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Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 18, 2020 

Traffic Stop 
Leads to 

Pasadena Virtual Open 
Houses Open for Review 

Join Pasadena’s Planning 
Department for a virtual open 
house (or two!) as part of the 
“Our Pasadena” community 
planning and engagement 
process. During the virtual open 
houses, community members 
will have an opportunity to 
explore interactive stations 
with information on potential 
development standards for new 
commercial and residential 
projects located along 
Pasadena’s major commercial 
and mixed-use corridors, 
including Colorado Boulevard, 
Foothill Boulevard, Lincoln 
Avenue, Fair Oaks Avenue, and 
Lake Avenue. 

 Beginning with the East 
Colorado Specific Plan in mid- 
July, each virtual open house 
will be accessible for a one 
month window, during which 
you can provide feedback 
on the draft development 
standards for that Specific Plan. 
The website below include 
links to visit virtual open 
house rooms that are currently 
accessible, and information on 
upcoming virtual open houses. 
An instructional video is 
underway for a demonstration 
on how to navigate throughout 
the virtual open house rooms 
and provide feedback. 

 A total of eight virtual open 
houses will be held, one for 
each of Pasadena’s Specific 
Plan areas, providing an 
opportunity for the community 
to review the draft standards 
and submit comments online. 
Community feedback will help 
shape the proposed Specific 
Plans that will be presented to 
the Planning Commission early 
next year for their review and 

virtualopenhouse to view 
upcoming open houses and: for more 
information regarding the 

 South Pasadena police 
arrested two suspects 
Monday morning during 
a routine traffic stop – 
alleged to have broken into 
dozens of storage units 
stealing items. 

 According to police, at 
approximately 3:12 a.m., 
a South Pasadena Police 
Officer conducted a traffic 
stop in the 1300 block of 
Monterey Road. During 
the investigation, the 
officer notices several items 
(within the vehicle) that 
appeared to be suspicious 
and possibly stolen. 

 Further investigation 
was conducted, which 
led to the discovery of 35 
storage units that had been 
burglarized in the 900 
block of Mission Street. 
The driver, a 24-year old 
male from Inglewood and 
his passenger, a 25-year old 
female from Lennox, were 
arrested for suspicion of 
commercial burglary. 

 Anyone with information 
regarding this incident 
is encouraged to contact 
the South Pasadena Police 
Department at 626-403- 

Rose Parade Canceled Due to Pandemic 

 The Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Association announces 
Wednesday that, for the first 
time since WWII, in accordance 
with guidelines in place as a 
result of COVID-19, they are 
unable to hold the 2021 Rose 

 “The health and well-being 
of our parade participants 
and guests, as well as that 
of our volunteer members, 
professional staff and partners, 
is our number one priority,” 
said Bob Miller, 2021 President 
of the Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Association. “Obviously 
this is not what any of us wanted, 
and we held off on announcing 
until we were absolutely sure 
that safety restrictions would 
prevent us from continuing 
with planning for 132nd Rose 

 According to Miller and the 
tournament, the Rose Parade, 
since its inception in 1891, has 
not occurred only three times – 
the wartime years of 1942, 1943 
and 1945. 

 While the parade itself is 
more than five months from 
now, the preparation for such 
a large event typically begins 
in February. “In addition to 
the advance planning required 
by our band and equestrian 
units, the construction of our 
floats takes many months and 
typically requires thousands of 
volunteers to gather in ways that 
aren’t in compliance with safety 
recommendations and won’t be 
safe in the coming months,” said 
David Eads, Executive Director/ 
CEO. “While we are extremely 
disappointed that we are unable 
to host the parade, we believe 
that not doing so will prevent 
the spread of COVID-19, as well 
as protect the legacy of the Rose 
Parade for generations to come.” 

