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Mountain Views-News Saturday, May 18, 2019 

Local Area 
News Briefs

Portantino Urges Action 
Over Space Bank Plan

 Suspect Breaks 
into Pasadena 
School with Knife

 State Senator Anthony 
Portantino (pictured) sent his 
own letter Tuesday requesting 
the Department of Toxic 
Substance Control to adopt 
the recommendations made 
by the City of Pasadena on 
the Space Bank Mini Storage 
Facility Draft Removal Action 
Work Plan (RAW). This request 
follows up on a previous letter 
written by Senator Portantino 
on April 10 requesting an 
extension of the comment 

 The Pasadena city council 
voted Monday night in favor 
of sending a letter to the 
Department of Toxic Substance 
Control regarding the Draft 
Remedial Action Workplan 
(DRAW) for the proposed 
Pasadena Gateway Mixed-Use 

 Portantino said the Pasadena 
City Council made important 
changes to a proposed letter to 
the State’s Department of Toxic 
Substances Control (DTSC) 
stating the city’s position on the 
cleanup on the East Pasadena 
site. The amendments made 
in the letter include six 
recommendations. Portantino 
added that he is in strong 
support of Pasadena’s letter and 
is urging DTSC to follow them.

 “I am in full support of the 
City of Pasadena’s stance 
on this issue and urge the 
Department of Toxic Substance 
Control to amend and adopt 
the recommendations made 
by the city. I join the city’s 
efforts as they pertain to these 
changes for the Space Bank 
Draft Removal Action Work 
Plan. Citizens in Pasadena 
deserve every possible 
environmental consideration 
to ensure the safety of this 
location,” commented Senator 

 In the letter the city is asking for 
better sampling to investigate 
the presence of chemicals used 
in the design and testing of 
underwater weapons systems 
including, hexahydro-1,3,5- 
trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) 
and for 2,3,6 -trinitrotolune 

 The council’s concerns also 
include, soil vapor confirmation 
sampling and mitigation 
measures to be implemented 
in the event soil vapor cleanup 
goals are not met. Other issues 
deal with groundwater studies 
and third-party oversight by an 
environmental consulting firm

In related news.

 A group of residents is 
threatening to sue over the 
Space Bank project to build 550 
apartments on a former U.S. 
Navy toxic waste site at 3200 
E. Foothill Blvd. The group has 
set up a page 
with a goal of $5,500 for legal 

 According to the group, The 
lawsuit would demand:

- FULL site testing and cleanup 
BEFORE any site development; 

- The developer, Pasadena 
Gateway, LLC, must change 
building design/construction 
to include better pollution 
control---and must bear 
the full cost for 24/7 HVAC 
filtration systems and carbon 
air-filtration systems that will 
better protect residents from 
nearby freeway air pollution, 
including diesel particles and 
volatile organic compounds. 

An armed suspect broke into 
St. Philip the Apostle School 
in the 1300 block of Cordova 
St. early Thursday morning, 
leaving behind a large knife. 
The kindergarten through 
eight grade private school is 
located across the street from 
Pasadena City College.

 According to an email sent 
by Principal Jennifer Ramirez 
to parents, a man broke in 
the school by picking a lock 
in a girls restroom around 6 
a.m.. The man ran off after 
an alarm went off, leaving 
behind a large kitchen knife 
in the restroom. The knife 
was later found by kids at the 

 Ramirez said she initially 
used the school’s camera 
system to confirm there was 
an intruder and called police.

 “The police have reviewed 
the video and conducted an 
investigation the included 
dusting for fingerprints and 
taking evidence,” she wrote. 
“Our security company was 
on campus today [Thursday] 
conducting a review of all 
exterior and interior alarms.”

 Ramirez also said that there 
was no staff or students at the 
school at the time.

 “I want to assure you that 
students were never in 
any danger,” she said. “The 
safety of students and staff is 
extremely important to us.”

 Ramirez also stressed to 
parents that there was no 
reason to believe the suspect 
hid in the girl’s restroom. 

 At press time, Pasadena 
police had not released a 
description or images of the 
suspect. The did however say 
the investigation is ongoing.

Marines During Welcome Home Ceremony


 A welcome home ceremony 
last week saluted over 200 
Marines in front of Pasadena 
City Hall (pictured above). The 
event took place May 10.

Last year, these Marines were 
called to active duty and, during 
their deployment, conducted 
training exercises that spanned 
across four countries in the 
Indo-Pacific Area, including 
Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the 
Philippines officials said.

