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Mountain Views-News Saturday, September 12, 2020 

Police Name 
Officer in OIS

City Officials Continue 
to Monitor Bobcat Fire

The city of Pasadena continues to closely monitor the 
Bobcat Fire in Angeles National Forest. Thursday, winds 
pushed the fire to the east across Highway 39. There remains 
no immediate threat to Pasadena; however, conditions 
could change rapidly, so please stay prepared in the event 
you need to evacuate. Residents should have a plan in place 
(including for any animals) and have supplies packed ahead 
of time. 

 Preparation tips and an emergency supply checklist can 
be found in LA County Fire Department’s Ready, Set, Go 

 Right now winds are blowing wildfire smoke in our 
direction, causing unhealthy air quality. Protect yourself 
and loved ones by:

•Wearing a face mask outdoors

•Closing all windows

•Running an air purifier/ running AC on “recirculate”

•Avoiding outdoor activity

•Bringing pets indoors

 Residents should register for the Pasadena Local 
Emergency Alert System (PLEAS) to receive voice, email 
and/or text emergency notifications. Notifications are 
targeted to geographic areas. Subscribers will receive an 
alert if action is required of residents in their community, 
such as evacuation.

 Officals also recommend registering with the Alert LA 
County mass notification system.

 For more information visit:

 Pasadena police officials 
released the name of an 
officer who shot a 32-year-
old African American man 
twice in the torso in August 
in Northwest Pasadena, 
leaving many in the 
community demanding 

 According to Pasadena 
Police Chief John Perez, 
the officer involved in 
the incident August 
15 is Officer Edwin 
Dumaguindin. He has 
been a Police Officer 
with the Pasadena Police 
Department for the past 
two years.

 “There has been much 
speculation and numerous 
negative comments both 
in the local media as well 
as postings on social 
media which caused 
significant concern for the 
involved officer’s safety,” 
said Pasadena Police 
Chief John Perez. “These 
posts and comments 
were initially directed at 
an incorrectly identified 
officer and included a post 
that brazenly stated the 
officer ‘needs to die.’”

 Officials said, all 
employers are expected to 
protect their employees 
from any threats of 
violence and is the 
reason the department 
worked to protect the 
officer’s identity. This 
incident is undoubtedly a 
tragic situation both for 
the McClain family and 
the officers involved.

 According to a written 
police statement, the 
officer involved shooting 
occurred on Raymond 
Avenue and Grandview 
Street, around 8 p.m. Two 
officers stopped the car for 
a vehicle code violation, 
not having a front license 
plate. During the stop, “the 
passenger in the vehicle 
elected to run away. While 
running, the passenger 
removed a handgun from 
his waistband...” The driver 
cooperated with officers, 
they said. 

 Perez and the Pasadena 
Police Department are 
asking for the community’s 
cooperation to allow a 
thorough and complete 
investigations into this 
incident. “We intend to 
provide all information to 
the public that is legally 
allowed, and will do so in 
a timely manner.”

 The incident is also being 
investigated by the Los 
Angeles County District 
Attorney’s Office

 Anyone with 
information about this 
case is encouraged to call 
Pasadena Police at (626)- 
744-4241 or anonymously 
at “Crime Stoppers” by 
dialing (800) 222-TIPS 

 With Pasadena’s arts and 
culture community devastated 
by the impact of Covid-19, 
the city council is set to 
discuss Monday appropriating 
$500,000 through a modified 
Annual Grants Program to 
help non-profit arts and culture 
organizations with an awarded 
one-time grant. “Most of these 
organizations had planned and 
funded public programming 
which necessitated immediate 
cancellation or postponement, 
said Cultural Affairs Division 
Manager Rochelle Branch. 
“While some were able to 
move programming to a virtual 
platform to engage audiences, 
few if any were able to monetize 
these programs.”

 The Arts & Culture Relief Grant 
Program is intended to vet 
applicants though a modified 
Annual Grants Program 
review process overseen by 
the Cultural Affairs division 
that includes a simplified 
application, a review by a panel 
comprised of individuals with 
subject matter expertise, and a 
simplified scoring and award 
allocation process.

 The maximum request 
amount per applicant would be 
$20,000. Award amounts would 
be made on a sliding scale 
based on the requested amount 
of aid, demonstrated need and 
consideration of assets. Awards 
would be presented to the Arts 
& Culture Commission and 
to City Council. All awardees 
must provide a subsequent 
report which documents how 
the award funds have been 
applied, the report states.

 The Pasadena city council is 
set to meet virtually Monday 
at 2 p.m., the meeting can be 
viewed at: cityofpasadena.

 Armory Center for the Arts 
Photo D. Lee/MVNews

Council to 
Discuss Arts 
& Culture 
Relief Grants

Ad Hoc 

South Pasadena

 The South Pasadena Mayor 
and City Council invite 
qualified residents from the 
city to submit applications to 
fill the temporary Regional 
Housing Needs Assessment Ad 
Hoc Committee (Committee). 
The Committee will be 
comprised of two Planning 
Commissioners and a 
minimum of two residents to 
advise the City Council and 
staff on matters related to 
the City’s RHNA allocation 
appeal. This Committee is 
anticipated to be an “ad hoc,” 
temporary committee which 
will not be subject to the Brown 
Act, as it will be engaged as a 
resource for staff acting in 
an operational capacity, with 
recommendations ultimately 
being provided to the City 
Council for consideration and 
action at a public meeting. 

