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Mountain View News Saturday, July 25, 2020 



The City of Arcadia is accepting donations. As you know, we are 
still experiencing the Coronavirus pandemic with the number of 
positive cases increasing daily. Therefore, we still need donations. 
The higher demand items needed for our first responders are: 

- N95 or K95 Face Masks 
- Large or extra-large Nitrile Gloves 
- Hand Sanitizer 
- Sanitizing Wipes 
- Disposable Isolations Gowns 
- Monetary Donations 

If you or someone you know would like to donate supplies please 
contact Sara Somogyi at Any help 
would be much appreciated. If you have any questions, please call 

About Arcadia 

Nestled along the rolling foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and 
Angeles National Forest, Arcadia is a charming, family-oriented 
community with a population of just over 57,000. Located only 13 
miles east from downtown Los Angeles, regional transportation 
networks like the Metro Gold Line connect Arcadia as a premier 
residential, shopping, and entertainment destination in the San 
Gabriel Valley. Arcadia is known for its top-rated schools, iconic 
landmarks, and serene neighborhoods. Arcadia is an award-winning 
community having been twice named as the Best City in California 
in which to Raise Kids and the 2017 Most Business Friendly City in 
Los Angeles County. With the conveniences and amenities of a fullservice, 
mid-size city, Arcadia’s “Community of Homes” provides a 
quality of life that will go Above & Beyond your expectations. 

For more information, please visit or follow us on 
Twitter by texting DISCOVER to 33222: 

...................... (626) 574- 



The City of Monrovia COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance 
(COVID-19 ERA) and COVID-19 Emergency Utility Assistance 
(COVID-19 EUA) Programs will is now accepting Eligibility Intake 
Forms through Thursday, July 30, 2020. Residents who are 
income eligible and whose income has been affected by the COVID-
19 pandemic emergency will be able to apply for assistance 
of a one-time payment of up to $500 for rental assistance and for 
a one-time payment of up to $150 for utility assistance. These programs 
are funded by the Community Development Block Grant 
(CDBG) funds through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and 
Economic, Security (CARES) Act and will provide approximately 
120 rental assistance grants and approximately 135 utility assistance 
grants to qualified applicants. 

Program Procedures: 

Step 1: Applicant will complete initial Eligibility Intake Packet located 
on the City website and submit it to City Staff by email. 

Step 2: Once the eligibility intake period has reached the deadline 
of July 30, staff will begin screening the submitted intake forms 
for eligibility. If the applicant is deemed eligible, staff will put 
qualified applicants into a lottery system that will randomly select 
eligible households. 

Step 3: City Staff will contact the randomly selected applicants 
and request further required program paperwork and documentation 
to confirm eligibility. 

Step 4: Once eligibility has been confirmed they will have 10 business 
days to submit all required documents. Staff will then begin 
submitting the supplemental one-time rental and/or utility payments 
on behalf of qualified and accepted households to their 
landlord and/or directly to the chosen utility service provider. 

For the period of Sunday, July 12th, through Saturday, July 18th, 
the Police Department responded to 910 calls for service, of which 
83 required formal investigations. The following is a summary report 
of some of the major incidents handled by the Department 
during this period. 

Sunday, July 12: 

1. At 5:31 a.m., an officer responded to Maki and Sushi, located 
at 302 East Huntington Drive, regarding a commercial burglary 
report. The reporting party noticed the front glass door to 
the restaurant had been shattered. When the officer inspected the 
business, he noticed the register had been ransacked. He was unable 
to determine if any property or cash had been stolen. There 
is no suspect information at this time. 

