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Monrovia ordinances and regulations 
(8.14.030 -050) FIRE HAZARDS RELATING 
TO VEGETATION require that property 
owners create defensible space around 
their buildings, keeping the area within 30’ 
of any structure “clean and green”, and removing 
hazardous vegetation for a minimum 
of 200 feet around their buildings. 
Property owners are responsible for maintaining 
defensible space within that radius 
around their buildings. The full text can 
be read in the Monrovia City Ordinance 
- 8.14.030-050.

Monrovia City Ordinance

Properties not complying with the defensible 
space requirements may be subject to 
a re-inspection fee, as well as administrative 
fine(s). The ordinance process could 
cost property owners as much as $1,000 in 
fines for the first offense and up to $5,000 
in fines for the third offense, if it is determined 
that the lack of brush cleared poses 
a significant risk to public safety.

Do not start a fire in the process of creating 
defensible space! Improper equipment 
and vehicle use are common causes of 
brush fires. Here’s how to do it the right 

Safe Equipment Use

Work before 10 a.m., and never in the heat 
of the day or when the wind is blowing.

Use string trimmers or hand tools, not 
mowers to cut dry vegetation.

Remove rocks from dry grass or weeds to 
prevent sparks.

Ensure equipment has approved spark 

Do all cutting, grinding, and sharpening 
on paved, enclosed area.

Have water and a fire extinguisher readily 

Do not park close to vegetation.

Report all fires: Call 911.

2020 Brush Clearance Program 

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily 
changed the way the City is serving its customers 
and how services are delivered to 
the community. In a typical year, the brush 
clearance program generally takes place in 
the month of May.

Due to the Safer at Home Order, social 
distancing practices and challenges with 
scheduling services, Monrovia Fire & Rescue 
will be postponing the Brush Clearance 
Program by one month. With the 
late rains this year, clearing brush at a later 
date will be beneficial for ensuring clearance 
further into the brush fire season.

Annual brush inspections will begin on or 
after June 15, 2020. We ask that you complete 
your required vegetation management 
prior to this date.

If compliance is not obtained at the conclusion 
of the third on-site brush inspection, 
your property will be subject to an 
inspection fee of $102. In addition, higher 
administrative fines will be imposed for 
those hazardous conditions requiring 
abatement. Severe violations that pose an 
imminent threat to health and safety may 
be forwarded to the City Prosecutor.


Brush Clearance Notification Letter – will 
be sent out on June 1

Athens bins – Available June 1 - July 31

Initial Inspections – June 15 

2nd Inspections – June 30

The following publications will be helpful 
in brush clearance and fire safe 

Los Angeles County Fire Hazard Reduction 

California Department of Forestry and 
Fire Protection


Monrovia Fire & Rescue's Brush Line: 
(626) 256-8109

For the period of Sunday, April 12th, 
through Saturday, April 18th, the 
Police Department responded to 746 
calls for service, of which 46 required 
formal investigations. The following is a 
summary report of the major incidents 
handled by the Department during this 

Sunday, April 12:

1. Shortly before 2:26 a.m., officers 
responded to European Motorworks, 
located at 86 West Live Oak Avenue, 
regarding a possible commercial 
burglary in progress. Surveillance 
footage revealed two suspects stole tires, 
wheels, and a floor jack. The suspects, 
a 28-year-old male from Arcadia and a 
29-year-old male from El Monte, were 
identified and released in the field. 
2. At approximately 3:45 p.m., an 
officer responded to Ikrusher, located 
at 11818 Clark Street, regarding a 
grand theft report. Surveillance footage 
revealed the suspect entered the locked 
yard and fled with stolen scaffolding. 
The suspect is described as a male, 
between the ages of 25 and 40-years-old, 
and was seen wearing a blue clothing. 
The investigation is ongoing. 

Monday, April 13:

3. Just after 6:45 p.m., an officer 
responded to Embassy Suites, located at 
211 East Huntington Drive, regarding a 
residential burglary report. The victim 
stated she witnessed the suspect in her 
hotel room, rummaging through her 
things. The suspect left without taking 
any property. The investigation is 

Tuesday, April 14:

4. Around 12:54 a.m., the 
Arcadia Police Department received 
an electronic police report of a package 
theft from the 1800 block of South Tenth 
Avenue. Sometime between 10:19 a.m. 
and 3:45 p.m. on April 8th, the victim’s 
package was stolen from his porch. No 
suspects were seen and no witnesses 
were located. 
5. Just before 5:20 p.m., an officer 
responded to the intersection of Live 
Oak Avenue and Second Avenue 
regarding a recovered stolen vehicle. 
The officer discovered the stranded 
vehicle had been reported stolen out of 
Hollywood. The vehicle was released to 
the registered owner. The investigation 
is ongoing. 

