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Mountain View News Saturday, October 26, 2019


By Joan Schmidt

 Foothill Unity Center 
recently held its Golden 
Plate Awards Luncheon, 
and very special people were 

 The late Jaylene Mosely 
was awarded the Heart in 
Hand Humanitarian Award. 
During her life, Jaylene 
received eleven Community 
Service Awards from 1994-
2019 for her community 
leadership. She spearheaded 
efforts to improve the quality 
of life for area children; 
formed a collaboration 
of students, community 
members and local nonprofit 
to provide after-school 
programs at John Muir. As 
founder of the J.L. Mosely 
Company, she developed/
managed commercial real 
estate in NW Pasadena 
and Altadena, promoting 
neighborhood renewal.

 Pink Transfer, Inc. received the Neighbor Helping Neighbors Award. They have been a supportive 
partner to the Center for years: they are a key resource in obtaining office furniture; during holidays, 
donating trucks and a staff to transport over a 1000 holiday gift bags; and most recently facilitated the 
Center’s move to its new location.

 The Carl Foote Legacy Award recipients are Janet Wall & Laurie Orvis. They have tirelessly given 
their time, resources, creativity and talents since 2011. Since 2013, they have been Co-Chairs in its Back 
to School Committee, and everyone knows what an undertaking that is!

 It was such a great event. During the Social Honor, we visited many friends from the local 
cities. There were beautiful music, and a delicious lunch. Channel 7’s Veronica Miracle, was M.C. Guest 
Speaker, Supervisor Kathryn Barger praised the Center and the importance of helping the less fortunate. 
After the Presentation of Awards, Ulises Gutierrez did “Moving Our Fleet Forward” to secure funding 
for another truck. Please visit

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills


Welcome to the Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and the palace where Champions are 
crowned. Santa Anita hosts the Breeders Cup this weekend.

Panda Inn is the place where you may find John Sheriffs or Laffit Pincay digesting the enterprise of 
the day. Panda Inn is fixed with a loaded bar and enough space to stretch your Racing Form. The 
broad menu offers a classis Orange Flavored Chicken, the spirit warming Won Ton Soup and the 
vogue Chicken Wraps. Beware of the bartenders daily double, the two handed Mai Tai pour. 

3488 E. Foothill Blvd. Pasadena (626) 793-7300

Place Bet…. If you have to have a knife in your hand the steaks at the The Derby Restaurant are a 
front running winner. A delicious cut of Choice or Prime is offered at this Racing and Restaurant 
Institution. After the excitement of the meal take a few minutes of exploration and marvel at the 
historic old pictures, trophies, jockey boots and historic ribbons. The owners tell me that George 
Woolf himself made the Derby his home away from home in the early 1930’s and became a partner 
in the restaurant in 1938. 

233 E. Huntington Dr. Arcadia (626) 447-2430

Pace Bet….Sahara Restaurant on 
Colorado , great Middle Eastern food

If you have something different in 
mind, Din Tai Fung is the place 
for you. The San Gabriel Valley 
has a large Asian population and 
this restaurant has many of those 
transplants huddling in line for their 
famed Dumplings. I recommend a 
sampling of the Dumplings and I 
especially like the Xiao Long Bao (a 
dumpling packed with minced pork). 
Fresh Crab Meat is a perfect topping 
for this irresistible blanket wrapped treasure.

1088 S. Baldwin Ave. Arcadia (626) 446-8588

The place where winning photos dress the walls and first place entrees fill the tables is Nikki C’s. 
Only a few minutes from the Race Track it has been a retreat for all those that love the company of 
friends for years. The Ciaopino is riddled with seafood, including: always-fresh mussels, scallops 
and crab legs. Nikki C’s is a single on all of my tickets.470 S. Rosemead Blvd. Pasadena (626) 792-

Peter Dills Hosts a one hour radio Show on GO Country 105 on Sunday Mornings 


 SB 172 became the third important gun safety 
measure authored by State Senator Anthony J. 
Portantino signed into law last week by Governor 
Gavin Newsom this year. SB 172 enacts a slate of 
significant provisions related to firearms storage 
by broadening criminal storage crimes, adding 
criminal storage offenses to those offenses that 
can trigger a 10-year firearm ban, and creating an 
exemption to firearm loan requirements for the 
purposes of preventing suicide. In addition, SB 
172 resolves the problem of unsafe gun storage 
in residential care facilities. It also builds on the 
legacy of Senator Portantino’s predecessor Jack 
Scott, who championed safe gun storage issues 
while in the Legislature.

