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Mountain Views-News Saturday, March 30, 2019 

Mountain View News Saturday, March 30, 2019 

Pacific Asia Museum 
Appoints New Director

 City Strengthens Tenant Protections

Arrests Made 
in Insurance 
Fraud Scheme

 The city council voted 
unanimously Monday night 
to amend the city’s Tenant 

Ordinance to “include situations 
in which eligible tenants are 
displaced —resulting from large 
rent increase, lease termination, 
or eviction— in connection 
with a change in ownership of 
the rental property.” 

 Other changes included, that 
a new property owner would 
be required to comply with 
tenant protection if a large rent 
increase, lease termination or 
eviction is issued to tenants 
within 18 months after the 
date of change in property 

 According to city staff, “A rent 
increase will be considered to be 
large if it exceeds CPI +

5 percent in a 12-month period.” 

 A second modification 
increases the relocation 
allowance amount to 2.5 times 
the HUD Fair Market Rent. 
Currently, the relocation 
allowance base amount is twice 

 A third modification require 
owners to pay relocation 
allowance to tenants who have 

continuous tenancy for a 
minimum period of 10 years. 
Each additional year of tenancy 
after 10 years would qualify 
the tenant for an increase of 
10 percent, with a max of 200 
percent, 20 or more years of 

 “We’ve given the staff, sort 
of, an impossible task here,” 
Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek 
said. “Because we asked them 
to try and find some equity in 
some of the more potentially 
outrageous cases to try and not 
to do rent control because there 
wasn’t an appetite on the council 
to have a rent control ordinance”

 He continued, “But to at least 
in some of the more egregious 
cases to try and mitigate that 
in a fair way to both property 
owners and to renters.” 

 Both Councilmembers, Gene 
Masuda and Victor Gordo 
said they worried about 
consequences of rents below 
market values. Masuda said he 
thinks many landlords would 
immediately raise rents to 
market values if they passed 
the new restrictions. Pasadena 
Senior Project Manager James 
Wong said the city did not have 
data on the number of units 
below market value. 

 Gordo said he also worried 
that tenants that were close to 
occupying a units for 10 years 
could be evicted because of that.

 Eligible tenants must be in 
good standing with incomes not 
exceeding 140 percent of the Los 
Angeles County area median 
income. For a 2-bedroom unit, 
the current relocation allowance 
is $3,326. The moving expense 
allowance is currently $1,199 for 
adult households and $3,608 for 
households with dependents, 
disabled or senior members. 

 During public comments many 
people told stories of themselves 
or others unable to pay rent 
because of skyrocketing rents. 
Many said it is common to pay 
half their salaries to rent. Others 
said that 56 percent of Pasadena 
are renters.

Some called the modifications a 
way to deceive the public away 
from a true rent control laws.

 Councilmember Margaret 
McAustin called for a solution 
of building more housing units 
in the city.

 Councilmember Tyron 
Hampton, who made the 
motion, also asked that staff 
to return in 12 months with 
additional data on rental 
housing increases in the city, 
including how many units are 
below market value. 

Following an international 
search, the USC Pacific Asia 
Museum and USC Provost’s 
Office announced today 
the appointment of cultural 
historian, Dr. Bethany 
Montagano as USC PAM’s next 

 A visionary and creative 
museum curator, Dr. Montagano 
comes to USC PAM from the 
Skirball Cultural Center in Los 
Angeles, where she served as 
senior Curator. For the past 
three years, she originated 
major art, photography and 
fashion exhibitions designed 
to advance the Skirball’s 
mission to inspire visitors to 
create a more just society. She 
curated Pop for the People: Roy 
Lichtenstein in L.A., Black is 
Beautiful: The Photography of 
Kwame Brathwaite and most 
recently Fearless Fashion: 
Rudi Gernreich, where she 
worked with Humberto Leon of 
Opening Ceremony and Kenzo 
to bring this values driven 
fashion exhibition to life.

 As director of USC PAM, 
Dr. Montagano will assume 
leadership of the first university 
affiliated art museum dedicated 
to the arts and cultures of Asia 
and the Pacific Islands, holding 
an extraordinary collection 
of 17,000 objects. After a 
seventeen month closure for a 
seismic retrofit to strengthen the 
building, the museum reopened 
in December 2017 with updated 
galleries, a new museum store 
and secondary branding. Its 
most recent exhibitions have 
traveled internationally and 

 Interim Director, Selma 
Holo, who led the search 
committee comprised of USC 
administrators, faculty and 
artists, said, “Bethany brings 
to USC PAM an extraordinary 
knowledge in cultural curation, 
as well as museum management. 
She has done amazing work at 
the Skirball in bringing cross 
cultural exhibitions, something 
that is at the heart of USC 
PAM’s mission of intercultural 
understanding. Bethany is a 
seasoned museum professional, 
and a dynamic leading force 
in the museum field. We are 
thrilled to have her start.”

