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TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills


“Time in a Bottle” was a hit song by singer/songwriter Jim Croce. A 
question I am asked almost weekly basis is “does wine get better as it 
spends more time in a bottle?” Answer is “yes… and no”. Philipe Jeandet 
is a professor at University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in France, and 
was lucky enough to discover a shipwreck that had quite a cargo. Gold? 
No, champagne. Jeandet and his crew brought all 168 bottles to the 
surface, and actually opened one on the spot. First tastes were fantastic. 
Given his knowledge of bubbles, his first guess was that they were at least 
100 years old. The bottles had no boxes or labels, so after a few years 
of inspecting the corks and bottle engravings his group decided that the 
champagne was over 200 years old. It’s home at the bottom of the Baltic 
Sea provided total darkness and a temperature of 35 degrees, aided by the 
compression of depth for the discovery, perfect for storing wine.

Your home wine cellar provides somewhat different conditions than the 
bottom of the Baltic Sea, so getting back to the question above, does wine get better with age? Yes, 
wines that are expensive or rare will get better. No, most wine is produced to drink now. In fact, 
up to 90% of wines don’t actually get any better with ageing. Many of us will let our wines breathe, 
especially the reds, and that’s fine. I suggest using a large wine glass with enough room to swirl your 
wine around, watch the legs on the glass, and drink. Many of my class “A” sommelier friends contend 
that if it’s not ready drink, it isn’t ready to buy. I agree!!

As for champagne, my storage procedure (for a single bottle or case) is to simply leave it on the 
floor of my closet, laying each bottle sideways. Champagne, for many, is only for special occasions, 
whereas for me it is a weekly toast. You should only put champagne in the refrigerator when you are 
ready to serve it. Once opened it will only last a few hours, so make sure you have plenty of help to 
drink it. My bottom line on the subject is to let the supermarkets and wine shops take care of the 
storage for you. They have the right equipment, and it is a heck of job (and a lot of money) to build 
your own wine cellar.

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