 The vast majority of accidental firearm death, 
suicide and senseless acts of violence amongst 
children are associated with easy access to 
firearms. Additionally, unsafe storage puts guns 
in the wrong hands and far too often leads to 
potentially deadly situations. A recent shooting in 
a Sacramento senior care facility highlighted the 
need to enact sensible rules regarding our senior 
population and the facilities they enter after 
leaving their homes for retirement and care. 

 “Children are far too often put in jeopardy when 
they are in homes that practice unsafe gun storage 
and our growing senior population is generating 
gun safety issues as it transitions into group care. 
These situations have created an urgent situation 
where all aspects of residential storage need 
stronger and contemporary regulations. Both 
younger and older residents need to be protected 
from inadvertent gun violence and I am very 
pleased that this needed and common-sense effort 
is now law,” commented Senator Portantino.

 Improper storage of firearms in the home 
are killing our youth and additionally pose 
serious risk to approximately 200,000 residents 
of California’s 7,300 assisted living facilities. 
Assisted living facilities are allowed by the state to 
accept and retain firearms, along with accepting 
many residents having mild to severe cognitive 
impairment due to Alzheimer’s or other related 
dementias. Characteristics of the cognitively 
impaired include paranoia, confusion, and 
anger. Having unsecured firearms in proximity 
to dementia residents is a dangerous risk. With 
70% of assisted living residents having some level 
of dementia, firearms pose significant risk for 
everyone in the assisted living setting, so this bill 
proactively prevents a tragedy.

 The Senator is proud to continue championing 
sensible gun reforms. SB 172 finishes another 
strong year for Senator Portantino in this regard. 
This session, the Senator had already had the 
governor sign SB 61 to cap the sale of semi-
automatic, center-fire rifles to one a month and 
ban the sale of them to those under 21 and SB 376 
which redefined the definition of infrequent in 
dealing with gun sales. In his career, the Senator 
has also banned open carry in California as well 
as raise the purchasing age on long guns to 21.

 SB 172 bill is supported by the Bay Area Student 
Activists, Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform, 
the County of Los Angeles, Drain the NRA, and 
Elder Law and Advocacy.



As a parent, you’re likely hoping to leave your children an 
inheritance. But without taking the proper precautions, the 
wealth you pass on is at serious risk of being accidentally 
lost or squandered. In some instances, an inheritance 
can even wind up doing your kids more harm than good. 
Creating a will or a revocable living trust offers 
some protection, but in most cases, you’ll be 
guided to distribute assets through your will or trust to your children at specific 
ages and stages, such as one-third at age 25, half the balance at 30, and the rest at 35. 
If you’ve created estate planning documents, check to see if this is how your will or trust leaves 
assets to your children. If so, you may not have been told about another option that can give your 
children access, control, and airtight asset protection for whatever assets they inherit from you. 

A Lifetime Asset Protection Trust safeguards the inheritance from being lost to 
common life events, such as divorce, serious illness, lawsuits, or even bankruptcy. 
But that’s not all they do.

Indeed, the best part of these trusts is that they offer you—and your kids—the best of both 
worlds: airtight asset protection AND use and control of the inheritance. What’s more, you 
can even use the trust to incentivize your children to invest and grow their inheritance.
Not all trusts are created equal

Most lawyers will advise you to put the assets you’re leaving your kids in a revocable 
living trust—and this is the right move. But most lawyers would structure the 
trust to distribute those assets outright to your children at certain ages or stages. 
And if you’ve used an online do-it-yourself will or trust-preparation service like LegalZoom®, 
Rocket Lawyer,® or any of the newer options frequently coming online now, you will most likely 
be offered only two options: outright distribution of the entire inheritance to your kids when 
you die, or partial distributions when they reach specific ages and stages as described above.
Either of those options leaves their inheritance—and your hard-earned and well-saved money—at 
risk. Indeed, once assets pass into your child’s name, all the protection previously offered by your 
trust disappears.