2. At 8:18 a.m., officers responded to a residence in the 400 
block of Vaquero Road regarding a battery report. An investigation 
revealed an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend 
escalated into an assault. The suspect cut his foot during the altercation 
on a broken piece of glass. The suspect was transported 
to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for treatment. The 59-year-old 
male from Arcadia was arrested and booked at the Pasadena City 

Monday, July 13: 

3. At 11:20 a.m., an officer responded to the 600 block of 
Fairview Avenue regarding a vehicle burglary report. The victim 
discovered that his 2006 Honda Accord had the window smashed 
overnight and the suspect(s) fled with a laptop, electronics, and 
numerous pairs of shoes. There is no suspect information at this 

4. At 11:44 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 
2400 block of Lenta Lane regarding a fraud investigation. The 
victim was contacted by a fraud detection service regarding possible 
fraudulent activity. The service notified the victim that her 
personal information had been used to open a fraudulent PayPal 
credit line and unknown suspect(s) made unauthorized purchases. 
The victim does not know the identity of the suspect(s) or 
how they obtained her information. There is no suspect information 
at the time of this report. 

Tuesday, July 14: 

5. At 5:37 p.m., an officer responded to REI, located at 
214 North Santa Anita Avenue, regarding a grand theft report. 
Surveillance footage revealed a male suspect stole the victim’s 
secured bike from the bike rack in front of REI. The suspect is 
described as a white male, approximately 45 to 50-years-old, who 
was seen wearing blue jeans, white shirt, with a mask covering 
his face. The investigation is ongoing. 

Wednesday, July 15: 

6. At 6:41 a.m., an officer took a telephonic report of a battery 
that occurred at a residence in the 1200 block of Ewell Lane. 
During a game of pool, the suspect became irate and threw his 
pool cue at the victim. The suspect then chocked the victim and 
struck him several times. The suspect is a 50-year-old male from 
Arcadia. The investigation is ongoing. 

7. At 8:39 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 
800 block of Arcadia Avenue regarding a theft report. The victim 
discovered his motorcycle jack had been stolen from his carport 
sometime between July 9th and July 14th. The investigation is 
pending a review of the surveillance footage. 

8. At 9:58 a.m., an officer responded to the 1100 block of 
Fairview Avenue regarding a mail tampering report. The officer 
determined an unidentified suspect pried open the community 
mailbox. It is unknown if the suspect fled with stolen mail. There 
is no suspect information at the time of this report. 


 Experts say we are in for a busy wildfire 
season this summer and the American Red 
Cross Los Angeles Region needs the community’s 
help volunteering at our shelters. 

“Los Angeles is in a position to face a huge 
disaster with wildfire season and COVID-
19 both hitting the community at the 
same time. We have analyzed the situation 
and we need help. We need the community’s 
help,” said Joselito Garcia-Ruiz, Regional 
Disaster Program Officer for the Red 
Cross Los Angeles Region. “First, ensure 
that you and your loved ones are prepared, 
so you can be available to step up and serve 
your community. Then sign up to train as a 
Red Cross volunteer and answer the call to 
help if the need arises in LA County.” 

Click here to see list of all volunteer opportunities 

If you are an RN, LPN, LVN, APRN, NP, 

EMT, paramedic, MD/DO or PA with an active, 
current and unencumbered license, the 
Red Cross needs your support. Volunteers 
are needed in shelters to help assess people’s 
health. Daily observation and health 
screening for COVID-19-like illness among 
shelter residents may also be required. RNs 
supervise all clinical tasks. 

Roles are also available for Certified Nursing 
Assistants, Certified Home Health 
Aides, student nurses and medical students. 
We need volunteers who can provide care 
as delegated by a licensed nurse in shelters. 
This could include assisting with activities 
of daily living, personal assistance services, 
providing health education and helping 
to replace medications, durable medical 
equipment or consumable medical supplies. 

SHELTER HELP NEEDED There is a special 
need for volunteers to support sheltering 
efforts. Because of COVID-19, the Red 
Cross is placing those needing a safe place 
to stay in emergency hotel lodging when 
possible. If hotel stays aren’t possible, then 
the Red Cross will open traditional shelters. 

To help keep people safe, we have put in 
place additional precautions and developed 
special training for our workforce. 

We need volunteers to help staff shelter 
reception, registration, meal distribution, 
sleeping arrangement, information collection 
and other vital tasks to help those we 
serve. We have both associate and supervisory 
level opportunities available. 