Wednesday, April 15:

6. Around 6:44 a.m., an officer 
responded to the 300 block of South 
Second Avenue regarding a stolen 
vehicle report. Sometime during the 
previous evening, an unknown suspect 
stole the victim’s vehicle. No suspects 
were seen and no witnesses were located. 
7. Shortly after 9:29 a.m., an 
officer responded to the 2000 block of 
South Eighth Avenue regarding a stolen 
vehicle report. The officer discovered an 
unidentified suspect stole the victim’s 
vehicle. No suspects were seen and no 
witnesses were located. 

Thursday, April 16:

8. Before 9:53 a.m., an officer 
responded to the intersection of 
Mayflower Avenue and Shrode 
Street regarding a mail theft report. 
An investigation revealed unknown 
suspect(s) stole mail from victims in 
the 1100 block of Mayflower Avenue 
and in the 1200 block of Shrode Street. 
No suspects were seen and no witnesses 
were located. 
9. Around 12:44 p.m., an officer 
responded to Cashbox KTV, located at 
612 East Live Oak Avenue, regarding 
an attempted commercial burglary. 
The officer determined the suspect(s) 
smashed a front window but failed to 
enter the business. No loss was reported. 
No suspects were seen and no witnesses 
were located. 

Friday, April 17: 

10. At approximately 12:07 a.m., an 
officer responded to Albertsons, located 
at 298 East Live Oak Avenue, regarding a 
battery report. An investigation revealed 
an altercation between a transient 
and the store employee resulted in 
the transient punching the employee 
multiple times. The 26-year-old female 
from Pasadena was cited in the field.
11. At about 7:56 p.m., an officer 
responded to Drive-In Liquor Store, 
located at 10 East Huntington Drive, 
regarding a robbery report. The officer 
discovered four females entered 
the business, and when they were 
confronted by the store clerk for stealing 
cigars, one of the suspects hit the victim 
in the face. The suspects are described 
as a black female, approximately 6’ tall 
with long black hair and a white female 
with brown hair. The investigation is 

Saturday, April 18:

12. Just before 11:58 a.m., an officer 
received a telephonic report of a package 
theft from a residence in the 2200 block 
of Santa Anita Avenue. Surveillance 
footage revealed a male suspect, possibly 
white or Hispanic, seen wearing dark 
clothing, stole the victim’s packages. The 
investigation is ongoing. 



The City of Duarte will raise awareness and renew its local 
commitment to exposing the harmful behaviors and 
attitudes associated with sexual assault by participating 
in the internationally recognized Denim Day movement 
on April 29, 2020. Join the Duarte City Council and staff 
and sport your favorite pair of jeans on social media using 
the hashtag #DuarteDenimDay. Whether you are Safer at 
Home or running an essential errand, your jeans make a 
statement! The City will adopt a proclamation in support 
of the day at its upcoming April 28th virtual City Council 

 Every April, the non-profit, Peace Over Violence runs an 
inspiring campaign to both support survivors as well as 
focus on one of the largest areas of assault in the United 
States. Annually, statistics show that one in five women 
and one in 77 men have been raped during their lifetime 
with youths under 18 years of age accounting for 44% of 
all reported assaults. Sexual harassment, also an issue, affects 
approximately 25% of women in the workplace, and 
about 75% of harassment victims experienced retaliation 
after reporting their concerns.

 The Denim Day campaign began 21 years ago after a ruling 
by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction 
was overturned because the justices felt that since the victim 
was wearing tight jeans she must have helped the person who raped her remove her jeans, thereby implying consent. The following 
day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim.

 If you or someone you know is sexually assaulted, there are important steps you can immediately take:

 Get to a safe place, away from the attacker right away. Call 911.

Talk to someone you trust or a hotline. In Los Angeles County, call the Violence Intervention Program, 323-226-3961 or Peace Over 
Violence 24 hr. hotline, 626-793-3385, 310-392-8381 or 213-626-3393. These organizations will provide additional resources.

Protect evidence, don't shower, clean your body or comb your hair. Don't change clothes. Try not to touch anything at the crime 

Go to the nearest hospital emergency room as soon as possible. Medical personnel will examine you, collect evidence, screen you for 
sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and provide emergency contraception to help prevent pregnancy.

Consider filing a police report with the LA County Sheriff's Department. Call Temple Station at 626 285-7171.

Fire Department Monitors 
South Pasadena Care Center

Pasadena Rotary Annual 
Community Grants Awards


 Fire Department staff 
announced Friday that 
they are continuing to be 
in communications with 
the Administrator of the 
South Pasadena Care Center 
regarding the increase in 
the number of positive 
COVID-19 patients at 
the facility. Currently, LA 
County Department of 
Health (LADH) is reporting 
16 staff members, 37 
residents who have tested 
positive for COVID-19. 
Unfortunately, there are 
three deaths associated 
with the 37 cases involving 

 They also said staff continued 
to be in contact with LADH, 
our representative with 
the Ombudsman’s Office 
and Huntington Memorial 
Hospital to ensure the 
facility is adhering to LA 
County guidelines. On 
Wednesday, an inspection 
was conducted at the facility 
by LADH. The report 
indicated the Care Center is 
in fact following LA County 
Health protocols. The most 
urgent need in ensuring that 
the staff has enough PPE’s to 
safely treat patients. Efforts 
are underway to try and 
secure additional supplies 
of PPE’s for the facility. 
Fire Department staff 
will continue to monitor 
the situation and assist 
as needed. The attached 
link from LA County 
Department of Health 
provides daily updated 
numbers of confirmed cases. 

