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Mountain View News Saturday, June 6, 2020 

Hair Salons, Barbershops, 
In-Person Dining Reopen

 The city of Pasadena health 
officer has issued a revised 
Safer at Home Order allowing 
hair salons and barbershops to 
reopen and in-person dining 
in restaurants to resume with 
safeguards in place. This new 
phase of reopening aligns with 
neighboring communities, 
moving Southern California 
towards a regional recovery 
and supporting our service-
oriented businesses, many of 
which are small and locally-

 This step forward doesn’t mean 
the threat of COVID-19 is 
gone. Residents must continue 
to practice physical distancing, 
wear cloth face coverings, and 
follow all other public health 
guidelines in place.

 Specific guidelines for 
customers and employees at 
hair salons, barbershops and 
restaurants are listed below.

Barbershops and hair salons

Physical distancing measures 
will be in place.

Employees and customers will 
be screened for symptoms, 
including cough and fever. 
Clients feeling unwell should 
reschedule their appointment.

Everyone, including clients, 
must wear cloth face 
coverings while in the salon 
or barbershop, and clients 
are encouraged to wear face 
coverings with earloops to 
ensure the face covering does 
not interfere with hair service.

Magazines, coffee and other 
amenities will not be available.

Clients are encouraged to use 
credit cards and contactless 
payment systems. If electronic 
or card payment is not possible, 
customers should come with 
exact cash payment or check, if 

Stylists may only serve one 
client at a time.

Personal grooming services still 
closed/prohibited at this time:

Nail salons

Spa services, including 
massage, facials and waxing

Body art facilities

In-person dining in restaurants

Physical distancing measures 
will be in place.

Employees and customers will 
be screened for symptoms, 
including cough and fever. 
Patrons feeling unwell should 
not eat at a restaurant.

Outdoor seating and curbside 
pickup are prioritized.

Reservations are encouraged.

 Customers will be asked to 
wait for their table in their cars 
or outside the restaurant to 
prevent crowds from gathering. 

 Diners must wear cloth face 
coverings when not eating.

 Diners can be seated at the bar 
if modifications are made, such 
as Plexiglass or other physical 

 Stay connected to the City of 
Pasadena at: cityofpasadena.

Photo Credit: Francesca Rhodes,Prettigirl Productions


 City councilmembers spoke 
out Monday before thousands 
took to the city hall civic 
center, old town and Northwest 
Pasadena ending a week long 
local series of mostly peaceful 
Black Lives Matter protests 
over the death of George Floyd 
who died in Minneapolis at the 
hands of the police. 

 On Wednesday and Thursday 
BLM protesters made the 
issue of police and race local 
by visiting homes of Kedrec 
McDade and others. McDade, 
unarmed, was shot and killed 
by two Pasadena police officers 
March 24, 2012. 

 Wednesday’s gathering at 
city hall started with a caravan 
of cars that went from First 
AME Church to City Hall. 
On Thursday and Monday 
protesters also took over the 
intersection of Fair Oaks Ave. 
and Colorado Blvd. Many 
danced and sang as police 
blocked off streets. 

 Before even taking roll 
Monday, council members 
including, Vice Mayor Tyron 
Hampton commented on 

 “I’m asking everyone of you 
tonight, to understand where 
I’m coming from as an African 
American male who every time 
I get pulled over, by the police, 
my stomach drops,” Hampton 
said. “I fear for my life... when 
I say this people typically think, 
oh you’re the Vice Mayor of 
Pasadena, no one has every 
asked me, ‘are you the vice 

 Hampton called for 
discussions that hold police 
and city employees accountable 
for racism, “for mistreatment of 
people of color in general.” He 
also wanted the Public Safety 
Commission to look at police 

 “What happen to My Floyd, 
that happens here in Pasadena.” 
he said.

 Councilmember John 
Kennedy also made a call for 
civilian oversight of the police 

 “We need as a community, to 
speak with one voice,” Kennedy 

 Councilmember Victor 
Gordo also said the city should 
made a strong statement, “we 
need an opportunity to heal, 
an opportunity to make a 
strong statement, that violence 
perpetrated against anyone is 

 On Sunday, a car drove 
through protesters on Colorado 
Blvd. and Fair Oaks Ave. People 
started screaming as the car left 
with a man on its hood. The 
driver was arrested by police. 

call for civilian 
oversight of the 
police department. 

Mobile App 
to Support 

 A free mobile application 
for restaurants was unveiled 
to the community Monday. 
Pasadena Be Local Strong lists 
Pasadena area restaurants 
that are open for business. 
There are no charges to 
restaurants to be listed and no 
cost to for users to download 
the app. The application is a 
collaboration between Small 
World Communication and 
the Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce as part of Small 
World’s Be Local Strong 
initiative. The app can be 
accessed online at https://

 “I am very grateful that Rob 
McLinton and Small World 
Communications approached 
me with the idea for a web-
based mobile application 
to support local businesses 
during the current health and 
economic crisis,” said Paul 
Little, president and CEO 
of the Pasadena Chamber 
of Commerce. “Rob and his 
company were very generous 
to put the app together at no 
cost to either the restaurants 
or the users and provide a 
simple to use guide to who’s 
open and what’s on the menu. 
All free for the business and 
the user.” 

 Businesses that want to be 
listed on the site can go to:
submit-your-listing/ and 
put in their information. 
Right now, the app only 
lists restaurants, but retail 
and service businesses will 
be added soon. The app is 
available to any retail or 
service business in the greater 
Pasadena area. Membership 
in the Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce is not required to 
be listed.

