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Mountain View News Saturday, July 6, 2019 


Pasadena, CA – La Salle College 
Preparatory is pleased to 
announce the hiring of Brian 
Walsh as its new athletic director. 
Walsh will assume his duties 
at La Salle later this month.

Walsh has worked the past 
sixteen years at St. Anthony 
High School (Long Beach), 
having served in multiple roles 
including assistant principal, 
athletic director, dean, facilities 
manager, teacher and head 
football coach. Since 2008, he 
has functioned in the capacity 
of league coordinator for the 
Santa Fe and Camino Real 
Leagues. Additionally, he has 
served as a member of the CIF 
Southern Section Council, 
CIF Southern Section Football 
Advisory Board, and the CIF 
Southern Section Official Fees 
and Relations Committee.

“We are tremendously excited 
to have Brian join our team here 
at La Salle. He brings a wealth 
of experience with him and is 
exactly who we need to lead our 
athletic department into the future,” said Courtney Kassakhian, Principal of La Salle. “Brian has done 
an incredible job of building the athletic department at St. Anthony. His vision and expertise will 
shape our athletic program and community for years to come.”

For the past four years, Walsh has been one of the few athletic directors recognized by the CIF 
Southern Section as part of their MVP AD program. During his time at St. Anthony’s, the Saints won 
45 league championships, eight CIF Southern Section and State Regional championships, and nine 
CIF Southern Section individual championships. In 2016, Walsh was recognized by the Long Beach 
Post as one of their “40 under 40” honorees, celebrating the outstanding achievements of individuals 
in the city of Long Beach.

“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to lead the La Salle athletic program. I look forward 
to working with all stakeholders to fulfill the mission of La Salle through athletics,” said Walsh. 
“Throughout the entire interview process, I was very impressed by the unified vision and support of 
the school administration and firmly believe we will elevate Lancer athletics to new heights. I am 
thankful for my years at St. Anthony High School and all those families, administrators, and coaches 
who supported me along the way.”

Walsh graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor of science in 
kinesiology and a minor in psychology, and he earned a master’s degree from CSULB in sports 
management. He also earned a master’s degree in education and a California clear teaching credential 
from Loyola Marymount University. He and his wife, Liz, have two young children, Shane and 


Alverno Heights Academy

200 N. Michillinda Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-3463 Head of School: Julia V. Fanara

E-mail address:

Arcadia High School

180 Campus Drive Arcadia, CA 91007

Phone: (626) 821-8370, Principal: Brent Forsee

Arroyo Pacific Academy

41 W. Santa Clara St. Arcadia, Ca, 

(626) 294-0661 Principal: Phil Clarke

E-mail address:

Barnhart School

240 W. Colorado Blvd Arcadia, Ca. 91007

(626) 446-5588 

Head of School: Ethan Williamson

Kindergarten - 8th grade


Bethany Christian School

93 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-3527 

Preschool-TK-8th Grade

Principal: Dr. William Walner

website: www.

Clairbourn School

8400 Huntington Drive

San Gabriel, CA 91775

Phone: 626-286-3108 ext. 172

FAX: 626-286-1528


Foothill Oaks Academy

822 E. Bradbourne Ave., Duarte, CA 91010

(626) 301-9809

Principal: Nancy Lopez

Frostig School

971 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 791-1255

Head of School: Jenny Janetzke


The Gooden School

192 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-2410 

Head of School, Jo-Anne Woolner


High Point Academy

1720 Kinneloa Canyon Road 

Pasadena, Ca. 91107 

Head of School: Gary Stern 626-798-8989


La Salle College Preparatory

3880 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 

(626) 351-8951 website:

Principal Mrs. Courtney Kassakhian

Monrovia High School

325 East Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016 

(626) 471-2800 Principal Darvin Jackson


Odyssey Charter School

725 W. Altadena Dr. Altadena, Ca. 91001

(626) 229-0993 Head of School: Lauren O’Neill


Pasadena High School

2925 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 

(626) 396-5880 Principal: Roberto Hernandez


St. Rita Catholic School

322 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

Principal Joan Harabedian (626) 355-9028 


Sierra Madre Elementary School

141 W. Highland Ave, Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-1428 Principal: Lindsay Lewis

E-mail address:

Sierra Madre Middle School 

160 N. Canon Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 836-2947 Principal: Garrett Newsom

E-mail address:

