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VOLUME 15 NO. 04VOLUME 15 NO. 04



IN 2020

On Tuesday, January 26, 2020, the Sierra Madre City Council 
will review its’ Comprehensive Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal 
year ending June 30, 2020, a review of the audit report prepared 
by the independent accounting firm of Rogers, Anderson, 
Malady & Scott, LLp, CPA.

Sierra Madre, through the leadership of City Manager Gabe 
Engeland and staff, has managed to end the year with a General 
Fund Balance of over $7.5 million dollars; water fund surplus of 
$3.3 million and a sewer fund surplus of $668, 000 in the midst 
of a National Emergency.

In addition to the positive bank balances, the staff report lists 
“Major Accomplishments for the Year” which include (partial 

- The continuation of the long‐term project to replace
the City’s water main infrastructure; Capital Investment in FY
19‐20 was $1.9M and $1.8M for FY 18/19.

- The installation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
(AMI) Project was completed for the City’s 3,800 water
meters. The Wi‐Fi‐based meters collect customer’s water usage
data instantaneously, allow billing to occur on a monthly basis
effective July 1, 2020.

- The City Council approved a proposal to fund a $3
million prepayment to CalPERS beyond the annual required
contribution budgeted to occur during FY 19‐20 to reduce Unfunded 
Accrued Liability (UAL). In addition, the prepayment
will also reduce funding in future requirements as determined
by CalPERS.

- In October 2019, the final payment was made to the
L.A. County Auditor‐Controller based on the “Last and Final”
Recognized Obligation Payment (ROPS) Schedule. This was 
in connection with the City of Sierra Madre Redevelopment 
Successor Agency. The City will pursue final dissolution of the 
Agency during FY 20‐21.

- The City executed a sales agreement with TowerPoint,
LLC for the sale of lease interests in wireless communication
sites on City property for $1.2 million.

To view the entire report go to: https://www.cityofsierramadre.

To attend the virtual council meeting on Tuesday, follow the instructions 
on page 2.







 What a day! On January 17, 1921 John Shear was born! To celebrate 
the birthday 100 years late in 2021, family, friends and well 
wishers gave him a 'drive by birthday party in front of his home in 
Sierra Madre. John stood outside waving and smiling to all who 
passed by. Shown above with Sierra Madre Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi 
(pre-Pandemic), John is a true home town hero! 

In 2011, at age 90, he saved the life of a young girl by hurling his 
body in front of a horse. The girl was saved but John sustained serious 
injuries. He was, however able to return to work at Santa Anita 
where he had worked for more than 50 years. (http://mtnviewsnews.

At age 100 he is doing well, and being honored not only by his friends 
and neighbors, but also by Santa Anita Race Track who named a 
race in his name on his birthday! 

From Santa Anita: .....Although his preferred venue is off the agenda 
for the time being, Santa Anita’s beloved Paddock Captain John 
Shear will nonetheless celebrate his 100th birthday with family this 
Sunday, Jan. 17. Furloughed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic 
in March, Shear, who has been employed by the track since 
1961, would dearly love to return to his beloved Santa Anita.

 Santa Anita named a race in honor of Shear’s 100th birthday on 
Sunday, and although they’ll be unable to attend, Shear and his wife 
Diane and son Michael, will spend his 100th birthday at John and 
Diane’s Sierra Madre home watching the races and wading through 
dozens of birthday greetings from jockeys, trainers and track employees 
via a virtual birthday card presented by Santa Anita.

“I enjoy watching on television, but nothing compares to being at 
Santa Anita,” said Shear. “We just hope this pandemic will end soon 
and we can get back to normal. My wife and I are trying to stay busy 
with exercise classes and we spend as much time outdoors as we can. 
We’re being careful, staying out of stores and ordering things to go, 
but I miss working and being around the horses so much.”

A native of England who was raised from age four to 14 in an orphanage, 
Shear, at four feet, 11 inches, originally aspired to be a 
jockey and following World War II, emigrated to Vancouver, B.C. 
from where he came to Santa Anita as an exercise boy in 1954.

“I was exercising horses for a guy in Vancouver and he asked me if 
I’d like to go with him to Santa Anita that fall,” said Shear when interviewed 
a year ago. “I said ‘Sure,’ and as soon as I stepped off that 
van in the Stable Area here, I said ‘Lord, this is where I want to be.’ 
The place was so incredibly beautiful and I’ve never gotten tired of 

And The Great Race Place will never tire of John Shear, a man who 
gained national attention nine years ago when at the age of 91, he 
heroically threw himself between an on-rushing loose horse and a 
5-year-old girl who was standing with her father outside of Santa
Anita’s Seabiscuit Walking Ring.

On the cusp of his 100th birthday, Shear no doubt speaks for thousands 
of race goers when he says, “I just hope I can get back to the 
track soon.”



The Sierra Madre Department of Public Works would like to 
make residents aware of its policy regarding the removal of 
fallen Palm fronds. City staff receives numerous questions and 
requests after windstorm events, but the policy is consistent 
throughout the year:

 Public Works crews will work diligently after windstorm events 
to pick up fallen Palm Fronds from City trees. City trees include 
trees within the parks and parkways throughout the City.

 The Department of Public Works would like our residents to 
know that they really appreciate so many of our residents lend 
a hand to gather and stack the fronds to ease the work of the 
crews. Thank you! We would ask that stacks of fronds be located 
in the parkway instead of the street as much as possible.

 Palm fronds from private property are the responsibility of 
the resident to dispose of. These fronds should not be included 
in the “green” waste cans but should be included in the “black” 
waste cans. The reason for this is that they are not recyclable/
compostable, and their fibrous content does not work with the 
machinery that is used to handle green waste. Fronds can also 
be picked up by arranging a “bulky item” pick up from Athens 
Services (888-336-3100).

 If you have any questions please contact the Department of 
Public Works at 626-355-7135.


Los Angeles County has begun vaccinating people 
age 65 and older until we complete vaccinations 
for healthcare workers and receive more vaccine 
from the state for this new priority group. 

Additional information on Page 7.

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