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 SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018 

VOLUME 12 NO. 28




Mayor Denise Delmar, Mayor Pro Tem John Harabedian, and Councilmembers John Capoccia, 
Gene Goss and Rachelle Arizmendi held a public meeting with Library Trustees Patricia 
Hall, Chair and Trustees Shannon King, Rich Proctor, Rod Spears and Barry Ziff on the future 
of the beloved Sierra Madre library. The agenda included discussion on the recent survey results, 
the Vision of the Library Board, the timeline and funding options.

The survey, which was conducted earlier this year, was conducted via mail to slightly over 
4,000 households. Respondents were given 4 options: 

1. Move the library from its current location to the Community Center.

2. Keep the library at its current location, move programs to other locations, sell the adjoining lot to pay for structural improvements.

3. Keep the library at its current location, enhance and expand programs, fund increased services and structural improvements with a property tax.

4. Keep the library at its current location, reduce services, and limit public access. Do not sell any land or increase taxes.

The public chose Option 2 – Keeping the Library at its’ current location, repair and move 
programs. This was the only option that received support from a majority of the residents – 
59%. It also garnered more strong support, 32% compared to strong opposition 22%. 

Strongly Support 32%

Somewhat Support 27%

Somewhat Oppose 19%

Strongly Oppose 22%

Overall, the survey revealed:

A majority of residents support:

 Moving select programs from the Library to other locations in the City & selling the back lot to pay for facility repairs 

 Services which include an up-to-date collection of materials

A Majority of residents do not support:

 Moving the Library to a new location

 A significant reduction in services

 A parcel tax to pay for a new Library or enhanced services

Financial options for the library as presented in the staff report dominated much of the 

1. Minimal Investment: $1,400,000 (2017 Master Plan)

2. Meaningful Improvement: $3,700,000 (2017 Master Plan)

3. Modest Library Rebuild: $8,900,000 (Board of Trustees)

4. Fully Outfitted New Building: $11,130,000 (Joe Matthews Report)

 The Trustees vision is to do a Modest Library Rebuild of $8.900,000 which would include :

 Razing existing building and replace with a new 14,000 sq ft structure

 Address the needs identified in the Library Master Plan

 Adjacent Lot may or may not be used in construction.

 The timeline would be 2020 and later.

Sources of funding such a venture could include creating a foundation and raising money 
through the foundation. It was noted that South Pasadena successfully gained approval for a 
parcel tax. Included in the staff report was an example of possible funding:

The consensus leaned toward accepting the Trustee's Vision of a Modest Rebuild. However, 
the council has different views on how to fund the project.

For more information go to:

Rachelle Arizmendi, City Council Member (former Mayor)of the City 
of Sierra Madre, and Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Pacific 
Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE), was selected as one of the 
100 Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World by the Filipina 
Women’s Network. 

The Global FWN100 Award™ recognizes 
100 women of Philippine ancestry who 
are changing the face of leadership in the 
global workplace, having reached status 
for outstanding work in their respective 
fields and are recognized for their 
achievement and contributions to society, 
femtorship and legacy. Arizmendi was 
selected from an outstanding field of 
nominees from around the world. 

 The award category of Policymaker 
and Visionary Award recognizes Filipina 
women leaders who have demonstrated 
exceptional business acumen combined 
with a forward-looking vision in the 
development of influencing of policies, 
campaigns or laws that impact business, 
industry, and society; leaders who enrich 
the lives, careers and businesses of others 
by sharing the benefit of their wealth of 
experience and knowledge; and take 
actions that significantly change how we 
think and live. 

 “The Global FWN100™ women are 
dynamic entrepreneurs, rising stars 
under age 35, practitioners, behind-the-
scenes leaders, community, government 
and corporate managers and executives 
who have moved through the ranks 
in large organizations, nonprofits, and 
government agencies. They are inspiring 
examples of women doing extraordinary 
work who will motivate our youth to 
become future leaders,” said Marily 
Mondejar, CEO of the Filipina Women’s 

 “Each nominee goes through a vetting 
process with the Selection Committee 
composed of previous global awardees,” 
explained Thelma Boac, chair of the 
Global FWN™ Awards. “They were 
selected based on the size and scope 
of their positions, influence in their 
industries and their communities, board 
affiliations and other leadership roles.”

