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Mountain Views-News Saturday, September 7, 2019 

Local Area 
News Briefs

Equestrians Set to Ride 
in 2020 Rose Parade

 Police Release 
Bodycam Footage 
from Shooting 

Pasadena police released 
Thursday bodycam footage 
related to an officer-involved 
shooting earlier in May. 
According to police, officers 
were called to the 1500 block 
of Glen Ave. around 6:30 
p.m. May 17 after numerous 
calls to 911of a man yelling 
gang slurs armed with a AK-
47 and wearing a bullet proof 

 Video shows, later identified 
Daniel Warren, pointing the 
weapon at officers and firing 
at least once. Warren died 
from injuries after officers 
returned fire. The case is 
under investigation. The 
video can been viewed at: 

 The Pasadena Tournament of Roses announced Wednesday 17 
equestrian groups to ride in the 131st Rose Parade themed “The 
Power of Hope.” 

 Equestrians participating in the Rose Parade showcase a variety 
of breeds as well as unique tack and costumes. All riders must 
have previous parade riding experience. In addition to riding in 
the five and a half mile-long Rose Parade route on Wednesday, 
January 1, these equestrian groups are invited to take part in 
Equestfest presented by Wells Fargo, which will take place on 
Sunday, December 29, at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. 
During Equestfest, groups perform trick riding, drills, dancing 
and roping skills, and attendees can walk through the stables and 
speak with the riders.

 The equestrian groups selected are (listed alphabetically):

-1st Cavalry Division Horse Cavalry Detachment (Fort Hood, 

-Arabian Horse Association (Sierra Madre, California)

-Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team (Castaic, California)

-Budweiser Clydesdales (St. Louis, Missouri)

-Buffalo Soldiers Mounted Cavalry Unit (BSMCU) (Mojave, 

-Express Clydesdales (Yukon, Oklahoma) 

-Horsewomen of Temecula Wine Country (Temecula Eq-Wine 

-Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park, California)

-Los Hermanos Banuelos (Altadena, California)

-Mid America Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team (New Buffalo, 

-Mini Therapy Horses (Calabasas, California)

-Painted Ladies Rodeo Performers (Roseville, California)

-Rural Media Group (Gretna, Nebraska)

-Scripps Miramar Ranch (San Diego, California)

-Spirit of the West Riders (Leona Valley, California)

-USMC Mounted Color Guard (Barstow, California)

-The Valley Hunt Club (Pasadena, California)

 The Tournament of Roses is a volunteer organization that hosts 
America’s New Year Celebration with the Rose Parade presented 
by Honda, the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern 
Mutual and a variety of accompanying events. 935 volunteer 
members of the association will drive the success of 131st Rose 
Parade themed “The Power of Hope,” on Wednesday, January 
1, 2020, followed by the 106th Rose Bowl Game. For more 
information, visit: 

Super Scoopers Return to LA County

By Dean Lee

 Although fire season is really 
all year in the foothills above 
Altadena, Pasadena, last week, 
two Canadian CL-415 Super-
Scoopers returned to LA 
County for the 26th year to help 
fight fires. They will be on loan 
for 90 days. 

 The Scoopers carry 1,600 
gallons of water, at one time, 
and can reload in 12 seconds to 
extinguish fires rapidly. 

 LA County Fire Chief Daryl 
Osby said there are three areas 
in the county they can pick 
up water from, the closest to 
Pasadena is in Pomona.

 “From here [Van Nuys Airport] 
that is maybe a 15 minute flight 
to pickup the water,” he said.

 Osby also said that although 
it is a 90 day lease, “But then 
after that, we will make a 
determination related to fire 
behavior and fire weather. We 
can extend the lease.”

 Supervisor Kathryn Barger 
said many people ask why LA 
County does not just purchase 

 “This is something that is not 
the only tool we have in our 
toolbox as it relates to fighting 
fires. This emphasizes our 
efforts during what we have 
determined the height of the fire 
season in LA County.”

 Barger said the county just 
bought two firefighting capable 
Firehawks, “they will be coming 
online next year and will be 

 Along with the Super-
Scoopers, Canada also provides 
the pilots and technical crews 
for the aircrafts. 

