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Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 14, 2020 

Police Officer 
Pleads Guilty 
to Firearms 

Statement from Mayor 
Tornek on Election Results 

“It has been a week since 
Election Day and while 
the final results are not yet 
posted, it is clear that the 
Voters have decided not to 
reelect me for another Term 
as Mayor.

 While I am very 
disappointed, I am buoyed 
by the knowledge that during 
the past five years we have 
made real progress and that 
30,000 Pasadena Voters 
were prepared to allow me 
to continue. It has been a 
real privilege to be able to 
serve a City that has been so 
wonderful to my family since 

 Pasadena has been buffeted 
by the COVID Pandemic and 
by cries for social justice. We 
will feel the consequences 
of both for some time to 
come - but I believe that as a 
community, we are up to the 

 I want to thank my 
family, my supporters and 
volunteers and my campaign 
consultants for their tireless 
efforts on my behalf and 
on behalf of Pasadena. I am 
truly sorry that I couldn’t 
deliver a victory in return 
for their incredible energy 
and their desire to make 
our community better for 

 Pasadena and our Nation 
face challenging times, 
but with God’s blessings I 
am confident that we shall 

Council to Discuss New Housing Project

 A former police officer 
with both the Pasadena and 
Torrance Police Departments 
has been charged with being 
an unlicensed firearms dealer 
who sold dozens of guns, as 
well as certifying he was the 
actual purchaser of a handgun, 
when, in fact, he was buying 
the gun for another person, 
the Justice Department 
announced Tuesday.

 According to the Department 
of Justice, Lindley Alan Hupp, 
32, of Long Beach, was named 
in a two-count information 
filed Friday in United States 
District Court. In conjunction 
with the charging document, 
federal prosecutors also filed a 
plea agreement in which Hupp 
agreed to plead guilty to the 
two felony offenses – engaging 
in the business of dealing in 
firearms without a license, 
and making a false statement 
in a federal firearm licensee’s 
records during purchase of a 

 According to the court 
documents, Hupp sold at least 
48 firearms during an eight 
and a half year period while 
employed by the Torrance 
Police. Hupp sold another two 
guns in 2011 while serving 
as an auxiliary police officer 
with the Pasadena Police 

 “In violation of federal law, 
Hupp sold firearms without 
a federal firearms license,” 
Hupp admitted in his plea 
agreement. “Hupp made a 
business of dealing firearms, 
in part, by abusing exemptions 
made available to him under 
California law as a sworn 
peace officer. Of the forty-
eight (48) firearms defendant 
sold while employed at the 
TPD, thirty-six (36) firearms 
were ‘off roster’ firearms; that 
is, firearms that Hupp’s non-
law enforcement customers 
could not have purchased 
directly from a licensed 
firearms dealer.”

 Hupp admitted making a 
material false statement on a 
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, 
Firearms and Explosives 
recertification form (Form 
4473) when he purchased 
a Glock 9mm handgun 
in November 2015. After 
offering to sell two Glocks for 
sale on an online marketplace, 
Hupp purchased one Glock 
handgun from a Brea firearms 
dealer. When Hupp went to 
pick up the gun after the 10-
day waiting period, he signed 
a Form 4473 in which he 
falsely certified he was “the 
actual transferee/buyer of 
the firearm” knowing that he 
was the “straw buyer” of the 
firearm on behalf on another 
individual who purchased the 
handgun from Hupp a few 
days later.

 Hupp will make his initial 
appearance in United States 
District Court on December 

 This matter was investigated 
by the Bureau of Alcohol, 
Tobacco, Firearms and 
Explosives and the FBI.

 The city council is set Monday 
to discuss a Predevelopment 
Plan Review of a new multi-
family residential project in 
East Pasadena —the council is 
not expected to take action, the 
plan is listed on their agenda as 
information only. 

 According to a city staff report, 
the HHP-Walnut, LLC, proposed 
58-unit, one to four story multi-
family residential project at 
1870-1890 East Walnut Street,
175 North Greenwood Avenue,
and 170 North Parkwood 
Avenue is within a quarter 
mile of the Allen Street Gold
Line Station categorizing it as a
Transit-Oriented Development.

