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Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 2, 2019 


For the period of Sunday, October 20th, through Saturday, October 26th, the 
Police Department responded to 894 calls for service, of which 113 required 
formal investigations. The following is a summary report of the major 
incidents handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, October 20:

1. Shortly before 3:11 p.m., an officer responded to Starbucks, 300 East 
Huntington Drive, regarding a battery report. An investigation revealed two 
people involved in a traffic collision on a previous date agreed to meet at the 
location to resolve the issue; however, the discussion resulted in the suspect 
kicking the victim. The 47-year-old female from Arcadia was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
2. At approximately 9:49 p.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 1400 block of Greenfield Avenue regarding a burglary report. The 
officer determined that while the victim was home, an unidentified suspect 
attempted to enter the residence by smashing a rear door window. The 
suspect then fled once the victim asked who was there. No suspects were 
seen, no witnesses were located, and no loss was reported. 

Monday, October 21:

3. Just after 9:14 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 00 
block of Bonita Street regarding a robbery report. The victim returned home 
from visiting the Bicycle Club casino when he was approached from behind 
by two unknown male suspects. The suspects hit the victim in the back of the 
head and proceeded to punch and kick him until they were able to get his 
bag. The suspects were then seen fleeing to an awaiting dark colored 4-door 
sedan, possibly a BMW. The suspects are described as two black males, one 
approximately 6’ tall and 28 to 35-years-old. The investigation is ongoing. 
4. At approximately 5:36 p.m., an officer responded to the intersection 
of Huntington Drive and Santa Anita Avenue to assist in the search of a 
stolen vehicle. Officers located the vehicle and a 51-year-old male from 
Baldwin Park was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for 
booking. A records check revealed the suspect also had an outstanding 
misdemeanor warrant.

Tuesday, October 22:

5. Around 7:36 a.m., an officer responded to an apartment complex 
in the 700 block of Arcadia Avenue regarding a commercial burglary 
report. The officer discovered an unknown suspect forcibly broke into the 
community laundry room and attempted to access the coin collection vault. 
No suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 
6. Just before 1:12 p.m., an officer responded to StorAmerica 
Self Storage, 5630 Peck Road, regarding a commercial burglary report. 
Surveillance footage revealed two male suspects entered the business, 
somehow defeated the lock to the storage unit, and fled with various 
automobile parts. The investigation is ongoing. 

Wednesday, October 23:

7. Around 1:13 p.m., an officer responded to the 00 block of South 
Michillinda Avenue regarding a theft from vehicle report. Sometime 
between Monday, October 21st and Wednesday, October 23rd, an unknown 
suspect stole the catalytic converter from the victim’s vehicle. No suspects 
were seen and no witnesses were located. 

Thursday, October 24:

8. Before 1:02 p.m., an officer responded to Ralphs, 211 East Foothill 
Boulevard, regarding a theft report. An investigation revealed the suspect 
engaged in small talk with the victim and ended up stealing the victim’s 
wallet from her purse. The suspect is described as a female, approximately 6’ 
tall, with dark hair. The investigation is ongoing. 
9. Around 3:02 p.m., an officer responded to JCPenney, 400 South 
Baldwin Avenue, regarding a shoplifting report. Surveillance footage 
revealed three juvenile suspects stole $290.70 worth of merchandise. Three 
17-year-old males from Arcadia were arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking.
10. Shortly after 3:10 p.m., an officer responded to Victoria’s Secret, 
400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a theft report. Surveillance footage 
revealed the suspect concealed $872.60 worth of merchandise before exiting 
the store, failing to make payment. The suspect is described as a black 
female, approximately 16-years-old, seen wearing a grey hat, and dark 
colored clothing. The investigation is ongoing. 

Friday, October 25: 

11. At about 3:06 a.m., an officer responded to Regal Medical Group 
Urgent Care, 117 East Live Oak Avenue, regarding a vandalism report. The 
officer discovered an unknown suspect threw a brick through a window for 
no apparent reason. No suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 


 Retired Teachers Celebrate 90 Years of Giving Back

 The California Retired Teachers’ Association (CalRTA) 
has good reason to celebrate

Retired Teachers Week, November 3-9. This organization has 
been going strong since its beginnings and is now celebrating its 
90th Anniversary! CalRTA was founded in 1929 (known then as 
CRTA ) through the efforts of Laura Settle, a retired Pasadena 
educator, with five or six people. Now the state organization 
numbers over 40,000 members! 

Although retired from teaching, members of CalRTA stay 
vital and active. One major contribution they make is through 
volunteer service. Many go back to the classroom--not for pay 
but to volunteer their time and effort. According to the CalRTA 
State Communications and Technology Committee, this past year 
CalRTA members contributed almost 2 million hours of volunteer 
service to schools and to the community in general. That number 
translates to $57.8 million in services. Besides that, members 
donated $600,000 in grants to schools and scholarships to future 

 Of equal importance is that CalRTA members, like other 
public employees, give back to their communities and to the 
state economically through pension spending. According to the 
National Institute on Retirement Security in its Pensionomics 
2018 report, California saw $73.7 billion in total economic benefit 
in 2016 from pension benefits paid out by state and local pension 
plans. Retirees contribute to the local economy by spending their 
pension benefit checks in their communities, so one persons’s 
spending becomes another person’s income.