When people leave their homes during an 
emergency, they take their pets with them. 
The Red Cross is looking for established 
partner organizations to support the pet 
sheltering effort. 

If you are interested in helping 
our community should a disaster occur, 
please go to 

Be sure to review the CDC guidance for 
people who are at higher risk for severe illness, 
consult your health care provider and 
follow local guidance. Our number one priority 
is the health and safety of our employees, 
volunteers and the people we serve. 


South Pasadena Annual 
Ray Bradbury Read-A-Thon 

Doo Dah Parade Goes 
Virtual for 43rd Occasional 

San Marino Center Virtual Tour 
and Renovation Information 

 The South Pasadena Public 
Library is set to participate 
in the First Annual Ray 
Bradbury Read-A-Thon, a 
nationwide celebration of 
the Centennial of author Ray 
Bradbury’s birth. Readers 
selected by participating 
libraries and institutions 
across the country will bring 
Bradbury’s classic novel 
Fahrenheit 451 to life for 
audiences across the country 
on August 22. 

 Fahrenheit 451 is a 
cautionary dystopian tale 
about the cost of apathy and 
the power of curiosity. One 
of the most checked-out 
books at libraries throughout 
the United States, viewers 
of the Read-A-Thon will 
discover—or rediscover— 
this redemptive tale that is 
as powerful today as it was 
when it was first published 
in 1953. 

 Emmy winning South 
Pasadena-based actor James 
Reynolds will read on behalf 
of the South Pasadena Public 
Library. James, a four time 
Emmy nominee, won for 
Outstanding Lead Actor in 
a Drama Series (Days of our 
Lives) in 2018 and became 
the 3rd African-American to 
win this award and the first 
in over 35 years. Along with 
his wife Lissa, James is the 
co-owner and the co-artistic 
directors of the Fremont 
Centre Theatre in South 
Pasadena, which was the last 
home for Ray Bradbury’s 
Pandemonium Theatre. 
James’ personal relationship 
with Ray Bradbury and his 
knowledge of the author’s 
literary works make him the 
perfect choice to represent 
South Pasadena in this 
special celebration. 

 In a career that spanned 
more than seventy years, 
Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) 
inspired generations of 
readers in a wide variety of 
genres to dream, think, and 
create. A prolific author of 
more than four hundred 
published short stories 
and close to fifty books, as 
well as numerous essays, 
plays, operas, teleplays, and 
screenplays, Bradbury is one 
of the most widely translated 
authors in the world and one 
of the most celebrated writers 
of our time. He was also a 
life-long user of libraries as 
well as an outspoken and 
articulate public library 
advocate. Bradbury lived 
in Southern California for 
more than 75 years and 
in his later years many of 
his plays were performed 
at South Pasadena’s own 
Fremont Center Theatre. 
Given Bradbury’s significant 
contributions to public 
libraries and the South 
Pasadena community, in 
2013 the South Pasadena 
Public Library’s Conference 
Room was renamed the 
“Ray Bradbury Conference 
Room”. The Library’s “Ray 
Bradbury Collection” 
includes ephemera, photos, 
first edition Bradbury books, 
and vintage paperbacks. 

 For more information, visit 
the Ray Bradbury Collection 
web page. 


 The offbeat and eccentric 
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, 
annually held the weekend 
before Thanksgiving, will 
exist but in cyberspace this 
year. The “parade” will take 
place on Sunday, November 
22 –viewed through a 
computer screen. 

 Organizers of the Pasadena 
Doo Dah Parade said they 
understand a live event is 
not possible, they are also 
ready try something new. 

 “This becomes a great 
opportunity to time capsule 
Doo Dah into the universe 
It’s not just going to be 
pictures of people in funny 
hats, but what it will be- is 
going to surprise us as much 
as you. Imagine “Housewives 
of ...Moscow,” said Tom 
Coston, of Light Bringer 
Project and producers of the 

 Spectators from around the 
globe can bring a lawnchair 
and watch from home. 