 The Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Association also hosts the 
Rose Bowl Game each January 
1. The planning for this year’s 
Rose Bowl Game, which will 
serve as a College Football 
Playoff Semifinal, is still 
ongoing. “We continue to work 
with the College Football Playoff 
and our collegiate partners to 
explore what this year’s college 
football season will look like 
amidst COVID-19 and social 
distancing guidelines. While 
the safety and well-being of 
the student athletes, university 
personnel and fans is our top 
priority, we remain hopeful that 
the Granddaddy of Them All 
will take place on New Year’s 
Day,” Eads said. 

 “We all know what the Rose 
Parade means to us here in 
Pasadena, as well as to New 
Year celebrations around the 
world. To know that we won’t 
get to experience this great 
tradition on January 1, 2021, 
is extremely disappointing. 
However, we also know that we 
must act responsibly to protect 
our community in the face of 
the COVID-19 pandemic,” said 
Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek. 
“We look forward to working 
with the Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses on their reimagined 
New Year celebration, as well as 
the return of the Rose Parade on 
January 1, 2022.” 

 Although the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses 
Association will not be hosting 
its 132nd Rose Parade, they 
will celebrate the New Year on 
January 1, 2021. Working in 
conjunction with our broadcast 
partners and sponsors, the 
Tournament of Roses has plans 
underway for a new kind of 
New Year celebration for those 
across the country and around 
the world. 

 “We may not be able to host 
our traditional five-mile march 
down Colorado Boulevard, but 
we are exploring new and safe 
ways we can collectively share 
in the celebration, and we look 
forward to announcing further 
details about our exciting new 
plans in the coming weeks,” said 

 Rose Bowl Game 
still a possibility, 
along with a Rose 
Queen, Royal Court 
and Grand Marshal. 

South Pasadena Annual 
Ray Bradbury Read-A-Thon 

More Partial 
City Street 


 The South Pasadena Public 
Library is set to participate in 
the First Annual Ray Bradbury 
Read-A-Thon, a nationwide 
celebration of the Centennial 
of author Ray Bradbury’s 
birth. Readers selected by 
participating libraries and 
institutions across the country 
will bring Bradbury’s classic 
novel Fahrenheit 451 to life for 
audiences across the country 
on August 22. 

 Fahrenheit 451 is a cautionary 
dystopian tale about the cost 
of apathy and the power of 
curiosity. One of the most 
checked-out books at libraries 
throughout the United States, 
viewers of the Read-A-Thon 
will discover—or rediscover— 
this redemptive tale that is as 
powerful today as it was when 
it was first published in 1953. 

 Emmy winning South 
Pasadena-based actor James 
Reynolds will read on behalf 
of the South Pasadena Public 
Library. James, a four time 
Emmy nominee, won for 
Outstanding Lead Actor in 
a Drama Series (Days of our 
Lives) in 2018 and became the 
3rd African-American to win 
this award and the first in over 
35 years. Along with his wife 
Lissa, James is the co-owner 
and the co-artistic directors of 
the Fremont Centre Theatre in 
South Pasadena, which was the 
last home for Ray Bradbury’s 
Pandemonium Theatre. James’ 
personal relationship with Ray 
Bradbury and his knowledge 
of the author’s literary works 
make him the perfect choice 
to represent South Pasadena in 
this special celebration. 

 In a career that spanned 
more than seventy years, 
Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) 
inspired generations of readers 
in a wide variety of genres to 
dream, think, and create. A 
prolific author of more than 
four hundred published short 
stories and close to fifty books, 
as well as numerous essays, 
plays, operas, teleplays, and 
screenplays, Bradbury is one 
of the most widely translated 
authors in the world and one of 
the most celebrated writers of 
our time. He was also a life-long 
user of libraries as well as an 
outspoken and articulate public 
library advocate. Bradbury 
lived in Southern California 
for more than 75 years and 
in his later years many of his 
plays were performed at South 
Pasadena’s own Fremont Center 
Theatre. Given Bradbury’s 
significant contributions 
to public libraries and the 
South Pasadena community, 
in 2013 the South Pasadena 
Public Library’s Conference 
Room was renamed the “Ray 
Bradbury Conference Room”. 
The Library’s “Ray Bradbury 
Collection” includes ephemera, 
photos, first edition Bradbury 
books, and vintage paperbacks. 

