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Mountain Views-News Saturday, September 28, 2019 


Before the final round of interviews, the 25 finalists for the 
2020 Royal Court took a group photo on the front steps of 
Tournament House Tuesday.

 Applicants from 45 Pasadena area schools participated in the 
interview process and seven of the 25 finalists will be named to 
the 2020 Royal Court on September 30. Members of the 2020 
Royal Court will each receive a $7,500 educational scholarship 
and serve as ambassadors of the Tournament of Roses, the 
Pasadena community, and the greater Los Angeles area.

 Volunteer members of the Tournament of Roses’ Queen and 
Court Committee made its selections based on a number of 
criteria including public speaking ability, academic achievement, 
youth leadership, and community and school involvement.

 The grand finale for the 2020 Royal Court will be riding on 
a float in the 131st Rose Parade and attending the 106th Rose 
Bowl Game, both on Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

 The 25 Royal Court Finalists pictured above are:

First row, from left: (#100) Lailah Batchelder, Blair High School; 
(#093) Carly Witteman, La Canada High School; (#088) Janelle 
Johnson, John Marshall Fundamental High School; #059) 
Rukan Saif, Arcadia High School; (#033) Siena Dancsecs, La 
Canada High School; (#030) Emilie Risha, Flintridge Sacred 
Heart Academy; (#023) Reese Rosental Saporito, John Marshall 
Fundamental High School.

 Second row, from left: (#252) Samantha Kennedy, Mayfield 
Senior School; (#248) Ai Kusayanagi, Temple City High School; 
(#235) Michael Wilkins, Maranatha High School; (#209) Amaiya 
Drew, Pasadena High School; (#200) Ava Walters, Pasadena 
High School; (#189) Lily Nelson, Westridge School; (#188) Reese 
Owen, Westridge School; (#129) Saudia Usher, John Muir High 

 Top row, from left: (#492) Mia Thorsen, John Marshall 
Fundamental High School; (#484) Lily Mendez, Mayfield Senior 
School; (#410) Camille Kennedy, La Salle High School; (#394) 
Sydney Chang, Arcadia High School; (#390) Sydney Haupt, La 
Salle High School; (#315) Heein Kim, San Marino High School; 
(#296) Eleanor Washburn, Westridge School; (#295) Kathleen 
Fox, South Pasadena High School; (#294) Mia Dawson, South 
Pasadena High School; (#273) Sophia Rubbo, Westridge School.


Virginia Kase, CEO of the US League 
of Women Voters, is coming to Pasadena 
with a message of diversity 
equity and Inclusion to launch the 
centennial celebration of women’s 
right to vote and the founding of the 
League of Women Voters. 

Acknowledging that Elizabeth Cady 
Stanton and other suffragist leaders 
“betrayed” black feminists, the 
League has created a task force to 
give voice to all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, 
ability, wealth or religion. 

“LWVUS commits to righting the wrongs of our past and a building a 
stronger, more inclusive democracy,” Kase says, through a Task Force 
on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). 

The first Latina CEO of LWVUS, Kase has a 20-year history of advocacy 
for social justice in non-profits dedicated to building equity. 

She will speak at a forum open to the public Oct. 3, 8;30-11:30 a.m 
at the Women’s City Club, 160 N. Oak-land Ave, Pasadena. Parking is 
off Madison. Reservations are required both for an optional breakfast 
($25) and seating. Available online, phone 626-798-0965 or 
email office Breakfast is at 9, the forum begins at 9:45. 

“It’s time to close the rift between black and white feminists that began 
150 years ago,” says Pat Coulter, the first black president of the League 
of Women Voters Pasadena Area. “And for the League to embrace diversi-
ty, equity and inclusion.” 



 According to officials, Last week, President Trump confirmed 
reports that he ordered Congressionally appropriated aid to 
Ukraine be withheld, mere days before a phone conversation 
with the new President during which he admitted to bringing 
up an investigation into his political rivals. The details of the 
call are reportedly included in a whistleblower report that 
is required by law to be provided to Congress, but which is 
being illegally withheld. Today, Speaker of the House Nancy 
Pelosi announced the start of an official impeachment inquiry 
revolving around the allegations of abuse of power and 
obstruction of Congressional investigations. Rep. Judy Chu 
issued the following statement:

 “I completely agree with Speaker Pelosi. What President 
Trump has admitted to is an unacceptable abuse of power. 
We already know from the Mueller report that the Trump 
campaign solicited foreign intervention in the 2016 election 
and then repeatedly tried to hide that fact and obstruct an 
investigation into it. He has also said that he would welcome 
foreign involvement again. Now, a new report indicates that, 
true to his word, the President is using his office and the 
foreign policy of the United States in order to advance his own 
personal political interests and smear his political opponents. 
Worse, he is illegally obstructing Congressional investigations 
by blocking the release of the whistleblower report. The only 
recourse is an impeachment inquiry, during which we will 
bring to light the facts that President Trump is trying to hide. 
In doing so, we will make the case to the American people 
that abusing power, subverting democracy, and obstructing 
Congress are unacceptable.”

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