 Membership in the California Retired Teachers’ 
Association (CalRTA) is open to all retired educators, as well as 
to current educators and to any others interested in joining. For 
membership information, please call Marietta Watkins at (323) 


The City of Monrovia has received reports that scammers pretending 
to represent the City of Monrovia Water Department are 
targeting customers by phone and requesting that they make an 
immediate payment to avoid their water service being shut-off. 
These calls are an attempt to defraud by either obtaining credit 
card information and/or arranging for a fraudulent payment to 
be made. 

If you receive a call that sounds suspicious or is about an unpaid 
bill that you do not believe you owe, hang up the phone and call 
our Water Department at 626-932-5517.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you receive a questionable 

Scammers can “spoof” a company phone number, meaning that 
your phone’s caller ID may show that the call is coming from “Department 
of Water and Power” even if it is not.

Some scammers use automated voice-response systems similar to 
those used by legitimate pay-by-phone services.

The City of Monrovia Water Department will never ask you to pay 
your bill using gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, bitcoin, or money 

Again, if you receive a call that sounds suspicious, please give us a 
call at 626-932-5517.

6:30 PM - 8:00 PMMonrovia Historical Museum 

Holden and Dr. Larry 
Moore Educate Students 
on Opioid Dangers

There has been a polling place change for the City of San 
Marino’s November 5th General Municipal Election. Due to 
the need for a larger room for new polling equipment, the Los 
Angeles County Registrar of Voters has moved one of the City’s 
polling places from San Marino City Hall - Council Chambers 
to San Marino High School - Auditorium Foyer, located at 2701 
Huntington Drive. The County Registrar of Voters has sent out 
postcards alerting voters to this change, and signs will also be 
placed at City Hall to direct people to San Marino High School. 

 If your official sample ballot says your polling place is San 
Marino City Hall, please instead go to San Marino High School 
- Auditorium Foyer. If your polling place is listed as San Marino 
Community Church - Fellowship Hall, your polling place is not 
changing and you will still be voting there.


Polling locations will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on 
Election Day (Tuesday, November 5th). 


Voters can still return their vote-by-mail ballots to City Hall’s 
main lobby from now through 5pm on Election Day, or at either 
polling place on Election Day during voting hours.


For more information on the election, please click here, or 
contact the City Clerk at (626) 300-0705.

Assemblymember Chris 
Holden and Dr. Larry Moore, 
President of the California 
Association of Oral and 
Maxillofacial Surgeons held a 
presentation at Wilson Middle 
School to raise awareness of the 
opioid epidemic.

 “Most people don’t realize 
how young adults, even at age 
12, can be vulnerable to opioid 
abuse,” said Assemblymember 
Chris Holden. “We are lucky 
to have someone like Dr. Larry 
Moore speak directly with 
students and education leaders 
in the 41st Assembly District 
about the role prescription 
pain medication plays in 
the opioid epidemic that is 
devastating communities.” In 
his presentation, Dr. Moore 
explained how young adults 
ages 12-22 are most susceptible 
to opioid abuse when legally 
exposed to these drugs 
through prescriptions for pain 
management following wisdom 
tooth removal, or through 
illegal diversions of these drugs 
from unused pills found in 
home medicine cabinets.

 Many teens believe that 
prescription drugs are much 
safer than illegal drugs because 
they’re prescribed by a doctor, 
while 36% of high school 
seniors reported in 2017 that 
prescription drugs were easy to 

 The accessibility to 
prescriptions drugs that 
can lead to a path of opioid 
addiction combined with the 
prevalence of new powerful 
opioids on the streets such as 
fentanyl has caused a spike of 
deaths throughout the country. 
In 2017, there were 49,068 
overdose deaths due to opioids. 
In 2016, 2,012 people died in 
California due to opioid-related 
overdoses, doubling the deaths 
from the year 2000.

 “Through opioid education 
we can save lives and create 
awareness to help put an end to 
this epidemic,” said Holden.


Tuesday, October 22nd

Between 6:00 PM and 
9:20 AM (Wednesday) 
– A residential burglary 
occurred in the 3300 block 
of Rubio Crest Drive. 
Suspect(s) entered the 
residence by shattering the 
rear sliding door. Stolen: 

7:50 PM – A residential 
burglary occurred in the 
800 block of E. New York 
Drive. Damage: shattered 

7:50 PM – A vehicle 
vandalism occurred in the 
700 block of E. New York 
Drive. Vehicle damage: 
dents and scratches.

Wednesday, October 23rd

1:00 PM – A vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 
1700 block of Craig Avenue. 
Vehicle described as a white 
2006 Mazda 3. Vehicle 
was recovered by LASD 

Thursday, October 24th

Between 8:30 AM and 
12:30 PM – A vehicle 
burglary occurred in the 
1900 block of Pinecrest 
Drive. Suspect(s) entered 
the vehicle by shattering the 
window. Stolen: tan tote 
bag, yellow leather purse, 
white Kindle, and currency.

1:48 PM – An assault with a 
deadly weapon occurred in 
the 1800 block of N. Allen 
Avenue. Suspect has been 

Friday, October 25th

Between 2:30 PM and 
4:40 PM - A vehicle 
burglary occurred in the 
area of Altadena Drive 
and Roosevelt Avenue. 
Suspect(s) entered the 
vehicle by shattering the 
window. Stolen: blue purse, 
make-up, perfume, and key.

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