 To ensure a healthy and 
safe environment for all, the 
South Pasadena Planning and 
Community Development 
Department is offering 
the Application Packet for 
interested parties to be 
downloaded from the City’s 
website at: southpasadenaca. 

Interested parties may also 
request the Application Packet 
via e-mail. If hard copies are 
desired, appointments must 
be made during available 
office hours (with a 24-hour 
advanced notice). 

 Applications should be 
submitted via email. Please 
note, that additional written 
information after the deadline 
will not be accepted, unless 
requested by the City Council. 

 It is anticipated that Committee 
meetings will primarily occur 
virtually, using online meeting 
applications such as Zoom 
or GotoMeeting. For any in-
person meetings related to 
the Committee, mask/face 
coverings are required for staff 
and all members. You will need 
to contact the Planning and 
Community Development 
Department when you arrive 
for a scheduled appointment 
so that you can be met at the 
front door of City Hall. Your 
temperature will be taken at 
that time. A 6-foot physical 
distancing is required during 
any meeting or appointment. 

 Questions pertaining to this 
process should be directed to: 
Margaret Lin, Manager of Long 
Range Planning and Economic 
Development (626) 403-7236 

Chu: Update on Bobcat Fire 
in Angeles National Forest

 With the Bobcat Fire still not 
contained and communities in 
her district facing evacuation 
orders, Rep. Judy Chu spoke 
with Angeles National Forest 
Supervisor Jerry Perez and has 
issued the following statement 
Thursday and guidance to 

 “Today, I called Angeles 
National Forest Supervisor 
Jerry Perez to discuss the 
Bobcat Fire and the threat to 
communities in the San Gabriel 
Valley. In the past 24 hours, the 
fire has actually turned in a 
northeast direction, meaning 
locations like Mt. Wilson are 
safe for now. However, the 
next 24 hours will remain 
critical for determining if the 
Santa Ana winds will blow 
the fire southward into homes 
and communities and I urge 
constituents to continue to 
be prepared with evacuation 
plans. While there have been no 
evacuation orders so far, there 
remains an evacuation warning 
for residents in the foothill 
neighborhoods of Duarte, 
Bradbury, Monrovia, Arcadia, 
Sierra Madre, Pasadena, and 

 “The encouraging news is 
that the Forest Service, Los 
Angeles County Fire, and 
other supporting agencies 
are working hard to battle 
the Bobcat Fire. They have 
mobilized several resources 
and, as a result, the number 
of firefighting personnel has 
been quadrupled from 100 to 
400, half federal and half local 
firefighters. More bulldozers 
were also allocated, and aircraft 
have begun attacking the blaze. 
Supervisor Perez also informed 
me that they have been approved 
for a ‘Type 1’ team, which is 
used to fight the most complex 
fires, meaning we are prepared 
for the worst. But, with the 
Bobcat Fire still 0% contained, 
all foothill communities must 
remain vigilant and prepared. 
I am committed to continuing 
to provide updates to my 
constituents and will remain 
in close contact with the 
Forest Service until this fire is 

 “Even if this fire passes, our 
area remains at risk from high 
heat and poor air quality. 
For more resources, updates, 
evacuation orders, and shelters, 
residents should visit lacounty.
gov/emergency. I also want 
to urge residents to check 
air quality at and 
remind everyone that if you 
smell smoke, it is imperative 
you wear a breathing mask. 
Finally, I want to thank all our 
firefighters and support staff for 
the incredible work they have 
been doing.”

Cruz’n for Roses South Pas 
Car Show Going Virtual

When this year’s Cruz’n for 
Roses Hot Rod and Classic 
Car Show, slated for Sunday, 
September 20, was cancelled 
due to the coronavirus, 
members of the South 
Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Committee creatively 
came up with a way to hold 
the popular event. Deadline 
to Submit Cars is Tuesday.

 Called off physically on 
account of the coronavirus, 
a popular car show in South 
Pasadena will continue for 
the 16th consecutive year on 
Sunday, September 20, from 
10 a.m. to 3 p.m., by going 

 When the announcement 
came earlier this year that 
the 2021 Rose Parade 
in Pasadena has been 
cancelled, members of South 
Pasadena’s Tournament of 
Roses Committee began 
looking ahead to the next 
one with new fundraising 
efforts for the city float.

 No live event? No problem 
they said, creatively coming 
up with the idea of hosting 
the car show, usually held 
along the business district 
on Mission Street. In unique 
fashion, this year’s event 
showcasing photos of classic 
vehicles will be live streamed 
on Facebook.

 Taking part is easy. Simply 
take a picture of your car, 
describe it in 250 words 
or less and submit with a 
$25 donation to the South 
Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses Committee to Deadline to 
submit a registration is 
September 15. All entries 
receive a commemorative 
t-shirt. Additional t-shirts 
are available for $18 apiece 
or two for $30. For an entry 
form for the 2020 Virtual 
South Pasadena Hot Rod 
and Classic Car Show or to 
make a donation to the city 
float go to:

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