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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 6, 2021 

Eatery Robed 
of Chicken 
and Waffles

Council Appoints Jessica 
Rivas to Fill Vacant Seat

 The Pasadena City Council 
voted unanimously Monday 
to appoint attorney Jessica 
Rivas to fill the District 
5 council seat vacated by 
Victor Gordo when he 
started his term as mayor in 

 According to a statement, 
the council came to the 
decision after interviewing 
and hearing presentations 
from Rivas and three 
other candidates during 
a special meeting on Feb. 
4.She was sworn in as the
District 5-appointed council 
member by City Clerk 
Mark Jomsky following 
the council’s action. In 
accordance with the City 
Charter, Rivas will serve in 
the appointed position until 
the office is filled by District 
5 voters during the next 
general municipal election 
cycle in 2022.

 “I am incredibly honored 
and humbled to be 
appointed to serve on the 
City Council as the District 
5 representative. I would 
like to thank the mayor and 
council members for putting 
their trust in me with such 
an enormous responsibility. 
I’d also like to thank my 
fellow applicants for their 
passion and courage to step 
up alongside me. Many of 
our neighbors are struggling 
right now, and I’m eager 
to get to work to improve 
the lives of the residents 
of District 5 and all of 
Pasadena,” Rivas said.

 Rivas has spent her career 
working in the public sector 
and currently serves as 
a deputy county counsel 
for Los Angeles County. 
Rivas previously worked 
as a deputy attorney 
general with the California 
Department of Justice 
and as a judge advocate in 
the Army Reserves. Rivas 
currently serves on the City 
of Pasadena’s Northwest 
Commission and previously 
served on the City’s 
Commission on the Status 
of Women.

 Rivas’ first meeting as 
council member will take 
place Monday, Feb. 8.

Pasadena police are asking 
the public’s help find a man 
who robbed Roscoe’s House 
of Chicken & Waffles on 
North Lake Ave. at gunpoint 
Wednesday demanding food 
items instead of cash.

 According to police, at 
around 5:30 p.m. the suspect 
engaged in a verbal argument 
with an employee over the 
restaurant’s face mask policy. 

 “The suspect refused to 
comply and for unknown 
reasons, produced a 
handgun while threatening 
the employees,” Lieutenant 
Carolyn Gordon said. “The 
suspect demanded a bag of 
food items and after receiving 
the filled bag, he took this 
food and several other food 
orders, which were waiting 
for customer pick up.” 

 Gordon said he then fled 
the scene in a dark colored, 
4-door sedan. The suspect
was described as a Black male
who approximately 6’-1” tall,
mid-30’s and thin with tattoos 
on his neck and face. He was
wearing a green sweater and
black polka doted sweatpants
(pictured above).

The restaurant’s surveillance
cameras recorded the incident 
and officers collected the

video as well as other
evidentiary items Gordon

 The investigation is on-
going and no further details 
were given as of Friday.

 Anyone with information 
about this case is urged to call 
Pasadena Police at (626) 
744-4241 or anonymously
by calling “Crime Stoppers” 
by dialing (800) 222-TIPS 


Tournament Sues City over Rose Bowl Name

 The Tournament of Roses 
Association filed documents 
Thursday suing the city of 
Pasadena asking a federal 
court in California to protect 
its rights in the tradenames 
Rose Bowl Game and 
Rose Bowl. According to 
Tournament officials, the 
organization has been nearly 
synonymous with the annual 
Rose Parade and Rose Bowl 
Game for more than 100 

 “We are a nonprofit civic 
organization with hundreds 
of volunteers and deep roots 
in Pasadena,” said Executive 
Director/CEO David Eads. 
“This is where the parade 
and the game belong 
every year, and we have no 
intention of going anywhere. 
Unfortunately, the City of 
Pasadena’s attempt to assert 
co-ownership in what are 
indisputably our trademarks 
threatens to interfere with 
our ability to carry out even 
routine business activities, 
and we have no choice but 
to get confirmation of our 
rights by the courts.”

 The Association owns 
the “Rose Bowl Game” 
trademark and related marks, 
and usage of the mark, along 
with other aspects of TOR’s 
relationship with the city, 
are spelled out in a Master 
License Agreement and 
two additional agreements 
between the two parties. 
The MLA requires the Rose 
Bowl Game to be held in the 
city’s Rose Bowl Stadium 
except in the event of a 
“force majeure” – a legal 
term generally meaning 
an event beyond a party’s 
control which prevents the 
game from being played at 
the Rose Bowl Stadium – in 
which case the Association is 
permitted to move the game 
they said.

 Although the dispute 
originated in the move of 
this year’s game to Arlington, 
Texas as the result of the 
COVID-19 pandemic, a 
move agreed to by the city, 
it has persisted through the 
city’s continued insistence 
that it is the co-owner of the 
marks and that its consent 
is necessary to invoke the 
MLA’s “force majeure” clause. 
While the Association has no 
plans or desire to move the 
game in the future – this year 
was only the second time in 
history the Rose Bowl Game 
was played outside Pasadena, 
the other time being the 
immediate aftermath of the 
December 1941 attack on 
Pearl Harbor – it does need 
a court’s clarification of its 
contractual and ownership 
rights, Eads said.

