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Mountain View News Saturday, April 13, 2019 


I believe God created the dog with a capacity to feel, among many 
things, empathy and compassion. I didn’t used to believe this. 
When I was younger I was told it would be sacrilegious to assign 
that much meaning to an animal’s way of thinking, but having spent 
countless hours with numerous dogs of all types over the years, I 
am now totally convinced it is so. And I believe that God planned 
it that way - to create a loveable creature that would properly 
manage the task of encouraging and loving those around them.

All one has to do is simply observe the behavior of a canine for a short while, to begin to understand that there is more 
going on inside than initially meets the eye. Here is a perfect example; Among the many fantastic furry four-leggers I have 
on my friends list, are two pups named Bo and Dixie. They live together along with two cats, Gus & Darby and their two 
humans, Jim & Janis. The two dogs are not blood-related nor are they the exact same breed - Bo is a cute curly-haired, 
standard size Labradoodle and Dixie is a sweet, petite purebred yellow lab - yet they clearly regard one another as complete 
equals and show full mutual respect.

Although they come from different backgrounds and there is a healthy gap between their ages - Bo is 11 years old and 
Dixie is a mere youngster at the age of 3 - they hit it off right away. They became instant friends and have been getting 
along famously since the first day they met. I should probably explain that prior to Dixie’s arrival on Bo’s turf, he had had 
another sister-dog named Loucie, several years his senior, who passed away a few years ago. Now, Dixie just so happens to 
resemble Loucie, and remarkably so. And, during that “between time” after Loucie’s death and before Dixie’s arrival, I must 
say poor Bo was beside himself. He would cry anytime he was left alone.

So, now Bo has a new little sister named Dixie and she is one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful dogs I believe I’ve 
ever met. You might be wondering how I know all that about a dog who can’t talk and tell me what she thinks or feels. Well, 
I’ll tell you…I know it from the way she behaves! She doesn’t have to talk the talk, because she walks the walk.

When Dixie came along, Bo suddenly gained a new attitude. He has always been a gentle giant, always wanting to meet 
and interact with others, regardless of their species. But after Loucie died, he seemed depressed and lonely. That is, until 
Jim and Janis introduced Dixie to the family. That’s when the lights came back on in Bo’s gorgeous golden eyes. It was like 
giving a child a new toy. He walked with renewed vigor, with his thick curly tail wagging wildly back and forth, nodding his 
darling head up and down like a pony who just won at show. Yes, that Bo was one happy boy again when Dixie came along.

It has been a couple of years since Bo and Dixie first met and moved in together, and they are absolutely inseparable now. 
They share a bond stronger than words can describe. Dixie assumed her role as little sister so graciously, and Bo invited 
her in with open paws. Their body language and behavior toward each other tells it all. It is a true love story. You see, Bo 
is moving up in his years and his body sometimes lags behind his young mind and energetic attitude. It is obvious that, if 
given the opportunity to have a new body, that big ole boy would jump at the chance.

Bo just loves to go for walks and his favorite part about getting out is meeting new people. Most dogs I know are content 
to be led on leash, just to sniff all the great scents and watch for squirrels. But for Bo, it’s all about socializing. Whenever 
he sees a person while we are out walking, he gets all excited about greeting them. That person might be half a block away, 
and Bo’s tail is already swishing to and fro with anticipation of having an interlude with a perfect stranger.

Oh, the lessons I learn from my canine companions. They are excellent teachers of kindness and good character. Dixie 
could easily run ahead of her older brother and leave him behind to fend for himself. But, no, she would never do that. She 
makes a point of walking within a range that she knows Bo can keep up with. Some days Bo’s joints just don’t want to work 
as smoothly as his youthful mind does, so he has to move slower than he‘d prefer. As we move along at Bo‘s comfortable 
pace, Dixie leads the way but she is constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure Bo is close behind, because (I 
believe) she is truly concerned about her big brother.

It is clear to me that Dixie knows Bo is dealing with an aging body, and she wants to comfort him. She has an uncanny 
way of going slow so Bo can keep up, without letting him know. To me that exhibits respect for his dignity…empathy and 
compassion. I have no doubt that this is what is going on inside the mind of that darling lab. She could easily show Bo up 
by running ahead as if to win the race, but instead she does whatever it takes to make him feel like he is top dog.

I love Dixie and Bo so much, just as I love all the 
precious pups I get to spend time with. I really 
don’t know what I would do without them in my 
life. Of course, I have a human family and plenty 
of human friends, but there is nothing like having 
a close relationship with a kind canine.

In Loving memory of Bo, precious gentle giant. 
(Original print - April, 2015)

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc



Twyla is a total lap cat and loves 
people. At just under age 1, she is 
super friendly and affectionate. She 
likes to sleep with you and cuddle. 
She’s vocal too and talks to you with 
her sweet little meows. Twyla would 
be great with small children who 
would play with her and give her 
lots of attention. She likes having 
her foster mommy all to herself and 
chases the resident boy kitties away. Although she’s still young, she 
may prefer to be the only kitty in the house. Contact her foster mom 
at 626-808-8557. See more pictures of Twyla and her video at www. & go to our Independently Rescued page.


Bradley is a handsome multi-colored Chihuahua mix 
boy who was transferred to the San Gabriel Valley 
Humane Society from an LA City Shelter. He is 5 years 
old. Bradley seems to be new to walking on leash, so 
he needs more practice and training, but he loves 
getting out for walks to the park with other shelter 
dogs his size. He has made some new friends in his 
pack, and tries to engage in play with them. He also 
seems to enjoy playing with toys and will fetch a ball if 
thrown for him. Bradley has the potential to be a great 
addition to a family who will give him time to adjust 
to a new home where he is safe and loved. Come and 
meet Bradley - he is eager to start a new life out of 
the shelter. His adoption fee is $130, which includes 
neuter surgery, microchip, first vaccinations and a free wellness check-up at a participating veterinarian.

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