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Mountain View News Saturday, November 14, 2020 


The Carmelite Sisters 
in Duarte have been 
serving the community 
through the Hayden 
Child Care Center since 
1967. Countless children 
benefited from 
their tireless work. Due 
the current pandemic, 
the Hayden Child Care 
Center has closed permanently. 
In recognition 
for the ongoing work of 
the Carmelite Sisters, 
the Duarte Kiwanis Club 
provided a donation and 
a certificate of appreciation 
to Sister Myriam 
and Sister M. Aloysious.

If you are interested in 
joining the Duarte Kiwanis 
or presenting at 
a future meeting, please 
contact Tina Carey at The 
club is currently meeting 
virtually through 

ARCADIA Community: 



The Arcadia Police Department, along with surrounding agencies, 
have been experiencing an increase in the number of reported thefts 
of catalytic converters. 

Catalytic converters are usually stolen because of the value of the metals 
inside of these emission control devices. Thieves often use a portable 
saw or angle grinder to cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust 
system, underneath vehicles, in just a matter of minutes. Once 
removed, the thieves recycle them at scrap yards getting the current 
value for the metals inside.

We would like to offer the following tips to help prevent the theft of 
your catalytic converter:

• If possible/available, park in a secured parking lot/garage

• Park in a well-lit and visible area

• Park near, or install surveillance cameras in the area where you 

• Set car alarms to more sensitive settings

There are a number of security devices for sale on the internet, as well 
as suggestions on how to secure your catalytic converter to your vehicle. 
Another suggestion is to engrave your license plate number or 
vehicle identification number (VIN) onto your catalytic converter for 
identification if it is stolen.

Most importantly, we ask our residents and community members to 
remain vigilant and observant. If you see something, or someone, you 
believe to be suspicious, report it to us immediately. Call our Dispatch 
Center at (626)574-5121, or 9-1-1 in emergencies. 

Remember, if you see something, say something!



Following the Bobcat Fire, both Canyon 
Park and the Monrovia Hillside Wilderness 
Preserve were closed due to safety 
concerns. While Canyon Park will be 
closed for some time, we are happy to report 
that Monrovia’s 4.5 miles of trails in 
the Hillside Wilderness Preserve are now 
safe and accessible to the community.

Beginning, Monday, November 16, the access 
points to the Preserve will be open to 
the public daily from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. 
To learn more, please call 626-256-8246.




Over the last several weeks, staff has been 
working with the Monrovia Old Town Advisory 
Board, Old Town business owners, 
and the Street Fair Operator – Raw Inspiration, 
related to the possible relocation of 
the Monrovia Street Fair & Market to the 
500 block on Myrtle Avenue. Currently, 
the Street Fair is staged in the 700 and 800 
blocks of Myrtle Avenue from Olive Avenue 
to Chestnut Avenue. 

This location has worked well; however, 
the proposed relocation to the north, could 
prove to be better for everyone. The City 
is currently closing Myrtle Avenue every 
Friday and Saturday nights for expanded 
outdoor dining. 

By extending the closure to the south one 
block to host the Street Fair, creates a continuity 
between the two programs and may 
generate more foot traffic for all businesses 
in Old Town. 

MOTAB reviewed the proposed relocation 
at its November 10 Board meeting, and approved 
the plan for a trial period through 
January 2021. At that time the Board will 
evaluated the move to determine how 
things are working for the community 


NASA Curiosity Takes Selfie 
with ‘Mary Anning’ on Mars

Rose Parade Replaced 
with New Year TV Special

Applications For Emergency 
Rental Assistance Program


The City of South Pasadena 
announced that application 
forms and program materials 
are available for a newly 
launched rental assistance 
program that will help 
provide relief to qualified tenants affected by the COVID-19 
pandemic. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program 
(EARP) will provide residents who have lost income due to 
COVID-19, and meet federal low-income requirements, with 
a one-time grant of $1,000. The monthly assistance payments 
will be provided directly to property owners or landlords on 
behalf of qualifying residents and will be applicable to rent 
due during the eligible period from March 19, 2020, until 
the end of the Los Angeles County Health Officer’s Safer at 
Home Order.

 Application packets are available on the City’s website:

 Eligibility requirements are outlined in the application packet, 
along with answers to frequently asked questions. Applicants 
may pick-up application packets at the Senior Center (1102 
Oxley St.) by appointment. Please call (626) 491-3869 during 
business hours or email to 
schedule an appointment. Alternatively, application packets 
are available at the South Pasadena Police Department’s front 
counter (1422 Mission St.) between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 
Monday through Friday. 

 Applications will be accepted to Wednesday, December 
9 only. Applications may be submitted via email (ERAP@ or in person by calling (626) 491-
3869 and scheduling an appointment. To be considered for 
the grant, applicants must first submit the eligibility form 
included in the application packet before the application 
deadline. The City will review these forms to determine 
eligibility. A lottery drawing will be conducted shortly after 
the close of the application period to select 60 applications 
that will move on to the next phase. Eligible applicants will be 
required to submit documentation confirming income losses 
caused by job layoffs, furloughs or reduction in hours or pay 
during the COVID-19 pandemic period beginning March 
19.All documentation, including rental lease agreements,
will be subject to verification.

 The City is partnering with the Housing Rights Center to assist 
with the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The City 
Council approved use of federal Community Development 
Block Grant Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funding through the 
CARES Act for this program. Rental assistance payments 
will be made directly to landlords or property management 
companies on behalf of qualifying residents.

 For more information, please visit:
ERAP Email: or Call: (626) 

 The Mars rover has drilled 
three samples of rock in this 
clay-enriched region since 
arriving in July.

 NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover 
has a new selfie. This latest is 
from a location named “Mary 
Anning,” after a 19th-century 
English paleontologist whose 
discovery of marine-reptile 
fossils were ignored for 
generations because of her 
gender and class. The rover 
has been at the site since 
this past July, taking and 
analyzing drill samples. 

Made up of 59 pictures 
stitched together by imaging 
specialists, the selfie was 
taken on Oct. 25, 2020 – the 
2,922nd Martian day, or sol, 
of Curiosity’s mission.

 Scientists on the Curiosity 
team thought it fitting to 
name the sampling site 
after Anning because of the 
area’s potential to reveal 
details about the ancient 
environment. Curiosity used 
the rock drill on the end of its 
robotic arm to take samples 
from three drill holes called 
“Mary Anning,” “Mary 
Anning 3,” and “Groken,” 
this last one named after 
cliffs in Scotland’s Shetland 
Islands. The robotic scientist 
has conducted a set of 
advanced experiments with 
those samples to extend 
the search for organic (or 
carbon-based) molecules in 
the ancient rocks.

 Since touching down 
in Gale Crater in 2012, 
Curiosity has been ascending 
Mount Sharp to search 
for conditions that might 
once have supported life. 
This past year, the rover has 
explored a region of Mount 
Sharp called Glen Torridon, 
which likely held lakes and 
streams billions of years 
ago. Scientists suspect this 
is why a high concentration 
of clay minerals and organic 
molecules was discovered 

 It will take months for 
the team to interpret the 
chemistry and minerals in 
the samples from the Mary 
Anning site. In the meantime, 
the scientists and engineers 
who have been commanding 
the rover from their homes 
as a safety precaution during 
the coronavirus pandemic 
have directed Curiosity to 
continue its climb of Mount 
Sharp. The rover’s next target 
of exploration is a layer of 
sulfate-laden rock that lies 
higher up the mountain. The 
team hopes to reach it in 
early 2021.

 NASA’s Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory, a division 
of Caltech in Pasadena, 
California, leads the Curiosity 
mission. Curiosity took the 
selfie using a camera called 
the Mars Hand Lens Imager 
(MAHLI), located on the end 
of its robotic arm. (Videos 
explaining how Curiosity’s 
selfies are taken can be found 
here.) MAHLI was built by 
Malin Space Science Systems 
in San Diego.

 For more information about 
Curiosity, visit: mars.nasa.

 For Qualifying 
Tenants Impacted 
By Covid-19

 The Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses is set to give those who 
usually expect a Rose Parade 
down Colorado Blvd. January 
1, some partial good news, in 
that, they have announced a 
two-hour TV entertainment 
special New Year’s morning 
–complete with floats, 
equestrians, marching bands 
and celebrity guests. 

 The TV special – “The 
Rose Parade’s New Year 
Celebration” will air starting 
at 8 a.m. during the time 
traditionally set for live 
coverage of the parade. 

 “Each year, tens of millions across America and around 
the world invite us into their homes to celebrate the New 
Year, and this year will be no different,” said David Eads, 
executive director and CEO of the Tournament of Roses. 
“We may not be able to make our typical 5.5-mile march, 
but we are hosting a spectacular celebration nonetheless.”

 The special will feature a reimagined New Year celebration, 
including live-to-tape musical and marching band 
performances, heartwarming segments related to the Rose 
Parade, celebrity guest appearances, special Rose Bowl 
Game football highlights, equestrians, spectacular floats 
from years past, a behind-the-scenes look into the making 
of a float and you will have a chance to be part of the show 
they said.

 “The Rose Parade is a long-standing and central part of our 
New Year celebrations – not only here in Pasadena, but also 
around the world – and we are delighted that tradition will 
continue this year in a new, reimagined way,” said Pasadena 
Mayor Terry Tornek. “We are excited to see how it comes to 
life on TV this year.”

 The special will also showcase seniors in high school and 
colleges from bands across the country, who will come 
together for a special, virtual performance of “Everything’s 
Coming up Roses” lead by a surprise conductor. “While we 
have invited all the bands who were scheduled to perform 
in this year’s parade to instead join us for the 2022 Rose 
Parade, we realize that there are many seniors who will 
graduate before that. We didn’t want them to miss out on this 
opportunity, so we’re giving them their very own, unique 
performance spotlight,” said president of the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses Association, Bob Miller.

 For this special, the Tournament is partnering with Feeding 
America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to 
fighting domestic hunger through a nationwide network of 
food banks. 

 “Food banks are feeding an average of 60 percent more 
people due to the economic fallout of the pandemic,” said 
Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America. “We 
are deeply grateful to the Tournament of Roses for helping 
to raise awareness and support for people facing hunger.”

 The special will air on ABC, Hallmark Channel, KTLA, 
NBC, RFD-TV and Univision at 8 a.m. January 1. For more 
information, visit:


celebration of 
the New Year to 
feature musical 
celebrity guests, 
memorable past 
floats, marching 
band performances 
and more.

Winter Recreation Classes 
Registration Now Open

 The South Pasadena Recreation Division is proud to 
offer an assortment of online and in-person classes this 
winter. South Pasadena Community Services 2020-2021 
Winter Recreation Guide is now available! This season 
will feature more than 100 classes in cooking, dance, 
music, sports, online enrichment and more To view all of 
our current offerings please check out our updated guide! 
Online registration began, November 1st, with classes 
beginning in December. You can register by visiting our 
registration page here! For more information please visit: or call the Recreation 
Division at 626.403.7380. 

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