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Mountain View News Saturday, December 19, 2020 


Naelh Othman continues to 
have a passion for service to 
kids. In her role as Director of 
Student Services, Naelh also has 
responsibility for homeless and 
foster youth within the Duarte 
Unified School District. 

There are currently 126 homeless 
youth and 28 foster youth within 
DUSD. Naelh and her team 
maintain contact with each of 
these students to determine 
their needs and what services 
can be provided to ensure their 
educational requirements are 
met. Naelh has created a unique 
Memorandum of Understanding 
with ACTS Thriftstore in 

Folks can donate to the ACTS Thrift store ( in 
DUSD’s name. This way, Naelh can provide the kids in need with a 
certificate to purchase needed items from ACTS. The Duarte Kiwanis 
continues to support Naelh’s CHIK (Community Homeless Initiative 
for Kids) through donations of money as well and will be presenting 
a check for $400.00 for this effort.

If you are interested in joining the Duarte Kiwanis or presenting at a 
future meeting, please contact Tina Carey at The 
club is currently meeting virtually through Zoom.


Residents may notice helicopter activity in the area 
above the Hillside Wilderness Preserve on Tuesday, 
December 22 and Monday, December 28 as SCE conducts 
infrastructure work. The team from SCE identified 
two power poles within the hillside area that are 
in need of a priority replacement. The catch with these 
replacements is that they are accessible only by helicopter. 
The work will take place during normal business 
hours on December 22 and 28. 

Other than the visual and audible impacts form the helicopters, 
most residents will not be impacted by these 
activities. There are a couple of residents in and around 
the Hillside Wilderness Preserve that may have power 
interruptions and accessibility impacts; however, they 
will be contacted directly by SCE and City Staff.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact 
Public Works at (626) 932-5575 or pwcomments@


The City of Monrovia is excited to announce the winners 
of the 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Contest 
and Old Town Monrovia Window Decorating Contest.


• Best Still Display: 2102 S. Myrtle Avenue

• Best Outdoor Display: 633 King Street

• Most Effective use of Lighting: 276 N. Primrose 

• Best Neighborhood Effort: 517 Valmont Place 
& Valmont Drive 

• Santa's Workshop Award: 333 Norumbega 

• Holiday Spirit Award: 1510 Pilgrim Way

• Judge's Award: 209 S. Sunset Place

• Children's Choice Award: 826 Ocean View 


• Best Overall Display: House of Windsor, 526 S. 
Myrtle Avenue

• Most Creative Display: Saint Clark Bridal, 519 
S. Myrtle Avenue

• Best Holiday Display: Douglas Elliman Real 
Estate, 517 S. Myrtle Avenue

• Judge's Award: Monrovia Floral, 119 E. Olive 

• Most Spectacular Display: CiviltecEngineering, 
118 W. Lime Avenue

From Arcadia Police Department


The holidays are just around the corner and many of us will have 
a higher number of packages delivered this year due to the pandemic. 
The Arcadia Police Department wants to remind our 
residents, businesses and others to remain vigilant with your 
package and mail deliveries.

Earlier today we arrested 3 suspects for stealing packages. Unfortunately 
for them, one of those packages was one of our GPS 
Tracker Packages. When they were arrested, they were in possession 
of other stolen packages and mail from Arcadia and surrounding 

Here are a few tips to prevent mail and package theft:

-Once a package or your mail is delivered, bring it in as soon as 

-If you aren't going to be home, have the package rescheduled 
or delivered to a neighbor, friend or family member who will be 

-Have your package delivered to your work

-Put a lock on your mailbox

Please do your part to prevent these thefts. 

Finally, we remind you if you see something or someone suspicious, 
call us as soon as possible. #SeeSomethingSaySomething

626-355-5700245 W Sierra Madre Blvd,
Sierra Madre, CAEven though you need help 
each day, we agree thatyou’re still in chargeLimited senior living suites are available.
Reserve yours today!
any seniors fear that moving out of their home into an assisted living 
residence means forfeiting control of their lives. At e Kensington, 
nothing could be further from the truth. We believe it is our role to 
support our residents, not to assume complete decision-making authority. Of course, 
as specialists in caring for older adults, we monitor routines, behavior and mood 
every day. If we see changes that concern us, then we talk with residents and their 
families immediately. Together, we all decide about making adjustments to care and 
services to preserve comfort, wellness and morale.
We regard ourselves as our residents’ champion, not their boss. 
Call or visit soon to learn about our collaborative approach to assisted living.

South Pasadena Holiday Safety

Emergency Rental Assistance 
Program Deadline Extended

Letter: Reminder To San 
Marino Pet Owners - 

Be A Good Neighbor

 With the holiday season 
upon us, the South Pasadena 
Police Department remind its 
residents of the importance 
of staying alert and vigilant. 
As pleasurable activities such 
as shopping and traveling 
increase during this time of 
year, so too does the potential 
for crimes to occur. Recent 
incidents highlight the need 
for the Police Department 
and community to work 
together to avoid confusion 
during tense and uncertain 

 We believe a team approach 
to public safety concerns can 
be extremely effective.

 The Police Department has 
not only increased patrols 
around areas of traditional 
concern including vacant 
properties, businesses, and 
residential neighborhoods, 
but it continues to share 
informational resources 
and monitor activities with 
neighboring agencies in 
order to prepare for potential 
crime trends. Circulating 
relevant information 
considered pertinent to 
our residents continues 
to be accomplished via 
our Neighborhood Watch 
Program and social media 

 We ask our residents to 
remain aware and attentive 
to their surroundings and 
report any suspicious activity. 
These efforts serve to improve 
coordination and response to 
our crime prevention efforts 
throughout the year.

