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Mountain View News Saturday, October 6, 2018 

Tournament of Roses Royal Court Selected

Caltech Chemist Wins 
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Local Area 
News Briefs

Suspect Wanted 
in Jewelry Heist 

Pasadena police released 
images Thursday of a man 
wanted for armed robbery 
after stealing $6,000 worth 
of jewelry from Macy’s on 
S. Lake Ave. 

 According to a police 
statement, a suspect 
described as a black man 
in his 20s, around 5 feet 
10 inches tall and 155 
pounds (pictured above), 
pointed a handgun at a sales 
representative after acting 
as if he was going to make 
a purchase of several pieces 
of jewelry. He ordered the 
employee put the jewelry in 
a black bag and walked out 
of the store around 7 p.m. 
Sunday night. 

 Police also described the 
man as wearing a white 
striped shirt and a red 
bandana. Anyone with 
information should call 
police at (626)744-4241 or 
anonymous at (800)222-

 Frances Arnold, the 
Linus Pauling Professor 
of Chemical Engineering, 
Bioengineering and 
Biochemistry, has won 
the 2018 Nobel Prize in 
Chemistry for “the directed 
evolution of enzymes,” 
according to the award 
citation. Directed evolution, 
pioneered by Arnold 
in the early 1990s, is a 
bioengineering method for 
creating new and better 
enzymes in the laboratory 
using the principles of 
evolution. Today, the method 
is used in hundreds of 
laboratories and companies 
that make everything 
from laundry detergents 
to biofuels to medicines. 
Enzymes created with the 
technique have replaced 
toxic chemicals in many 
industrial processes.

 Arnold shares the prize 
with George P. Smith of the 
University of Missouri in 
Columbia, who developed a 
“phage display” method for 
evolving proteins, and Sir 
Gregory P. Winter of the MRC 
Laboratory of Molecular 
Biology in Cambridge, 
United Kingdom, who used 
phage display for evolving 
antibodies. One half of the 
prize, which comes with an 
award of 9 million Swedish 
krona (about $1 million), 
goes to Arnold, with the 
other half shared by Smith 
and Winter. 

 “Frances’s work on directed 
evolution is a beautiful 
example of an enterprise 
that has both deep scientific 
significance and enormous 
practical consequences,” says 
David A. Tirrell, Caltech’s 
provost, the Carl and Shirley 
Larson Provostial Chair, and 
the Ross McCollum-William 
H. Corcoran Professor of 
Chemistry and Chemical 
Engineering. “Through 
decades of commitment to 
exploring a powerful idea, 
Frances has transformed the 
fields of protein chemistry, 
catalysis, and biotechnology. 
She has changed the way we 
think about things and the 
way we do things.”

 “Directed evolution has 
transformed how we make 
proteins and how we think 
about new protein catalysts,” 
says Jacqueline K. Barton, 
Caltech’s John G. Kirkwood 
and Arthur A. Noyes 
Professor of Chemistry 
and the Norman Davidson 
Leadership Chair of the 
Division of Chemistry and 
Chemical Engineering. 
“Through this work, she has 
broadened the repertoire of 
nature’s catalysts.”

 “Life—the biological 
world—is the greatest 
chemist, and evolution is her 
design process,” says Arnold. 
“I may not be the best 
chemist but I do appreciate 

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Written by Whitney Clavin /

From left to right; Helen Susan Rossi, Rucha Kadam, Lauren Michele Baydaline, Micaela Sue 
McElrath, Sherry Xiaorui Ma, Louise Deser Siskel, Ashley Symone Hackett. Photo D. Lee/MVNews.


 The Tournament of Roses 
selected Monday morning 
the seven members of 
the 2019 Royal Court. 
Applicants from 24 Pasadena 
area schools participated 
in the interview process. 
Volunteer members of the 
Tournament of Roses’ Queen 
and Court Committee made 
its selections based on a 
number of criteria including 
public speaking ability, 
academic achievement, youth 
leadership, and community 
and school involvement, 
Tournament officials said. 

