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Mountain Views-News Saturday, July 25, 2020 

Police Still 
for Murder 

Pasadena Playhouse to 
Launch Streaming Platform 

The Pasadena police ask 
asking for the public’s help 
locate murder suspects 
involved in a shooting in late 
May on North Lake Ave. 

 According to police Ray 
Magee Jr was killed May 23 
around 4:10 p.m. during a car 
to car shooting in the 1500 
block of North Lake Ave. A 
second 23-year-old victim 
sustained a gunshot wound, 
but survived. Magee died 
after being rushed to a nearby 

 Surveillance video captured 
the suspect vehicle, a silver 
2017 Dodge Charger with 
tinted windows. The car was 
last seen fleeing south on Lake 

 Police believe the shooting 
may be gang related. 
Anyone with information is 
asked to call the Pasadena 
police at (626) 744-4241 or 
anonymously at (800) 222- 
TIPS (8477). 

 Pasadena Playhouse 
announces the launch of 
PlayhouseLive, a first-of-itskind 
nonprofit streaming 
platform to showcase theatrical 
productions from multiple 
theaters around the country 
to a national and international 
audience. Premiering this fall, 
PlayhouseLive will be a digital 
hub for high-quality digital 
theater experiences, presenting 
live and live-captured 
performances, original series, 
educational programming and 
other industry-related content 
in a new form. 

 Producing Artistic Director 
Danny Feldman shared, “As 
the harsh realities of COVID’s 
impact on live theater were 
becoming clear, we began 
work on a digital hub that 
would connect the artists and 
audiences who were reaching 
out for each other during 
this challenging time. The 
Playhouse has historically 
been an innovator and we 
continue that spirit on this new 
adventure in the digital world.” 

 PlayhouseLive will break 
down the physical boundaries 
of theater walls and open 
access to audiences all over the 
world. It will also be integrated 
into the Pasadena Playhouse’s 
Community at Play program 
which remove barriers to arts 
participation and ensures free 
and low-cost ways to engage 
with the arts. Distribution 
channels will include a 
standalone website, iPhone 
and Android apps, AppleTV, 
Amazon FireTV, Roku, 
Chromecast, and AirPlay, 
among others. 

 Powered by Pasadena 
Playhouse, PlayhouseLive 
programming will include 
new filmed productions, 
staged readings, and cabarets, 
as well as original series, 
documentaries, and theater 
classes. It will be a home for a 
wide array of theatrical voices 
through new and revisited 
work. PlayhouseLive will also 
serve as an online companion 
to the work that Pasadena 
Playhouse and partner theaters 
create on our stages once live 
theater performances resume. 
The initial slate of programming 
for PlayhouseLive will be 
announced next month. 

 The new digital theater hub 
will offer free content, payper-
view events, as well an allaccess 

 Feldman shared, “Initially, 
most of the content will 
be generated by Pasadena 
Playhouse as we have been 
working on this since the 
Playhouse was shut down. As 
our library grows, our goal is 
for the platform to serve the 
nonprofit theater community 
including the digital 
productions and original series 
created by our partners as well.” 

 For more information or 
sign up for the newsletter at: 

Police Oversight on Council Agenda 

 The Pasadena city council 
is set Monday to consider 
establishing a Community 
Police Oversight Commission 
and an Independent Police 
Auditor something, in its 
current form, not everyone in 
the community supports. 

 According to Pasadena 
Councilmember and Chair of 
the Public Safety Committee 
and Mayor Terry Tornek, if 
adopted, the Community 
Police Oversight Commission 
would consist of 13 members 
appointed by the City Council, 
and nominated as follows: one 
by each member of the City 
Council, including the Mayor; 
one by the City Manager; one 
by the Chief of Police; three 
by community groups with 
specified qualifications. 

 The purpose of the 
Commission would be, through 
public meetings, to review and 
make recommendations to the 
Chief of Police, City Manager 
and City Council regarding the 
ongoing operations of the Police 
Department; receive community 
feedback and complaints and 
refer them for further review; 
monitor and receive reports on 
hiring and training; monitor 
and publish statistics on uses of 
force, complaints and outcomes; 
provide input on policy 
recommendations prior to 
adoption; receive reports from 
the Independent Police Auditor 
regarding critical incidents, 
policies, and other matters; and 
produce a publicly available 
annual report. 

