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Mountain View News Saturday, October 26, 2019 

Local Area 
News Briefs

Governor Appoints Dr. 
Phlunte’ Riddle to the State 
Juvenile Parole Board

Pasadena Public 
Health Seeks Anyone 
Who Had Contact 
With Rabid Bat

 Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD) seeks 
help from the community 
in locating anyone who may 
have touched or had contact 
with a bat found outdoors on 
the ground near State Street 
and South Fair Oaks Avenue 
on Oct. 15 at approximately 
3:30 p.m. The bat has tested 
positive for rabies and it is 
uncertain whether there 
could have been individuals 
in direct contact with it.

 Any contact whatsoever with 
a rabid bat is a very serious 
health concern. Rabies is 
often a fatal disease and 
requires timely preventive 
medical treatment. While 
the length of time between 
exposure to rabies and onset 
of rabies illness is usually 
three to eight weeks, in some 
persons it can be considerably 
longer. Individuals who 
touched or may have had 
contact with this bat should 
seek medical treatment from 
their physician immediately.

 “Although there has been 
only one bat that tested 
positive for rabies so far this 
year in Pasadena, there is the 
potential for additional rabid 
bats in the area. In LA County, 
the only animals known to 
routinely carry rabies are 
bats. On average, 35 rabid 
bats (15-20% of bats tested) 
are detected in LA County 
each year. Since rabies can 
be fatal and it’s often not 
possible to determine visually 
if an animal has rabies, any 
contact with bats and other 
wild animals should be 
avoided. A scratch from a 
tooth or bite from a rabid 
animal could cause rabies 
infection in people or other 
animals. Wash the wound 
area immediately with soap 
and water and seek medical 
care,” states Dr. Ying-Ying 
Goh, Pasadena Public Health 

 If you see a dead or dying 
bat on the ground, do not 
handle it. Please contact your 
local animal control agency 
to collect the bat for rabies 
testing. Report any potential 
bat bites involving people to 
the Pasadena Public Health 
Department at (626) 744-
6089. For more information 
on rabies, please visit www.

 Long time Pasadena official, 
Dr. Phlunte’ Riddle, and 
former district director and 
external affairs consultant 
to Assemblymember Chris 
Holden, has been appointed 
by Governor Newsom to the 
Juvenile Parole Board, also 
known as the Board of Juvenile 
Hearings. She was sworn in 
yesterday in her home residence 
of Pasadena.

 “Phlunte’ is a proven leader 
who has spent her life serving 
the community, advocating for 
those in need, and bringing 
people together to find 
resolutions to problems,” said 
Holden. “I congratulate her on 
the well-deserved appointment 
and know she will serve in her 
new capacity with the same 
values and integrity that we all 
know her for.

 The Board of Juvenile 
Hearings conducts a number 
of hearings with youth under 
the jurisdiction of the Division 
of Juvenile Justice provides 
education and treatment to 
California’s youthful offenders 
up to the age of 25 who have 
the most serious criminal 
backgrounds and most intense 
treatment needs.

 “I’m very grateful to Governor 
Newsom for appointing me to 
the Juvenile Parole Board in 
order to carry out this extremely 
important work,” said Dr. 
Riddle. “Juvenile intervention 
is critical to making sure all 
of California’s youth have the 
opportunities to be successful.”

 Dr. Riddle broke barriers and 
honed her leadership skills in 
the nearly 29 years she spent 
rising through the ranks of the 
Pasadena Police Department. 
She was the first African 
American female sergeant, 
lieutenant and adjutant to the 
chief of police in the history of 
Pasadena Police Department.

 Dr. Riddle was interim 
executive director of the YWCA 
Pasadena-Foothill Valley 
Chapter in 2013. She holds a 
doctoral degree in Psychology 
from Philips Graduate Institute 
and a Master of Arts degree 
in Organizational Leadership 
from Woodbury University. 
She is also a graduate of 
California Command College 
and the FBI National Academy 
in Quantico, Virginia.