 Dr. Montagano said, “I hope 
to bring a strong sense of 
inclusivity and access to the 
USC Pacific Asia Museum and 
ensure that all feel honored and 
welcome at the Museum.”

 USC Provost, Michael Quick 
adds, “This is an exciting 
time for the USC Pacific 
Asia Museum, the first U.S. 
university museum exclusively 
dedicated to the arts of Asia 
and the Pacific Islands. We 
are sure that Dr. Montagano’s 
energy and expertise in the 
museum field will revitalize 
the exhibitions, programs, and 
cultural outreach.”

 Dr. Montagano earned her 
Bachelor of Arts degree in 
Asian Studies, and studied at 
Kansai Gaidai University in 
Osaka Japan. She has a master’s 
degree in Museum Studies 
and earned her doctorate in 
American History with an 
emphasis on gender, race 
and cultural representation 
from the University of Notre 
Dame. Dr. Montagano played a 
formidable role in the opening 
of the Smithsonian National 
Museum of African American 
History and Culture. Currently, 
she is senior Curator of the 
Skirball Cultural Center, she 
will assume her post at the USC 
Pacific Asia Museum on May 9.

 Five people were arrested 
at five different locations last 
week including Pasadena, 
stemming from a coordinated 
police search warrant over a 
structure fire October 9, 2017 
at Kustom Built, an automotive 
customization and repair shop 
in the city of Monrovia. 

 On Monday the Los Angeles 
County District Attorney’s 
Office filed 10 felony counts 
including conspiracy to 
commit arson, arson of a 
structure, arson of property, 
conspiracy to commit 
insurance fraud, and using a 
device to accelerate a fire on 
defendants Alan Sosa, Delmy 
Diaz and Daniel Garcia. 

 To date, over $200,000 in 
insurance claims have been 
filed for the vehicles that were 
in the auto shop. The total 
loss as a result of the fire and 
criminal activity is estimated 
at over $4 million. Insurance 
adjusters calculated this 
estimate in the early stages of 
the investigation. The estimate 
included the total loss of the 
structure, which contained 
five separate businesses. The 
structure sits vacant to this 

 Sosa is currently being held at 
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s 
Department with bail set 
at $425,000. Garcia's bail is 
currently set at $1.425 million. 
Diaz' bail set at $425,000. 
Their next scheduled court 
appearance will be on April 
11 at Pasadena Courthouse in 
Department D.

 “Investigators with the 
Verdugo Arson Task Force 
led a thorough and sustained 
investigation, collaborating 
with several partner agencies. 
This fire devastated several 
local businesses, so to see 
the individuals responsible 
be formally charged is very 
rewarding. Our communities 
are very fortunate to have this 
well-organized and highly-
capable task force working 
hard on our behalves,” said 
Monrovia Fire Chief Brad 

New Pasadena Public Health 
Outreach Response Team

PWP Meeting 
on Water 
Rates Change

 The Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD), in 
partnership with Pasadena Fire 
Department, has launched the 
Pasadena Outreach Response 
Team (PORT). This project is 
supported through a grant from 
the Substance Abuse Mental 
Health Services Administration 
(SAMHSA) for a period of 
five years. PORT’s goal is to 
identify individuals impacted 
by chronic homelessness and, 
through supportive services 
and case management, assist 
them in moving off the streets 
into permanent housing. 

 The grant funding received 
by PPHD has allowed staff 
to develop and implement 
a creative and innovative 
approach to managing the 
growing needs for both 
individuals and families 
experiencing homelessness. The 
project incorporates validated, 
evidence-based practices 
tailored to the needs of 
Pasadena’s homeless population. 
PORT is a partnership 
between City departments and 
community providers to help 
homeless individuals overcome 
the issues contributing to their 

 PORT is a street-based 
approach that engages, assesses, 
serves and provides links to 
housing opportunities for 
those experiencing chronic 
homelessness, severe mental 
illness, substance use disorders, 
physical disabilities and complex 
chronic health conditions. The 
PORT team is comprised of a 
case manager (social worker), 
public health nurse, firefighter, 
and an outreach worker from 
Union Station Homeless 
Services. Since its inception in 
late 2018, PORT has enrolled 
107 individuals, ranging from 
ages 20-79.

 According to the City of 
Pasadena 2018 Homeless 
Count, there has been a 
significant increase in the 
number of individuals 
experiencing homelessness, 
especially among older adults. 
At the time of the count, there 
were 677 people experiencing 
homelessness, which was an 
18% increase from the count in 
2017 (575) and a 28% increase 
from 2016 (530).