 Osby also said they cannot do 
this alone, “we are asking you 
[residents] to partner with us... 
have proper brush clearance. 
You need to know what to do 
in advance of a fire and that if 
you are asked to evacuate, you 

 He said for more information 
on what to do goto: fire.

 Colorado Street 
Bridge Suicide 
Mitigation Meeting

 The city of Pasadena is set 
to hold a presentation and 
community input meeting 
on the Colorado Street 
Bridge Suicide Mitigation 
Enhancements Project 
September 26.

 “The purpose of the meeting 
is to present the project scope 
and schedule for the design 
of the vertical barrier on the 
Colorado Street Bride, and 
gather comments and ideas,” 
city staff said.

 The meeting will be held 
from 6:30 p.m. to 8p.m. at 
Pasadena City Hall in the 
Council Chambers 100 North 
Garfield Ave. Room S249.

 For more information 
call (626) 744-6771 or 
e-mail: ColoradoStBridge@

Free Flu 

 Offered by Pasadena 
Health Department

 Fight the flu by getting a free 
flu shot. The influenza vaccine 
will be provided by Pasadena 
Public Health Department at 
various locations throughout 
the city on a first-come, first-
served basis while supplies last.

 The vaccine will be available 
to everyone ages six months 
and older at no cost. Minors 
must be accompanied by a 
parent or guardian. Remember 
to wear short sleeves. Dates 
and times of the free flu clinics 
are listed below. For more 
details, call (626) 744-6121 or 

Wednesday, Oct. 16

2 - 4 p.m., Robinson Park 
Recreation Center, 1081 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

10 a.m. - noon, Villa-Parke 
Community Center, 363 E. 
Villa St.

Thursday, Oct. 24

2 - 4 p.m., Santa Catalina 
Branch Library, 999 E. 
Washington Blvd.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Pasadena 
Senior Center, 85 E. Holly St.

NOTE: Pre-registration 
required for this clinic. Call 
(626) 795-4331 for details.

Thursday, Nov. 7

10 a.m. - noon, Allendale 
Branch Library, 1130 S. 
Marengo Ave.

Thursday, Nov. 14

2 - 4 p.m., La Pintoresca Branch 
Library, 1355 N. Raymond 

 Different types of influenza 
viruses can spread through the 
community during flu season. 
The Centers for Disease 
Control and Prevention (CDC) 
recommends that everyone 
ages six months and older get 
vaccinated annually to protect 
against the most common 
types of influenza viruses.

 High-risk groups more 
susceptible to severe influenza 
complications include seniors 
65 and older, pregnant women, 
and people with chronic 
medical conditions such as 
asthma and diabetes, according 
to Dr. Goh.

 Free vaccines will also 
be available at the health 
department’s Travel & 
Immunization Clinic, 1845 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave. Call (626) 744-
6121 for hours and availability.

Pedestrian Safety Month


 September is Pedestrian 
Safety Month, and Pasadena 
Police Department is working 
with law enforcement agencies 
across the state to promote safe 
behaviors that allow drivers 
and those on foot to get where 
they need to go safely.

 California continues to see 
more and more pedestrians 
injured or killed on roads. In 
2016, 867 pedestrians were 
killed and more than 14,000 
injured in California alone. A 
report released earlier this year 
by the Governors Highway 
Safety Association (GHSA) 
projected that more than 6,200 
pedestrians were killed in the 
United States last year, the 
highest number since 1990.

 In order to reduce the 
number of collisions involving 
pedestrians, Pasadena Police 
Department will have additional 
officers on patrol September 13 
focused on drivers, bicyclists 
and pedestrians who violate 
traffic laws that increase the 
risk of crashes. These violations 
include speeding, driving 
or walking distracted and/
or impaired, failing to stop 
for signs and signals, and not 
yielding to drivers/bicyclists/
pedestrians who have the right 
of way.

 “Someone crossing the street 
should not have to fear for their 
life, but they should also be 
mindful that drivers are going 
places too,” said Traffic Section 
Lieutenant Mark Goodman. 
“By working together, everyone 
stays safe!”

 Despite advancements 
in vehicle technology that 
increase the chance of survival 
for drivers and passengers in 
crashes, pedestrians face the 
same level of risk of getting 
seriously injured or killed when 
struck by a vehicle.

