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SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2019 

VOLUME 13 NO. 29

Find a lender & get pre-approvedChoose an agent.
Choose a house & make an offer.
Schedule an inspection.
The lender schedules an appraisal.
Negotiate any repairs requested after 
receiving the inspectors report.
Sign escrow instructions.
Sign loan documents.
Conduct a final walk-through within 
five days of closing escrow.
The loan funds & the deed is recorded.
Collect keys from agent.
Move in.
Jan Greteman #01943630 
Judy Webb-Martin #00541631Katie Orth #00942500The 
ProcessWho We are:
Residents & business owners 
of Sierra Madre selling real estate 
since 1975 & proudly giving back 
to the community.
Your Story.
Your Home.
Your Team.
Together Stronger.
30 N. Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre 91024Contact Us for a FREEProperty Assessment.

Sierra Madre Mayor Takes A Moment to Recognize Outstanding City Staffers

Sierra Madre Mayor 
John Harabedian, 
pictured above with 
Paramedic Karen 
Bustillos, Fleet 
Mechanic Dony 
King and H. R. Tech 
Ruby Velasquez, took 
time on Thursday to 
thank City Staffers for 
their hard work and 
commitment. There 
were numerous awards 
presented including 
the L.O.S. Awards for 
Length of Service, The 
You Rock Awards for 
exemplary customer 
service, the Pause For 
Applause Awards and 
the G.E.M. Awards for 
'going the extra mile'. 

LOS Awardees: 
5 Years: Brent 
Bartlett, Karen 
Bustillos, Ted Walters, 
Clare Lin, Bridget 
Taylor, Charles Currey, 
Clarence Hodge, 
Dony King, Christine 
Smart, Paul Collier, 
Paul Dominguez, 
Cuitlahuac, Steve Castro, Gilbert Pedregon, Phillip Tibbs, and Diana Shaw. 10 Years: Gregory Christmas, Tommy Rillorta, Edward 
Hughes, Luis Manjarrez, Ryan Torncello, James Carlson, Mary Taylor, Susan Clifton, Esteban Estrada, Jennifer Peterson, Laura Aguilar, 
Steven McGee, Meegan Tosh, Cy Womack, James McGowan. 15 Years: Edward Delcoure, Elizabeth Martinez; 20 years: Ken Berry, 
Rosemary Garcia; 25 Years: Martin Crus.

Your Rock Awards: Joe Ragusa, Doreen Thomas, Donna Howard, Kim Steffens, Debbie Henderson, Selena Yang, Jonathan Diaz, 
Karen Bustillos, Julie Imahara

Pause For Applause: Lawren Heinz, Clarissa Lowe

G.E.M. Award: Kenneth Berry, Karen Bustillos, 
Tim Hunsicker, Dony King, Ruby Velasquez



A while back, the public was warned you about the 
“one ring” scam. That’s when you get a phone call from 
a number you don’t know, and the call stops after just 
one ring. The scammer is hoping you’ll call back, because 
it’s really an international toll number and will 
appear as a charge on your phone bill — with most of 
the money going to the scammer. Well, the scam is back 
with a vengeance, and the FCC just issued a new advisoryabout 
it. Read the FCC’s advisory for more detail, but 
the advice from both agencies remains the same if you 
get one of these calls:

• Don’t call back

• Report the robocall to the FTC at www.donotcall.
gov and to the FCC at

• Always check your phone bill for suspicious or
unusual charges

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