Walden School

74 S San Gabriel Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 792-6166

Weizmann Day School

1434 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, Ca. 91107

(626) 797-0204

Lisa Feldman: Head of School

Wilson Middle School

300 S. Madre St. Pasadena, Ca. 91107

(626) 449-7390 Principal: Ruth Esseln

E-mail address:

Pasadena Unified School District

351 S. Hudson Ave., Pasadena, Ca. 91109

(626) 396-3600 Website:

Arcadia Unified School District

234 Campus Dr., Arcadia, Ca. 91007

(626) 821-8300 Website:

Monrovia Unified School District

325 E. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, Ca. 91016

(626) 471-2000 


Duarte Unified School District

1620 Huntington Dr., Duarte, Ca. 91010



Arcadia Christian School

1900 S. Santa Anita Avenue Arcadia, CA 91006

Preschool - and TK - 8th Grade



Principal: Cindy Harmon


All Things By Jeff Brown


Earthquakes usually occur on the edges of the large sections 
of the Earth's crust called tectonic plates. These plates 
slowly move over a long period of time. Sometimes the edges, which are called fault lines, can get stuck, 
but the plates keep moving. Pressure slowly starts to build up where the edges are stuck and, once the 
pressure gets strong enough, the plates will suddenly move causing an earthquake. 

The largest earthquake ever recorded in the world was in Chile in 1960. It measured a 9.6. The largest 
in the US was a 9.2 magnitude in Alaska in 1964.There are about 500,000 earthquakes a year around 
the world, as detected by sensitive instruments. About 100,000 of those can be felt, and 100 or so cause 
damage each year. Each year the southern California area has about 10,000 earthquakes -- the majority 
of which go unnoticed. 

Almost 80% of all the planet's earthquakes occur along the rim of the Pacific Ocean, called the "Ring of 
Fire"; a region that encircles the Pacific Ocean and is home to 452 volcanoes (over 75% of the world's 
active and dormant volcanoes).There's no such thing as "earthquake weather." Statistically, there is an 
equal distribution of earthquakes in cold weather, hot weather, rainy weather, and so on, according to 
the U.S. Geological Survey. Scientists say there is no physical way that weather could affect the forces 
several miles beneath the surface of the earth where quakes originate.



Last week, we discussed the basics of reverse mortgages for 
senior homeowners. Here, we’ll look at how these loans can 
impact your family legacy wealth. 

The effect on your family

If you take out a reverse mortgage, you can still leave your 
home to your family in your estate plan. However, you’ll not 
only leave your loved ones a less valuable asset, but they’ll 
also have to pay off the balance of the loan after you die, otherwise the lender will foreclose. 

Whomever inherits your home will typically have six months to pay off the reverse mortgage. 
And they should move as quickly as possible because until the loan is settled, interest on the 
balance and monthly insurance premiums will continue to eat into any remaining equity.
Unless your family has enough money on hand to fully pay off the reverse mortgage 
upon your death, they may end up having to sell the home. If so, the proceeds 
from the sale can be used to pay off the loan (including all fees and interest), 
and your family keeps any remaining equity. This is the best-case scenario.
The effect on your legacy

While reverse mortgages are designed to stay within the equity value of your home, this only 
works if home values are rising. If home values crash, like they did during the last recession, 
the balance of your reverse mortgage could end up exceeding the market value of your home.

The good news is reverse mortgages are “non-recourse” loans insured through the Federal 
Housing Administration (FHA). This means your estate won’t ever owe more than the home’s 
appraised value, and lenders can’t come after your family or estate to recoup their loss. If your 
reverse mortgage balance exceeds your home’s value at the time of your death, your estate is 
only responsible for paying the lender 95% of the home’s appraised value. 

For example, let’s say your home is appraised for $100,000, but the reverse mortgage balance 
is $200,000. To keep the home, your trustee - you do have a living trust, right? - would need to 
pay $95,000 of the $100,000 appraised value. Federal mortgage insurance covers the remaining 

Lenders, however, still make back their money. If your home’s sale doesn’t meet the lender’s 
expenses, an FHA fund insuring the loan pays the difference. This fund is currently more than 
$13.6 billion in the red, which reflects just how risky reverse mortgages can be.

The bad news for your legacy is that the family trust would lose a major asset and be left with 
nothing to show for it. Given this, unless there’s equity in the home, your Trustee would have 
little incentive to sell the property and may want to simply hand it over to the lender to avoid 
the time and expense of foreclosure. Known as “deed in lieu of foreclosure,” your Trustee can 
do this by signing the home’s deed over to the lender.

