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to Cannabis 

City Salutes Veterans

With Program and Flyover

The public is invited to 
salute our military veterans 
on Monday, Nov. 11, at 
Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. 
Garfield Ave. The program 
will begin at 10:30 a.m. 
with a welcome by Mayor 
Terry Tornek. Immediately 
following, there will be a 
call to colors with the Blair 
High School JROTC Color 
Guard; the singing of the 
national anthem by Monet 
Bagneris; and the Army, 
Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, 
and Air Force anthems will 
be played, with veterans 
standing for their respective 
branch. The Condor Air 
Squadron will conduct a 
flyover at 11:11 a.m., and the 
event will conclude with hot 
dogs donated by Pasadena 
Firefighters Union 809.

 The guest speaker will 
be Lieutenant Colonel 
Rudy G. Salcido, who is a 
native of Tucson, Arizona, 
and served as an enlisted 
Marine in 1st Battalion, 
7th Marine Regiment from 
1993 to 1996. He served in 
Company B and Weapons 
& H&S Companies as part 
of the Surveillance Target 
Acquisition Platoon. During 
this tour, he deployed twice 
to Okinawa, Japan in support 
of the Unit Deployment 
Program supporting Theater 
Security Cooperation 
exercises in Thailand.

 After attending The 
Basic School and Infantry 
Officer Course, Lieutenant 
Colonel Salcido reported 
to 3rd Battalion, 7th 
Marine Regiment. He 
served as a Rifle Platoon 
Commander, Weapons 
Platoon Commander, 
and Company Executive 
Officer with Company K, 
3rd Battalion, 7th Marine 
Regiment. During this tour, 
he deployed twice to Iraq in 
support of Operation Iraqi 
Freedom I and II.

 Lieutenant Colonel Salcido 
was assigned to Fleet 
Antiterrorism Security 
Team Company Europe 
in Rota, Spain, and served 
as a Platoon Commander 
and Company Operations 
Officer. He returned to 
the operating forces with 
his assignment to 2nd 
Battalion, 7th Marine 
Regiment. He served as 
Company Commander, 
Company F and deployed 
in support of the 31st 
Marine Expeditionary 
Unit as the designated 
Small Boat Company. 
Lieutenant Colonel 
Salcido (pictured above) 
participated in Theater 
Security Cooperation 
exercises in Thailand and the 
Philippines, after which he 
was assigned as the Battalion 
Operations Officer and 
deployed in support of the 
31st Marine Expeditionary 
Unit supporting Theater 
Security Cooperation 
exercises in Australia and 

 Upon returning from 
deployment, Lieutenant 
Colonel Salcido served as 
Company Commander, 
Headquarters Company, 
Regimental Combat Team 7 
in support of the Operation 
Enduring Freedom 12.2-
13.1 deployment. While 
deployed, he was designated 
as the Officer-in-Charge, 
Georgian Liaison Team 
(Rotation 6), 32nd Georgian 
Light Infantry Battalion, 
Musa Qal’ah, Helmand 
Province, Afghanistan.

 Immediately following, 
Lieutenant Colonel Salcido 
was assigned as a Faculty 
Advisor at Expeditionary 
Warfare School in support 
of Academic Year-14 and 
Academic Year-15. He was 
then selected to serve as 
the Personnel Exchange 
Program Officer embedded 
with the Argentine Marine 
Corps. Lieutenant Colonel 
Salcido returned to the 
operating forces with 
his assignment as the 
Operations Officer, 13th 
Marine Expeditionary Unit. 
He deployed in support of 
the West Pacific Deployment 
18-2, and he began serving 
as the Inspector-Instructor, 
2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines 
in May 2019.

 Lieutenant Colonel Salcido 
holds a bachelor of science 
degree in accounting from 
the University of Arizona 
and a master of arts degree 
in administrative leadership 
from the University of 

The Pasadena Planning 
Commission will consider, 
On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 
amendments to the City’s 
existing cannabis business 
regulations to allow all 
six of the top-scoring 
applicants the opportunity 
to establish retail 
dispensaries at locations 
that comply with all state-
mandated requirements 
while maintaining and 
preserving the buffers from 
sensitive uses as approved 
by Pasadena’s voters.