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses Association is a 
non-profit organization 
comprising more than 900 
volunteers, deeply rooted in 
Pasadena, California, home 
to both the parade and the 
iconic Rose Bowl Stadium, 
which the Association built 
and then deeded to the city 
of Pasadena in 1922. 

 Pasadena city officials 
said on Friday they have 
yet to review the lawsuit. 
According to reports, they 
received the documents just 
minutes before Tournament 
officials made it public.

 The case was filed Thursday 
afternoon in U.S. District 
Court for the Central District 
of California. 

City Seeks 
Police Auditor

 The City of Pasadena is 
seeking to contract with an 
independent police auditor 
to advise the newly-created 
11-member Community

 Eligible firms or individuals 
are encouraged to review 
the request for proposals for 
independent police auditor, 
which can be found at the 
City of Pasadena’s vendor 
portal or the City Attorney’s 
website. In order to review 
request for proposals, 
proposers must register 
on the PlanetBids website. 
There is no charge for 

 The independent police 
auditor will be expected 
to perform the following 
duties, among others, as 
set forth by the ordinance 
adopted by the City Council 
in October 2020:

Serve as a best-practices 
advisor to the Community 

Review categorical uses of 
force by Pasadena Police 
Department personnel to 
assess whether the police 
department’s investigation 
was complete, thorough, 
objective, and fair;

Review investigations of 
personnel complaints of 
bias-based policing;

Where directed by or 
in conjunction with the 
commission, recommend 
changes to police 
department policies; and 
Issue public reports.

 Proposals must be 
submitted no later than 
5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 
25, 2021. Details relating 
to the scope of work and 
submission instructions can 
be found in the request for 
proposals. Local Pasadena 
businesses, small and micro-
businesses, and women and 
minority-owned businesses 
are encouraged to propose.

 Questions regarding this 
request for proposals should 
be directed via email only to

Free E-Waste Recycling

& Document Shredding

 Residents can safely dispose 
of electronic waste and 
have personal and business 
documents shredded at the 
City’s popular free e-waste 
event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
on Saturday, Feb. 20.

 The event will be held in 
Parking Lot I outside the 
Rose Bowl Stadium near 
Brookside Park, 360 North 
Arroyo Blvd.

 Shredding trucks and 
e-waste collection sites will
be arranged at different 
stations in Parking Lot I.
Look for signs directing 
you to the event. Motorists
and bicyclists are advised to
use caution while traveling
through the area.

E-waste items include 
computers, keyboards, 
printers, monitors, laptops, 
docking stations, scanners, 
shredders, fax machines, 
computer mice, telephones, 
televisions, flat screens, 
VCRs, DVD players, PDAs, 
cassette players, tape drives, 
stereos and household 
batteries. Many of these 
products have parts that can 
be recycled.

 Public Works is also helping 
residents prevent identity 
theft by providing free 
paper shredding during the 
event. The public can bring a 
maximum of three (3) legal-
size boxes for shredding. 
Sensitive documents such 
as receipts, checks, pre-
approved credit applications, 
credit card statements, 
outdated tax returns, pre-
printed envelopes, return 
address labels and business 
cards are items that can be 

 Event participants will be 
required to show proof of 
Pasadena residency and 
the duration of the event is 
subject to truck capacity. 
The event is sponsored 
by the City’s Department 
of Public Works. For 
more information, visit
PublicWorks or call (626) 

Missing 70 
year old 
Altadena Man

Pasadena Library set to 
have NASA Watch Party

 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s 
Department Missing Persons 
Unit investigators are asking 
for the public’s help locating 
Missing Person Kenneth 
Christianson. He is a 70 year-
old male White, who was last 
seen in the city of Pasadena a 
year ago, on Monday, January 
20, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. 

 Christianson is 5’10” tall, 
165lbs, blue eyes and had 
short grey hair last year. He 
has a scar on his stomach and 
three moles on his neck.

 Christianson suffers from 
Schizophrenia. His family 
has not seen or heard from 
him in a year. They are very 
concerned and are asking for 
the public’s help. 

 Anyone with information 
about this incident is 
encouraged to contact the 
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s 
Department’s Missing 
Persons Unit at (323) 890-

Mars 2020, scheduled to land 
on Feb. 18, is the first planetary 
mission since Viking with an 
explicit objective to seek signs 
of life. Unlike Viking, which 
was concerned with seeking 
evidence of living or recently 
dead organisms, Mars 2020 
will explore rocks deposited 
more than three billion years 
ago when Mars was broadly 
habitable and the earliest 
records of life on Earth were 

 Join the Pasadena Library as 
they get together on Zoom to 
watch the NASA Mars 2020 
Perseverance Rover land on 
Mars at the site of the Jezero 
Crater! They will tune into 
the NASA website to watch, 
chat and talk a little about the 
science. Gather virtually from 
wherever you are on Earth to 
watch the event on Mars! Sign 
up here. 

Thursday, Feb. 18 • 11 a.m. – 
12:30 p.m. • Zoom

 To learn more about the 
mission, watch the recent 
program, “The NASA Mars 
2020 Mission and the Search 
for Extraterrestrial Life,” 
featuring Dr. Ken Williford, 
deputy project scientist for 
the NASA Mars 2020 Mission 
and director of the JPL 
Astrobiogeochemistry (abc) 
Laboratory, on the Library’s 
YouTube channel.

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