 “TOD areas emphasize 
intensification of development 
and reduced reliance on motor 
vehicles given the proximity to 
public transit,” the report reads. 
“While the existing context 
reflects much of the past, the 
area is in transition towards a 
more transit-oriented village 

 The project would be 80, 478 
gross square feet and up to 55 
feet tall. Up to 87 parking spaces 
would be provided within one 
level of subterranean parking 
accessible from Greenwood 

 The report further describes 
the project; “The building is 
oriented toward the public 
streets, including fenestration 
and frontage elements for 
direct pedestrian access. The 
proposed massing is modulated 
into articulated volumes along 
the Walnut Street frontage 
and steps down to two-story 
volumes along the two side 
streets (Parkwood Avenue and 
Greenwood Avenue) where the 
site is adjacent to existing single-
story buildings. Strategically 
placed ground-level patios and 
upper-level terraces also create 
modulated massing throughout 
the project.”

 The project is also subject 
to inclusionary housing 
requirements. Because the 
project consists of units for 
sale, a minimum of 20 percent 
of the total number of units in 
the project shall be sold to very 
low-, low-, or moderate-income 
households. The base density of 
the project is 45 units, requiring 
a minimum of nine inclusionary 
units. The proposal includes 
27 moderate-income units for 
sale and exceeds the minimum 
requirement According to the 

 The applicant, HHP-Walnut, 
LLC, is proposing to demolish 
all existing buildings on the 
four existing parcels that 
include, two-story structures, 
commercial automotive-related 

 The city council meets 
Monday virtually at 2 p.m. For 
more information and how 
to watch the meeting, visit:

 Apply for 
2021 Young 

 State Assemblymember 
Chris Holden announced 
Tuesday the availability of 
applications for the 2021 
Young Legislators Program. 
Now in its sixth year, the 
Young Legislators Program 
offers high school seniors in 
the 41st Assembly District a 
front row seat to the public 
policy and political arena.

 “I’m excited to launch 
the sixth annual Young 
Legislators Program for the 
41st Assembly District,” said 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden. “While we are 
meeting virtually this year, I 
have no doubt this program 
will again have a lasting 
impact on the students.”

 During the four month 
program, students will meet 
virtually once a month to 
become better advocates 
on issues they care about, 
gain valuable leadership 
skills, and learn about the 
legislative process.

 “I loved learning about 
the role and importance of 
both local government and 
agencies that work to serve 
their communities,” said Bess 
Brandow who participated in 
the 2019 Young Legislators 

 “The entire program was 
phenomenal! It strengthened 
my passion for politics and 
has made me become more 
engaged to further follow 
what I believe in,” said 
Osvaldo Valdiviezo who 
participated in the 2018 
Young Legislators Program. 
“Also the friendships and 
memories I made are 
something I treasure and am 
grateful for.”

 The 2021 Young Legislators 
Program is open to high 
school seniors living in the 
41st Assembly District. 
Applicants must commit 
to four monthly, two-hour 
Saturday meetings starting 
in February 2021 and submit 
applications by December 
15, 2020. Program details 
and application are available 
online at https://a41.asmdc.

Senior Center Set to Host 
Monthly Astronomy Series

Officials from Carnegie 
Observatories in Pasadena will 
present monthly discussions 
about astronomy beginning 
Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 4 p.m. via 

The first, “Eyes on the 
Universe: Southern California’s 
Leadership in Astronomy 
Today,” will be presented by 
Dr. John Mulchaey, director of 
Carnegie Observatories. 

Mulchaey will delve into the 
history and future of Pasadena 
as a leading center of astronomy 
research and discovery. His talk 
will provide insight into today’s 
“golden age” of astronomy 
and the promises it holds for 
understanding the universe. 
The event will include a short 
concert video of solo cello pieces 
performed by Cécilia Tsan, 
recorded under the dome of the 
Mount Wilson Observatory. 