 For more information, visit 
the Ray Bradbury Collection 
web page. 

 To Allow For Outdoor 

City's Revised 
Health Order 

 Streets in downtown 
Pasadena will continue to get 
a makeover this weekend as 
additional closures are put 
in place to accommodate 
outdoor dining in city streets. 
The State of California’s recent 
directive to limit dining 
indoors has resulted in the 
expansion of outdoor dining a 
priority for local governments 
and restaurateurs. 

 Community members can 
expect to see partial street 
closures in the following areas, 
in addition to those installed 
last weekend: 

On Colorado between Oak 
Knoll & Hudson Ave (south 
side only) 

On Colorado between El 
Molino Ave and Oak Knoll 
Ave (north and south side) 

On Colorado between Fair 
Oaks Ave to Arroyo Parkway 
(north side) 

On Green Street between De 
Lacey Ave and Fair Oaks Ave 
(south side only) 

On Green Street between De 
Lacey Ave and Pasadena Ave 
(north side only) 

On Union Street between 
Raymond Ave to Fair Oaks 
Ave (north side only) 

On Raymond Ave between 
Holly Street and Union Street 
(west side only) 

 “Please drive with caution 
as motorists learn to navigate 
around and through these 
partial street segments,” 
officials said. 

 Angled parking will remain 
in each segment to allow for 
curbside pick-up for retail 
merchants. Transit services 
will continue on their 
designated routes, but bus 
stops within these designated 
street segments will be 
relocated to nearby temporary 
bus stops. 

 For more information visit: 

 On Monday the State of 
California mandated that 
certain business sectors must 
cease, unless those sectors 
can follow guidelines to 
operate outside or by pick-up. 
They include: 

- Fitness centers 

- Worship services 

- Protests 

- Offices for non-essential 

- Personal care services, such 
as nail salons, body waxing 
and tattoo parlors 

- Hair salons and barbershops 

- Malls 

 The City of Pasadena issued a 
revised Safer at Home Public 
Health Order that applies 
to all persons within the 
City of Pasadena under the 
Health Officer’s jurisdiction. 
For more information visit: 

Doo Dah Parade Goes 
Virtual for 43rd Occasional 

 The offbeat and eccentric 
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, 
annually held the weekend 
before Thanksgiving, will exist 
but in cyberspace this year. 
The “parade” will take place on 
Sunday, November 22 –viewed 
through a computer screen. 

 Organizers of the Pasadena 
Doo Dah Parade said they 
understand a live event is not 
possible, they are also ready try 
something new. 

 “This becomes a great 
opportunity to time capsule 
Doo Dah into the universe It’s 
not just going to be pictures of 
people in funny hats, but what 
it will be- is going to surprise 
us as much as you. Imagine 
“Housewives of ...Moscow,” said 
Tom Coston, of Light Bringer 
Project and producers of the 

 Spectators from around the 
globe can bring a lawnchair and 
watch from home. 

 Known as the twisted sister of 
the conventional Rose Parade, 
the Occasional Pasadena 
Doo Dah Parade began as a 
grassroots event in 1978 to 
gain national attention for its 
eccentric and, often, irreverent 
satire. The parade which has 
spawned numerous off-beat 
replicants across the country 
was even highlighted in last 
year’s Wall Street Journal. It was 
also named by Readers Digest’s 
“America’s Best Parade,” and was 
featured in the book 50 Places 
You Must Visit Before You Die. 

 More information will be posted 
soon on the official website 
and on facebook and instagram: 


South Pas City 
Hall Closed 

 South Pasadena City Hall 
closed indefinitely Tuesday 
due to a malfunctioning 
HVAC system (Heating, 
ventilation, and air 
conditioning). Both the heat 
and the pandemic prevent us 
from occupying the building 
until appropriate ventilation 
and air conditioning can be 
provided. The Police and 
Fire Departments are open 
and fully operational. All 
city hall services are available 
through remote capability as 
they have been since March. 
Departments can be reached 
for more information by 

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