 “I’m often reminded that people 
know Pasadena in a bunch of 
different ways... some people 
know us because of the [Rose] 
Parade on January 1,” Mayor 
Terry Tornek said. “Some know 
Pasadena as the city of education 
because of the wonderful 
schools and institutions in 
education we have, some people 
know Pasadena as a city of 
science because the interstellar 
explorations housed at JPL and 
Caltech... some people know 
Pasadena as a city of prayer, we 
have lots of churches... and some 
know us for nonprofits... but 
very few people would identify 
Pasadena as a military town. 
And yet, we have a nuclear 
submarine known as the USS 
Pasadena, and veterans service 
organizations but most of all we 
have you.” 

 These Marines are part of the 2d 
Battalion, 23d Marine Regiment 
that was originally activated in 
July 1942 and participated in 
the World War II campaigns of 
Kwajalein, Saipan, Tinian and 
Iwo Jima. Of the Marines who 
seized Iwo Jima, it was said 
that “Uncommon valor was a 
common virtue.”

 Since World War II, Pasadena 
citizen-Marines have been 
mobilized many times: 
Operation Desert Shield and 
Desert Storm; twice during 
Operation Enduring Freedom; 
and twice during Operation 
Iraqi Freedom, during which 
they participated in the capture 
of Baghdad. Recently, they were 
recognized as the best battalion 
in the entire Fourth Marine 

 Many of these Marines live 
and work in the local area. 
They provide their services 
for color guards and military 
funeral honors, and participate 
in the Toys for Tots program 
over the holidays. In case of a 
natural disaster or emergency, 
our Marines can augment 
Pasadena’s resources for both 
planning and response. Six 
years ago, our citizen-Marines 
became the adopted sons and 
daughters of Pasadena when 
the City Council, joining a 
movement that has paired cities 
with U.S. military units since 
the 1960s, formally adopted 
the 2d Battalion, 23d Marine 

Photo by D.Lee/MVNews

Free Mental 

Event Today

 Teens and adults are invited 
to learn about the challenges, 
societal stigmas, treatment 
options and other issues related 
to mental health and wellness 
at Pasadena’s Mental Health 
Day. The free, educational 
event takes place today from 
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pasadena 
Public Library, 285 E. Walnut 
St. See event agenda.

 Pasadena Mental Health Day 
2019: “HOME: A State of Mind 
– Helpful Opportunities for 
Mental Health Education” is 
designed to increase awareness 
of mental illness and 
challenges, and the resources 
and tools available to help 
teens and adults cope with and 
overcome these challenges.

 The event features keynote 
speakers Tony and Ann 
Lancaster from Hope Café; 
a resource fair with helpful 
information and opportunities 
for empowerment, services and 
support; and panel discussions 
and workshops for teens and 
adults, including parents and 

 Interactive sessions will offer 
information and coping skills 
to help bring about healing 
and wellness. Sessions include 
Practical Exercises to Release 
Chronic Stress and Improve 
Sleep, Mindfulness Practice: 
Facing Life’s Challenges with 
Awareness and Compassion, 
NAMI (National Alliance 
on Mental Illness) in Our 
Own Voice, and a Youth 
Empowerment Corner for 12- 
to 19-year-olds.

 Pasadena Mental Health Day 
is presented by the Pasadena 
Mental Health Advisory 
Committee, Pasadena Public 
Library, Pasadena Public 
Health Department and Day 
One. This year’s annual event 
is funded by the California 
State Library and the 
Southern California Library 

 For more information and to 
sign up, email Deborah Niblick 
at dniblick@cityofpasadena.
net or 626-744-7279.

Space Tech Expo: New Look, 
New Format, New Features

 Willard Celebrates 
Civic Learning Award


 This week, the Space Tech 
Conference at the Pasadena 
Convention Center will provide 
two insight-packed days to 
help commercial, military, 
government and academic 
organizations navigate the 
opportunities and challenges 
of doing business in an 
increasingly complex landscape.

 The 2019 event, with the aim of 
further establishing Space Tech 
Expo as the go-to event for space 
business and manufacturing on 
the west coast.

 The new event format will offer 
a condensed two-day exhibition 
with full days on Tuesday May 
21 and Wednesday May 22, and 
for exhibitors, primes and VIPs, 
a launch party on the Monday 
evening will kick off the show 
with an exclusive invite-only 
exhibition ‘preview’ and drinks 

 The conference opens 
with keynote speeches from 
senior leadership at Defense 
Innovation Unit, Space & 
Missile Systems Center, the 
Commercial Spaceflight 
Federation and NASA. From 
there, speakers from leading 
organizations including 
Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, 
IBM, Airbus, Deloitte, and 
Lockheed Martin are among 
those treading a vast agenda 
– topics include accelerating 
innovative technology 
development through creative 
partnerships and business 
models; LEO tech updates 
and developments ahead of 
the 2020 missions; spurring 
investment and advanced 
technologies to ensure LEO 
commercialization within the 
next decade; elevating additive 
manufacturing and ensuring 
quality control; and expanding 
space capabilities by developing 
and selecting advanced 
propulsion systems for next-
generation applications.