 “I have initiated a 
process for the Planning 
Commission and the 
City Council to consider 
a change to local law 
that would allow the six 
highest-rated cannabis 
applicants to seek to locate 
on the sites that they have 
identified. Under the 
present regulations, only 
four of the top candidates 
would be able to open 
for business instead of 
the up to six approved 
by voters. If the Planning 
Commission and the City 
Council decide to modify 
existing regulations, there 
is likely ample space in 
the city to accommodate 
all six of the retailers that 
scored highest in the City’s 
application process. This is 
a fair and equitable solution 
to the lack of suitable space 
under present regulations 
while preserving all 
of the protections for 
neighborhoods and 
sensitive uses,” says City 
Manager Steve Mermell.

 The amendments, if 
approved, would modify 
the location requirements 
set forth in Section 
17.50.066 of the Zoning 
Code and other applicable 
sections, in order to allow 
up to three cannabis 
retailers per council 
district and to decrease 
the minimum distance 
between cannabis retailers 
from 1,000 feet to 450 feet. 
These code amendments 
will not increase the 
overall maximum number 
of allowed dispensaries 
or change any of the 
separation requirements 
from sensitive uses.

 The Planning 
Commission will forward 
its recommendation on the 
proposed amendments to 
the City Council, and the 
City Council will make 
a final decision on the 
proposed amendment at a 
separately-noticed public 

 “The voters approved 
regulations that allow up 
to six cannabis retailers 
to locate in Pasadena in 
a manner which protects 
residential areas and 
sensitive uses such as 
churches and schools. This 
proposed amendment 
allows the City to do just 
that,” says Mermell.

Council to Consider Tenant Protection Act

 In response to a recent surge 
of eviction notices and threats 
of eviction in Pasadena ahead 
of state law protections, the city 
council will consider action 
on the Tenant Protection 
Act Temporary Adoption 
Ordinance at its regular meeting 
Monday night.

 According to city staff should 
the city council wish to proceed 
with the proposed ordinance, 
it will conduct a first reading 
of the ordinance at the same 
meeting. To facilitate timely 
adoption of the proposed 
eviction protections, a special 
meeting of the city council has 
been noticed for 12:01 a.m. 
on Tuesday for the purpose of 
conducting second reading of 
the ordinance. Publication of 
the ordinance will follow on 
Thursday, which becomes the 
effective date.

 The increase in evictions has 
occurred in advance of the 
implementation of California 
Assembly Bill 1482 (AB 1482), 
also known as the Tenant 
Protections Act, which was 
passed to prevent rent gouging 
and arbitrary evictions. AB 1482 
becomes effective Jan. 1, 2020. 
The new ordinance, if adopted, 
would be effective through Dec. 
31, 2019.

 According to the agenda 
report, “In Pasadena, as in 
other high housing cost 
cities in California, rapidly 
escalating market rents provide 
an incentive to landlords to 
evict long-term, lower-income 
tenants, without cause, in order 
to raise rents and attract higher 
income tenants, before AB 
1482 becomes effective. The 
City is experiencing a housing 
affordability crisis which 
contributes to homelessness and 
displacement of residents to an 
unprecedented scale.” 

 The adoption timeline 
complies with the City Charter, 
Section 505, which states, “No 
ordinance shall be adopted by 
the city council on the day of its 

 The purpose of this unique 
approach is to complete the city 
council’s action to implement 
protections for residents being 
evicted as quickly as possible. 
Had the city taken the normal 
approach, given that the Nov. 
11 meeting will be canceled due 
to the Veterans Day holiday, 
the ordinance would not be 
adopted until Nov. 18 and will 
not be published and effective 
until Nov. 21.

 The city council meeting starts 
at 6:30 p.m. in the Council 
Chamber, Pasadena City Hall

100 North Garfield Avenue, 
Room S249. The item is to be 
heard at 6:45 p.m. or thereafter.


Second Annual Pasadena 
Adaptive Sports Festival


 The City of Pasadena, in 
partnership with Triumph 
Foundation, a nonprofit 
organization working to 
improve the lives of people 
living with disabilities, is 
hosting the 2nd annual 
Pasadena Adaptive Sports 
Festival on Saturday, Nov. 9, 9 
a.m. - 4 p.m., at Brookside Park. 
The festival will feature more 
than 10 adaptive recreational 
sporting events that are open 
to the general public and free to 

 The adaptive sports include 
hand cycling, wheelchair rugby, 
pickle ball, beep baseball, 
tennis, boccia, basketball, 
and archery. Additionally, the 
festival will feature a creative 
art section and resource fair.