 Officials added that the 
Royal Court will attend 
nearly 100 community and 
media functions, serving 
as ambassadors of the 
Tournament of Roses. The 
grand finale for the 2019 
Royal Court will ride on 
a float in the 130th Rose 
Parade and attending the 
105th Rose Bowl, both on 
Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

 The seven members of the 
2019 Royal Court are (in 
alphabetical order):

 Lauren Michele Baydaline is 
a senior at Westridge School 
and lives in South Pasadena. 
She is currently Secretary of 
the Associated Student Body, 
Founder and Head of Every 
Body Affinity, Head of book 
club, 3rd year Peer to Peer, 
Volunteer in Reading Rocks 
program at Hillsides, and a 
Camp Counselor at YMCA 

 Ashley Symone Hackett is 
a senior at John Muir High 
School and lives in Pasadena. 
She is currently a member 
of the Black Student Union, 
Pasadena Panthers Youth 
Cheer and Dance, John Muir 
Pep Squad, Secretary of the 
Associated Student Body, 
a dance trainer with Los 
Angeles Country Tiny Tots, 
activities leader with the VA 
of Greater Los Angeles, and 
youth leader at Metropolitan 
Baptist Church. 

 Rucha S. Kadam is a senior 
at La Cañada High School 
and lives in La Cañada 
Flintridge. She is currently a 
member of the LCHS Varsity 
soccer team, Assistance 
League of Flintridge, Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory 
(JPL) Space Academy, 2018 
Miss La Cañada Flintridge 
Royal Court, Local Control 
Accountability Plan (LCAP) 
Board, Parent Teacher 
Student Association (PTSA), 
California Scholarship 
Federation (CSF), Treasurer 
of LCHS Associated Student 
Body (ASB), Hackademia 
Director, and LCUSD 
Technology and Computer 
Science Intern.

 “Music is universal - it 
transcends the barriers of 
language, religion, race, 
culture, or ideological beliefs 
and culture.” she said. “Music 
can bring together people by 
connecting them through the 
feelings that all humans share 
with each other. Music has 
the ability to evoke our most 
raw and powerful emotions. 
Music can draw out 
experiences and memories 
that unify us, despite our 
differences. Music can have 
an immense impact on our 

 Sherry Xiaorui Ma is a senior 
at San Marino High School 
and lives in Temple City. She 
is currently Editor-in-Chief 
of the San Marino High 
School Titanian Yearbook, 
President and Founder of the 
Make-A-Wish Club, and a 
Varsity Basketball Manager.

 Micaela Sue McElrath is a 
senior at Westridge School 
and lives in Pasadena. She 
is currently an afterschool 
volunteer tutor with Stars, 
Vice President of the 12th 
grade class at Westridge 
School, 3rd year Peer to Peer 
Counselor, and a Teacher 
Assistant in a 4th grade 

 Helen Susan Rossi is 
a senior at Flintridge 
Preparatory School and lives 
in La Cañada Flintridge. She 
is currently a member or 
the Cooking Club, Diversity 
Club, Flint Leadership Club, 
and a Flintridge Prep Senior 
Leader. Helen’s community 
activities include National 
Charity League of Glendale, 
Senior Girl Scout, Troop 
7331, Hathaway Sycamores 
Tutor, Arthritis Foundation 
Intern and Arthritis 
Foundation 2018 Youth 

 Louise Deser Siskel is a senior 
at Sequoyah High School and 
lives in San Marino. She is 
currently a member of the 
Debate Team, and Judicial 
Committee at Sequoyah 
High School, YMCA Youth 
and Government, and 
researching breast cancer 
under Dr. Shehla Pervin at 
Charles R. Drew University 
of Medicine and Science.

 The announcement and 
coronation of the 101th Rose 
Queen and presentation 
of the 2019 Royal Court is 
on Tuesday, October 23, at 
5:30 p.m. at the Pasadena 

 Man Found Dead 
Outside the Rose 

13 Years

 Pasadena police are still 
looking for a suspect after a 
man was found dead Monday 
night from multiple stab 
wounds, near his car, out side 
the Rose Bowl.