The application period for the 
Emergency Rental Assistance 
Program (ERAP) has been 
extended to February 1, 
2021, to allow tenants 
additional time to apply for 
assistance after the holidays. 
The ERAP will provide rental 
assistance to qualified South 
Pasadena tenants affected by 
the COVID-19 pandemic 
and who meet federal low-
income requirements with a 
one-time grant.

The Emergency Rental 
Assistance Program (EARP) 
will provide residents who 
have lost income due to 
COVID-19 and meet federal 
low-income requirements 
with a one-time grant 
of $1,000. The monthly 
assistance payments will be 
provided directly to property 
owners or landlords on 
behalf of qualifying residents 
and will be applicable to rent 
due during the eligible period 
from March 19, 2020, until 
the end of the Los Angeles 
County Health Officer’s Safer 
at Home Order.

To be considered for the 
grant, applicants must first 
submit the eligibility form 
included in the application 
packet before the application 
deadline. The City will review 
these forms to determine 
eligibility. A lottery drawing 
may be conducted to select 
qualified applications to 
move to the next phase.

These applicants will be 
required to submit additional 
documentation confirming 
substantive income losses 
caused by job layoffs, 
furloughs or reduction in 
hours or pay during the 
COVID-19 pandemic period 
beginning March 19. All 
documentation, including 
rental lease agreements, will 
be subject to verification.

Application packets are 
available on the City’s website 
gov/ERAP. Eligibility 
requirements are outlined 
in the application packet, 
along with answers to 
frequently asked questions. 
Applicants may pick up 
application packets at the 
Senior Center (1102 Oxley 
St) by appointment. Please 
call (626) 491-3869 during 
business hours or email 
gov to set-up an appointment. 
Alternatively, application 
packets are available at 
the South Pasadena Police 
Department’s front counter 
(1422 Mission St.) between 
8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 
Monday through Friday. 

For more information visit:,

Dear San Marino Residents,

 We have received from residents of the community 
regarding dog waste left on private and public property. 
There has been an increased volume of dog waste that has 
been found on the common areas owned by the City as well 
as on the private front and side lawns of residents. 

 If you are a dog owner, please be respectful of your 
neighbors’ property as well as the public grounds of the 
City. In case you are not aware, City of San Marino Law 
(06.05.05) requires that pet owners pick up after their 
pets and properly dispose of their waste. Furthermore, 
animal fecal matter serves as a food source for rats and 
will encourage a rat infestation if it accumulates on the 
grounds of our neighborhoods. A rat infestation, once it is 
established is a health hazard in itself and is very difficult to 
completely extinguish. 

 All dog owners are urged to abide by the law so that the 
unsightly and unhealthy appearance of dog waste on the 
grounds can be eliminated. Please be reminded that pet 
owners who fail to abide by the City Law can be subject 
Code Enforcement action. If you observe a dog walker 
not picking up after the dog’s waste, please report it to the 
City immediately and if possible, please take a photo of the 
person and the dog with a cell phone or camera as the photo 
may be very useful in identifying the violator. Residents are 
also encouraged to use the GoGov application, which can 
be downloaded directly on your mobile device. 

 All residents are asked to take pride in the community by 
adhering to the City rules and laws regarding disposal of 
pet waste. If all pet owners within the community practice 
proper pet waste disposal as mentioned above, the eyesore 
and health hazard created by pet waste on the grounds can 
be eliminated. The City thanks you in advance for your 
cooperation in this matter.


Aldo Cervantes

Community Development Director 

South Pasadena Toys for Tots

New South Pasadena Water 
and Sewer Rates For 2021

The South Pasadena Fire 
Department, ABC7, Toys for 
Tots, and Southern California 
firefighters are celebrating 
the 28th year of the Spark of 
Love Toy Drive! Firefighters 
and Marines will be joining 
together to collect and 
distribute new, unwrapped 
toys and sports equipment 
for underserved children and 
teens in Los Angeles, San 
Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, 
and Riverside counties. Over 
the years, the Spark of Love Toy 
Drive has successfully collected 
and distributed more than nine 
million toys.

Our goal is to exceed last year’s 
collection of over 500,000 toys. 
The 2020 Spark of Love Toy 
Drive will run now through 
Thursday, December 24, 2020.

Toy Donations

Due to the COVID-19 global 
pandemic, this year’s Spark of 
Love Toy Drive is transitioning to 
a virtual platform and accepting 
donations through an online 
partnership with MyRegistry.
com As a result, supporting the 
Spark of Love Toy Drive has 
never been quicker, easier, or 
safer! Please use the link below 
to donate to South Pasadena 
Fire Department.

Go to:
pasadena-ca/2624555. When 
ordering please use the yellow 
highlighted link in this post, and 
copy the delivery address listed 
below when you check out.

 The South Pasadena 
City Council approved 
establishing new water rates 
with additional increase 
from the Metropolitan Water 
District (MWD) and new 
sewer rates. The new rates 
were approved on November 
18.The MWD’s change of 
the wholesale water rate for 
2021 is considered as pass-
through charge. Here are a 
few important key notes of 
the new rates:

New rates will be effective 
January 1, 2021.

Residents will see the new 
rates for January 2021 service 
on their bills around March 
or April 2021.

Water Rates for 2021 will 
increase by approximately 6.2 
percent for the bi-monthly 
fixed charge and 8.8% for the 
volume charge.

Most single-family residences 
are served by a 3/4” meters, 
which are the least expensive 
sized meters available.

Sewer rates for 2021 will 
increase by approximately 4 
percent from current sewer 

 For more information visit: (search 
for water rates).

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