 The purpose of this free 
Adaptive Sports Festival is 
to introduce the community 
to adaptive sports, provide 
learning opportunities to the 
general public, and showcase 
members of the community 
with disabilities in a way the 
general public does not often 
see. The festival brings everyone 
of all abilities together to take 
part in a day of fun activities 
and games.

 “The City of Pasadena 
is excited to partner with 
Triumph Foundation, which 
has been serving the disabled 
community of Southern 
California for over a decade,” 
said Ali Everett, Accessibility 
Issues Coordinator for the 
City of Pasadena. “This is 
the second of what we hope 
will be many Pasadena-based 
events promoting accessible 
and inclusive sports and fitness 

 “Last year’s event attracted 
close to a thousand participants 
and really made an impact on 
everyone who attended. We are 
so thankful for our partnership 
with the City of Pasadena,” said 
Triumph Foundation Founder 
Andrew Skinner, who suffered a 
spinal cord injury in November 
2004 in a snowboarding 
accident and founded the 
organization in 2008. “Events 
like this give people with 
disabilities a chance to push 
the limits of their ability, play 
games with friends and family 
on a level playing ground, and 
enhance their quality of life 
through the benefit of exercise, 
sports and fitness.”

 “The City of Pasadena is a 
passionate supporter of the 
ADA, and the Arroyo Seco is a 
perfect venue for the Adaptive 
Sports Festival. The community 
loves it,” said Cy Estabrook, 
a member of the Pasadena 
Disability and Accessibility 
Commission. Estabrook, a 
local Pasadena math teacher, 
sustained a spinal cord injury 
from a slip and fall accident 
that left him paralyzed in 2016.

 “After my injury three years 
ago, I thought I would never 
be an athlete again,” said 
Estabrook. “But through 
Triumph Foundation’s adaptive 
recreation program I have 
continued my passion for 
tennis, baseball, cycling, and 
even learned to play rugby! I 
love having a Triumph athletic 
event in my hometown of 

 Join friends and neighbors at 
Brookside Park on Nov. 9 to 
see how people with disabilities 
continue to stay active and 
live fulfilling lives. If you’d like 
to participate in any of the 
adaptive recreational sporting 
events, register now at www.

 For more information, email 

 Pasadena Fire Department 
reminds you to change all of 
your smoke alarm batteries 
when you change your clocks 
back on Sunday.

 Replace old smoke alarm 
batteries with fresh, high-
quality batteries to keep your 
smoke alarms ready to protect 
you all year long. Make sure 
your emergency flashlights 
work when you need them 
by using fresh, high-quality 

 After inserting fresh batteries 
in your smoke alarm, make 
sure the alarm is working 
by activating the safety test 
button. The fire department 
recommends testing all of 
your smoke alarms at least 
once a month. If you have any 
doubt regarding the working 
condition of a smoke alarm, 
replace it. It’s recommended 
that you replace your smoke 
alarms with new devices every 
10 years.

 A properly functioning 
smoke alarm should be placed 
in every bedroom and in the 
hallway directly adjacent to 
those rooms. If bedrooms are 
on an upper level, a smoke 
alarm should be installed in 
the center of the ceiling directly 
above the interior stairway.

 Gently use a vacuum cleaner 
once a month to remove dust 
and cobwebs. If your smoke 
alarms have been accidentally 
painted or contaminated, 
replacement may be necessary.

 Children often become 
scared and confused when 
a fire erupts, putting them 
at increased risk of dying 
in a home fire. So, the fire 
department recommends 
practicing your escape plans 
with your children. 

 With the ongoing brush 
fires in our surrounding 
communities, this is also a 
good time to update your 
disaster supplies for your 
family members—including 

Flyover 2019

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