Tournament Announces 2020 Rose Queen


 The Tournament of Roses 
Tuesday night named La Salle 
student Camille Kennedy 
(pictured above, blond hair) 
as the 102nd Rose Queen 
at the Announcement and 
Coronation ceremony at the 
Pasadena Playhouse. The 
event was hosted by Lynette 
Romero, anchor/reporter of 
the KTLA5 Morning News. 
The announcement was 
made by 2020 Tournament 
of Roses President Laura 
Farber and follows a month-
long selection process with 
students from 45 Pasadena 
area schools participating in 
interviews. The Rose Queen 
and Royal Court were selected 
based upon a combination of 
qualities, including public 
speaking ability, academic 
achievement, youth 
leadership, and community 
and school involvement.

 During the coronation 
ceremony, President Farber 
presented Rose Queen 
Camille with a Mikimoto 
crown featuring more than 
600 cultured pearls and six 
carats of diamonds. 

 Camille is a senior at La Salle 
College Preparatory and lives 
in Pasadena. She is currently 
a member of her school’s 
drama/musical theater 
troupe and has been featured 
in three productions, 
including a lead role in the 
spring 2019 musical, “City 
of Angels.” Camille is a 
member of the afterschool 
choral group and the 
Support Our Troops Club. 
Camille enjoys listening to 
music, performing in theater 
productions with friends, 
cooking, and hitting the gym 
with her dad. She plans to 
pursue a liberal arts degree 
in Japanese linguistics, social 
sciences, or culture and 
media studies. Camille is 
interested in going to college 
in Japan, with Waseda 
University in Tokyo and Asia 
Pacific University in Kyushu 
as her top choices. Camille 
is the daughter of Tim and 
Jennifer Kennedy; she has 
two younger sisters, Ava and 

 2020 Rose Queen Camille 
and the Royal Court will 
attend numerous community 
and media functions, serving 
as ambassadors of the 
Tournament of Roses, the 
Pasadena community, and 
the greater Los Angeles area. 
The grand finale will be their 
appearance on the Royal 
Court float in the 131st Rose 
Parade and attending the 
106th Rose Bowl Game both 
on Wednesday, January 1, 

Governor Signs SR-710 
Bills Ending the Extension

City Issues 
Red Flag 
Alert and 



 Governor Newsom 
signed Last week both 
SB 7 by Senator Anthony 
Portantino and AB 29 by 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden into law, decidedly 
ending the controversial 
effort of the SR-710 North 
Gap Closure Project and 
supporting the City of 
Pasadena’s ongoing efforts 
for relinquishment of the 

 Pasadena Mayor Terry 
Tornek praised the move on 
Oct.13, saying, “It is a new 
day in Pasadena now that 
the 710 freeway is history. 
This legislation ensures 
that outcome, and we can 
now focus our attention on 
reknitting this area back 
into the fabric of the city 
and addressing local traffic 
needs. Importantly, this 
legislation also provides 
relief to Caltrans’ tenants 
including nonprofits that 
provide much needed 
support to our community. 
I extend my most heartfelt 
thanks to Senator Portantino 
and Assemblymember 
Holden for their efforts.”

 With the governor’s 
signature, a key segment 
of the corridor from 
Alhambra Avenue in the 
city of Los Angeles to 
California Boulevard in the 
city of Pasadena is removed 
from the state Streets and 
Highways Code. 

 Pasadena has long worked 
to end the SR-710 freeway 
extension and tunnel, 
strongly advocating for a 
local transportation solution 
to a regional transportation 
challenge. The City will 
continue to engage with 
Caltrans in developing a 
pathway to relinquishment 
and will collaborate with 
neighboring cities in 
identifying and addressing 
transportation needs.

Jesslynn Desmond to Reign 
over 42nd Doo Dah Parade

 The move will also 
provid pathway for local 
cities to reclaim roads

Pasadena Fire Chief Bertral 
Washington has directed 
the activation of Red Flag 
Parking Restrictions within 
the City of Pasadena. The 
alert went into effect at 8:00 
a.m. yesterday and will be 
in effect until further notice 
Washington said.

