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Today, the Construction Authority reached a 
major milestone on the Glendora to Montclair 
project. The four shortlisted teams competing for 
the Alignment Design-Build Contract submitted 
proposals in response to tens of thousands of 
pages of engineering and project information 
provided to each team over the last several months. 
Proposals include each team’s technical method 
to completing the design and construction of the 
12.3-mile project, their management approach, 
proposed key personnel, financial bid and more. 

 The Construction Authority will once again use a 
“best value” approach to evaluating the proposals, 
where the technical merits of the team and their 
approach are weighted approximately equally 
with the bid price. Over the next several weeks, 
six committees of transportation and industry 
experts, attorneys, financial professionals and 
partner agencies will review different elements of 
the proposals and then come together to provide 
their overall ratings and recommendations. 
I will use this information to make a formal 
recommendation to the board of directors. 

 Below is a picture of the four sets of proposals 
being prepared to be sent off to the evaluation 
committee members: 

 In preparation to award this important contract, 
the Construction Authority continues to make 
progress in our efforts to reduce potential delays 
for the winning team who will build the project. 
To that end, we are working closely with the 
freight line operator to eliminate the current pole 
line communication system, which uses mostly 
overhead lines located within the shared rail 
corridor to communicate with safety equipment 
at crossings. The pole lines need to be removed to 
make room for the freight tracks to be relocated 
and the light rail system installed. The photos 
below are from work being done in that effort this 
week in Glendora:

By Joan Schmidt

 September 11, 2001. A day forever 
etched in everyone’s heart and 
mind. Who can forget witnessing 
the horror of the terrorist attacks 
shown on television? There was 
so much carnage, so many lives 
lost- victims of the attack and 
brave responders who immediately 
rushed to their aid, putting their 
own safety aside.

 I grew up in Westfield, N.J. Like 
neighboring cities, many residents 
commuted to NYC for work. Sixty 
Union County residents lost their 
lives that day.

 One victim was John “Pepe” 
Salerno Jr. of Westfield. He was 
only thirty-one years old. He and 
wife Danielle lived on Carleton Rd., a few houses from 
my mom’s. At the time of the tragedy, their lives seemed 
perfect; they were remodeling their home, and awaiting 
the birth of their first child.

Pepe’s home town was Port Washington, New York. As 
a youth he was very athletic-played both football and 
lacrosse in the Youth Athletic League. In High School, 
he was a stand-out in lacrosse, setting school records, 
and there met his Danielle. Collegiately, he received full 
scholarships in lacrosse, and played two years for Nassau 
Community College, 89-90, and for St. John’s University 
91-92, again setting records. But Pepe realized the 
importance of education and earned a degree at St. John’s 
in economics. After college, he played pro lacrosse for the 
New York Saints, all the while developing a sales career 
which led him to Cantor Fitzgerald on Wall St. in 1994. 

 Cantor Fitzgerald sent him to London and Tokyo, 
where he and Danielle worked and resided from 1994-
1998. After a transfer to the New York Office, they settled 
in Westfield N.J. 

 Pepe succeeded in his career as a broker, but what was 
most dear to his heart was giving back to the community 
and sharing his talent. After he and Danielle moved 
to Westfield, Pepe volunteered to be head coach of the 
town’s 5th and 6th grade youth lacrosse team from 1998-
2001. Pepe loved the kids and they 
loved him. Those who knew him 
remember his infectious smile and 
his favorite saying, “There is no ‘I’ 
in team.” He would be so proud to 
know that the young Westfield boys 
wore his initials on their helmets 
throughout their high school and 
collegiate lacrosse careers.

 When looking at 
one of Pepe’s recent websites, I 
found so many heart-warming 
remembrances: One of his former 
players wrote, “The 5th grade 1999 
Westfield lacrosse team knew John 
in a completely different way than 
most people and I think that is 
part of the reason he had such a 
profound impact on our lives. He 
spoke to us not as a superior, but as a friend. He helped 
us not just on the lacrosse field, but in life as well. He was 
a best friend, and to us, he was family.”

 Months after “Pepe’s death, Danielle gave birth to their 
son, John Salerno III, known as “Jack”. When young, he 
spoke of his Daddy in Heaven. He is now seventeen.