 The Global FWN100™ Award™ is 
a working recognition award with a 
meaningful purpose: FWN’s 2020 
Vision: a Filipina woman leader in every 
sector of the global economy. The 
awardees are asked to re-invent 
themselves by femtoring (female 
mentoring) a young Filipina 
woman and bring her to the Filipina 
Leadership Global Summit on 12-
17 September 2018 in London, 
U.K. at the St. Pancras Renaissance 

 “Rachelle Arizmendi is now a 
valued partner in helping FWN 
develop the Filipina community’s 
pipeline of qualified leaders to 
increase the odds that some will 
rise to the “president” position in 
all sectors of the global economy,” 
added Dr. Maria Beebe, FWN’s 
board chair. “The summit is where 
smart women are sharing the 
secrets to their success and inspire 
each other. The 2018 awardees’ 
leadership stories become part of the 
largest recorded Filipina women diaspora 
in modern times.”

 “I am honored to be amongst fellow 
esteemed awardees from 25 countries. 
I congratulate FWN for recognizing 
the work of Filipina Women across the 
world and their work in nurturing the 
next generation of leaders,” says Rachelle 

About Filipina Women’s Network (FWN)

The Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) 
is a San Francisco based 501 (c)(3) 
non-profit, non-partisan international 
advocacy organization that seeks to 
increase the power and influence of 
Filipina women as leaders and policy 
makers at all levels in corporate, 
government and institutions to achieve 
economic and social justice, and women’s 
rights. With members in 28 countries, 
FWN provides the content, credibility 
and a worldwide network to support 
the success of Filipina women in their 
businesses and careers. More info:

About the Filipina Leadership Global 

The annual Filipina Leadership Global 
Summit brings together some of the top 
and most influential Filipina women 
business owners and professionals from 
around the globe to create a networking 
pipeline thru reciprocal relationships. 
The speakers chosen for the summit are 
at the top of their game sharing their 
experiences and insights on how they 
became successful, how they turned 
their success into significance and what 
it means to be relevant to society as an 
influential woman in today’s business 

 The summit raises funds for FWN’s 
programs to raise awareness of FWN’s 
pipeline development of qualified next 
generation leaders to increase the odds 
that some will rise to the “CEO-suite” 
position so Filipina women can be part of 
decisions and policies made that impact 
the lives of women and families.

More info: http://www.filipinasummit.


The Sierra Madre Little League All Stars went undefeated in the District 17 ages 9-11 tournament. 

Manager Brian Kriebs gathered the best of the SMLL players and spent most of June working on getting the team 
game ready, as the tournament would boast the usual heavy hitters from around the district. 

The tournament was hosted by Pasadena American Little League, and the host team faced off against Sierra Madre 
on June 30th at Victory Park. The Sierra Madre All-Stars managed a come from behind victory, with a walk off 
double in the bottom of the 6th inning, and the next night, they ended the game in similar fashion, with a rally 
late in the game against Pasadena Southwest. That victory put SMLL squarely in the winners bracket, as the other 
teams were forced to battle each other for a chance to see SMLL again. 

On July 3rd, Madre squared off against San Marino, and secured the win, punching their ticket to the championship 
game. Due to the heatwave that baked the valley, the championship game was postponed until 8am on Sunday, 
July 8th, and Sierra Madre would face San Marino again. With the district championship on the line, along with a 
trip to the sectional tournament, the Sierra Madre community came out in droves to support the undefeated 9-11 
All Stars, and chants of "Let's go, Madre!" were heard from the beginning of the game through the exciting finish. 
Madre prevailed, and went undefeated in the district. 

The team will head to Tehachapi to participate in the California Section 2 All Star tournament. Play begins on July 
14th, with the championship game on July 18th.

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