 Each member of the 
Commission would be required 
to complete at least 30 hours 
of training in relevant subject 
matter. Furthermore, the 
Commission would be charged 
with reporting back to the 
City Council with sufficient 
time prior to the 2022 general 
election, on any proposed 
changes to the oversight 
structure that would necessitate 
a Charter amendment, they 
stated in the staff report. 

 The Independent Police 
Auditor would work through 
the city manager’s office and: 

• Review investigations of all 
uses of deadly force and incustody 
deaths to 

determine if the investigations 
were complete, thorough, 
objective, and fair; 

• Review investigations of 
personnel complaints of biasbased 

• In conjunction with the 
Commission, recommend 
changes and additions to Police 

Department policies, 
procedures, and officer training; 

• Perform related duties. 

 If adopted by the city council 
Monday, the proposal would be 
implemented immediately. 

 The meeting will be held by 
video conference at 2 p.m. and 
livestreamed at: pasadenamedia. 
org. For public participation 

of the ADA 

 President George H.W. 
Bush signed into law, on 
July 26, 1990, the Americans 
with Disabilities Act 
(ADA) to ensure the 
civil rights of people with 
disabilities. Signing of the 
ADA represented a historical 
benchmark and milestone 
in America’s commitment to 
full and equal opportunity 
for all. Over the last 30 years, 
the ADA has expanded 
opportunities for millions 
of people with disabilities 
by reducing barriers, 
changing perceptions, and 
increasing full participation 
in community life. 

 The City of Pasadena 
affirms its commitment to 
the principles of equality and 
inclusion for people with 
disabilities and recognizes 
the 30th anniversary as a 
cause for celebration and an 
opportunity to honor the 
legacy of those who fought 
for and supported the passage 
of the ADA. 

 “The ADA was a landmark 
achievement of the Disability 
Rights Movement. It is a 
history both inspired by and 
rooted in the commitment, 
sacrifice, and perseverance 
of a generation of leaders, 
grassroots organizations and 
countless individuals who, 
together, framed access, 
inclusion and opportunity for 
people with disabilities into 
law,” says Martin Sweeney, 
chair of the City of Pasadena 
Accessibility and Disability 
Commission. “We celebrate 
that history and those leaders 
and activists as we continue 
today to follow their vision 
and realize the promise of the 

 At their July 20 meeting, 
Pasadena City Council issued 
a proclamation recognizing 
the 30th anniversary of the 
ADA. The public can watch 
the meeting online and share 
what the ADA means to them 
on social media using the 
hashtag #ThanksToTheADA. 

 For more information visit: 

NASA Invites Public to 
Share Mars 2020 Launch 

Early Bird 

Assistance League Delivers Care 
Packages to Essential Workers 

 NASA is inviting the 
public to take part in virtual 
activities and events ahead 
of the launch of the agency’s 
Mars 2020 Perseverance 
rover, which is targeted for 
7:50 a.m. EDT (4:50 a.m. 
PDT) Thursday, July 30, on 
a United Launch Alliance 
Atlas V rocket from Space 
Launch Complex 41 at Cape 
Canaveral Air Force Station 
in Florida. 

 Live coverage and 
countdown commentary will 
begin at 7 a.m. EDT (4 a.m. 
PDT) on NASA Television 
and the agency’s website, as 
well as YouTube, Twitter, 
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, 
Daily Motion, and Theta. 
TV. As part of the broadcast, 
Grammy Award-winning 
singer and songwriter 
Gregory Porter will perform 
a special rendition of 
“America the Beautiful.” 

 Perseverance is NASA’s latest 
Red Planet rover, designed 
to search for astrobiological 
evidence of ancient microbial 
life on Mars. Following a 
seven-month journey, it will 
land at Jezero Crater on Feb. 
18, 2021. There, Perseverance 
will gather rock and soil 
samples for future return to 
Earth. It also will characterize 
the planet’s climate and 
geology and pave the way 
for human exploration of 
the Red Planet. The robotic 
scientist, which weighs just 
under 2,300 pounds (1,043 
kilograms), also will carry the 
Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, a 
technology demonstration 
that marks the first attempt 
at powered, controlled flight 
on another planet. 

