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Two Injured

City Removes McClain Memorial Twice

CaltechLive! set to Present 
Diana Wyenn’s Blood/Sugar

Pasadena police are still 
investigating a shooting 
Monday night in East 
Pasadena that left a man 
and woman injured 
near the site of a now 
controversial memorial 
for Anthony McLain (see 
story right).

 According to police, they 
responded around 8 p.m. 
to calls of gunfire near La 
Pintoresca Park. Pasadena 
Police Lt. Pete Hettema 
said there were two police 
responses, one to nearby 
Pasadena Fire Station 36, 
where the female gunshot 
victim had been dropped 
off and to the park where 
officers found a car leaving 
at a high rate of speed. 
When they stopped the car 
the male driver had been 
shot in the neck. 

 Both victims were 
expected to survive, with 
serious although not life 
threatening injuries. 

 Witnesses said they heard 
25 to 30 shots fired.

 No description of the 
suspect or suspects were 

 Anyone with information 
should call Pasadena 
police at (626) 744-4501. 
Or anonymous through 
Crime Stoppers at (800) 

 CaltechLive! presents Diana 
Wyenn’s Blood/Sugar on 
Saturday, November 21, at 7 
p.m. This solo show, at the 
intersection of public health 
and performance, focuses 
on Wyenn’s life as a diabetic. 
Blood/Sugar will be performed 
live and broadcast from 
Wyenn’s home. It was written by 
Wyenn and Guy Zimmerman, 
and developed in collaboration 
with Lauren Campedelli, John 
Zalewski, Jason H. Thompson, 
Joey Guthman, Rebecca Carr, 
Aaron Saldaña, and Laban 

 Blood/Sugar uses multimedia 
effects, original movement, and 
Wyenn’s physical surroundings 
to create a vivid account of the 
life-sustaining self-care that 
diabetes currently demands 
from one out of every 10 
American adults. By 2050, the 
Centers for Disease Control 
and Prevention projects that 
as many as 1 in 3 adults could 
have a form of diabetes.

 “After more than a decade 
of simultaneously working 
professionally in the theater 
and living with type 1 diabetes, 
I read that statistic and 
immediately turned all my 
skills as a storyteller toward 
creating a theatrical response,” 
Wyenn explains. “Blood/Sugar 
uses all the techniques I learned 
to dispel the lies, mystery, and 
shame surrounding diabetes in 
all its forms.”

 The acclaimed production 
masterfully weaves sobering 
statistics, historical perspective, 
and Shakespearean texts into a 
personal narrative about living 
with a chronic illness. The piece 
was originally conceived in 
2017 for the stage, but Wyenn’s 
increased risk for contracting 
COVID-19 compelled her 
to rework the show for our 
current times.

 Wyenn, who was the director, 
dramaturg, and co-deviser 
of this year’s production of 
Kristina Wong for Public Office 
(which will stream on Center 
Theater Group’s Digital Stage 
platform later this month), is 
skilled in the technical narrative 
elements needed for this new 
kind of performance. Blood/
Sugar utilizes the vocabulary 
of contemporary theater, 
film, and the now-ubiquitous 
conventions of livestreaming 
to explore the realities of a 
different pandemic.

 “I now have the opportunity 
to be intimately connected 
through devices large and 
small to each audience member 
and facilitate a much-needed 
conversation about this disease 
that impacts more than 422 
million people worldwide,” 
explains Wyenn, who will host 
an open talkback between 
audience members and local 
diabetes educators immediately 
after the show.

 For Wyenn, this component 
of the evening, which was part 
of the original stage show, is 
as integral as the performance 
itself. “The performance is the 
tool I use to spark conversation 
about healing and the agency 
we have over the health and 
well-being of ourselves and 
that of our families, our 
communities, and our planet,” 
she adds.

