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Mountain View News Saturday, January 4, 2020 



Were you dreaming of a “white 
Christmas”? Here is a beautiful set of 
all white twins, age 2. Meet HOPPER 
& LADY BUG. Sweet Hopper is just 
simply a loving playful boy, who often 
likes to give you lick kisses. Lady Bug 
is sometimes a little shy but sweet, 
and she does like to play. Guess you 
could say that Hopper likes to be in 
the limelight, while Lady Bug stays behind the scenes. Adopt both 
with our “Twofur” offer for $125. They will come spayed/neutered, 
current on vaccines, and microchipped. See more pictures of them, 
their videos, and adoption info at and click on the Adult Cats page. 

Pet of the Week

Cozy (A445435) is so friendly. She cannot get enough affection! 
When staff and volunteers open up her kennel door she 
immediately rushes over and starts rubbing against the visitor’s 
arm and purring, eager for attention. She’s looking for an owner 
who doesn’t mind some cuddle time after they come home from 
work, and who would enjoy a cat companion on the couch. Visit 
6-year-old Cozy at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA today. 

 The adoption fee for cats is $75. All cats are spayed or neutered, 
microchipped, and vaccinated before being adopted. 

 New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, 
as well as a goody bag filled with information about how to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable pets at Adoption hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Sunday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters by phone calls or 


Bubba makes a show stopping fashion first impression 
in his orange tuxedo with white bib and spats. 
That silky coat is a pleasure to see and softly stroke. 
He is a young cat who can appear shy at first meeting. 
But he is a good guy and just needs a little extra 
care to gain his confidence. While inside his cubby, 
Bubba acts quirky, slinky and silly but can be lured 
out with a string, a mouse tail or anything snake 
like. As he gets to know his guest, he enjoys coming 
out into the “catio”, melts into petting hands and 
will snuggle into a lap purring his appreciation being 
brushed. Treats are another path to his heart. 
Bubba is looking for a forever home that will appreciate 
his charm. The adoption fee is $99, which includes neuter surgery, microchip, first 
vaccinations and a free wellness check-up at a participating veterinarian.


Happy Tails

It was a sad and somber day for Mike, his wife 
and their two children. They’d received the 
dreaded call that Mike’s mother of 78 years 
had suddenly passed away due to a cardiac 
arrest. Mike’s Mother had been fortunate 
enough to have lived a healthy, happy life and had remained independent in her small apartment until 
her last moment, and for that they were grateful. But they would all miss her immensely. One family 
member who would feel the loss of Mike’s mother in a particularly unique way was her precious dog, 

After the family gathered to celebrate and memorialize Mrs. Smith’s life and lay her body to rest, the 
inevitable question arose; “What will happen to Lucy now that grandmother is gone?” Mike was very 
busy in his important corporate position and when he wasn’t working, he and his wife traveled, so he 
decided having a pet just didn‘t fit into his lifestyle. Neither of Mike’s two children were willing to take 
the dog because they were simply too involved in their own lives with no time to spare for a dog. They 
considered the option of taking Lucy to a shelter, but that pup had meant so much to grandmother, it 
was as if she had left a part of herself behind. The decision would be a tough one to make.

When Mike went to see his mother’s lawyer to execute her will, he mentioned his concern about Lucy 
and asked if he knew of anyone who might take the dog in. The lawyer looked over his spectacles and 
said, “Apparently you haven’t been privy to the content of your mother’s will until today.” Somewhat 
perplexed, Mike said, “No, as a matter of fact it never came up. My mom was pretty healthy for her age. 
We had not anticipated such an untimely death for her.”

The lawyer then told Mike, “You most definitely don’t have to concern yourself with the welfare of little 
Lucy now that your mother is no longer with us. Indeed, she made sure that cute little canine would be 
well taken care of for the rest of her life.” Mike had no idea what the lawyer was talking about. “How’s 
that?”, he asked, and the lawyer proceeded to explain.

“It seems that your mother must have loved that dog very much. Enough, in fact, to have thought 
ahead about making provisions in case she died first and left Lucy behind. I guess your mom knew you 
would not be able to keep Lucy when she was gone, because she left quite a generous chunk of change 
specifically ear-marked for that lucky pup’s future. Lucy will be going to a plush pet retirement home, 
where she will be loved and compassionately cared for until the day she, herself crosses the proverbial 
rainbow bridge.”

Mike must have appeared to be on the verge of fainting when he heard this news, because the lawyer 
quickly offered him a glass of water and asked if he needed to lie down on the couch for a bit. Mike 
kindly declined the offer, and regained his stature before taking a deep breath and saying, “Yep, that was 
my mom, always watching out for her pets. What else does the will provide for?”. The lawyer continued 
to explain that her personal possessions such as photos, furniture and miscellaneous household items 
were to be divided equally and civilly among the surviving family members, but she basically left her 
entire life savings to lucky Lucy!

On his way out of the lawyer’s office, Mike recalled a conversation he’d had with his mother a couple 
of years prior. She’d asked Mike if he would take care of Lucy and give her the love she so deserved, if 
anything should happen to her. Wanting to be honest with his mom, he’d told her that he’d try to find 
her a good home, but being so busy pursuing his career and traveling, he really couldn’t make time for 
a pet. He remembered how his mother accepted his response gracefully, and how he’d felt relieved that 
the conversation ended promptly with no guilt trip. He loved his mother, but he couldn‘t be bothered 
with a dog making a mess of his house and yard. He somehow felt justified in the excuses he gave as to 
why he could not be there for his mother’s best friend. My, how he regretted that now!

Some things in life should matter more than others. We each have to decide what our priorities are 
going to be. In Mike’s case, a little inconvenience was not worth accommodating his mother’s relatively 
simple yet extremely important final request, and he paid handsomely for his selfishness. If Mike could 
have opened his heart and home to his mother’s favored four-legged furry friend, not only would he 
have benefited financially, but he would also have learned that giving a little of himself would result 
in his receiving an abundance of unconditional love in return. His life would have change remarkably 
for the better.

Pets are not burdens to be borne, they are blessings to be embraced. People who do not understand, 
or don’t even care to understand the relationship that can be had with an animal is missing out on 
an amazing facet of life. Folks are so often involved with their own selves, they forget what it is like 
to give a little, even to a poor helpless pup. I believe God created the animals for many good reasons, 
but among the most important is their ability to teach us humans such vital virtues as patience, 
compassion, forgiveness and love. I admonish all who are able, even if it means a shift in priorities, 
to open up your heart and home to the unconditional love of a pet and I’ll bet your life will take on a 
whole new meaning. Happy New Year everybody. Love and let live.

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