The cost is only $7 for members 
of the Pasadena Senior Center 
and $10 for non-members. To 
register for this Zoom event, visit 
and click on Events, Clubs and 
Lectures, then Online Events or 
call 626-795-4331. Everyone 
who registers will receive an 
email link to access the event. 

At Carnegie Observatories, 
Mulchaey investigates groups 
and clusters of galaxies, elliptical 
galaxies, active galaxies, black 
holes and dark matter, which 
is the invisible material that 
makes up most of the universe. 
He also is a scientific editor of 
The Astrophysical Journal and 
is actively involved in public 
outreach and education about 
astronomy and astrophysics. 
He received his PhD from the 
University of Maryland and was 
a fellow at the Space Telescope 
Science Institute and at Carnegie 
Observatories before joining the 
Carnegie staff. 

Since the beginning of the 20th 
century, Southern California 
–and especially Pasadena –
has been the world’s leading
center of astronomy research
and discovery. Today it is
dedicated to deep research on
the evolution of the cosmos
and the training of new
generations of astronomers. For
the past 40 years most of this
research has taken place at the
Observatories’ large-telescope
facilities in the Atacama Desert
in northern Chile and has
yielded discoveries about galaxy
and star formation, dark matter,
black holes and more.

For more information about
online activities and other
programs and services of the
Pasadena Senior Center during
the COVID-19 pandemic, visit: or call 

The center, at 85 E. Holly St., is an 
independent, donor-supported
nonprofit organization. Doors
are open Mondays through
Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
for social services and other
critical assistance to older adults 
in need. Masks are required
inside the building, and social
distancing is maintained.

Shop Pasadena Campaign 
Set for the Holiday Season

 The City of Pasadena and 
Visit Pasadena are launching 
a campaign to encourage 
people to shop small and dine 
local this holiday season. The 
2020 holiday “Shop Pasadena” 
campaign will put a spotlight 
on the hundreds of independent 
businesses located in Pasadena 
and encourage the community 
to shop small, dine local and 
show some #locallove this 

 There’s a special connection 
that comes with shopping and 
dining local. Whether it’s a 
friendly face that greets you at 
your favorite store or eatery or 
the shop owner who gives back 
to their community, Pasadena’s 
businesses need support from 
the locals this holiday season in 
order to keep their doors open 
and the lights on. In addition 
to building special connections, 
shopping local helps to keep 
dollars in our local economy 
to support our schools, parks 
and vital community services. 
For more information, go to:

 The key message of this year’s 
Shop Pasadena campaign is 
“We’re Open, Keep Us Open.” 
The campaign graphic has 
the look and feel of a vintage 
shop sign and will be available 
for businesses to use on their 
own social media accounts, 
reproduced as window clings 
for storefront businesses, and in 
advertisements pursued by the 
City and Visit Pasadena.

 Independent and small 
businesses across the city are 
invited to participate in the Shop 
Pasadena Campaign. To do so, 
businesses are encouraged to:

 Download branded graphics 
for the Shop Pasadena campaign 
businessresources for use on 
their own social media feeds.

 Add their businesses contact 
information, specials and 
promotions to the Shop & Dine 
Pasadena directories located 

 Encourage customers to tag 
#shoppasadena on their social 
feeds to spread awareness about 
the importance of shopping and 
dining local.

 This year, more than ever, 
Pasadena’s local and independent 
retailers need the support of 
the community. Many brick 
and mortar businesses have 
been hit especially hard by the 
pandemic. With many retailers 
and restaurants having to pivot 
to online orders and takeout 
during most of 2020, the holiday 
shopping season has become an 
even more critical time for these 
businesses to survive closures 
related to safer-at-home orders.

 To help flatten the curve 
and protect the health of our 
community, the public is 
reminded to follow the 3 W’s 
when venturing out to support 
our local businesses: (1) wear 
a face covering, (2) wash your 
hands, & (3) watch your distance 
from others.

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