 Wyenn continues, “And for 
the diabetes community—
which includes diabetics 
like me and our caretakers, 
medical professionals, and 
loved ones—it’s also an 
important opportunity to come 
together and share a wealth of 
experiences and knowledge 
with one another and beyond. 
In many ways, this online 
version is the one I’ve always 
been working toward. I just 
didn’t know it.”

 For tickets and information, 
please visit events.caltech.
edu or
bloodsugar_tix . Run time: 70 

 Early bird tickets: $10 per 
household/connection until 
November 1, 2020; beginning 
November 2, general admission 
is $20 per household/
connection. Note: ticket 
holders will be emailed a link 
to view the production a few 
hours prior to the performance.

McClain Memorial Thursday night Photos by D. Lee/MVNews

 Pasadena police 
rethink any further 
removal of a new 
larger remembrance 
for McClain.

By Dean Lee

 In a move that has been 
decried by the community, 
Pasadena Public Works and 
Pasadena Police twice removed, 
first Wednesday morning and 
again Thursday, a memorial for 
Anthony McClain at the site 
where he was killed by police 
August 15, after a traffic stop. 

 Pasadena Police Lt. Pete 
Hettema said after McClain’s 
memorial reappeared for a 
third time Thursday they 
reconsidered its removal.

 “Maybe, if we had 
communicated better, the 
reasons and the safety side of 
it..., more then, just to strike 
down the memorial for the sake 
of it, that was not the intent,” 
Hettema said. “Maybe that 
didn’t get communicated.”

 Hettema said they have had a 
high number of calls, around 
470, to the park area since Aug. 

 “That’s everything from people 
just being out there late at night 
to loud music being played, 
blocking some of the streets,” 
he said. “They [calls for service] 
went all the way to where we 
have these two people shot.”

 Hettema said the city planned 
to allow McClain’s memorial to 
stay up though the beginning of 
the week.

 “We’ll see if there’s another way 
here, they’re at least allowing it, 
a day or two, to observe and see 
what goes on,” he said. “If the 
violence kicks up again, we may 
have to do something quicker 
then that.” 

 Hettema added that, if it does 
stay peaceful, he could see 
McClain’s memorial lasting into 
next week. 

 Sean Carmitchel, an activist, 
who witnessed the memorials 
being removed said, “they rolled 
up about 6:15 a.m. Wednesday 
morning, completely silent, 
nine cops, city workers parked 
and just grabbed all the candles 
threw them into cardboard 
boxes, put them in the back of 
their tuck [and left].”

 He said they did a similar thing 
early Thursday.

 Carmitchel said all of the 
artwork and a float of McClain 
(pictured above) was safely 
removed before the workers got 
there. The artwork had been put 
up and taken down every night, 
he said. 

 McClain, a 32-year-old African 
American man, was shot by 
police at least twice in the back, 
on Raymond Avenue near 
Grandview Street, around 8 
p.m. Aug. 15.

 According to a written police 
statement, two officers stopped 
the car for a vehicle code 
violation, not having a front 
license plate. During the stop, 
“the passenger in the vehicle 
[McClain] elected to run away. 
While running, the passenger 
removed a handgun from his 

 McClain died shortly before10 
p.m. at Huntington Hospital 
from gunshot wounds to his 

 Attorney Caree Harper, 
speaking on behalf of the family, 
said McClain was holding his 
belt buckle, not a gun.

 Harper, on Thursday, called 
removing McClain’s memorial 
a disgrace. 

 Pasadena Police Chief John 
Perez took responsibility for 
having the memorial taken 

Anthony McLain

Senior Center 
Costume and 
Dance Party

The event will be held 
via Zoom

League of 
Voter Hotline

 It’s sure to be a scream 
Saturday, Oct. 31, from 1 to 
2:30 p.m. when the Pasadena 
Senior Center presents a 
Halloween party with some 
virtual trick or treating and 
a costume and dance party 
via Zoom. 

