultant services for 
the Union Street Bikeway. 
The project is currently in 
the early phases of concept 
design city staff said. 

 At the August meeting 
residents in the area 
expressed concerns over 
removing lanes and parking 
on Union Street; currently 
Union is a one way street. 
Pasadena Department of 
Transportation Director Fred 
Dock said that parking would 
be evaluated block by block. 
According to a staff report in 
November the project would 
remove 21 parking spaces, 
most, 14, of which are in the 
Central Playhouse District. 

 The designated bikeway 
from Wilson Ave to Arroyo 
Parkway would be located 
on the south side of the 
street according to a city staff 

 Officials said more 
community workshops will 
be held as part of the design 
progresses. The final design is 
anticipated to be complete by 
late 2019, and construction is 
anticipated to begin in 2020 
they said.

 For more information, visit: 

Photo by D. Lee MVNews.

Police Arrest 13-year-
old for Attack

 Police arrested a young 
student at Blair High School 
Thursday morning after he 
went on a rampage throwing 
office equipment around 
a room and punching an 
employee at the school 
according to news reports. 

 The teen was arrested for 
assault with a deadly weapon 
and taken to a detention 

 According to police, at 
about 10:30 a.m. the boy 
was being disciplined for 
an unrelated incident, of 
making threats, when he 
lashed out. The employee 
was taken to a local hospital 
with minor injuries.

Rotary Club to Hold Annual 
Grants Awards Luncheon

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta


to Hold 
Repair Café

 The Cinco de Mayo fiesta at 
Pasadena Senior Center, 85 E. 
Holly St., will be a fun affair 
with plenty of Mexican flair 
Saturday, May 5, from noon to 
2 p.m. Doors will open at 11:30 

Vibrant decorations will adorn 
the Scott Pavilion as guests 
enjoy delicious Mexican 
cuisine, entertainment by Ballet 
Folklórico Xotziquetzalli and 

The cost is only $10 for members 
and $12 for non-members of 
all ages. Prepaid reservations 
are due at the Welcome Desk 
or the Pasadena Senior Center 
website no later than Thursday, 
May 3. For more visit www. or 
call (626) 795-4331.

 Rotary Club Pasadena 
announced Thursday they will 
be distributing grants, this 
year totaling $43,627during a 
Grants Award Luncheon held 
at the University Club Pasadena 

 The Rotary Club of Pasadena 
Foundation primarily receives 
donations from the members 
of the Pasadena Rotary Club. 
Each year the Rotary Club 
of Pasadena Foundation 
distributes funds to 501c3 non-
profit organizations serving the 
Pasadena community through 
the Club’s Grants Committee. 
The Grants Committees’ 13 
members seek applicants, 
review grant applications, 
conduct site visits, select grant 
recipients, gain approval from 
the Rotary Club of Pasadena 
Foundation, and awards grants 
at a luncheon honoring the 

 Since 2004 and to include this 
year, this Foundation has issued 
more than 340 grants totaling 
close to $600,000 to over 130 
organizations. This year the 
grants were awarded to 20 
organizations providing direct 
impact to Pasadena residents 
or the homeless served in 
Pasadena in either of these two 

 1. Projects for the 
homeless through food and 
nutrition, employment or 

 2. Projects for community 
engagement in arts and culture 
or music education 

This year’s grant recipients:

Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena

Eastern Sierra Symphony

Elizabeth House

Five Acres

Flintridge Center

Foothill Unity Center

Friends In Deed


Kidspace Children’s Museum

Leadership Pasadena

Los Angeles Children’s Chorus

Pasadena Conservatory of 

Pasadena Dance Theatre

Pasadena Master Chorale

Pasadena Playhouse

Pasadena Senior Center

Pasadena Symphony and POPS

Pasadena Child Development 

The Salvation Army

Union Station Homeless 

The University Club is located 
175 N. Oakland Ave. Pasadena. 