 According to police 22-year-
old Demetrio Tapia Jr., was 
found dead just after 10 p.m. 
in Parking lot K. Witnesses 
told police that Tapia and the 
attacker got into an altercation. 
Police also do not think the 
attack was random. The feud 
may have started on social 
media police said.

 Anyone with information 
should call police at (626)744-
4241 or anonymous at 

 The 13th Annual Pasadena 
ARTWalk returns to the 
Playhouse District on 
Saturday, October 13th. 
Pasadena’s largest urban art 
fair highlights over 75 of the 
best Southern California 
visual artists showcasing 
painting, sculpture, 
watercolor, photography, 
ceramics, jewelry, drawings, 
and printmaking.

 This free event open to 
all ages will take place on 
Green Street and Madison 
Avenue in Pasadena from 
11am to 6pm. In addition 
to the juried show and sale, 
Pasadena ARTWalk offers 
art enthusiasts a feast for 
the senses with a public 
art, galleries, and artist 
exhibitions throughout the 

 There is something for 
everyone with hands-
on craft activities giant 
games, the popular spun 
chairs, guided tours, dinign 
deals, and live musical 

 The Pasadena ARTWalk is 
San Gabriel Valley’s largest 
urban art fair. The Pasadena 
ARTWalk features 
participating visual artists 
in a festival atmosphere, 
an ArtStroll, hands-on 
activities, entertainment, a 
guided walking tour and a 
lot more.

 The Playhouse District 
Association is a property 
based business district 
encompassing 32 blocks 
in the heart of Downtown 
Pasadena incorporated in 

 For more information on 
the Pasadena ArtWalk visit 
org/artwalk or call 

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center


 There is something for 
everyone in September 
at the Pasadena Senior 
Center, 85 E. Holly St. 
You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some 
events require advance 
reservations as noted.

 Screening Mimis 
Film Discussion Club – 
Tuesdays, Oct. 16, at 3 
p.m. Diehard film fans are 
invited to watch a movie 
the first and third Tuesday 
of every month, preceded 
by a presentation about 
the film’s hidden history 
and followed by lively 
discussion. Oct. 16: Once 
Were Warriors (1994 R) 
starring Rena Owen and 
Temuera Morrison. In 
New Zealand, a family 
descended from Maoris 
lives in a slum where the 
father’s alcoholism has 
affected his relationship 
with his wife and scarred 
their teenaged children 

 Caregiver Support Group – 
Wednesdays, Oct. 17, from 
1 to 2:30 p.m. If you are a 
caregiver for a loved one, 
you may be neglecting 
your own well-being due 
the stress of day-to-day 
tasks that ensure your 
loved one is comfortable, 
safe and provided for. This 
support group is intended 
to provide a meaningful 
time for caregivers to focus 
on their own feelings and 

 Friday Movie Matinees – 
Fridays, Oct. 12, 19 and 26, 
at 1 p.m. Everyone enjoys 
watching movies and the 
pleasures they bring. Oct. 
12: I Feel Pretty (2018, PG-
13) starring Amy Schumer 
and Michelle Williams. A 
woman who struggles with 
deep feelings of insecurity 
believes she is a confident 
and fearless supermodel 
after awaking from an 
accident. Oct. 19 – Won’t 
You Be My Neighbor? (2018, 
PG-13). This documentary 
takes an intimate look at 
the life, lessons and legacy 
of America’s favorite 
neighbor, Mr. Rogers. Oct. 
26: Overboard (2018, PG-
13) starring Anna Faris 
and Eugenio Derbez. In 
this remake of the 1987 
original, a rich, spoiled 
playboy from Mexico’s 
wealthiest family mistreats 
a single mom he has 
hired to clean his yacht, 
then falls overboard, 
wakes up with amnesia 
on the Oregon coast and 
is unwittingly subjected 
to payback from the 