 Everyone is encouraged 
to get into the spirit of 
the celebration and wear 
a costume for other 
participants to see. Music 
will be performed by the 
Great American Swing 
Band, and The Tap Chicks 
will entertain with some fun 

 The cost is free for members 
of the Pasadena Senior 
Center and only $5 for non-

 To register for this 
Zoom event or for more 
information, visit www. 
and click on Events, Clubs 
and Lectures, then Online 
Events or call 626-795-4331. 
Everyone who registers will 
receive an email link for 
joining the party. 

 For more information 
about programs and 
services of the Pasadena 
Senior Center during the 
COVID-19 pandemic, visit 
org or call 626-795-4331. 

 The center, at 85 E. Holly 
St., is an independent, 
donor-supported nonprofit 
organization that has been 
deemed an essential service 
provider for older adults, so 
its doors are open five days 
a week for social services 
and other assistance to older 
adults in need. Hours during 
this period are Mondays 
through Fridays from 8 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Masks 
and social distancing are 
required inside the building. 

 The League of Women 
Voters Pasadena Area is 
doing its part to help voters 
safely navigate voting with 
a Voter Hotline, 626-
798-0965. Everyday from 
2-7 pm volunteers from 
the League will answer 
questions about voting by 
mail, drop-box locations, 
polling information and 
much more. The hotline 
will remain open until 9 
pm on election day. 

Volunteers have been 
fielding questions such as:

Am I registered?

I haven’t received my Vote 
by Mail ballot, what do I 

What do I need to include 
in my Vote by Mail ballot?

How do I track my ballot?

Where is my local Official 
Ballot Drop Box?

If voting in person, what 
should I expect at my Vote 

How ill I know if my ballot 
is counted? 

 The League of Women 
Voters is an organization 
encouraging the informed 
and active participation 
of citizens in government. 
We neither support nor 
oppose candidates or 
political parties at any level 
of government, but always 
work on vital issues of 
concern to members and 
the public.

 For more information 
about the The League of 
Women Voters Pasadena 
Area visit:

Deadline Nears for City's 
Second Unit ADU Program

City officials are reminding 
homeowners that the Pasadena 
Second Unit ADU Program, 
a new affordable housing 
initiative that incentivizes 
homeowners to create an 
affordable rental unit on 
their property, can make 
them additional income. The 
program offers homeowners 
“Comprehensive Assistance” 
for financing, designing, 
permitting, and constructing a 
new Accessory Dwelling Unit 
(ADU) in the City of Pasadena. 
Specifically the program 
provides homeowners financial 
assistance to build an ADU 
through new construction or 
garage conversion. Assistance 
is also available to rehabilitate 
and bring up to code an existing 
unpermitted “granny flat” or 
illegal garage conversion.

 Officials said there are two 
loan options available, New 
ADU Construction Loan and 
an Existing Unpermitted ADU 

The New ADU Construction 
Loan includes:

Up to $150,000 maximum

3-Year loan with 1% simple 

Deferred payments for 3 years

Must be refinanced prior to end 
of deferred payment period

The Existing Unpermitted 
ADU Loan includes:

Up to $75,000 maximum

20-Year loan with 1% simple 

Deferred payments for the first 
5 years

Household income must be 
under 80% area median income 

 The deadline for applications 
is 1:00 p.m. on October 30.

 Download and submit 
applications at: cityofpasadena.

Low-income adults 60 and older 
can receive one box of food and 
couples receive two during 
the Pasadena Senior Center 
Monthly Food Distribution 
Program. Proof of income and 
California ID are required for 
first-time recipients. Boxes are 
heavy, so bring a pull-behind 
personal cart to the parking lot 
between the Pasadena Senior 
Center and the Metro Gold 
Line station. Masks and social 
distancing are required. The 
event will be held Friday, Nov. 
6, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

 To enroll in the program or 
for more information, call 626-

Seniors Food 

 Additional monthly 
income by adding a rental 
unit to your property.

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