$62,000 to Pasadena Health Non-profits

 The Pasadena Rotary Club 
announced the community 
grant recipients, this year 
totaling $62,000 on Wednesday 
April 22nd during Rotary’s 
Weekly Meeting held through a 
video conference call.

 The Rotary Club of Pasadena 
Foundation primarily receives 
donations from the members 
of the Pasadena Rotary Club. 
Each year the Rotary Club 
of Pasadena Foundation 
distributes funds to 501c3 non-
profit organizations serving the 
Pasadena community through 
the Club’s Grants Committee. 
The Grants Committees’ 15 
members seek applicants, 
review grant applications, 
conduct site visits, select grant 
recipients, gain approval from 
the Rotary Club of Pasadena 
Foundation, and awards grants 
honoring the recipients.

 Since 2004 and to include 
this year, the Foundation has 
issued more than 370 grants 
totaling over $702,659 to over 
131 organizations. 

 In 2020, the Pasadena Rotary 
Club’s Community Grants were 
awarded to 14 organizations 
with grants range from $2000 
to $6,000. According to 
Pasadena Rotary’s Centennial 
President, Scott Vandrick, 
“As we celebrate our 100th 
birthday, the Pasadena Rotary 
Club sought to increase our 
investment in the Pasadena 
community. This year’s grant 
cycle, which is focused on 
health services is $20,000 over 
the amount usually granted 
with additional funds raised at 
the Club’s Centennial Ball last 
year. These are our Club’s donor 
dollars at work, and we couldn’t 
be prouder.”

 The grant awards went to non-
profit organizations for Health 
programs in preventative, 
education or direct services.

1. Preventative programs 
encourage greater health such 
as exercise, food planning and 
preparation and sleep patterns.

2. Health Education programs 
will provide information about 
good health practices that 
will prevent diseases such as 
diabetes and heart attacks.

3. Direct Services programs 
will provide services that will 
prevent disease such as flu 
shots, oral exams, check ups, 
blood pressure and hearing 

 “We recognize that during 
this difficult time, many 
organizations have needs that 
go beyond the programs they 
applied to support with the 
grant from Pasadena Rotary,” 
says Deborah Lewis, co-chair 
of Community Grants. “We are 
giving them the opportunity 
to use these funds to serve the 
clients or programs that have 
the greatest need. We hope this 
will help them get through the 
health and economic concerns 
they are experiencing.” 

 Rotary is an organization 
of business and professional 
leaders united worldwide to 
provide humanitarian service 
and help to build goodwill 
and peace in the world. It 
is comprised of 1.2 million 
members working in more than 
35,000 clubs in 200 countries 
and geographic regions 
providing over 16 million 
volunteer hours each year. 

 For more information and a 
list of Rotary 2020 Community 
Grant Recipients visit:

San Marino Launches Tree 
Rebate Program

 This week, in honor of Earth 
Day, the city of San Marino 
announced the launch of the 
City’s Heritage Tree Rebate 
Program which is aimed 
at encouraging residents to 
plant heritage trees in their 
front yards. Depending on 
the size of the heritage tree 
planted, the rebate will range 
from a minimum of $50 to a 
maximum of $250.

 To qualify, the tree must 
be a heritage tree from a list 
available on the city website, 
and it must be a minimum 
of 15 gallons in size.

 They also encourage you 
to watch this informative 
video of Mayor Shepherd 
Romey and Urban Forester 
Sam Estrada talking about 
the City’s tree preservation 
efforts and giving a basic tree 
care tutorial. To watch the 
video or more information 
and to fill out the rebate 
form visit: cityofsanmarino.

 Trees are a foundational layer 
of our beautiful community. 
The Tree Preservation 
Ordinance, which became 
effective February 8, 2019, 
focuses on the protection 
and reforestation of our City 
to enhance this valuable 
community asset. To ensure 
that the City maintains this 
asset, the City would like 
to take this opportunity 
to remind the community 
of the key components 
of the Tree Preservation 

 In your review of the Tree 
Preservation Ordinance, 
it is important to note the 
definitions of Established 
Trees and Heritage Trees, 
the notification and 
posting requirements, the 
requirements to obtain 
a permit, obtaining a 
licensed tree trimmer and 
the penalties for violating 
the requirements. For your 
reference, the following link 
will direct you to the Tree 
Preservation Ordinance 
and the Tree Preservation 
Summary and Guidelines:
php. For questions contact 
Urban Forester Sam Estrada 
at (626) 300-0774.

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