 “Sooner or later, a driver has 
to get out of their car and walk, 
so we are all pedestrians at 
some point,” Lt. Goodman said. 
“Think about how you would 
want a driver to act when you’re 
walking, and vice versa. Keep 
that in mind and follow the 
rules of the road so we can all 
arrive at our destination safely, 
regardless of how we get there.”

 Pasadena Police Department 
offers steps drivers, pedestrians 
and bicyclists can take to keep 
everyone safe:

For Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Look left-right-left before 
crossing the street. Watch for 
cars turning and obey traffic 

Pedestrians should only cross 
the street in marked crosswalks, 
preferably crosswalks at stop 
signs or signals.

Avoid distractions. Stay off the 
phone while walking or riding 
a bicycle.

Make eye contact with drivers. 
Don’t assume drivers can see 

Be seen. Wear bright clothing 
during the day, and use a 
flashlight or bicycle light at 

Always walk on the sidewalk. 
If there is no sidewalk, walk 
on the shoulder facing traffic 
and as far away from cars as 

Do not walk near traffic 
after drinking or using drugs 
that affect judgment and 

Don’t drink or take drugs while 
biking. Treat your bike like a 
car when alcohol or drugs are 
involved. Riding a bike while 
under the influence of alcohol 
or drugs can lead to a DUI 

For Drivers

Follow the speed limit. The 
higher the speed, the longer it 
takes to stop.

Never drive distracted or under 
the influence of alcohol and/or 

Look out for people walking, 
especially at night and in poorly 
lit areas.

Pedestrians have the right 
of way at crosswalks even if 
they are not at a stop sign or 
signal. Prepare to stop when a 
pedestrian enters a crosswalk.

Avoid blocking the crosswalk 
when attempting to make a 
right-hand turn.

Be careful backing up and 
exiting parking spaces in 
shopping centers with heavy 
foot traffic.

 City’s New Policy 
on Animals

 City Manager Steve Mermell 
announced last week that the 
city had adopted new policies 
on where animals cannot go. 

 Only service animals are 
permitted to enter community 
and neighborhood centers, 
public libraries, City Council 
Chambers, and portions 
of City Hall and the Hale 
Building designated for 
public meetings he said. 

 Under the ADA, a service 
animal is defined as a dog that 
has been individually trained 
to do

work or perform tasks for an 
individual with a disability. 
The task(s) performed by the 
dog must be directly related 
to the person’s disability.

 For more information 
visit: search: service 

The Huntington Updates 
Name, Adds ‘Museum’

 The institution formerly 
known as The Huntington 
Library, Art Collections, and 
Botanical Gardens announced 
today that it has changed 
its name to The Huntington 
Library, Art Museum, and 
Botanical Gardens. The change 
from “collections” to “museum” 
was made to more accurately 
describe the institution’s 
mission and programs, said 
Huntington President Karen R. 

 “Our art collections are more 
than a group of catalogued 
objects; they are carefully 
curated, interpreted, and 
exhibited for scholarship, 
education, and the broader 
public,” Lawrence said, making 
the announcement at today’s 
Centennial Celebration launch 
event at The Huntington. “An 
added benefit to this change 
is that we become more 
discoverable, particularly 
in online searches. This is 
important as we work to widen 
our audiences and accessibility.”

 The name change takes effect 
immediately, rolling out as 
a part of The Huntington’s 
Centennial Celebration, a 
yearlong series of exhibitions, 
public programs, and new 
initiatives running from now to 
September 2020. See Page 3 for 

 The Huntington Library, 
Art Museum, and Botanical 
Gardens is a collections-based 
research and educational 
institution serving scholars 
and the general public. 
More information about The 
Huntington can be found 
online at

 Espress Yourself 
Coffee Kiosk Closes

 Announced by Michelle 
Perera, Director of Libraries 
and Information Services last 
week, the Espress Yourself 
Coffee Kiosk in the Pasadena 
Central Library courtyard 
closed on Friday, August 30.

 Owners, Richard and 
Jennifer Hawthorne are 
retiring to Arizona. 

 “Library staff is well aware 
that this service is something 
that is enjoyed by those in 
neighboring office buildings, 
and as a result, future Coffee,” 
staff said.

 Kiosk service at Central 
Library is currently being 
explored they said.

 Library staff is working 
with the City’s Real Prope1iy 
Manager to find a new vendor 
that will

meet the needs of the City 
moving forward. 

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