 Digital transformation is a 
prominent industry topic, 
affecting engineers and 
designers, as well as decision 
makers and heads of teams. 
Participating in the panel 
session Designing the Factory 
of the Future: Implementing 
Digital Transformation in the 
Space System Manufacturing 
Value Chain to Optimize 
Efficiency is Whitley Poyser, 
digital transformation lead at 
Lockheed Martin Space. 

 Space Tech Expo is presenting 
a series of pre-conference 
workshops on Monday May 
20. Hosted by the likes of 
Caltech, IBM and NASA 
JPL, the workshops cover 
everything from taking a 
holistic approach to space 
systems and lowering cost 
while improving flexibility, to 
blockchain technology, electric 
propulsion and manufacturing 
4.0 technology implementation 
and investments. The intimate 
setting of these workshops 
provide an exclusive course and 
various activities between the 
presenter and the attendees. 
They mark an unparalleled 
opportunity to hear from those 
at the vanguard of aerospace 
developments and deepen 
your knowledge base alongside 
industry peers.

 New for 2019 are the 360 
Sessions – roundtables for 
engagement with industry 
peers in high-level discussions 
on particular space and 
technological challenges and 

 For more information visit:

Willard Elementary, an 
International Baccalaureate 
school, hosted an award 
presentation earlier this 
month to celebrate its Civic 
Learning Learning Award of 

 The Civic Learning Award 
presentation May 3 featured 
special guests including 
Second District Court of 
Appeal Presiding Justice 
Lee Smalley Edmon, who 
presented the award, L.A. 
County Supervisor Kathryn 
Barger, Pasadena Mayor 
Terry Tornek, Pasadena 
Unified School District 
Superintendent Brian 
McDonald, and Board of 
Education members Elizabeth 
Pomeroy and Michelle 
Richardson Bailey.

 Guests got a first-hand 
look at Willard Elementary’s 
International Baccalaureate 
program, which emphasis 
civic education and had an 
opportunity to interact with 
students and teachers.

 The Civic Learning Award 
celebrates public schools’ 
efforts to engage students in 
civic learning and identifies 
models that can be replicated 
in other schools. Willard 
is among six schools in 
California to earn the Award 
of Distinction this year.

 The Civic Learning 
Awards are part of Chief 
Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye’s 
Civic Learning Initiative, 
a broad and far-reaching 
effort supported by statewide 
partners to improve civic 
learning and engagement 
in California. Among the 
initiative’s newest programs 
is “Judges in the Classroom,” 
a pilot effort in four counties 
to pair judges with local 
educators to teach students 
about the judicial branch.

Free Tours Set for Open Studios Alta/Pasa/Dena

 Meet neighborhood artists, come curious and leave inspired, the descriptive phrase you’ll 
see on the Open Studios promotional materials, and it’s a truism. In its sixth year, the Open 
Studios Tour has grown from just a few artists and three locations participating in 2013, to 
70 artists at 25 locations throughout the Altadena and Pasadena areas. 

 Open Studios Alta/Pasa/Dena offers a rare chance to look inside a real, functioning art 
studio. It also affords the ability to meet the artist, and to take the opportunity to get a close-
up of their work. It’s a great way to get to know an artist, expand your knowledge of their 
work, and interact with other art admirers. 

 It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to retailers and venues around town who offer 
locally-sourced art, like Hoopla! Emporium on Fair Oaks Ave., McGinty’s Gallery, and the 
Altadena Library, both on Mariposa Street. All three locations will be open and hosting 
artists during the Tour.

 The Open Studios Tour happens every first weekend in June. This year will be Saturday and 
Sunday, June 1 and 2. Opening festivities will be held Friday night at the Altadena Library, 
where food, live music, and a silent art auction will be held. See for more 

Memorial Day Service 
and a Call for Veterans

 Join the City of San Marino as they pay tribute to the 
dedication and sacrifices the men and women of our 
Nation’s Armed Forces have made. The ceremony Monday 
May 27 will be held at Lacy Park at 9 a.m. The event will 
include recognition of Veterans, special guest speakers, 
and patriotic music. This event is open to the public. For 
more information, please call the Recreation Department 
at (626) 403-2200 

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