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Mountain View News Saturday, May 4, 2019 




We wanted to let everyone know that additional parking is 
coming to Old Town! During the past sev-eral years, the 
City has been engaged in discussions with representatives 
from Monrovia Lime, LLC, regarding the possibility of obtaining 
the right to utilize the ~150 parking spaces located 
on Lime Ave-nue, just east of Ivy Avenue, as illustrated in 
the map below in yellow. The smaller of the two lots is 
located between First Indonesian Baptist Church and the 
George Anderson House Museum. The larg-er of the two 
lots is just east of the Anderson House.

We are happy to report that after more than a year of dialogue, 
the City has now acquired the right to utilize those 
two parking lots, which will be available for general public 
use by the end of May 2018. During the next few weeks, 
City crews will be working to make minor upgrades to 
both parking lots (weed control, lights, new painting, etc.), 
and we anticipate that the lots will be available for public 
use soon thereafter. We will be certain to keep everyone 
apprised of our progress moving ahead.

City Executes A Well Orchestrated Hazardous Materials 
Response At 212 North Myrtle Avenue

Last week, various teams from the City coordinated with 
aplomb in responding to a hazardous materi-als issues at 
212 North Myrtle Avenue. By way of background, last 
weekend, the City received a com-plaint about possible issues 
occurring on site. When our public safety units responded 
initially, the garage at the property was closed, 
and there were no visible signs of hazardous materials. To 
that end, our team didn’t just ignore the issue, but in fact, 
started working on the matter on multiple fronts.

First, our public safety personnel started the process of obtaining 
a warrant to access the property, in the event that 
the resident was non-cooperative. In addition, this past 
Monday, our Community De-velopment Department personnel 
worked in concert with our Fire Department and 
Police Department in an attempt to convince the resident 
to allow us to inspect the property for possible dangers. 
After some work, City personnel did receive permission 
to investigate the situation, and a variety of hazard-ous 
chemicals and materials were discovered on scene in large 
quantities. Eventually, as the response effort continued, it 
was determined that the resident was manufacturing illegal 
drugs, and the individ-ual was eventually arrested.

All told, our team at the City collectively spent hundreds 
of hours last week responding to this incident, and we are 
so pleased with the way that everything turned out. Many 
thanks to the vigilant neighbors in the area who alerted the 
City to the situation, and kudos to our Community Development, 
Police Department, and Fire Department teams 
for their excellent work in addressing this situation!


For the period of Sunday, April 21st, through Saturday, April 27th, 
the Police Department responded to 917 calls for service, of which 
122 required formal investigations. The following is a summary 
report of the major incidents handled by the Department during 
this period.

Sunday, April 21:

1. Shortly before 1:13 a.m., officers responded to Lucky 
Pharmacy, 1108 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding the activation 
of an Arcadia Police Department GPS tracking device. An 
investigation revealed two unknown suspects shattered the 
front glass door, ransacked the business, and fled with stolen 
medication and the tracking device. The suspects discarded the 
tracker while driving east on the 210 Freeway. The investigation 
is ongoing. 
2. At approximately 6:49 a.m., an officer responded to the 
76 Gas Station, 102 East Duarte Road, regarding a commercial 
burglary report. Surveillance footage revealed an unknown 
suspect shattered the front glass door with a rock, stole numerous 
cartons of cigarettes, and fled on foot. The investigation is 

Monday, April 22:

3. Just after 4:59 p.m., officers responded to a residence in 
the 00 block of Andrea Lane regarding a report of a suspicious 
vehicle. Arriving officers witnessed one suspect exiting the home 
carrying stolen property. Two additional suspects were seen 
inside the suspect vehicle, which then fled and a short pursuit 
ensued. Officers arrested a 21-year-old female from Yuma, 
Arizona, a 20-year-old male from Azusa, and an 18-year-old 
male from El Monte. 
4. At approximately 7:41 p.m., an officer responded to 
Sunglass Hut, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a grand 
theft report. Surveillance footage revealed two suspects stole 
approximately $10,900.00 worth of sunglasses. 

The suspects are described as black males, 20 to 24-years-old, 
both with thin builds. One suspect was wearing a black sweatshirt 
with “Self Love” written on the back and the other suspect was 
wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt with “NYC” on the front. The 
investigation is ongoing. 

Tuesday, April 23:

5. Around 1:29 a.m., officers responded to the 700 block 
of South Golden West Avenue regarding the activation of 
an Arcadia Police Department GPS tracking device. Officers 
discovered the suspect stole landscaping equipment containing 
the tracking device and led the officers on a pursuit until the 
pursuit was deemed too unsafe to continue. A short time later, 
the officers located the abandoned vehicle and stolen property. 
The investigation is ongoing. 
6. Just before 3:17 p.m., an officer responded to the front 
counter of the Arcadia Police Department regarding a stolen 
vehicle report. An investigation revealed the victim’s car was 
stolen and used in the commission of the aforementioned 
landscape equipment theft and pursuit. The investigation is 

Wednesday, April 24:

7. At about 10:48 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in 
the 400 block of South Santa Anita Avenue regarding a vandalism 
report. The officer discovered unknown suspect(s) spray painted 
“TH” on an alley wall. No suspects were seen and no witnesses 
were located. 
8. Shortly after 3:57 p.m., an officer responded to Albertsons, 
298 East Live Oak Avenue, regarding a vehicle burglary report. 
The victim stated the rear window of her vehicle had been 
smashed and the unknown suspect fled with her cellphone and 
change. Surveillance footage revealed the suspect was wearing all 
black clothing. The investigation is ongoing. 