For example, say your son racked up debt while in college, which can sometimes happen. If he were 
to receive one-third of his inheritance at age 25, creditors could take his inheritance if it’s paid to 
him in an outright distribution. 

The same thing would be true if your daughter gets a divorce after receiving her inheritance, only 
it would be her soon-to-be ex-spouse who would claim a right to the funds in a divorce settlement. 
And despite what you may have heard about an inheritance remaining separate property, once it’s 
in your child’s hands, outright and unprotected, those assets are at risk.

There’s just no way to foresee what the future has in store for your kids—these kind of 
events happen to families every day. And that’s not even taking into consideration that 
your kids might simply blow through the money and spend it all on unnecessary luxuries. 
Airtight asset protection—and easy access

Lifetime Asset Protection Trusts are specifically designed to prevent your hard-
earned assets from being wiped out by such risks. And at the same time, your 
children will still be able to use and invest the funds held in trust as needed. 
For example, even though the assets are held in trust, your kids would be able to invest those 
funds in things like stocks, a business, or real estate, provided they do so in the name of the trust. 
Plus, if your child needs to pull money out to pay for college, a new home, or medical bills, they 
can do that by asking a Trustee—who’s chosen by you to oversee the money—for a distribution. 
Or, as will cover next week, you may even allow your child to become Sole Trustee at some point in 
the future, allowing him or her to make decisions about the trust’s management.

Dedicated to empowering your family, building your wealth and 
defining your legacy,

 A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission to help parents 
protect what they love

most. His office is located at 55 Auburn Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 

Schedule an appointment to sit down and talk about ensuring a legacy 
of love and financial security for your family by calling 626.355.4000 or visit 
for more information. 


 “Earthquake Awareness: Protect Your 
Property and Tenants” will be the subject 
of a free lunchtime workshop of the 
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic 
Association on at 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 4 
at the Brookside Golf Club.

 ”Californians live and work in earthquake 
country. This summer’s experience in the 
Ridgecrest area, reminded us that strong 
earthquakes can be devastating for both 
residents and businesses in a few moments,” 
says Pasadena Chamber of Commerce 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul 
Little. “We urge Pasadena business property 
owners to attend this informative event to 
learn what they can do in advance to protect 
their business properties.”

 Leading experts presenting at the event will 
include: California Institute of Technology 
Seismology Lab Manager, Margaret Vinci; 
Pasadena Fire Chief, Bertral T. Washington; 
Optimum Seismic, Inc. Chief Operating 
Officer, Ali Sahabi and Vice President, Narek 

 “This workshop is very important step in 
terms of increasing public awareness of how 
we can make our community safer,” says Ali 
Sahabi, chief operating officer of Optimum 
Seismic and a leader in seismic resiliency 
and sustainability. Optimum Seismic, which 
is hosting the workshop and luncheon, 
has been in operation since 1984, and has 
completed hundreds of projects to make 
buildings earthquake resilient. 

 “It’s important to understand that a major 
earthquake striking our urban area can, in 
an instant, destroy buildings and businesses, 
ruin homes, and kill and injure many people,” 
adds Sahabi.

 Answers will be provided to key questions 
about earthquakes. Questions to be 
addressed include:

1. What are the basics of the earthquake 

· What causes earthquakes?

· What happens?

· What can we expect here?

2. What will happen in Pasadena during an 
earthquake emergency:

· What will City of Pasadena emergency 
responders do?

· What resources will be available?

· How can we best prepare? 

3. How you can protect your property and 
tenants from damage and harm:

· What do the state, county and city require?

· What does retrofitting do?

· What are the economics of being prepared?

· How can I stay in business?

 The event will be held at the Brookside Golf 
Club, Mediterranean Room, 1133 Rosemont 
Drive in Pasadena. Free parking is available 
in Rose Bowl Lot D, which is a short walk to 
the venue.

 Space is limited at this free event. Reserve 
your seating and lunch early via email to or by calling 
(626) 795-3355. RSVPs will not be accepted 
after October 31.

 The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce 
and Civic Association is a business service 
member organization that works to ensure 
the prosperity of its members through a 
variety of offerings including referrals, 
networking, workshops and seminars, events 
and much more. The Chamber serves 1450 
member companies. 

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