For more information call 626-


Kitten Week Premieres 
at the Humane Society


 Miniature tiger sharks are 
expected to make landfall 
in Pasadena this April as 
Kitten Season 2018 washes 
ashore. Every year, animal 
shelters around the country 
are flooded with young, 
homeless kittens during 
the spring and summer 
months. To help prepare for 
the arrival of thousands of 
young, orphaned kittens, the 
Pasadena Humane Society 
is launching “Kitten Week,” 
a week-long awareness 
and action campaign held 
April 23-29, to encourage 
community members to 
spay/neuter adopt and get 

“Kitten Week” events 

· Free Feline Spay/Neuter: 
From April 23-April 28, the 
Pasadena Humane Society 
is offering free spay & 
neuter for cats and kittens.* 
Appointments available at

· 2 for 1 Cat Adoptions: 
During the week of April 
23-April 29, adopt one 
cat, take a second one 
home with no additional 
adoption fee (kittens may 
be limited). View pets at

· Foster a Kitten: Join us on 
Wednesday, April 25 from 6 
to 8pm for a special "foster 
only" volunteer orientation. 
RSVP at pasdenahumane.

· Donation Drive: With 
thousands of young kittens 
about to pour through the 
doors, we need supplies to 
help care for them. Donate 
an item off the shelter's 
Amazon wishlist the entire 
month of April:

· Kitten Experience 
Giveaway: Donate an item 
off the shelter's wishlist and 
be entered to win a kitten 
communal experience or a 
kitten nursery tour for you 
and three guests. Two grand 
prizes awarded.

· Kids Program: On April 
28, kids 8-12 can attend 
a special kitten-themed 
Animal Adventurers 
workshop from 1:00 p.m. 
to 2:30 p.m. Register at

 Many of the kittens that 
arrive at the Pasadena 
Humane Society have not 
yet reached the two pound 
minimum weight required 
for adoption. These small, 
orphaned kittens spend time 
in the kitten nursery or live 
with volunteer foster parents 
until they are able to be 
safely spayed/neutered and 
put up for adoption.

 In addition to the hundreds 
of kittens taken in from 
the local community 
each year, the Pasadena 
Humane Society has 
committed to take in 1,000 
underage kittens from LA 
County Animal Services in 
partnership with the ASPCA 
in 2018.

 “The arrival of thousands of 
kittens, many of which will 
need extra care before they 
are placed for adoption, puts 
a considerable drain on the 
shelter’s resources,” said Julie 
Bank, President/CEO of the 
Pasadena Humane Society 
& SPCA. “We are asking the 
community to step up by 
donating, adopting, fostering 
and, most importantly, 
spaying/neutering their pet 

 If you are unable to 
participate in Kitten Week, 
the Pasadena Humane 
Society offers public spay/
neuter services, volunteer 
opportunities, pet adoptions, 
and children’s programs 
throughout the year.

 To learn more about “Kitten 
Week” and get involved, 

 *Free spay/neuter is offered 
for healthy cats living in the 
Pasadena Humane Society's 
animal control contract 
cities: Altadena, Arcadia, 
Bradbury, Glendale, La 
Cañada-Flintridge, La 
Monrovia, Pasadena, San 
Marino, Sierra Madre, 
and South Pasadena. 
Additional fees may apply 
at the discretion of the 

 In partnership with 
Pasadena Repair Café, 
Altadena Library is hosting 
a Repair Café, and they 
need volunteers to help. 
Do you have special skills 
you want to share with 
the community, visit: for more 
information or to sign up. 

 Repair Cafe is set for May 
26 at the Altadena Library, 
600 East Mariposa St./ Santa 
Rosa Ave. From 10 a.m. 
to 1 p.m. The library staff 
will be collaborating with 
Repair Cafe crew to bring 
about a welcoming event 
for everyone from Altadena 
and Pasadena and beyond.

Needed - 
Taste of ‘Dena 

 The annual Taste of ‘Dena 
fundraiser for the Altadena 
Library Foundation needs a 
committed team of volunteers 
to be a success! Do you enjoy 
event planning, having fun, 
and raising money for a good 
cause? Learn more about our 
open committee roles. For 
more information or to sign up 
call (626) 798-0833.

