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Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 12, 2019 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills



Steakhouses are sprouting up in our area like beads being 
given away at a Mardi Gras party. I think competition is good, 
especially for the consumer. You can go to Ruth’s Chris for 
happy hour and get a great glass of wine and a steak sandwich 
for less then $20. If that’s too rich for your blood, then consider 
the new Paul Martins on South Lake - a glass of house wine 
and portion of pork ribs runs about $18. I even discovered a 
burger for $16 here at Paul Martin’s Yes, that’s a deal when you 
consider a pint of beer is included.

 The perennial powerhouses like Taylor’s and The Arroyo 
Chop House don’t offer happy hour prices, but owner Gregg 
Smith contends that a favorable pour makes his customers 
happy. Taylor’s Steak House in La Canada offers a wine-by-the-
glass program that I think has very few rivals. In Eagle Rock, 
Colombo’s fancies themselves as an Italian Streak House, with a $26 porterhouse that is a great value, 
get a glass of Maddalena cab and you will pay like a pouper and eat like a king. 

 My friend and sommelier Robert Ramirez mentioned that the art of fine dining is just about dead, but 
high prices are still alive and well. However, one place that I consider very close to fine dining for you 
real high rollers is the executive happy hour by Alexander’s on North Los Robles. I’ve been there and 
loved the steak, but it is for high rollers. A glass of my favorite Taittinger will run you $25 for a glass, 
but their executive hour offers many wines at $10 a glass, so I still say it’s a good pour. Why does steak 
go so well with red wine? I am glad you asked! It’s because the tannins are higher in red wine and go 
well with the “fattiness” of red meat. 

 One last thought, 72 percent of all women find men who can discuss wine and food more attractive 
then men who discuss politics. Hear, hear; I’ll vote for that.

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