Thursday, April 25:

9. Before 9:25 a.m., officers responded to the Arcadia Police 
Department front counter regarding a theft report. An unknown 
suspect stole the victim’s purse from her shopping cart while she 
was loading her vehicle after shopping at H Mart, 1101 West 
Huntington Drive. Surveillance footage showed a female suspect 
fleeing the location in a dark colored car. The investigation is 
10. Around 10:31 p.m., an officer responded to the 1000 block 
of South Baldwin Avenue regarding a male subject stumbling out 
of his vehicle. Upon contacting the driver, the officer detected a 
strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath. Through a series 
of tests, the officer determined the 39-year-old male from Arcadia 
was driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and had 
a blood alcohol content of .242%. The suspect was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking.

Friday, April 26: 

11. At about 2:39 a.m., officers responded to an audible 
alarm activation at Tee Top of California, 11801 Goldring Road. 
An investigation revealed the suspect smashed a window causing 
the alarm to activate. It us unknown if the suspect entered the 
location or if any loss occurred. The investigation is ongoing. 
12. Just before 10:50 a.m., an officer responded to Arcadia 
Congregational Church, 2607 South Santa Anita Avenue, 
regarding a vandalism report. Sometime between Wednesday, 
April 24th and Thursday, April 25th, an unknown suspect broke 
three window panes for no apparent reason. No suspects were 
seen and no witnesses were located. 

Saturday, April 27:

13. Shortly after 9:37 a.m., an officer responded to the Arcadia 
Police Department front counter regarding a fraud report. 
While in a dating relationship with the suspect, the victim was 
influenced to open a checking account and deposit a large sum of 
money. The suspect helped the victim open the checking account 
and began withdrawing money without the victim’s knowledge 
or permission. The total loss is $45,000.00. The suspect, a 58-year-
old male from Temple City, is outstanding at the time of this 

14. At approximately 4:00 p.m., an officer responded to a 
residence in the 200 block of West Lemon Avenue regarding a 
mail theft report. An investigation revealed the suspect tampered 
with the victim’s mail box and likely stole the victim’s mail. No 
suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 

By Joan Schmidt

Just recently, Chief Guthrie 
implemented an Area Command 
Community Partnership 
Program. The objective of the 
Area Commander Program is to 
effectively address crime issues 
and improve quality of life issues 
within the City of Arcadia. 

The City is divided into five 
geographic areas following the 
recently enacted voting districts 
with each area represented 
by a police lieutenant. Each 
lieutenant is accountable for 
understanding the issues and 
concerns that are 

unique to their respective areas. 


The Area Commanders will act 
as liaisons with the residents, 
businesses and community 
organizations within each 
district. This partnership will 
enhance the police department’s 
ability to develop strategies and 
direct the 

proper resources to both 
educe crime and solve unique 
community problems.

The long-term objective is to 
ensure that the City of Arcadia 
receives the most efficient and 
professional policing services 
possible. The Area commander 

Program is just one of the 
many steps the Arcadia Police 
Department has implemented 
to help achieve our mission of 
“Making A Difference” in our 


Pictured above - Sgt. Jason Davis


Arcadia Police Officers will be joining in a Special Enforcement 
Week with other Los Angeles County police agencies and Safety 
Belt Safe USA focusing on child safety restraint laws. Safety Belt 
Safe USA is a non-profit solely de-voted to child passenger safety. 

Based on data from the California Highway Patrol, more than 80% 
of the chil-dren under four years of age killed in traffic collisions 
since 1990 died in sur-vivable crashes. In other words, had these 
children been properly buckled up they would have survived. 

Although we take these laws seriously year round, we will be focusing 
on child safety restraint laws next week. Beginning on Monday, 
March 25, 2019 through Saturday, May 4, 2019, Arcadia Police Officers 
will be looking for violations and making enforcement stops. 
In addition to child safety restraint laws, we will be enforcing adult 
safety restraint laws as well. 

Current California Law:

• Children under 2 years of age shall ride in a rear-facing car 
seat unless the child weighs 40 or more pounds OR is 40 or more 
inches tall. The child shall be secured in a manner that complies 
with the height and weight limits specified by the manufacturer of 
the car seat. (California Vehicle Code Section 27360.)

• Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or 
booster seat in the back seat.

• Children who are 8 years of age or have reached 4’9” in 
height may be secured by a booster seat, but at a minimum must be 
secured by a safety belt. (California Vehicle Code Section 27363.)

• Passengers who are 16 years of age and over are subject to 
California's Mandatory Seat Belt law. 

 Additional information about Safety Belt Safe USA can be found at:

 Remember that wearing your seat belt, and ensuring your children 
are proper-ly secured in a car seat, could save a life. 


Story and Photo By: 
Claudia Heller

Plates of pasta, prizes 
galore and the filling 
of scholarship coffers 
were at the forefront 
on April 26 at the 
Duarte Woman’s Club 
Annual Spaghetti 
dinner at the Duarte 
Elks Lodge. Serving 
100 guests, 

it was a gala night 
with entertainment by 
Italian Opera Singer 
Ruben Hoyos at the 
mic. Twelve pounds 
of spaghetti and six 
gallons of sauce were 
served. “As usual, it 
was the social gathering of the year and will help us carry on with our philanthropic projects. So 
many door prizes and opportunity prizes were awarded that almost no one went home empty-
handed,” announced Ann Valleroy, DWC president. Proceeds will help fund scholarships for 
college-bound students from Duarte High School and Mt. Olive Innovation & Technology 
High School. 

(L-R) Serving up pasta are Marion Stone, Ann Snizik, Jean Glass and Mairead Greenwell. 

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