 Michael Johnson, Director 
of Pasadena’s Public Health 
Department said “Due to its 
complex nature and the urgent 
need to address the health 
and social disparities faced 
by the homeless population, 
innovative approaches are 
needed to facilitate access to 
vital services, such as medical 
care, mental health...” 

PORT Street-Based Services 

· Outreach

· Intensive case management

· Basic health screenings

· Linkage to housing programs

· Supportive services

 For more information on 
PORT contact PPHD’s Social 
and Mental Health Division at 
(626) 744-6339.

 Pasadena Water and 
Power is proposing 
important changes to our 
water rates, and would 
like feedback. Attend an 
upcoming community 
meeting on Thursday, April 
11 at 6:30 p.m. at Robinson 
Park OR Thursday, April 
25 at 6:30PM at PCC 
Community Education 

 At a meeting in February 
PWP presented the 
proposed water rate 
adjustments to the 
Municipal Services 
Committee and 
recommended the City 
Council to consider 
adopting the following 
proposed water rate 

Eliminate the rate 
differentials in the 
Distribution and Customer 
(“D&C”) Charge, 
Commodity Charge, and 
the Capital Improvement 
Charge (“CIC”) for 
customers located outside 
the city limits to be effective 
June 1, 2019;

Eliminate the winter and 
summer (“seasonal”) 
rate differentials in the 
Commodity and CIC 
charges for all customers to 
be effective August 1;

Increase the D&C Charge 
for all customers which 
would increase the system 
average rate by 5.7% to 
generate annual revenue of 
$3.4 million to be effective 
August 1;

Increase the D&C Charge 
for all customers which 
would increase the system 
average by 5.8% to generate 
annual revenue of $3.7 
million to be effective July 
1, 2020; and,

Increase the Commodity 
Charge which would 
increase the system average 
by 0.7% to generate annual 
revenue of $0.5 million to 
be effective July 1, 2020.

 Staff is recommending 
that a Public Hearing be 
set on May 13 at 7 PM to 
receive public comment on 
the proposed changes to 
the water rates and that the 
City Council take action to 
implement the changes at 
that time.

 For more information 
visit: cityofpasadena.

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center


 There is something for 
everyone in December at the 
Pasadena Senior Center, 85 E. 
Holly St.

 You do not have to be a member 
to attend. Some events require 
advance reservations as 


 Tax Time – Wednesdays 
and Fridays through April 
12 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. 
Representatives from the AARP 
Foundation’s Tax-Aide program 
will assist low- to middle-
income filers in preparing 
their federal income tax 
returns. There is no age limit. 
Appointments are required: 

 Sages and Seekers – Tuesdays 
to April 30, from 3 to 4:15 
p.m. In tribal cultures, elders 
have a vital role as keepers of 
memories and wisdom, and 
younger members learn from 
them. Sages and Seekers is an 
intergenerational program that 
brings together teens and older 
adults to share experiences. 
On a one-on-one basis, sages 
describe highlights of their lives 
and what they have learned 
from their experiences, and 
seekers weave that knowledge 
into essays honoring the sages.

 Diabetes Workshop 
– Mondays, April 2 to April 
15, from 1 to 3 p.m. If you 
orsomeone you care about is 
diabetic or pre-diabetic, this 
series encourage you to make 
lifestyle changes while learning 
more about your diabetes and 
how it affects your health. 
Registration is required: 

 Screening Mimis Film 
Discussion Group – Tuesdays, 
April 2 and 16, at 1:30 p.m. 
Diehard film fans are invited 
to watch a movie the first and 
third Tuesday of every month, 
preceded by a presentation about 
the film’s hidden history and 
followed by lively discussion. 
Popcorn will be provided. April 
2: “Angels & Insects” (1995, 
R) starring Mark Rylance and 
Kristin Scott Thomas. In the 
1800s a naturalist marries into 
a family of British country 
gentry. April 16: “Scotty & the 
Secret History of Hollywood” 
(2017, unrated) starring Scotty 
Bowers and Lois Bowers. A 
portrait of unsung Hollywood 
legend Scotty Bowers, whose 
bestselling memoir chronicled 
his decades spent as sexual 
procurer to the stars.

 Scenic Walkers Club – 
Wednesdays, April 3 to 24, at 
9 a.m. Join this new group for a 
series of leisurely walks to enjoy 
the great outdoors and get some 
exercise. Alan Colville will 
give you a list of items to bring, 
let you know what to expect, 
provide detailed itineraries and 
arrange transportation. For 
more information or to sign up, 

 Pain, the Universal Disorder - 
Thursday, April 4 at 10:00 a.m.

Learn about the causes of pain, 
the importance of treating it, 
and fears and complications 
surrounding treatment. This 
presentation will explore 
some ways to manage pain 
with traditional as well as 
complementary medicine. 
Presented by Kathy Eastwood, 
R.N., Huntington Hospital. 