 Known as the twisted 
sister of the conventional 
Rose Parade, the Occasional 
Pasadena Doo Dah Parade 
began as a grassroots event 
in 1978 to gain national 
attention for its eccentric 
and, often, irreverent satire. 
The parade which has 
spawned numerous off-beat 
replicants across the country 
was even highlighted in last 
year’s Wall Street Journal. It 
was also named by Readers 
Digest’s “America’s Best 
Parade,” and was featured in 
the book 50 Places You Must 
Visit Before You Die. 

 More information 
will be posted soon 
on the official website 
info and on facebook and 

 The City of San Marino 
is starting to plan for the 
renovation of the San Marino 
Center! Over the next several 
weeks, we’ll be sharing 
information and seeking your 
input on how we can update 
the building to best serve the 
community for years to come. 
To start, please join Community 
Development Director Aldo 
Cervantes and Parks and Public 
Works Director/City Engineer 
Michael Throne on a virtual 
tour of the existing building. 
If you’d like to be added to our 
mailing list, or if you have any 
questions or comments, please 
email smc@cityofsanmarino. 

 To watch the virtual tour 

Pasadena Offers Aquatics 
Programs Through August 7 


 The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department started 
offering aquatics programming 
at Pasadena High School, 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center, and Villa-Parke 
Community Center pools 
through Friday, August 7. 

 Swimming lessons will be 
offered in weekly sessions 
for ages five to twelve. Each 
session runs Monday through 
Thursday, and lessons are 
available from 10 a.m. through 
5 p.m. Fees are $50 per week 
for residents, and $65 per week 
for non-residents. Lessons at 
Robinson Park and Villa-Parke 
will have a limit of three children 
per group, and Pasadena High 
School will have a maximum 
of five children per group. 
Private lessons will be offered 
on Saturdays at Pasadena High 
School every half hour from 
9:00 a.m. through 10:30 a.m., 
and are $50 per session for 
residents, and $65 per session 
for non-residents. Adult 
shallow water aerobics will 
be offered at Robinson Park 
Recreation Center on Mondays 
and Wednesdays, and at Villa- 
Parke Community Center on 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 
9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. for ages 
18 and over. Fees are $8 per 
week for adults, and $4 per 
week for older adults age 50 
and over. 

 COVID-19 protocols based 
on guidance from the Pasadena 
Public Health Department will 
be in place, and will include 
screening for symptoms, limited 
group lesson sizes, and social 
distancing. Parent/Guardians 
are encouraged to be in the pool 
for introductory level lessons 
to assist participants that are 
usually held by the instructor. 
Lockers will not be available, 
and patrons will be required 
to come fully dressed in the 
appropriate swim attire. 

 For more information, and to 
register, visit: cityofpasadena. 
net/parks-and-rec/or call (626) 
744-7330 Monday-Friday from 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

City Film Office Reopens 

 Now Accepting Permit Applications 

 The City of Pasadena Film Office reopened last week 
and began accepting permit applications for commercial 
production filming and still shoots within Pasadena city 

 Film Office guidelines have been updated to adhere to 
public health protocol and reduce the risk of COVID-19 
transmission. All proposed film and photography permit 
applications must abide by the City’s Public Health 
Reopening Protocol for Music, TV and Film Production, 
as well as these special conditions: 

 The production/applicant must comply with all federal, 
state and local public health requirements, including the 
appointment and identification of a COVID-19 compliance 

The number of persons allowed to gather 
on site must conform to physical distancing 
requirements outlined in the Health Officer 

Filming in residential areas is to occur between 
the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. This includes 
set-up and breakdown. 

 Filming in commercial areas is to occur 
between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. This includes setup 
and breakdown. 

Parking is only allowed on property and 
directly in front of a location with a minimum 
street width of 35 feet. 

 City personnel is required for all shoots. 

 Payment must be rendered before permit is 

 For more information, visit the Film Office 
website or call (626) 744-3964. 

Your goals are not on hold. 
100% Online Summer Session | June 22 - August 14 
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