 A Red Flag warning means 
that critical fire weather 
conditions are expected. 
This in combination with 
dry fuels could create 
extreme fire danger and/
or fire behavior. In order 
to allow for improved Fire 
Department access and 
resident evacuation, parking 
is restricted on posted 
narrow and/or winding 
roads within Pasadena’s 
urban-wildland interface 
areas. Extra fire patrols have 
been added to our Foothill 

 Streets where parking is 
restricted on Red Flag days 
are posted with appropriate 
“No Parking” signs. If signs 
are not posted, that street 
is not affected. Red Flag 
restricted parking is treated 
in a manner equivalent to a 
Fire Lane. Vehicles parked 
in restricted areas could be 
ticketed and or towed.

 Additional information, 
including the complete list 
of streets with restricted 
parking, may be found at:

 When the judges gathered 
Sunday night for the selection 
of this year’s Doo Dah Queen 
they had quite a job on their 
hands. When all was said and 
done, the bar remained high 
as Jesselynn Desmond was 
bequeathed the 2019 royal 

 Last year’s reigning Queen 
Jennipha had raised that bar as 
a local and even global activist. 

 Queen Jesselynn will reign 
over the 2019 Pasadena Doo 
Dah Parade, which takes place 
in East Pasadena on Sunday, 
November 24th stepping off 
at 11:00am. The new Doo 
Dah Queen is a graduate 
of American Academy of 
Dramatic Arts and has been 
acting since the age of three. 
She’s acted in TV shows, indie 
films, voice over animation, 
and theatrical productions. 
Desmond is an original 
member of the fantastical, 
surreal, and interactive Lucent 
Dossier Experience and for the 
last 12 years has performed 
with the company around the 

 Doo Dah Queens also come 
with some unpredictable skills. 
Jesselynn has been inducted 
into the College Football Hall 
of Fame as the country’s loudest 
screaming football fan. Really! 
Apparently a 22-year-old 
student and UCLA fan won the 
right to be known as ‘America’s 
Loudest College Football Fan’ 
in an officially staged contest. 
She outshouted 12 others at the 
College Football Hall of Fame 
in South Bend, Ind., with her 
voice registering 111 decibels! 
An aside: a chainsaw or rock 
concert hits 110 decibels. 
Desmond was thrilled when 
the Queen announcement was 
made, but withheld evidence of 
her formidable shouting ability.

 Jesselynn says she’s “driven 
by a desire to touch the human 
spirit and inspire change 
and growth.” Given its open, 
accessible nature, she sees the 
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade as 
an ideal fit. “I’m proud to be 
part of an event that brings 
the community out to share 
a good time, happiness and 
friendship,” she adds. Parade 
Organizer Tom Coston also 
sees Jesselynn’s role coming at a 
perfect time for both the event 
and our anxious social climate. 
“Jesselynn has established 
an awesome reputation as a 
performing artist and models 
our focus on art and culture as 
a unifying, inspiring force in 
our lives.”

 Donate Food for 
Dinner in the Park 

 Those looking for a way to 
help on Thanksgiving can 
donate items from Union 
Station Homeless Services’s 
wish list of the items they 
need to help put on Dinner in 
the Park 2019. Store bought 
pies are also welcome and 
donations can be delivered to 
412 S. Raymond Ave before 
the event or may be dropped 
off at Central Park on 
Thanksgiving morning (drop 
off area is on the southern 
parking strip of Fair Oaks just 
north of Del Mar Blvd.).

 Dinner in the Park on 
Thanksgiving Day provides 
thousands of holiday meals 
and hope for all who attend, 
including homeless men, 
women, children, seniors, 
very low-income families, 
and those with no place to 
go during the holidays. The 
impact of the event in the 
community is large because 
of your help.

 For more information visit: or call 

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