 Members of the public can 
attend the launch virtually, 
receiving mission updates 
and opportunities normally 
received by on-site guests. 
NASA’s virtual launch 
experience for Mars 2020 
Perseverance rover includes: 
a behind-the-scenes look 
at the mission; augmented 
reality filters; access to an 
engaging NASA social 
community; an invitation to 
submit videos to be part of the 
televised launch broadcast; 
toolkits for students; a chance 
to take a souvenir photo in 
our Mars Photo Booth; and 
the opportunity to send your 
name to Mars! 

 “More than 112,000 people 
registered to be our virtual 
guests for NASA’s SpaceX 
Demo-2 test flight launch in 
May, which was the first time 
the agency had offered this 
type of launch experience 
to the public,” said NASA 
Associate Administrator for 
Communications Bettina 
Inclán. “For our Mars 
2020 Perseverance rover 
launch, we hope even more 
people will join us as we 

 To participate, members 
of the public can register to 
stay up to date on mission 
information, mission 
highlights, and interaction 
opportunities. To find 
out more, visit: 

 There are lots of ways to 
participate in the historic 
event, which is targeted 
for July 30. 

 The Assistance League of 
Pasadena has joined with seven 
women owned businesses to 
distribute “fun” care packages 
to local essential workers. 
Happiness is essential too, 
says Caitlin Minges, Altadena 
resident and owner of Fun Club 
( Caitlin 
makes unique and whimsical 
gift goods and she reached out 
to six other women-owned 
businesses to contribute new 
items for these gift bags. Items 
have included everything from 
key chains to tote bags, socks, 
banners, and coasters, among 
others entertaining items. 
The women include a note 
thanking the employees for 
“working through this crazy 
time”. Their missive notes that 
their items are not essential, 
but state “we think happiness 
is pretty darn essential too.” 
The items are meant to make 
the recipient smile, laugh, and 
feel loved- but the women ask 
that if something does not work 
specifically for the recipient 
that he/she spread the cheer to 

 The businesses are Fun Club; 
Finding Home Farms; Gumball 
Poodle; Jaeci; JackRabbit 
Creations; Lucky Feather; and 
Twisted Wares. 

 Members of the Pasadena 
Assistance League, a local 
Pasadena charity for almost 
80 years, have delivered the 
cheerful gift bags to local 
grocery stores and pharmacies. 
Other bags have been 
distributed to nurses and aids 
who work with the Assistance 
League’s Assault Survivor Kit 

 Bear Hugs Programs. Caitlin 
and her fellow business owners 
are continuing to make more 
gift bags in an effort to give 
back to those who, although 
seldom celebrated, have made 
it possible for our lives to 
continue. The Assistance 
League is excited to help 
them spread some essential 
happiness. To learn more visit: 

 Fetch your leashes and sign up 
today for Pasadena Humane’s 
virtual Wiggle Waggle Walk 
Your Block! Register as an 
individual or start a team, 
then create your personal 
fundraising page sharing 
why you support Pasadena 
Humane. Sign up now and 
enjoy Early Bird Registration 
for only $25, ends July 31. 

 On Sunday, September 27, join 
Pasadena Humane by walking 
‘your way.’ Walk around your 
neighborhood, a local park, 
or on a nearby trail with your 
furry friends. Or get your steps 
in at home on a treadmill, in 
your backyard, or through a 
fun in-home obstacle course. 
Be creative and get moving 
any way you’d like to support 
Pasadena Humane and the 
more than 11,000 animals that 
come through the shelter each 
Don’t forget that expo 
festivities are still on - digitally! 
They will be kicking off the 
walk LIVE on Facebook and 
you will be able to share your 
photos and videos throughout 
the day. ?After your walk, join 
them for our first ever Virtual 
Vendor Fair, online photo 
contests, prizes, and more! Stay 
tuned for more information 
about the day’s activities. THey 
will be tracking all the fun using 
the hashtag #WiggleWaggle 

 Don’t miss out on their 
biggest fundraiser of the year! 
The more money you raise, 
the more amazing prizes you’ll 
earn and the more animals you 
will help. Register today at: 

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