 It was very rough for Danielle and “Pepe’s family after 
his sudden tragic death. Besides Danielle, he left behind 
his mother and stepfather, Jo Ann and Skip Cohen, father 
John Salerno, Sr., sister Dina Connelly, her husband and 
three children and younger brother Michael Cohen. 
Eventually they founded the “John “Pepe” Salerno 
Foundation to provide for the 105 children who lost 
fathers that day.

After a few years and much prodding, Danielle met Jason 
Behan. Danielle said that he treats Jack like his own son, 
and she loved him for that. They married, and together 
they have three sons, Harrison, Theodore and William.

The Town of Westfield has a 2011 Memorial Park, 
dedicated on September 11, 2002 to commemorate the 
lives of all victims of September 11th. The main glass 
spire contains all victims’ names while the twelve granite 
pillars are dedicated to the twelve from Westfield.

Pepe will live forever in the hearts and minds of both his 
beloved family and all those whose lives’ he touched.


Police officers, sheriff deputies and other public safety 
agencies will kick off a two-month campaign starting 
Sept. 17 to raise funds for breast cancer research, 
treatment and education. 

 Officers, deputies and safety officials will wear 
pink versions of their uniform patch to stimulate 
conversations and increase awareness about the 
lifesaving benefits of early breast cancer detection 
and intervention. Each agency also will sell the pink 
patch the agency designed, along with pins, T-shirts, 
stickers or other commemorative items to raise funds 
for either City of Hope or another breast cancer-focused 

 Tied to Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 
October, the Pink Patch Project is a collaborative 
effort managed by the Los Angeles County Police 
Chiefs’ Association and includes more than 360 
public safety agencies from across the nation. 
Some of the California public safety agencies 
participating in the campaign come from Alameda, Los 
Angeles, Napa, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San 
Diego, Santa Cruz and Ventura counties. 

 The Pink Patch Project, now in its fourth year, has 
raised more than $430,000 for City of Hope’s breast 
cancer research, treatment and education programs. 
This year, the goal is to raise $400,000 for City of Hope. 

 Pink Patch Project merchandise can also be 
purchased online at 

Anthony Miranda, chief of police, Vernon Police 
Department, Pink Patch Project lead volunteer 

About 50 local police chiefs 

Public safety agency leaders 

Eden Robertson, sergeant, Culver City Police 
Department; City of Hope breast cancer survivor

Quiet Cannon Conference Center 

901 Via San Clemente 

Montebello, CA 90640 

Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 

10 to 11 a.m. 

Suggested Media Arrival Time: 9:45 a.m. 

Media contact: Letisia Marquez 626-476-7593 


Public safety officers in uniforms with pink patches 

Pink-wrapped vehicles 

Collection of pink patches from local public safety 

Other Pink Patch Project merchandise 

Breast cancer survivor 

Breast surgeon 

English speakers available: Lisa Rosales, chief 
of police, Glendora Police Department; Keith 
Kauffman, chief of police, Redondo Beach Police 
Department; Randy Davis, chief of police, South Gate 
Police Department; Scott Fairfield, chief of police, 
Bell Gardens Police Department 

Spanish speaker available: Anthony Miranda, chief of 
police, Vernon Police Departme


About City of Hope

City of Hope is an independent research and treatment 
center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening 
diseases. Designated as one of only 49 comprehensive 
cancer centers, the highest recognition bestowed by 
the National Cancer Institute, City of Hope is also a 
founding member of the National Comprehensive 
Cancer Network, with research and treatment 
protocols that advance care throughout the world. 
City of Hope is located in Duarte, California, just 
northeast of Los Angeles, with locations throughout 
Southern California. It is ranked as one of “America’s 
Best Hospitals” in cancer by U.S. News & World 
Report. Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a pioneer in 
the fields of bone marrow transplantation, diabetes 
and numerous breakthrough cancer drugs based 
on technology developed at the institution. For 
more information about City of Hope, follow us on 
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. 


The Pink Patch Project is a collaborative effort between 
the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association and 
more than 300 public safety agencies from across the 
nation. These agencies have partnered to raise public 
awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for 
breast cancer research, treatment and education using 
a common theme and message. City of Hope is the 
founding beneficiary of this campaign. One hundred 
percent of the net proceeds generated from the sale of 
the patches (about $8 per patch) and other merchandise 
will be donated to fund breast cancer research at City 
of Hope.


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