The effect on your wealth

Obviously, do your due diligence before taking out a reverse mortgage. But if you already 
have a reverse mortgage on your home, it’s critical that your Successor Trustee knows about 
it. In either case, I’m a big proponent of meeting with your trusted advisors to discuss the 
potential impact on your loved ones’ future. 

And, before you make any major life decision, especially one involving real estate, you should 
speak to your personal family attorney about your legal options. Proactive planning can 
substantially grow your assets now and significantly protect your wealth for the next generation. 

Dedicated to empowering your family, building your 
wealth and defining your legacy,

A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission 
to help parents protect what they love

most. His office is located at 55 Auburn Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an

appointment to sit down and talk about ensuring a legacy of love and financial security for 

family by calling 626.355.4000 or visit for more information.


 To honor its 40-year history of play and 
experimental learning, Kidspace Children’s 
Museum continues its 40th Celebration with 
40 Days of Fun! From today – through August 
16, the celebration invites guests to learn, 
explore, and enjoy added fun each week of the 
summer. Based around festive themes such 
as SLIME TIME and BUBBLES as well as a 
Birthday Bash, 40 Days of Fun! allows guests 
to embrace the spontaneity of childhood with 
random acts of fun, self-guided activities, 
and birthday-themed events, as well as larger 
weekend events and a Birthday Bash on July 
13 and 14.

 Kidspace’s 40 Days of Fun! offers different 
ways to explore the museum each week with 
a range of enhanced daily activities that 
culminate with larger weekend events. 40 
Days of Fun! includes a self-guided Scavenger 
Hunt; random acts of fun that surprise guests 
with spontaneous singalongs, story times, 
and dance parties throughout the day; and 
a celebration-themed daily Exploration 
program every day at 11:45 AM in Stone 
Hollow Amphitheater, which includes, 
dramatic play and music, and culminates in a 
celebratory dance party. Each week of fun will 
be centered around a new theme:

• Today – through July 12: GET OUTDOORS 
invites guests to get ready for summer by 
exploring nature, getting messy, and playing 
outdoors. Guests can dig in the sand, play 
in the mud, and enjoy the wonderment and 
fun of getting to be outside. Throughout the 
week there will be special activities including 
bug hunts, fort building, and a Flower Shower 
garden program.

• July 13 & 14: BIRTHDAY BASH invites 
YOU to celebrate Kidspace’s 40th Celebration 
with birthday-themed activities that include: 
birthday hat making and classic birthday party 
games around the museum. DJ Bree will host 
an interactive dance party in Stone Hollow 
Amphitheater, which will include a confetti 
blast and more!

• July 15–21: SLIME TIME brings out the 
ooey goopy fun with slime-related activities 
all week, culminating in the “Slime the Staff 
Quiz Show.” Throughout the week, random 
acts of fun will include some slimy surprises 
like exploring different types of slimes and 
using water to make slimy “snail trails.”

• July 22–August 2: WATER PLAY keeps 
guests cool with water games and water play, 
culminating in a water exhibit. WATER PLAY 
week includes fun pop-up water events like 
sponge tosses and splash games. Guests may 
see random acts of fun activities like outdoor 
evaporation painting, sensory water bins, and 
surprise boat races.

• August 3–16: BUBBLES invites guests to pop 
on over for a good time and enjoy spontaneous 
encounters like bubble shows, bubble dance 
parties, bubble challenges, and bubble races!

 40 Days of Fun! themes are designed to 
evoke adults’ favorite childhood memories of 
summer,giving adults a chance to relive their 
childhoods alongside children. The surprise 
nature of random acts of fun invites guests 
of all ages to live in the moment and enjoy 
and experience the spontaneity and freedom 
of childhood while delighting children with 
new takes on classic summer activities. 
Themes highlight the landscape of Kidspace 
and incorporate 21st century learning skills 
like creativity, flexibility, and collaboration 
alongside experiential learning, all while 
making learning fun.

 “40 Days of Fun! is a way to highlight 
Kidspace Children’s Museum’s 40 years in a 
unique, memorable way for our guests visiting 
over summer,” says JJ Leissing, Chief Programs 
Officer at Kidspace. “The six weeks of added 
fun and surprise elements incorporate 
hands-on and interactive learning into fun 
experiences for children and adults. We hope 
guests will return multiple times to experience 
the range of fun and experiential learning that 
have become a signature of Kidspace over its 
40-year history.”

Kidspace is located at 480 N. Arroyo Blvd. For 
more information, visit: kidspacemuseum.
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