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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 24, 2020 


by Deanne Davis

“Every scarecrow has a secret ambition to terrorize!” Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

“This job isn’t for everyone, but HAY, it’s in my jeans!”

“I hate to be obvious,” added the scarecrow, “but you’d have saved yourself a

heap of trouble, if you weren’t too cheap to invest in a leash, Dorothy!” 

Gregory Maguire - Author of Wicked.

The annual Creative Arts Scarecrow contest is over and we are seeing the winners today, 
but there are others that were so original, so creative, so worthy of honorable mention 
that we can’t help ourselves, we have to recognize them!

If you’ve been down to Mother Moo’s for ice 
cream lately, you can’t help but notice her 
Scare Cow (#121). To quote Mother Moo 
herself, “The Scare Cow is a friendly cow 
who produces the freshest milk that goes 
into every Mother Moo scoop. She is udderly 
valuable. Sure, there are a dozen or so cows 
grazing about inside the Moo, but the Scare 
Cow always stops chewing her cud to help. 
She is a moo-rific team member.” She is also 
a distant cousin of Clarabelle Cow, who was 
involved at one time with Goofy. They are, 
of course, members of the Disney team. 
Clarabelle was an absolute fashion plate, 
always turned out in a spectacular outfit with 
a matching bow between her tiny girlish 
horns. Clarabelle and Goofy were quite a 
romantic duo in the 1930’s, but Clarabelle 
became disenchanted with Goofy when it 
became obvious to her that he was never 
going to get serious enough to get down on 
one knee and propose. Goofy, sadly, was 
just…goofy! Always breaking dates with her 
to hang around with Mickey Mouse and get 
himself into various scrapes. Clarabelle found herself an extremely handsome bull named 
Ferdinand and, while their love affair has never been splashed all over the front page of 
the Enquirer, they were happy and in love for many years and, in fact, are probably still 
standing together in the shade of an oak tree. They are in touch with Mother Moo’s Scare 
Cow and occasionally spend Thanksgiving together. A cow friendly holiday.

Next on our list of delightfully 
creative honorable mention 
scarecrows is Miss Bella Donna 
(#9). Bella Donna shares her story 
with us: “I come from a long line 
of scarecrows. My mom was a 
scarecrow, my dad was a scarecrow, 
my grandma and grandpa were 
scarecrows but I had other dreams. 
I wanted to be an artist and, 
sadly, my dream did not sit well 
with them. I wasn’t a very great 
scarecrow at a young age. In fact, 
in scarecrow school, all the birds 
would come after me and even 
when I got older they just would 
not leave me alone. Now it’s worse 
than ever. Look at that crow trying 
to peck a hole in my best gingham 
dress! When I was about 10, I built 
a dog because I was so lonely and 
she is my only friend. I still dream 
of being an artist and sometimes I 
even draw pictures in the dirt with 
a stick. My dog is Sweetie Belle and 
I sometimes dream that we can run 
away together to a land where the 
crows want to bring us a treat once 
in a while, instead of trying to peck 
us. Sweetie Belle always encourages me and tells me that one of these days I’ll be a famous 
artist and sell abstract paintings filled with friendly, silly and happy crows. I hope she’s 
right.” You can find me at 160 No. Canon Ave.

The last, but certainly not the 
least of our honorable mention 
scarecrows are the valiant 
Firefighter and Doctor (#118). 
These amazing folks are taking 
time out of what has to have 
been the busiest, most traumatic, 
frightening year ever to just 
relax a bit and wave to all the 
friends who are passing by. 
Between the fires which grew 
more threatening every day to 
the Covid virus, which doesn’t 
seem to be going away any time 
soon, these folks have put their 
lives on the line every day to keep 
us safe. These happy scarecrows 
are dedicated to the heroes who 
help save lives. You can see them 
at 473 E. Montecito Avenue. 
Firefighters, doctors, nurses, all 
the emergency workers who put 
themselves at risk are, indeed, 
our heroes. If you know one of 
these heroic folks, be sure to let 
them know you appreciate them.

Next Saturday is Halloween and 
candy corn will be available, 
along with all sorts of other 
goodies, including my favorite, 
little boxes of Dots. I’m not exactly sure how Trick or Treat will happen, but I have hope. 
One thing I know for sure, there will be tons of candy corn. To quote Lewis Black:

“Candy corn is the only candy in the history of America that has never been advertised. 
There is a reason for this. All of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911. 
And so, since nobody eats it, every year there’s a ton of it left over.”

However you celebrate Halloween, in costume or out, with candy corn or without, have 
fun, laugh a lot, and do everything you can to stay well. And most of all, I hope you end 
up with a few little boxes of Dots. Happy Halloween!

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Mount Wilson Trail Race has been moved to a virtual race this year and though we have 
changed the dates, we hope to hold tight to these. Come join in the two week long fun for the 
Mount Wilson Trail Race –Virtually Sierra Madre (Monday, November 30th to Sunday, December 
13th). Registration is open from Monday, October 5th to Thursday, October 29th and 
is all online. You can head to the City website at and register for 
the one race where the first 150 people signed up will receive a medal and t-shirt. This year’s 
medal are like any other so make sure you sign up soon! We look forward to receiving your 
time and photos from the mountain. Stay healthy, keep safe on the trails (when they are open) 
and have fun! We do plan to continue this year, even if the mountain is not available. 8.6 miles 
in these hills could always be an option. You never know what you will get but we hope to see 
you out there!


October 11, to October 17, 2020 During this period the Sierra Madre Police 

Department responded to 246 calls for service.

Petty theft A resident reported that sometime between the hours of 8:30PM 
on 10-10-20 and 8:30AM on 10-11-20 unknown person(s) removed 
a silver car cover from the resident’s vehicle, parked in his driveway in the 500 block of E. 
Sierra Madre Bl.

Possession of Marijuana An officer conducted a stop of a vehicle for a traffic violation, in 
the 500 block of W. Sierra Madre Bl at 5:10AM on 10-11-20. The driver did not have a valid 
license and admitted having marijuana inside the vehicle prompting a search of the vehicle. 
During the search, a large black plastic trash bag containing several pounds of marijuana 
was located in the rear passenger seat of the vehicle. The driver was also found in possession 
of a hypodermic needle. The driver was arrested and cited for the violations.

Case to DA’s office

Stolen Property

At 12:15AM on 10-13-20 a vehicle was stopped for a vehicle code violation in the 1800 block 
of Santa Anita Ave. There were three occupants in the vehicle. The driver was arrested and 
released in the field for being in possession of credit cards that did not belong to him. The 
female passenger was arrested for being in possession of drug paraphernalia and for giving 
false identification to officers, the male passenger was arrested for outstanding warrants. 
Both were taken to the Pasadena Jail.

Case to DA’s office

Stolen Vehicle

On 10-14-20 at 10:00AM, officers responded to the 400 block of Mariposa Ave in regards to 
a stolen vehicle report. A 2006 BMW 325i, blue in color, was parked on the driveway west 
of the residence on 10-13-20 at 9:00PM. No one had permission to take the vehicle and all 
keys were accounted for.

Case to Detectives

Theft from a Vehicle On 10-15-20 at 8:52AM, officers responded to the 100 block of Holdman 
Ave. for a report that his two vehicles that were parked in the driveway had been ransacked 
and several personal items were taken by unknown person(s).

Case to Detectives

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