 Stress and Chronic 
Conditions – Thursday, 
Oct. 11, at 10 a.m. Stress 
can affect people of 
all ages, genders and 
circumstances and can 
lead to physical and 
psychological health 
issues. Learn how stress 
can harm your health, 
and what to do about it. 
Presented by Anthem Blue 

 LA Opera Talk: Hansel 
and Gretel – Monday, Oct. 
15, at 1 p.m. An LA Opera 
community educator will 
lead guests through the 
enchanting opera Hansel 
and Gretel composed by 
Engelbert Humperdinck 
with libretto by his sister. 
Based on the beloved tale 
by the Brothers Grimm, 
the opera follows a young 
brother and sister who 
get lost in the woods 
where they discover a full-
sized gingerbread house 
festooned with candy 
and other sweets, but 
soon meet the owner of 
the house – a witch who 
proceeds to turn Gretel 
into a servant and begins 
to fatten up Hansel for the 

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is 
an independent, nonprofit 
organization that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social 
services to people ages 50 
and older.

Pet of the 

Milton (A466445) has 
such a contagious smile! 
This 5-year-old sweetheart 
was found as a stray in 
Pasadena about 2 weeks 
ago. He is now here at 
the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA looking 
for a new owner. He’s an 
energetic boy who loves 
his visits to the social yard 
where he can play and run 
around. Are you looking 
for a new running partner? 
Hiking buddy? We think 
Milton would love an 
athletic new friend. Come 
visit him today. 

 The adoption fee for 
dogs is $130. All dogs 
are spayed or neutered, 
microchipped, and 
vaccinated before going 
to their new home. 

 New adopters will receive 
a complimentary health-
and-wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, as 
well as a goody bag filled 
with information about 
how to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable 
pets at pasadenahumane.
org. Adoption hours are 
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 
through Friday; and 9 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot 
be held for potential 
adopters by phone calls or 


Sunday, Sept. 23rd 

1:10 AM – A vehicle 
vandalism occurred in the 
500 block of Ventura Street. 
Suspects were arrested and 
investigation is on-going. 

4:00 PM – A battery occurred 
in the 300 block of E. 
Woodbury Road. Suspects 
were identified as two 

4:45 PM – A domestic 
incident occurred in the area 
of Fair Oaks Avenue and 
Calaveras Street. Suspect has 
been identified. 

11:00 PM – A vehicle 
burglary occurred in the 1800 
block of Grand Oaks Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the vehicle 
via unknown means. Stolen: 

Monday, Sept. 24th 

11:43 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 1500 
block of Coolidge Avenue. 
Suspects(s) entered the 
residence by shattering the 
rear sliding glass door. Stolen: 

Tuesday, Sept. 25th 

10:50 PM – A domestic 
incident occurred in the 2500 
block of Lincoln Avenue. 
Suspect was arrested. 

Wednesday, Sept. 26th 

4:58 AM – A commercial 
burglary occurred in the 
2500 block of N. Fair Oaks 
Avenue. Suspects entered 
the location by shattering the 
front glass door. No items 
were taken. 

12:00 PM – A battery 
occurred in the 2200 block of 
Pinecrest Drive. Suspect has 
not been identified. 

4:00 PM – A petty theft 
from an unlocked vehicle 
occurred in the 2100 block 
of E. Washington Boulevard. 
Stolen: multicolor purse. 

Friday, Sept. 28th 

12:01 AM – A commercial 
burglary occurred in the 3100 
block of Glenrose Avenue. 
Damage: graffiti on exterior 

2:10 AM – Jeffrey Weathersby, 
54 years old of Los Angeles 
was arrested in the 2600 
block of N. Fair Oaks Avenue 
for under the influence of a 
controlled substance.

South Pasadena 
Police Warn of 
Car Break-ins

 Before you turn in for the 
night, remember to lock 
your car, take your keys and 
hide your belongings. These 
simple steps can help deter 
thieves looking for an easy 
target to steal from. Officers 
are stepping up patrols, but we 
also need your assistance to 
help prevent these crimes. 

 For South Pasadena Police 
Non-Emergency Calls 626-

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