 “This Chair Rocks: A 
Manifesto Against Ageism,” 
Author Ashton Applewhite 
Talks About Ageism - Friday, 
April 5 at 6:00 p.m.

Don’t miss this rare 
opportunity to meet author 
and TED Talk speaker Ashton 
Applewhite discuss her book 
This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto 
Against Ageism. A dynamic 
and entertaining speaker, 
Ms. Applewhite urges us all 
to dismantle the dread and 
mobilize against ageism – 
the last socially acceptable 
prejudice. Reservations can 
be made online at www., 
or at the Welcome Desk, or by 
calling (626) 795 – 4331.

 Friday Movie Matinees – 
Fridays at 1 p.m. Everyone 
enjoys movies and the pleasures 
they bring. April 5: “A Star is 
Born” (2018,R) starring Lady 
Gaga and Bradley Cooper. A 
musician helps a young singer 
find fame, even as age and 
alcoholism send his own career 
into a downward spiral. April 
12: “Bohemian Rhapsody” 
(2018, PG-13) starring Rami 
Malek and Lucy Boynton. The 
story of the legendary rock band 
Queen and lead singer Freddie 
Mercury, leading up to their 
famous performance at Live 
Aid (1985). The film is based on 
true events. 

 For more information visit: or 
call 626-795-4331.

 Founded in 1960, the 
Pasadena Senior Center is an 
independent, donor-supported 
nonprofit organization that 
offers recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services to 
people ages 50 and older.

Pet of the 

We would like to share a 
message from Nala with you, 
“Dearest Person, I have heard 
myself described as having an 
old soul. I think that’s true, 
although I’m just a 2-year-
old pup. In all honesty, life 
has held some challenges, 
but joy is a gift I’m looking 
to give and receive. My name 
is Nala which holds the 
meaning, ‘gift’. Could we be 
a gift to one another? Could 
you be my soulmate? I hope 
so very much. My person 
would be an intuitive human 
that could guide me towards 
finding balance. A family 
that could help me become 
more trusting and confident. 
I would love a chance to start 
a new journey filled with 
life’s gifts; peace, love and 
happiness. Yours, Nala.”

 The adoption fee for dogs is 
$140. All dogs are spayed or 
neutered, microchipped, and 
vaccinated before going to 
their new home. 

 New adopters will receive a 
complimentary health-and-
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information about how to 
care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable 
pets at 
Adoption hours are 11 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. Sunday; 9 a.m. to 5 
p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 
and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters by 
phone calls or email.


Monday, March 18th

3:00 PM – A cruelty to an 
animal and battery occurred 
in the area of Mount Wilson 
Road. Suspect described as a 
male , Black, approximately 63 
years old, 6 feet, 220 lbs., with 
grey dreadlocks. No significant 
injuries were reported.

8:14 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 2500 
block of Santa Anita Avenue. 
Vehicle described as a gray 2010 
Honda Accord 2-door.

Tuesday, March 19th

7:30 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 1500 
block of N. Harding Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
by shattering the window. 
Stolen: collectible coins and 

3:00 PM – A vehicle burglary 
occurred in the 2100 block of 
Lincoln Avenue. Suspect(s) 
entered the vehicle by shattering 
the window. Stolen: silver 
handbag, cosmetic bag, and a 
necklace with white stones.

10:35 PM – A petty theft from 
an unlocked vehicle occurred 
in the 1600 block of Oakwood 
Street. Stolen: black NY Film 
Academy backpack, school ID, 
earrings, and currency.

Wednesday, March 20th

5:50 PM – Santos Perez, 25 
years old of Los Angeles and 
Josephine Gallas, 23 years old 
of Los Angeles were arrested 
in the 2600 block of Porter 
Avenue for residential burglary 
and possession of a controlled 

Thursday, March 21st

1:38 AM – A residential 
vandalism occurred in the 
2400 block of Lincoln Avenue. 
Suspect has been identified.

7:00 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 1100 
block of E. Mariposa Street. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
by shattering the window. 
Stolen: black Swiss Army watch 
and currency.

Friday, March 22nd

4:52 AM – A commercial 
burglary occurred in the 2300 
block of N. Fair Oaks Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the location 
by shattering the glass door. 
Stolen: black cash register and 
boxes of cigarettes.

10:00 AM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 2000 
block of N. Raymond Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the residence 
via unknown means. Stolen: 
LED Milwaukee 18v flood light, 
blue JBL Bluetooth speaker, 
black radio cable, and tools.

8:00 PM – A vehicle vandalism 
occurred in the 100 block of W. 
Loma Alta Drive. Vehicle spray 
painted by unknown suspect(s).

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