 “Rob and I really saw 
this as a service that we 
could provide to the local 
business community and our 
residents,” Little said. “Every 
opportunity for businesses 
to reach potential customers 
at no cost to them is very 

City Launches Website 

to Help Small Businesses

 The city of Pasadena, last week, launch expedited permit 
and plan check processes to facilitate the rapid reopening of 
qualified dining and retail establishments seeking to comply with 
COVID-19 protocols and social distancing requirements. The city 
will also allow certain restaurants to temporarily expand dining 
areas outdoors (see above story).

 The expedited permits and plan check processes are now 
available through an online application portal. Through the 
portal, qualified restaurant and retail businesses can apply for 
express plan checks for structural and non-structural tenant 
improvements, administrative conditional use permits for alcohol 
sales, expedited design reviews for qualified retail and restaurants, 
and temporary outdoor dining permits. 

 The new modified code regulations and processes allow for:

Qualified restaurants seeking to temporarily expand their dining 
areas outdoors may be permitted to do so within an immediately 
adjacent sidewalk, alley or parking lot area. 

 Necessary design approvals for the temporary outdoor dining 
areas may also qualify for a three-day expedited review. 

Qualified dining and retail establishments will now be able 
to obtain tenant improvement permits in as little as one-day 
for non-structural alterations and five-days for larger tenant 

 Eligible existing restaurants seeking to serve alcohol as well as 
certain new restaurants seeking to serve alcohol can apply for an 
administrative Conditional Use Permit, which will be processed 
in as little as five days.

 The online application portal has been created to facilitate 
submittal of these applications and to ensure streamlined 
departmental review within the expedited timeliness. To learn 
more, or to submit an online application, visit: cityofpasadena.

Eatery Donates 50 Pizzas To 
Thank Healthcare Workers

Dog Park, 
Disk Golf 

 Domino’s Pizza of Pasadena 
delivered fifty pizzas to the 
Community Health Alliance 
of Pasadena (ChapCare) at 
its offices in Pasadena. The 
pizzas were then distributed 
to ChapCare clinic workers 
in Pasadena, including those 
testing for COVID-19 at the 
North Lake Avenue Kathryn 
Barger Health Center. The 
pizzas were donated as part of 
the Food for First Responders 
effort of the Pasadena Chamber 
of Commerce Foundation.

 “Domino’s Pizza is a strong 
supporter of our healthcare 
workers and I was pleased we 
could do something to express 
our thanks,” said Matt Lessa, 
owner of several Domino’s in 
Pasadena. “We all live here, 
work here and love Pasadena. 
Doing something to show our 
appreciation to the nurses, 
public health staff and clinic 
workers is our way of supporting 
the Pasadena community we all 

 Previously Domino’s had 
delivered lunch to Shriners 
Medical Center for Children in 
Pasadena to thank their nursing 
staff on National Nurses Day. 
Domino’s also delivered pizza 
to the Pasadena Public Health 
Department to thank their 
staff for a ll they are doing to 
keep Pasadena safe and healthy. 
Food was delivered in a safe, 
socially distanced manner and 
distributed internally by agency 
staff at each location.

 “Matt Lessa from Domino’s 
called me a few weeks ago 
asking about donating pizza to 
Huntington Hospital. I knew 
the hospital was not accepting 
outside food at their site from 
previous work through Food 
for First Responders,” said 
Pasadena Chamber President 
and CEO Paul Little. “But Matt 
and I discussed it and found 
equally deserving agencies 
to donate lunch to. It is really 
gratifying to be able to do a little 
something to thank the people 
who have been working so hard 
to keep us safe and healthy over 
the past ten weeks or so.”

 Food for First Responders is 
an initiative of the Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce 
Foundation to provide meals 
to thank healthcare workers 
during the COVID-19 crisis. 
The initiative has proved 300 
take-out meals for Huntington 
Hospital COVID-19 unit 
workers as well as lunch and 
dinner for Exer Urgent Care 
Center Pasadena staff, lunch 
for staff at the Pasadena 
Public Health Department, 
Shriners Medical Center for 
Children and ChapCare. 
The need for donations is 
ongoing. Anyone can donate 
donate-first-responders or 
through the US Mail to Pasadena 
Chamber of Commerce 
Foundation, 44 North Mentor 
Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106.

The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department
reopened the disc golf course 
at Hahamongna Park and the 
Alice Frost Kennedy Dog Park 
at Vina Vieja Park on Friday. 

 With guidance from the 
Pasadena Public Health 
Department, additional safety 
protocols are in place and 
can be found on the Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department 
website. Signage is posted 
at the entrance of the newly 
reopened recreation amenities 
advising visitors of these safety 
protocols and guidelines. It’s 
vital that visitors adhere to the 
safety guidelines to help keep 
these amenities open.

 Parks and park restrooms 
remain open. Park users 
should continue to practice 
physical distancing and avoid 
gathering with people who live 
outside their household. All 
recreation indoor facilities are 
closed. Playground structures, 
exercise equipment, and 
basketball courts remain 
closed. These closures are 
a precautionary measure 
to protect our community 
members from novel 
coronavirus (COVID-19).

Stay connected to the City 
of Pasadena! Visit us online 
at www.cityofpasadena.
net; follow us on Twitter 
at @PasadenaGov, and 
Instagram and Facebook at @

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