Concorso Ferrari 2018

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center

 Experience, this Sunday, 
three blocks of Colorado 
Boulevard in Old Town 
Pasadena as it transforms 
into an amazing Ferrari 
extravaganza. Over 150 
Ferraris ranging from mid-
century purpose built racers to 
modern day exotic supercars 
of unmatched speed and 
style, will line Colorado Blvd 
for all to enjoy. In addition to 
Ferraris, there will be vendors 
and sponsors specializing in 
exotic automotive styling, 
accessories, detailing, 
apparel, travel, and local food 
to complement the star of the 
show - Ferrari.

 The concours is limited to 
150 of the finest vintage and 
contemporary Ferraris, to be 
Judged and for Non-Judged 

 Ferraris entered from 2007 
and earlier are eligible for 
judging that will follow 
Ferrari Club of America 
National guidelines IAC/
PFA (International Advisory 
Council for the Preservation 
of Ferrari Automobiles). 

 Awards will be presented 
in 10 classes by a panel of 
30 Ferrari experts at the 
conclusion of the event. 
Maximum of 70 judged 
cars. Each judged class will 
be limited to 7 Ferraris 
maximum, based on first 
come, first served. Get your 
entries in early! 

 Registration deadline was 
April 13 for judged cars. 
Entries after that date will 
be on display only pending 
available space. Two lunches 
are provided for the exhibitor 
and a guest with registration.

 Owners of the newest models 
of Ferraris are welcome 
to display their prancing 
horses and spend a fun day 
among friends in beautiful 
Pasadena. Space is limited 
to 150 Ferraris, so register 
early for an opportunity to be 
part of this traditional FCA 
Southwest Region event.

Concorso Ferrari Guidelines

•Registration Deadline - 
April 13

•Cars Entered After This Date 
Will Be Display Only

•Entries Limited to 150 

•Only 70 Judged Cars, the 
First 7 in Each Class

•No For Sale or Advertising 

•No Easy-up Tents or 

•No Leaving Show Early 
Prior to 3 p.m. 

 For more infomation visit: 


 There is something for 
everyone at the Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 E. Holly St

You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some 
events require advance 
reservations as noted.

 A Toast to the Joys of 
Music – Tuesdays to April 
24, from 9:30 to 11:30 
a.m. Tom Campbell returns 
to play his guitar and sing 
covers of traditional country, 
country rock, blues, folk, 
gospel and classic rock 
music made famous by The 
Grateful Dead, Vince Gill, 
Merle Haggard, B.B. King, 
Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, 
The Rolling Stones and 

Scenic Walkers Club – 
Wednesdays, to April 25, 
at 10 a.m. Join members of 
the Pasadena Senior Center’s 
Scenic Walkers Club for 
walks to scenic local places 
to enjoy the great outdoors 
and get some exercise. For 
more information, including 
where to meet up each week, 
contact Scenic Walkers Club 
coordinator Alan Colville at

 Domino Club – 
Thursdays to April 26, at 1 
p.m. If you’ve never played 
Chicken Foot dominoes 
before, or even if you have, 
come join the fun as Vicki 
Leigh leads participants in 
a rollicking version of the 
game that is easy enough for 
beginners yet challenging 
enough for seasoned players. 
The accompanying laughter 
is contagious! For more 
information call Vicki Leigh 
at 928-478-4654.

 Signs and Symptoms 
of Depression – Thursday, 
April 26, at 10 a.m. Not 
everyone who is depressed 
suffers from the same 
symptoms, and not all 
symptoms are obvious. Learn 
more about the symptoms 
of depression during this 
special class presented by 
Pacific Clinics.

 Founded in 1960, 
the Pasadena Senior 
Center is an independent 
nonprofit agency that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services 
to people ages 50 and older in 
a welcoming environment. 
Services are also provided 
for frail, low-income and 
homebound seniors

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